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Many people would love to begin to do something meaningful with their lives. Many feel that they have a special contribution to make but that they haven’t yet been given the opportunity to make this contribution. You must realize though that it is quite possible that you could be doing your life’s work right now if you learn to focus on how you feel.

You can recognize when you’re doing what you really are meant to do because when you are doing it you feel alive and full of energy. This work or endeavor usually makes you feel good about yourself and it feels like it challenges you and inspires you at the same time. This type of work seems to be able to allow you to express fully who you are and it helps you evolve in all ways.

The problem comes when people fail to realize that they could be doing this life passion right now. That they do not need some special job or to go to some different area in order to begin to do your life’s work right now. If you examine your life you will realize that there are many things that fill you with the type of vitality and passion that I have mentioned above. It is possible that you are a parent and that you are full of passion and vitality whenever it is that you engage in making sure that your children grow up healthy, wise, and strong. It is also possible to pursue your life passions and goals through community activities and hobbies; you do not necessarily need to take some giant step and give up everything that makes you feel secure in your life in order to pursue that which you believe to be your ideal purpose.

Look within yourself and take note whenever it is that you feel fulfilled, alive, full of passion. These are the feelings that are letting you know that you are doing something that you are deeply committed to and that ‘is’, in essence, your life work or your life purpose. It is possible for example to continue at your regular job and still fulfill many aspects of your life purpose if only you learn to pursue those things that give you great joy and begin to focus on those things above all others. In this way you can begin to focus yourself more and more into those great passions in your life and less and less into those things that bring you no Joy at all.

By concentrating and studying yourself, you discover that there are many things in your life right now where you are truly fulfilling your purpose. Great feelings of joy and passion are what will guide you to discover these areas in your life. By pursuing these passions in whatever way you can, you begin to direct your life into the those areas where you find the greatest reward.

Doing this, you take a small step which is all that is really needed in order to begin to perform your life purpose. After you have taken that small step, you can take another and another after that. Eventually if you follow your natural inclinations and desire, you will find that you can find a job in an environment that you deeply enjoy, around people that you truly like, doing something that you find challenging and satisfying at the same time. Do not think that you need to move to a Third World country or take some crazy financial gamble in order to begin to do your life purpose. This great contribution which you are here to make begins right here at this moment.

As you start to identify those feelings inside of you that let you know when you are doing something that is truly wonderful and passionate, you will begin to identify the fact that doing many of these things involves using your skills and talents. As you begin to use these skills and talents, you will begin to draw opportunities and money your way. Through true self-expression, you will discover that expressing yourself enriches the lives of others and brings more light into the world.

Whatever your life work is, whatever it is that brings you feelings of passion and life, will help others in some way. When you help others in this way you begin to use your talents and since it is such a passionate endeavor, your skill will increase very rapidly. With greater skill comes greater demand and this demand will bring you more money and praise from others.

This is when you need to have a little faith in yourself and trust that even though it seems like there’s no great monetary reward in what you are passionate about, that if you keep doing what you love, you will eventually make far more money than you would in any other endeavor. Trust your heart and trust your inner feelings and realize that through following these feelings in order to discover your life purpose, you will be far more rewarded doing this than you will through any other means.


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