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True life beauty comes from the small moments. There is so much magic and beauty in all of the small moments of life that it amazes me when others can’t see it. I often forget that I have trained myself, that I have taken time and effort to make sure that I am able to capture those fine small moments. You can also do this with little effort.

You have probably heard the phrase, “the devil is in the details.” Well you might say that you will not just find the devil there. Beauty is also in the details. We are all capable of seeing the beautiful sunrise or that gorgeous person walking down the street, but what most don’t realize is that this beauty is made possible by those fine moments in time where everything flows into place just perfectly.

What I am trying to say is that beauty is in the detail and the detail is made up of an infinitude of fine and perfect moments. In order to understand this, I mentioned the sunrise; most people can see this stunning spectacle and can see the beauty there. That is it’s so big that it’s hard to miss it really.

But if you think about it, you will realize that there is an infinitude of detail that goes into creating this fine show. The time of day has to be just right, your position on Earth (street, beach, etc.), the weather, your mood, your focus at the moment (you could miss it if you are thinking of other things), the feeling of those around you, your physical frame (how good are your eyes?), sediments in the air ( to give color to the sky), traffic, etc. ad infinitum. You could literally go on like this for a very long time and you could add smaller and smaller details, all there working together to make this sunrise beautiful.

Chaos theory tells us that all things are interrelated. That even the smallest thing can have a great effect on very large and complex things and events. You could, for example, change any of the things mentioned above and they would affect that sunrise either positively or negatively for you.

What about that gorgeous individual, surely they are beautiful all the time? Well if you have ever seen some people in the morning you will know that this is not true. But even static objects that seem to be forever the same, change in beauty depending on the little details. Let’s say that you think that the pyramids in Egypt are beautiful, you could rightly say that they are always beautiful because they are objects that never change and will always be what they are. What you must consider though is that beauty is a subjective experience not a mathematical certainty. Even in optimal conditions, where all of the above mentioned details are just right, you must also consider subjective feeling. The human psyche is as complex as the exterior environment and as such has as many (or perhaps more) variant details, that affect every moment and all the things that you see. So you could say that every single moment is colored by an infinitude of personal subjective nuances, little details that color what you see and how you see it.

So yes Virginia, beauty is hiding in those details, and those details make very single moment precious. What is most interesting is that if you become more and more aware of all those small moments, you will begin to see the beauty that is hidden in all things. When you truly realize that the world is a giant ocean of ever changing and morphing detail, when you begin to see that these infinitely fine details change before your eyes moment to moment, you become entranced by the beauty of this amazing dance.

In order to become aware of the beauty of all these small moments, you must learn to focus your attention in the present moment. If you can train yourself to become more and more aware of the Here and Now, you will begin to discover this amazing current of change. Every moment will become precious, as you watch a simple leaf upon a tree, and you begin to notice the changes it goes through in the light, the wind, your feelings, and all of the wonderful detail all about you. Life will open up its magic and you will realize that every moment is magical and therefore beautiful and precious.







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