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At all cost, you must stop the worry. This is the most powerful foe that you will ever face. It strips away all positive energy and will ruin any good plan that you have made.

Worry is the focus of the mind on the future. This is a natural tendency that we all have to try and control our situation. The mind’s need to project into the future is a good thing and it is quite likely the reason why we have become so successful on planet Earth. If we think about the future, we can plan ahead, we might be able to foresee problems and be able to think of ways to overcome these problems. Effective problem solving is what got man into space really, so it is good to realize that future projection, by the mind, is a positive thing.

What happens though is that this future projection is usually accompanied by a need to focus on the worst case scenario instead of a solution. Here is where the first and biggest problem finds it’s root. Many would have you curse your mind and try and control it. They would tell you that it is an evil and undisciplined mind that shoots forth and tries to bring you down like an evil little demon inside your head. But the mind is just doing what comes naturally and what has assured human survival for many thousands of years.

What you need to do is to embrace this ability of the mind to focus on the future. Instead of seeing it as a sickness that has to be controlled, see this mental ability as a way to help you get ahead. To do this you have to get over the real problem here; this is your insistence in on stopping your mind half way.

Our ability to project into the future is so powerful and must have been, and still is, such an amazing survival tool that it is next to impossible to stop. Unless you are in a constant stake of focus and tension, your mind is going to take you to the future. It will actually also take you to the past and try and show you similar situations that you or others might have faced. It is trying to save you, let it do what it does so incredibly well.

Where the real problem lies is in the fact that most people tend to panic and lose focus as soon as a mental emotional trauma presents itself. You are driving and your mind projects into the future showing you that the person next to you could swerve and smash into you, and it shows you past memories where this happened to you, an acquaintance perhaps, or some guy on tv. You freak out and call your mental ramblings evil, forever again dead set on controlling your negative mental projections.

But what you need to do is to understand that your mind is just your mind, not you, and that it is doing an incredible complex thing for your benefit. You have the most amazing super computer at your personal disposal and it is giving you a number of probable scenarios in order to save your life. It tends to focus on the bad because the good won’t kill you. So stop hating it and start working with it.

Instead of freaking out and stopping your mind in mid cycle, let it continue doing what it is doing. If you let it, your natural desire to stay safe will allow your mind to give you different mental projections. It will tell you what you can do to avoid this problem. You might feel apprehension and decide that slowing down might be a good thing. It will give you alternatives and possible actions. Heck, it will even imbed a desire to become a better more capable driver and will start to look for past experiences to teach your body to be better in the future.

The trick is to give your mind the focus that it needs at the right time. When you get to that awful worst case scenario, as your mind becomes so focused on the future, use your desire to focus your mind into finding a solution for you. Use the negative emotion as a propellant to focus you into what you want instead of what you don’t want.

Worry is really one of the biggest killers ever. It kills your energy and power and it can kill your body as well. The best solution is not to try and stop your mind from doing what it has to do naturally but to let it continue to do what it has to do without fear and to use those negative feeling to focus on the desired outcome. Stop your worry naturally by respecting and using your mind properly.






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