Self-Improvement and Interesting Knowledge

I posit that the oldest profession was not prostitution, but that it was instead Prophecy. If we think of man as a creature evolving over time then we could also speculate that sex was always an important topic and most likely one of our oldest desires. But if we continue to contemplate our evolutionary man then there certainly was a time when man the animal became the thinking man.

At this time, when conscious thought as we know it first appeared in our species, man must have found himself alone and afraid in a very big and very dangerous world. The thinking man now sat in this present moment, aware of all his past glories and failures and contemplating all of his possible future gifts and curses. Aware in this fashion, perhaps man’s biggest desire was not sex but power. Power after all can stop that terrible fear, and powerful people are never lacking in sexual company…
And what could be more powerful than knowing the future?
Profits, seers, and those that could hold council with the Gods must have become very important indeed.

But can humans really predict the future? Is the future written in the stars, therefore unchangeable and destined to happen no matter what? Is the future just one of many futures that can be changed with forethought, knowledge, and discipline?

Sir Isaac Newton was an incredible man. He was a mathematician, an astronomer, and a physicist. His discoveries in the sciences changed our way of thinking forever. He is the one that discovered the laws of gravity; he also made amazing discoveries in motion and optics.
What is not well known about Newton though is that he was also a great prophet. He was a very devoted Christian and dedicated a large portion of his life to deciphering the riddles that he believed were hidden in the scriptures. He was a tireless and passionate scientist and applied this natural talent to solving the enigma of humanities future.

Newton became preoccupied with the bible which he believed held messages for all of mankind. He was also obsessed with the temple of Solomon, perhaps believing as some do, that it is the blueprint to the mind of God. His main focus became the books of Daniel and Revelations. Using scientific methods, astronomy, and mathematical calculations of his own design; he became certain that he had decoded a timeline that clearly revealed the future of mankind.

Newton wrote over a million words trying and finally deciphering, to his own satisfaction, the cryptographic puzzle which he believed existed within the words of the bible. His conclusion, based on his studies, told him that there were three basic events that would herald the end of days:

1.    The corruption of Christianity.
2.    The return of the Jews to the Holy Land.
3.    The third and final reconstruction  of the temple of Solomon.

During his lifetime, Newton was already aware of the corruption of the Church and actually declared the papacy, “The great whore of Babylon.”  But he knew that the next two events would not happen within his lifetime and it seems that he planned for this event by making sure that his work survived to present day; a time when these prophecies might help us all.

His calculations begin by first postulating the date in which the Christian religion began it’s decent into paganism. Newton tried many dates for this downward beginning and finally settled on 609 A.D. He believed this because this was the date that the Roman Empire gave parts of its power to the church. At this time, old pagan temples were reconstructed to make way for the new Christian religion and as a result many pagan practices began to be assimilated.

This date is very important because the prophet Daniel tells us in the Bible that 1,290 or 1,335 “days” after this great fall of the Christian religion the Jewish people will return to the Holy Land. What Newton did here was to suppose that the “days” that were spoken of were actually years and that each year contained 360 days (which are the number of days that the bible tells us were in one year).

If you add 609+1290 you get 1899. In 1897 the ‘World Zionist Organization’ (WZO) was established. This organization set up certain banking organizations and was primarily dedicated to help the Jewish people migrate back to the Holy Land.
If you add 609+1335 you get 1944. The ending of the Second World War happened around this time and as a result of what occured during this war, the Jewish people were finally allowed to return to the Holy Land and establish the new nation of Israel.

Now when it came to the Final Days and the Apocalypse, Newton used a passage that can be found both in the books of Daniel and in Revelations; “time, times, and half a time.” This is a very cryptic statement but Newton tackled it in this way:

TIME = 1 year (360 days)
TIMES = 2 years (720 days)
HALF A TIME = ½ a year (180 days)

If you add 360+720+180 you have a total of 1260. Newton again believed that these days meant years and was able to calculate in this way that the Apocalypse would happen 1,260 years after a certain key moment in history.

After much thought and study, Newton finally settled on the year 800 A.D. He settled on this date because on Christmas day 800 A.D. Charlemagne was crowned king of the Holy Roman Empire. This day, was to Newton, the beginning of this new political system that was to become the new Christian Church.

If you then add 800+1260 you get 2060. This was the date of the Apocalypse according to the prophet Newton. He mentions in his writings that he does not want to, “set dates,” but he also writes that, “The time, times, and half a time do not end before 2060 nor after…”.

So is the future written in the Stars?

From a certain perspective it seems that the great scientist Sir Isaac Newton is telling us that it is. Certainly to think that what is written by God (or many Gods for that matter) shall come to pass, is to say that the future is something set by a force or forces far above and beyond humanity; and man could no more change the word of God than he could move the orbit of the stars in the sky.

Newton would not publish these writings during his lifetime. Some believe that he did this because he feared persecution which might taint his scientific work. But perhaps Newton believed that even though mere men might not be able to change the will of God they might be able to help themselves through knowledge. It is interesting to note that these manuscripts disappeared after Newton’s death and were hidden from the world for over two hundred years. Supposedly stored in a home in Hampshire, his manuscripts mysteriously reappear and were auctioned off in London on 1936. Did Newton plan this? Did he write this manuscript for a future audience? An audience that he hoped would benefit from his words and discoveries?

The skeptic  in me finds it very difficult to believe that our destiny is written in a holy book, or the starts. But I have a ruthless mistress, by the name of logic, and I have found that her prognostications are never wrong. I might be wrong, using her methods, because I forgot to take a certain variable into consideration, but ‘she’ is never wrong. I sometimes think about the fact that science could be seen to be a new religion of sorts with a great mathematical God that is as wrathful as any Old Testament God.

Perhaps Newton is right and our future is set for ever in the stars, or our DNA as a scientist might say, and therefore cannot be changed. I will have to disagree on this; my vanity hopes that we can set our own course and as long as we don’t blow ourselves up or poison ourselves to death, there will come a time when we will be able to change the orbit of the stars. There is something though that Newton and I can both agree on I think;
Whether the future is set in stone or not, all people can benefit from the knowledge of it.

Knowledge is power.





  1. John – just perusing some of your writings – good, thought provoking stuff, so as always – thank you. I agree, particularly with your closing paragraph, that our destinies are not entirely fixed in the stars. I would consider that it’s probably not vanity. Understood esoterically, if not literally, the bible and comparable light/thought stream writings are rife with images of transcendence (Sarai/Abram, Job, Jesus, etc.) of the conditions we’re born into. Epigenetics and horizontal gene transfer theory provide more contemporary examples.

    In any case, I do believe it’s helpful to understand and move in harmony with the stars. And natural energy currents, as dynamic as they may be – and even if that means, as you write, becoming a consumer of such energy to serve a more generative, refined, and heightened purpose in the greater scheme of things.

    1. Thank you for your take on this Mike. In writing this article it was my hope that a powerful thinker would use it as a stepping stone to contemplate even greater possibilities, and I believe in your case I may have succeeded.

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