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It is essential that you have a good nights sleep, so that the body and mind can recuperate completely from the stresses of the day. When you have had a good nights sleep, it is much easier to wake up in the morning and you find that you begin your day with a feeling of well being. The person that has a good sleep, thinks and acts with the full measure of his or her faculties.

A person’s exterior aspect, also reflect the benefits of a good sleep. The person that is able to sleep normally and well appears fresh and vibrant, he is clear of vision and the muscles around his face are relaxed and calm. The voice seems to have a deeper tone and has clarity.

Sleeping well conserves the individual; every hour that you sleep is truly an interruption of life, that is every hour that you sleep is an hour that you do not age.

Lack of sleep on the other hand, takes its toll on the body. Sleepless nights can bring about major nervous disorders, and these disorders create all the other nervousness problems that plague most people today. Lack of sleeps and rest puts the body in a state where it becomes difficult to fight off microbial infections. A person who lacks sleeps, finds it difficult to deal with any bleakness or emotional distress. In a word, a person that lacks proper sleep , lacks the energy to deal with the onslaught that it must face on any given day.

The need to beat insomnia therefore is of great importance. The exercise below was developed so that you can exercise your will and efficiently begin your nightly sleep.

Finish your day’s routines and get dressed , or undressed, for bed. Begin by lying down comfortably. Your limbs should be completely extended. Find the most comfortable position that you can, where your entire body feels relaxed and calm. Once you have found a very relaxed resting posture, you need to immobilize your body completely. This is an exercise of will, where you will train yourself to maintain one position in bed for an extended period of time. Make sure therefore that your lying posture is very comfortable. Your neck and head should be positioned properly and your joints should not be bent in an unusual position.

The second thing that you need to do is to make sure that all the muscles in your body are truly fully relaxed and calm. Begin with your feet and work your way up the body, using your consciousness to see and mentally command your muscles and tissues to relax. As you command each and every part of your body to relax, exhale. This exhale should be like a sigh of relief. I recommend that you read my article on breathing, specifically the section on baby breathing.

Once you have spent a bit of time in this resting posture, you will develop a very strong desire to move. Usually we allow our bodies to move as they will while we are lying in bed, without much conscious thought about it at all. This exercise requires you to do the exact opposite. You must stay very vigilant and make sure that you do not allow your body to move all. You might find this harder to do than you imagine because of the fact that you have probably been very lax with your bodies movement in the past.

When this need to change position arises, fight it at all costs. Stay immobile. You need to exercise your will power at this point. Don’t give in; contain your body’s desires.

After about fifteen minutes of this state of utter immobility, you will feel the growth of a very lovely feeling that lets you know that slowly but surely, sleeps is beginning to catch up with you. If you are persistent and maintain this sate of immobility, you will see that you will slowly beat your insomnia. Stay immobile for as long as you need to. Eventually you will be overcome by a deep and restful sleep.


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