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Many strive towards a certain goal without ever believing that this goal is possible. You must realize though that without belief there is no possibility of attaining this goal. The reason for this is that it is beliefs that are the great creators in our lives, without the belief there is no possibility of concrete actualization.

Now you might say that there are many things that you have achieved that you did not believe in. But did you ever create a thing for yourself, that was your desire and idea, that you did not believe in? It is impossible to act in life without believing in anything. In order to function you must believe; you must believe that the ground below you is hard and you must believe in the air that you breathe in is good. Many would call themselves an anarchist because they tell themselves that they do not believe in anything. The truth of the matter though is that what they are really saying, whether they know it or not, is that they believe that there is nothing worth believing in. They believe in not believing and even though they tell others that they do not have a personal ideal; their ideal is the ideal of no ideal.

But as you can see, they do believe in something even though they say they don’t. Without belief, no conscious action is possible. Essentially we must all believe in everything around us in order to function within the parameters of our collective reality. In order to create, in order to be able to attain your goals, you must believe in what you are doing, and that what you want to do is possible for you. When you believe in a thing then you begin to see how you can achieve a thing and through this discovery you begin to take action. Without this underlying belief, you will not be able to discover a way to get your goal accomplished. Without this belief you are essentially flying blind, without a rudder in an infinite ocean.

Belief opens you up to your greater powers. It allows you to begin to use your subconscious mind and it’s amazing resources. Belief creates possibilities within the mind and these possibilities are acted upon. Your intuition, flashes, and insights, give you direction and personal impetus. Without the belief that you can do anything, you will not even have the desire to try to accomplish it. Without desire there is no passion and without this passion there is no reason for doing anything at all. You are not a robot, and the world is not a mindless mechanical clock.

Remember that you do not need to prove something to others in order to believe in it yourself. Belief is a personal matter and it is the beginning of all truly creative action. In order to augment a belief within yourself;

-Always focus your mind on what it is that you want. By using controlled focus, you direct your mind towards those things that you desire and in this way you propel your attention towards your goal. Belief can begin by thinking more and more about that which we desire.

-Try to tell yourself over and over again what it is that you desire and why it is that you desire it. A positive affirmation can be used here to direct your thoughts in the right manner. It is again a way to focus your attention in the direction of your desire but it can also allow you to also focus on your personal reasoning. This personal reasoning is the under bed of this personal belief. This affirmation therefore can begin to build a pillar as it were that creates a more concrete and stable ground for your beliefs.

-Picturing your ideal and your goal accomplished can also greatly increase the strength of this belief that you either want to create or strengthen. By visualizing your ideal in complete form, and also by visualizing the tasks that you need to do in order to get to this goal done, you begin to use your mind and the internal power of your subconscious to help you attain your greatest desires.

It order to attain anything you must believe. Many ‘believe’ that they do not need to believe in order to achieve, the reality though is that we all need to believe in order to function. What we must believe in is in our ideal, this is our passion and our desire in life, without a belief in our ideal we are merely robots living life in a mechanical way, being affected by the world but not affecting it very much in return. Discover your passions and your ideals, then learn to believe in the fact that you can achieve these goals. Through belief you create possibility, direction, and impetus. By believing in it you can create anything.







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