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Happiness cannot be found through exterior circumstance. Happiness is something that we all search for, this is perhaps because when we are feeling happy it usually means that everything is going our way. Feeling good after all feels good. The positivity movement tells us that we should be happy all day all the time, but is this really a good thing? The reality of the situation is that if you try to make yourself happy when you’re really feeling sad, you are suppressing emotion and this can be very dangerous. Stifled emotion can create all sorts of psychological and physical problems.

Happiness can be found through friends, things, situations, and family. Sadness and anger can also be found through friends, things, situations, and family. Happiness is also not the be all and end all of life, and while happiness and good feeling can make life much easier, it is a bad thing to think that these emotions are the only cause of external abundance. Anyone that is telling you that you should be happy all the time and every day is really telling you that you should become half yourself and this is no way to live life, no matter how much abundance and wealth you think you might get as a result.

If emotions are created by thoughts and thoughts create reality then you must realize that thoughts are created because of belief systems. In order to create more personal happiness, which is a natural result of having a better life situation, you have to begin to understand what your beliefs about life are. Many believe that the external world is responsible for happiness, others believe that you have to fake happiness to make happiness; true happiness though can only be achieved through internal understanding. While external things can allow us to see how we feel about certain things and therefore tell us about our beliefs, the only way to change these beliefs and understand them is through internal contemplation.

Generally speaking if you are not a very happy person, it is most likely the case that you have to make some large changes in what you believe life is. A great way to change these general concepts about life is to realize that you are a mortal being, that you are going to die. Even though this might seem a bit morbid, it is nonetheless a great way to motivate yourself into a better understanding of your life experience. By realizing that this moment can literally be your last moment, after all you must appreciate the fact  that death can come at any time anywhere, you can begin to truly appreciate the preciousness of your present reality. By understanding your own mortality you begin to ‘juice life’ and stop taking so much for granted. An understanding of your own mortality is also a great way to get over the pettiness that you might feel. Nothing is better at letting you know that what you do matters than death.

It is my belief that only through the realization of your impending death can you truly begin to experience happiness. It is a funny juxtaposition really in that this realization of your own mortality allows you to feel both frailty and great strength. While in the one hand you feel just how frail your position is on this Earth and how many things can take it away, the awareness of your personal death also allows you to re-channel your energies so that you finally begin to experience life as a fully awake and strong individual. Happiness therefore is an internal quest and must be balanced through the understanding that while happiness is something that you must aspire to, you must also allow all your emotions to have their time.








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