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As I have told you in other articles, beliefs are very important. A belief is sort of like an anchor that drives us in a certain direction and focuses our attention. A belief is therefore the key underlying structure in our understanding of our conscious reality. Beliefs are essentially the creators of reality and all truth is unquestionable belief.

If you wish to change aspects of your personal reality, you must be able to change your beliefs. I have told you that you must begin to question yourself so that you begin to understand your personal beliefs. I have told you that the best way to do this is to give your emotions free reign, when you are able, so that you can use them as propellants to help you discover the beliefs that are causing these emotions. Emotions are created through thought and thought is created through belief, in order to change your reality you must therefore change your beliefs. By changing beliefs you change the kind of thoughts that you have and by changing these thoughts you begin to alter the reality that you perceive.

Beliefs can be highly complex and can vary widely between people. Self examination is critical and it is a pleasant way to make amazing discoveries about who you are and why you are who you are. By following your emotions and asking yourself ‘why’ you are feeling these emotions; you can then begin the process of discovering your personal beliefs. Letting yourself express your emotions naturally, when you can, can be very liberating, this alone can help you in many ways.
You can also just take the time to frankly ask yourself what you believe about a certain subject and pursue this inner contemplation until you have an incredibly clear picture of what your beliefs are and therefore why you see things the way that you do.

Once you do discover what your beliefs are, it’s quite possible that you will want to change a certain belief. It is often the case that a belief that you had at one time in your life is no longer helpful and is actually costing you great pain or distress. It is possible to change these beliefs and you can in this way change your reality.

Once you have discovered a belief that you want to change there are some quick ways to make that change possible. The following technique is used in NLP and is a wonderful way to make a very quick change in a belief. Now this technique will not work unless you have done the preliminary work with your beliefs systems and have therefore discovered what the belief is causing you to experience in your life. Without this personal discovery, the conscious mind and your intellect will not take this change seriously. You need this conscious desire. You also need to discover for yourself what new belief you want to replace the old one with. Make sure that this new belief satisfies all your personal wants in the most positive way possible.

When you want to change a belief quickly:

1. Think of a belief that you know to be true. Just look through your past and come up with one belief that you know is true, for example the fact that you might be a great cook.

2. Try to get a picture, have a feeling, and perhaps even hear some kind of sound that all relate to your belief about you being a great cook. In other words, as you hold this belief of you being a great cook in your mind, try to see how you are feeling this belief to be true. Notice the feelings that you are having in your body, and get a real good sense as to what it feels like to know this belief to be true. You are essentially trying to discover how ‘complete certainty’ feels, looks, and even sounds to you.

3. Now think of the belief that you would like to change. Also think of the new belief that would be far better for you and far more constructive.

4. While thinking of the new and better belief that you want to start believing, superimpose the qualities of ‘complete certainty’ that you felt while KNOWING that you are a good cook. In other words try to feel and see the new desired belief in the same way that you view the original belief that you know to be true. For example let’s say that you want to believe that you are an amazing driver, while contemplating this belief, try to impose on it  the same qualities and feelings that you feel while you are believing that you are a great cook. If while you are believing that you are great cook you have a wonderful feeling in your chest and you feel your energy getting stronger, as you contemplate the belief that you are a great driver, try to also feel a wonderful feeling in your chest and your energy getting stronger.

What this does is that it will allow you to very quickly create a neurological pattern that turns a wanted belief into a truth.

This technique allows you to make very quick changes in your beliefs systems. As I’ve said it will not work properly unless you fully realize the power of the beliefs that you have and find out the reason why you wish to make a change. Without this understanding you will not have the kind of focus that you need to be able to you erase old beliefs and replace them with the desired new ones. This is one of the quickest ways to interchange an unwanted belief for a new desired one.






  1. Would you ever consider posting a “master beliefs” list you consider the most important beliefs (or belief system) for the aspiring alchemist?

    Also would you ever consider 1-on-1 mentoring in the future?

    Love what you’re sharing man.


    1. Hi Andrew, the thing about beliefs is that they are a very tricky subject. There are two basic reasons for this:
      First, beliefs are quite simply a faith based system of perception. What I mean by this is that they align themselves very well with what I would refer to as dogma. If you are familiar with my books, you will note that I often mention that I do not wish to create dogma, that instead I wish to show techniques that would allow someone to be able to perceive energy directly and in that fashion find their own energetic truths, which are actualities; now time direct actuations, things or events that are happening at the moment and can be verified by the perceiver over and over again.
      If I were to work with beliefs instead of showing techniques that would allow a person to work with energy and find their own truth, I would be creating nothing but dogmatic tome or a kind of scripture of ideas, instead of creating a dynamic workable system that can allow a person to find freedom instead of more dogmatic weight, that in the end may not help them to find freedom but instead create more dependency.
      Second, beliefs can be a very tricky thing because they rely quite heavily on language and the subjective interpretation that we give to each and every nuance of that language whether it is written or spoken. The sum of the world, and the way of the Archonic force is to manipulate in this arena with incredible power, so there can come a point where as a person looks into their subjective reality they can come to question whether a certain belief is theirs or whether it is an injected belief, that has been repeated to them so much, or has been given to them by a high authority figure, that they just ‘believe’ to be there inside themselves, but in actuality it is just a meaningless concept that has come from without.

      Beliefs then are things that we can use to our advantage and work with when we need to, but we must tread with care. I do therefore recommend that you work with your personal beliefs when you have to but my personal opinion is that I would rather have you work, when it comes to my material, on the energetic and foundational principles, of the techniques that I’m writing about instead of just the belief based ideas and concepts.
      I hope that you get what I mean here, I do not mean any harshness at all and hopefully this comment has not come across as such. Underlying all of this, and just to show how tricky beliefs are, here is an underlying belief, a core belief that exemplifies what I have just said: “the only way to actuate true freedom is to let go of beliefs and instead engage in direct and energetic action”.
      Now you could call that a belief because it certainly is, and you could say that in this case this belief will help you to move forward and focus your work in the right direction. But it is always my hope that you not believe anything but that instead you strive to either prove me wrong or to find your own personal energetic truth behind this statement, using the techniques that I mentioned in my books.
      In other words I would rather that you strive to prove me wrong but work on the techniques I teach, than to believe what I say and do nothing.

      The idea of one on one mentoring is a very good one and I have considered it at great length. Thank you very much for suggesting it and letting me know that it is not something that I am just thinking about on my own. I will be seriously looking into how to implement this in the future and I’ll probably create some kind of banner or post and contact the people on my e-mail list when I am able to put something together.

      Thanks very much for your comment Andrew, as it helps a great deal in the clarification of what I’m trying to say!

      1. Hi John,


        Thanks for your thorough response. It makes perfect sense to me and “feels” right as I read it. I’ve been studying hypnosis for a while now and was thinking it’d be nice to install a belief structure to make working with your material easier, but you’re right in what you said. It made me realize that for myself, I think I can use the beliefs as a distraction and they can become something to cling to and mess with rather than diving in to the direct experience of the techniques. I do feel a lack of confidence with working with the techniques but I’m sure it just takes practice.

        Thanks again, that helped a lot and opened up a new perspective for me.

        And awesome…would love to work one-on one one day. Appreciate all you’re doing, John!

  2. Hey John,

    thank you for your article! Sorry if this is a double post, I already tried to write here but it seems as if it hasn’t come through. My question is, whether you actually offer 1 on 1 consultations regarding the matter.

    Thank you and keep up the good work

    1. No sorry at the moment I am not, but if this changes in the future I will put up some kind of banner on my site. Thank you very much for asking!

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