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We all go through times in our lives we feel that we are stuck. This is a natural feeling that can happen to anyone of us, and you should not let it get you down. The feeling of being stuck; that you don’t have the ability, the resources, or the right attitude to get yourself into a better place, is a natural feeling that we all go through. It is good to always remember that this is just a feeling that will pass and that if you give it enough time, you will once again discover your courage. In other words be kind to yourself.

Sometimes we convince ourselves that things are too hard and that there is no way that we will be able to accomplish what want to do. In order to get over these feelings you must learn to find your passion. Passion and deep desire are the great motivators that will allow you to put in the effort to accomplish anything that you want in your life. You will be amazed at how creative you truly are when you’re motivated enough to accomplish your desires.

Here are some techniques you can use to get over that feeling of being stuck:

1. Try and finish the sentence, “if I had more time, I would_________” or “if I wasn’t so old, I would____”.

Finishing these sentences will get you thinking along the lines of what you would do if you would not place the obstacles of time in your way. Another wonderful sentence to try is, “if I could not fail, I would____”. Make a long list of all of the answers that you get by trying to finish these sentences. Do this exercise in a joyous manner, allowing your imagination to soar free, and in this way not inhibiting yourself or your possibilities.

2. Look at the list that you have created above and go through it to see which items get you very excited. Separate these items from the list and put them on a shorter list. The trick here is to be able to separate from your list only those things that truly gets you excited, that you have a deep desire in accomplishing. Perhaps there’s only one item on the list that makes you feel this way, this is all right since what you are trying to do here is to find what truly motivates you at this moment in time. You can always go back in the future and make a new list to find new passions then.

3. Now let us say that after doing the techniques above you have one item on your list that you are very passionate about, something that you desire to do very much. Think about this item and imagine yourself doing it, try to create a very vivid visualization of you accomplishing or doing your desire. Ask yourself after doing this; “does the pleasure of doing this outweigh the pain of getting it done?”
If the pleasure of doing or accomplishing this goal is great enough then the pain in trying to get it done will be worth it to you. Whenever you need motivation, just imagine yourself having accomplished this goal again, as vividly as you can, feeling the great pleasure from doing what you want, and this will be enough motivation to overcome the pain of your hurtles.

4. It is also a good idea to always examine your negative feelings as you contemplate achieving the above task. Do this by trying to find out for yourself why you are having these feelings. Simply asking yourself “why?”, will eventually take you deep enough into your conscious being so that you can answer for yourself what beliefs you are having at the moment. Examine then these beliefs logically and objectively, ask yourself again if these beliefs that you are having seem correct to you. If they are correct, is there a way that you can work around them or find ingenious new ways to overcome them and change them.

Sometimes it is even success that stops us from taking chances. We would rather settle for what we have, than to push ourselves and perhaps lose what we have in order to attain new things. Using the above technique you should be able to discover why you think that you are stuck and you think youcan’t accomplish something. Learn to overcome these old beliefs by first becoming very passionate about your new goals and then by challenging these old beliefs.

Never settle for what you have, always strive for more and in this way grow and become a better you. Never settle for feelings of being stuck, you can always have and do more if you are just willing to push yourself a little bit.







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