Throughout the day and through out our lives there are many times when others project negative energy at us.  You could say that throughout your day you are being constantly bombarded by the negative energy of others.  There is no reason to worry about this as we are all very well psychologically protected, and we have learned from infancy to deal with this kind of bad energy.

You can imagine for example how often people tend to send negative energy your way when you are driving.  Actually any crowded environment is usually a large repository of negative energy.  This is the case because large populations are usually competing against each other.  Any competition begets conflict, whether physical or psychological, and this conflict always leads two conflicting energy.

If you have low self esteem, or if you are not used to conflict, you can become very distressed by this energy.  You might believe that it is your fault, that you have done something wrong, and that you need to fix it or to get out of there.  You must realize though, that this is a natural thing.  You must realize that life is conflict and that there is no way to avoid doing something that upsets someone else.  You could become a hermit and go live alone in the mountains, there are people who have actually done this but it is definitely not something that I would suggest.  I would rather have you realize that there is nothing wrong with this energy and that it is just a part of life.  When you can realize this, it becomes much easier to deal with this kind of energy because you see that it is not your fault and that you need to accept it.

There are times, when this energy can become too much.  There are times when you find yourself in a situation where you need to refocus this energy because it is affecting your performance.  When this happens you can use different methods to deal with this energy.

A good place to start is to ask yourself; how do I perceive this energy?  Some for example can actually see this energy either as a dark cloud or as a different color that they see coming towards them.  Others can feel this energy; they can either feel it’s as a general energy pushing against them, or as a feeling of one kind or another affecting a certain part of their bodies.  Find out first of all how you perceive this negative energy, and this way you can learn to refocus and deflect its power.

For example let’s say that you see this negative energy as a dark black cloud coming at you.  You can take this dark cloud and imaginatively change it so that its power is neutralized.  Imagine for example taking this dark cloud is changing its color, turning it from the black evil thing into the shining and lovely pink cloud instead.  You can also imagine making this cloud smaller, changing it from a gigantic thing into as little tiny wisp.  With the feeling, you can also imaginatively change how you perceive it.  If for example you perceive negative energy from others as a tension on your neck, you can imaginatively change that feeling into relaxation.  If you feel this negative energy as a push against you then you can change it by imagining a gigantic hand that pushes this feeling to the side and deflects it.

In this way, you can learn to deal with negative energy when it is impossible for you to just ignore it.  I suggest that you generally just try to ignore it as you are very well psychologically protected.  The best thing that you can do is to feel good about yourself and to make sure that you work on your self esteem.  This method that I have outlined here should be used when you find yourself in a more competitive situation and you need to be at your best.  There are times therefore, when others will send us negativity but we can deal with this with a positive mental attitude and some of the techniques I have discussed above.