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The world can be a very negative place at times. Whether it is waiting in line or riding on a crowded bus, other people’s negative energy can be quite draining. In a big city environment, this negativity can be very difficult to escape. Any place where a large number of people congregate, there is bound to be some friction. This fiction can easily turn into a large pool of negativity that you will have to deal with.

Negative energy can be quite contagious if you are not careful. People have a tendency to mirror others and this can be your downfall. Next time that you are watching television, see if you can catch yourself matching the body language of the characters that you are looking at. We are constantly, and quite unconsciously, matching the body language of the people round us. And body language is an incredibly potent way to change and create emotions. If you don’t believe me, try walking around hunched over with a frown on your face all day, or try the opposite; hold your head high and try and keep a big smile on your face. This revelation might be very startling to you.

It is also difficult to deny that some places just reek of negative energy. We have all walked into a situation or a place that just seems to ooze bad energy. These places usually make you want to high tail it out of there as soon as possible. How we pick up on this bad energy, whether it is consciously or subconsciously, is not the subject of this article, but what is relevant here is that we do pick up on this energy and it does affect us.

In order to combat this negative energy and find a modicum of peace, I want to share with you a couple of techniques that I hope will help you to cope with and eventually stop all negative influence. Next time that you find yourself in a negative situation, one that you can’t escape from, I want you to do the following:

•    I want you to remove yourself mentally from the situation as much as possible. Remove every connection that you have invested in your present circumstance. If you like, you can imagine that you have just stepped into a very pleasant little room that has shut you off from everything and everyone that is outside of you. Detach yourself as much as possible from the chaos around you and concentrate on the fact that you are in this comforting room.

Feel the silence in this space and become one with it. Breathe in the silence and comfort. This is you in a relaxed state. Remember this feeling.  When you open your eyes, try and remember your comfort place. Relive the relaxation that you just felt.

•    Relax your body. When you find yourself in any kind of negative situation or environment, try to relax your body as much as possible. A completely relaxed body cannot pick up or emit emotion. Emotion creates tension; if you have no body tension then you are emotion free.

This is probably the most powerful way to fight off negative energy. The instant that you feel a tension in your body, because of a negative emotion; take a deep breath, release that breath in a nice soothing sigh, and relax your body completely. Also when you know that you will be going into a negative area, relax yourself as much as possible before you get there, and you will find that it will be much easier for you to stay positive.

Learn to monitor your body during these times. At the first sign of tension build up, consciously will yourself to relax. If your shoulder begins to tighten, then consciously will that shoulder to relax. If you get good at this then you will find that you won’t have to worry about external negativity anymore.



  1. Binny James

    I could tell, i could not control myself with a breath. could not concentrate in job. thoughts slipping for more tension about future.mind is running without any control. need some good thoughts

    expecting reply
    Binny James

    1. Negative thoughts can be a very difficult thing to overcome and as a result, in this article I was focusing on trying to control these negative thoughts by attacking what these negative thoughts create; negative feelings and energy.

      One of the methods I advocate to do this, is to try and relax your body completely. The reason for this is that when your body is relaxed, it is nearly impossible for you to feel any kind of negative emotion. Emotions and negative energies are essentially caused or experienced by the body through tension. Tension accumulates and focuses energy within the body so by simply letting go of that tension you can control the amount of negative energy that you feel.

      In order to let go of this tension you must learn how to consciously relax your entire body. The breath is a wonderful way to help you with this and that is why I mentioned it in the article. I suggest that you keep trying to control that tension that you feel in your body because it seems to me, by your comment, that most of the negative energy that you feel comes from the negative thoughts about the future that you are having.

      I know that trying to control thoughts is very difficult, if not seemingly impossible, because I have had similar problems myself in the past. And I know that trying to relax and focus on some kind of breath seems like a very tedious and difficult thing to do, especially when you are at work.
      But in order to ultimately cure yourself from most of this negative energy, you will have to learn to explore your beliefs; you see it is your beliefs that create thoughts and it is your thoughts that create negative feelings; like the ones that I was talking about in the article.

      With the kind of problem you are having, there is only one way to really help you, help yourself, and that is that you must stop thinking what you are thinking. Since walking around without thinking, especially when you’re trying to do your job, is essentially impossible, what you will actually really need to do is to focus on your beliefs and change those beliefs that are creating the negative thoughts that you are having.

      To begin to control those beliefs, those negative beliefs that I’m speaking of, I recommend this article. I’m telling you to keep focusing on relaxing your body because in order to explore those beliefs you will need to feel them and experience them fully. To do this you will have to put a pin on all of it while you are at work or someplace that you can’t deal with them, until then bring them up sometime when you’re alone and you can explore these beliefs by yourself. Body tension control will allow you to put a pin in the until you can be alone and it will allow you to explore your beliefs and feeling in a more logical and controlled manner.

      I suggest that you begin to explore your beliefs on your own and begin to tackle them one by one until you can ‘logically’ understand why these negative beliefs are not reasonable right now in your current life. When you can do this, those negative thoughts will also vanish. Good luck!

