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Learn to state your love for life. Many of us find it much easier to say and think about the things that we don’t like in our lives instead of stating those things that we love. In order to state your love for life, you must be specific about what it is that you do love. Stating your love for life is really about appreciating all those little things that make up your experience throughout the day.

Many people seem to get stuck, always thinking about the worst of their day. It often times becomes easy to do this because there is such emotional energy attached to negative situations. The negative emotion created because of a bad driver or a rude person can haunt you for a long time and can ruin your good mood.

To state your love for life means that you are willing to go beyond the petty problems and to acknowledge that life is worth living. Those that state their love for life are seeing the tribulations of life as a challenge and not something that is done to them. It is to your great advantage then to see all of life as a challenge and in this way begin to appreciate even those things that you might have considered negative in the past.

The wonderful thing about stating your love for life is that by making your love and appreciation clear, you open yourself up to experience more of the things that you enjoy and are appreciating. To find more of what you like, you need to know what that is.

Be honest with yourself and appreciate those things that you truly enjoy, try not to force yourself to like something because you think that by being positive you are somehow attracting good things to yourself. This is just a great way to create internal frustration that can eventually cause you to get ill or to have a terrible emotional outburst. Honestly love what you love and hate what you hate. Appreciation for life means that you appreciate your individual self enough to allow yourself to experience your emotions honestly. Appreciation for life means that you have respect for self.

  • A great way to begin to state your love for life is to get a journal or to just grab a piece of paper and write, “I love_________ in my life now”. If you get a journal, you can make an entry every day starting in the same way, “I love___”. This is a wonderful way to get you focusing on those things that you truly enjoy in life. Through this natural refocusing you WILL begin to see more of those wonderful things in your life.
  • When you have finished your entry for the day, read out loud what you just wrote down. Also try to create vivid mental pictures of those wonderful things. This will focus your mind even more on those things that you just wrote down. You are really training your mind to focus more and more on what you want instead of what you do not want. Try this for a week and you will see incredible results, your mood should improve greatly and whatever negative things you experienced will be felt less deeply.

Again do remember to be honest with yourself. Respect yourself enough to be honest with yourself by not trying to force yourself to feel positive about something that feels negative to you. Respect yourself enough to be your full self, but naturally focus yourself towards those things that you do appreciate and love. State your love for life by seeing the beauty in the moments and the challenge of every situation.





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