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In our modern and frantic world, lack of sleep and 12 hour work days are becoming the norm. In order to survive the incredibly taxing modern schedule, the average person has resorted to coffee, cigarettes and drugs of all kinds. We have so much to do but we lack the energy needed to get it all done. Four cups of coffee a day does not make for a healthy lifestyle. And the excessive toll that the nervous system endures can be fatal in the long run.

Is there a way to increase your energy? Is there a way to help yourself out of the zombie like existence that comes from overwork and rest deprivation? Well the short answer is yes and I hope to help you with this task. This article will be the first of two articles that I wish to write on the matter and I hope that with the help of both, you will be able to find answers and techniques to help you regain your vigor and health.

In many ways we are sort of like an electrical machine that runs on an electrical charge. Our nervous system sends information in the form of minute electrical impulses and each organ in the body produces a small electric charge as it performs its functions throughout the day.  Doctors for example measure these electrical charges through special equipment like the EKG to measure the heart and the EEG to measure the brains activity. Therefore if you find yourself running like the energizer bunny all day, there will come a point where you will literally run out of batteries. In order to gain back our strength, we can eat something. When you eat something, you take energy from your environment in the form of calories, and convert it into body energy and work in the form of joules. You can see therefore that one of the most important ways to increase your energy is to have a healthy diet.

Diet, dieting and healthy eating are very popular right now, so I won’t try and beat a dead horse with this article. It is enough to say here that food must be considered fuel because this is exactly what it is. You don’t want to put garbage in your car so in the same vein, do consider the type of fuel that you are putting into your body.

Breathing is also a form of eating, so breathing is also fuel. Breathing properly is a must therefore if you wish to gain more energy and you should devote some time to learning this discipline.

I will assume also that you are like most people and haven’t actually had a good night’s sleep in a long time. The reason that I mention sleep is that this is of course a great way to increase your energy, but lack of sleep is endemic in modern Western culture. Certainly sleep loss goes side by side with the strenuous and hectic lifestyle that many of us find the norm right now.

This is unfortunate because a good night’s sleep will charge your batteries better than anything else. Try to get as much sleep as possible, whenever possible.  Learn to relax and if you are having troubles falling asleep then look for ways to beat insomnia.

The present article will focus on what we can do to conserve the energy that we have by showing you how you squander your emotional energy every day. This is in my opinion the biggest reason why modern man is constantly tired and unhealthy. The squandering of nervous energy represents the biggest loss of vigor and power by the average individual.

The satisfaction of one’s emotional impulses is always accompanied by huge expenditures of emotional energy. This means that every time that you expend a huge amount of energy having a fit of one kind or another, you are actually draining some of that nervous energy (electrical energy) that allows you to perform and function throughout the day. Therefore the first and foremost method of increasing energy is to learn to control your emotional outbursts and your reflexive actions.

The principal methods in doing this are:

A. Control your need to be expansive; This is the need to be extroverted, gushing, and unreserved.  There should be a great effort made on the reader’s part to exercise a more silent demeanor. For example;  you come across some type of news and you feel the urgent need to share this news or event with a friend, you must realize that this act of indulging, will only squander a large amount of your energy. Conserve your energy; say nothing.

Do not manifest so many reflexive expressions while listening to another person’s conversation.  An animated overexcited demeanor can rob you of that much needed nervous energy that you require to get through your day. Every exclamation, every word, every gesture that you withhold, will increase the amount of emotional energy at your disposal. Do not waste your energy on mere trifles, on commentary,  in words of admiration for those that surround you, or on the occasions or events that you happen to witness. All this does not mean becoming antisocial but it does mean the ability to withhold those actions that have no purpose for you or for the people that you are socializing with.

When you do have the need to speak, don’t do it in an automatic or mechanical way but measure the expressions that you are going to make so that you are expressing yourself in a measured conscious way instead of a reflexive or impulsive way.  Do not speak in an excessively animated way, because this only wastes valuable energy that can be better spent on other pursuits. Above all, do not debate.

Control your need to be accepted and valued; People have a natural need to be valued as worthy by others, and they will pursue this need any chance that they get.  We all have the need to have others think that we are cool or great in some way or another.  We want others to think that our opinions are very important and that our opinions are the ones that really matter.  Next time you are out in public and speaking to others, pay close attention and you will notice that we are all expending huge amounts of emotional energy on just getting noticed.

The need to feel and to express our self importance is the biggest drain that we have. If you want to limit your emotional outbursts and conserve your nervous energy, I suggest that you do everything in your power to limit these tendencies to feel important.

You do not need to show others who you are or what you are all about.  You need to do, and in order to do things better, you need to have more energy.  It is the ultimate waste of time and energy to be constantly placating the ego.

Control your rage (or as I like to say, control your sudden fits of enthusiasm); if a person can begin by controlling any and all acts of impatience, he/she will be able to, in a very short time, develop a serenity and cool that will be able to overcome any obstacle.  The facial gestures, body movements and exclamations that are brought about by fits of irritation and rage, can cause serious loss of nervous energy and should therefore be controlled as much as possible.  You should strive for a detached cool at all times so that you are not forced into reflexive and impulsive fits by the world around you.

I know that it can be daunting to pursue some of the suggestions given above.  I do not want you to become a robot; what I want you to do is to start to consider all of the wasteful actions that you perform throughout your day.

I actually want you to start to be less of a robot and to consider your actions before you undertake them. The robot acts in a mechanical way so that when it receives stimulus 1, it performs action 2.

I want you to strive to be more than a reflexive creature. I want you to be more conscious of your every day actions, and through this basic exercise, gain back the energy that you have been throwing away like there is no tomorrow.


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