      1. Binny James

        Really thanks for your adivce, last saturday and sunday I tried this feel and found that I am feeling better, hope I will be recover soon after continuous practice. I shall let you know the progress

  2. The Vampire’s Way To Psychic Self-Defense has helped me tremendously. I have gone from being empathically debilitated and exhausted by negativity to being supervitalized and empowered by most any experience and most any energy. I am unusually sensitive to collective energies of the mass consciousness. Most collective energies I am able to transmute pretty well. One that I have some trouble transmuting and would appreciate your advice on how to work with is collective fear energy. There certainly has been a lot of that lately with all the hurricanes and other crazy world events. For whatever reason, when I am trying to transmute collective fear energy, that is impacting me, I can tend to go into a contracted disempowered state. Any tips you have on how to do it would be greatly appreciated. And any teaching regarding activating the cauldron to new levels is appreciated. Thank you so much for your wisdom!

    And I hope you come out with an advanced level 2 book of the Vampire’s Way! I think a lot of people may be ready for that.

    1. Hi Zack,
      Sorry for the delay in answering your comment. I was waiting to be able to say, “your wish is my command!”
      But alas, my newest book, which has been receiving an incredible amount of attention and work this past few weeks is still not quite there, and will most likely be ready next week . I think you will be pleased since one could indeed say that it is the level 2 (quite advanced actually) to the Vampire’s Way to Psychic Self-Defense book.
      Anyway I will post the link here for you as soon as it is available!

      Now, getting back to your comment. Let me start by saying that I am VERY happy that the Vampire book has been able to help you, and I really appreciate your kind words!
      As a capable practitioner in the energetic absorption technique, you have come across a dilemma which can affect those that would ‘bite off more than they can chew’…bad pun/idiom? Perhaps but relevant in this case.
      As you correctly point out, the collective world is currently FULL of fear, worry, anxiety, and a single individual can only ingest so much. Yes, this is indeed an endless source of energy that can be used for great benefit for yourself and others.
      In order to deal with this problem you are having with collective fear energy then I would suggest that you begin by using some of that energy that you are ingesting and transmuting. There is a point when you become ‘full’, and just like any energy source you need to use up your gains before you can ingest any more. I suggest therefore that you begin to use the energy you have gained by focusing your attention on things that you may desire, that fulfill your values in some way, like creating a servitor that meets your needs, experimenting with Out of Body travel, focusing your now extra keen attention on a project that you enjoy. All such efforts will use up this gained energy and will allow you to, in time, ingest much more.
      Another thing to do is to work on your ability to store this energy in yourself by focusing on the energy accumulation center in the core of your body, and allowing that part of you to become more concentrated and refined. In this way you will be able to ingest and hold much more energy (something I do cover in this latest book that I am hoping will be available by next week).
      Lastly when you feel ‘full’ as it were, you have to relax your body and accept that a single person can only ingest so much. Focus your attention on other things, with the help of the energy that you have absorbed, and practice body relaxation so that this negative fear energy passes through you with the least amount of negative consequence possible will help to alleviate this problem.

      I hope this helps for now, and like I said I will post the link to the new book when it is available.

  3. Excellent! I’m working with your advice and am reading and loving the new book!

    Some more questions along this line re transmuting fear energy:
    Are there particular affirmations that you recommend to use in the transmutation method to change the underlying intent for fear energy?
    What could be the most important core subconscious beliefs to examine and change?
    What beliefs would be ideal to install in order to be impervious to unhealthy fear energy?

    Thanks again!

    1. Unfortunately its hard to give specific answers here. This is so because we are all different and are therefore engaged in different journeys.
      Starting with beliefs for example, generally beliefs in ‘self worth’ are good, also beliefs having to do with personal power are also good. They will naturally allow a person to find their way and to feel that they can face challenges as they present themselves and that they are worthy of everything good that life might bring. But the way that a person goes about restructuring their inner subjective self in order to overcome what might be termed negative, to find a more positive (for that person at that time) belief structure, can be very different from one person to another.
      Because of this variance in established beliefs and personal values, we each need to find one belief to change after another until we find ourselves in a place where we can TRULY believe that we are worthy and that we are capable and strong. So ultimately ‘self worth’ and a belief in inner ‘powerfulness’ are ideal but the way each individual gets there is different and for that reason it is hard to give specific answers.
      This relates then to specific affirmations and core beliefs. A good affirmation for negative energy transmutation, I feel, is, “I take this energy and I make this energy mine. I have the power to transmute all this energy and make it mine now.”
      And believing in self worth is probably the most important belief you can have; to get there though you have to work from the top down. You can’t change the core without changing the surface beliefs first or else the battle that you might have with the eventual core belief will be overwhelming. You must move from the shallows into the depth of yourself, and that journey is different for each one of us.
      I hope that helps 🙂

  4. Hey there, Zack, the affirmation John gave is excellent! One way to really incorporate it into your psyche is to repeat it as you are going to sleep. There is another technique, called Emotional Freedom Technique, by Gary Craig, that is very useful in getting rid of beliefs that are in your psyche that do not serve your best well-being. There is also a very good book by Nick Ortner, The Tapping Solution, that explains the technique very well. You will find that as you clear yourself from beliefs that are not in your best interests, you will be able to deal with the energy you ingest much more easily, following John’s instructions.

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