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As I have told you before in other articles, your beliefs are the most important things that shape your reality. This reality of course extends to money; how much you have, how well you live, and what you are currently doing to get it.

If you do find yourself in a difficult financial situation therefore, it’s most important that you examine your beliefs about money and wealth in general. You can develop new beliefs that will help you accumulate money. For example the belief that you can make money doing something that you love, will motivate you to get more creative and open you up to new ideas about making money doing something that you love to do. You can also for example, believe that money is a good thing and it is here to be enjoyed and as a result you will most likely live a life where money easily manifests in your reality and always seems to be there when you need to participate in something fun.

It is also the case that you could believe that you are poor, if this is so then your subconscious will go about creating any circumstance needed in order to prove your belief correct. You might think that you have plenty of empirical proof right now that you are poor because of your current condition, but if you could go back and look at your life history in perfect detail, you would realize that it was your beliefs in the fact that you are poor first that created the external circumstances of your lack of abundance. If you believe that wealth and money are bad, you will keep yourself from using any ability that you might have to create money. If you believe that for some reason that it is better not to have money, then you will suppress any talent that you might have or any opportunity that might present itself for creating wealth in your life. You fundamentally get what you believe in.

Before you can attract/manifest anything into your life, you need to change your beliefs about this certain thing. You may need to change your perception about yourself and this can only be done by changing your beliefs. You must even look into and change your beliefs about deserving what you desire.

It could be the case for example that you might want to have a beautiful brand-new car. You might work really hard at getting the car without much success. It might also be the case that you get an extra job to pay for this car and eventually through perhaps years of hard work, you are able to have the money to afford to buy this new vehicle. Upon attainment of this new car you will realize that having it greatly changes your perceptions about yourself. You might discover that you have far more self-worth because of the fact that you are now driving a beautiful and luxurious new vehicle. The extra attention that others give you boosts your self-confidence and this makes you feel much better. It is possible that you might conclude that it was only due to this vehicle that you were able to gain this increased self-worth.

It is always the case though that a change in belief creates a new circumstance and therefore a new perception of the reality about you. In this situation it is more often the case that being able to get this new car was only possible after you changed certain personal beliefs. The reason why you were finally able to get the car you desired was due to the fact that after a long period of effort you were able to work on your beliefs about self-worth. You were able to change these personal beliefs enough that your beliefs about self-worth changed and you finally found it possible to believe that you were worthy of the new car. In physical terms this time might seem to have all been spent working extra hard at some second job but underneath all this there was a lot of work being done on self-worth and only once this change in self-worth was strong enough, were you able to actually get this luxurious new vehicle. If you would have spent more time working on your beliefs on self-worth and less time on physical sacrifice, you would most definitely have gotten your desire sooner and with far less personal punishment.

Look at your current situation right now when it comes to wealth and money and ask yourself; “what beliefs did I need to have in order to create my current situation?”. Make a big list of all of these possibilities and as you do so you will discover that some of them ring true within you. Through your feelings you will discover the beliefs that helped to create your current financial situation.

Think about something that you desire in your life right now. What new beliefs about yourself and the world do you need to have in order to manifest this desire in your life right now? If certain beliefs on this list feel correct to you, then you can start changing your old beliefs to the new more positive ones. Write down the belief that feels best to you and stick it somewhere where you can see it frequently everyday. Every time that you see this statement of your new belief, you will be focusing your attention on it and sending it positive energy naturally. Over time this new belief will create new impulses and desires, follow these and in this way begin to manifest what you really want in life.


  1. Thank you for this, John! It makes absolute sense, and jibes nicely with the idea that like attracts like.

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