Self-Improvement and Interesting Knowledge

A great way to begin to understand yourself and the reality around you; is to learn to let your thoughts pass by unhindered, as you pay attention to them.  This way you will discover the flow of your reality because it is the case that your thoughts create the world that you see around you.  Whether you believe in the metaphysical concept of ‘the law of attraction’ or not, thoughts do create your reality.

A thought clouds your judgment and focuses your attention.  It tells you what to see and what to avoid, it indicates your beliefs and is therefore completely responsible for the way you see the world.  With the complex ‘brain scanning’ now available, scientists have seen the power of thought. Scientist have seen how thoughts can completely alter human perception and physiology. Hypnosis and vivid imagination have been studied in this way and have shown themselves to be incredibly powerful at affecting perceive reality.

These tests prove that thoughts are important.  They prove that it is important to know your thoughts because they play an incredible role in perception and therefore future action.  This perception and action create future events and it is therefore the case that your thoughts create your future reality.  Those that would tell you otherwise do not understand human psychology and are most likely clouding their reality with beliefs and thoughts that they are not aware of.

I suggest that you try to find a way to study your thoughts.  To pay attention to the sequence of thoughts that runs constantly through your mind.  You can learn to do this if you give this important task enough attention and effort.  I can guarantee that it will be one of the most important and rewarding things that you can do with your time.

A simple way to begin to do this is to see your thoughts as an never ending ‘train’ that flows past you.  See yourself as standing in front of these train tracks while this incredibly long train goes past you.  Each box car represents a thought that you see from your perspective.  You are stationary but your thoughts flow by endlessly, changing the panorama in your mind and providing a constant source of interesting and amazing perceptions.

With this exercise or by trying another one that you like, you will realize that you are not your thoughts.  You might realize that many of your thoughts come from you, while some seem to come from somewhere else.  But the most important thing to realize here is that you are not your thoughts.  Your thoughts exist projected by you, or perceived by you, but you are stationary while your thoughts flow by endlessly.

You can also learn, with this exercise, to only focus on those thoughts that appeal most to you.  To do this all you have to do is to pay more attention to those things that interest you.  Your attention is the guide that will focus your mind, and therefore your thoughts, in a particular direction.  Doing this will allow you to freely contemplate ideas that you find of interest.  It will also allow you to learn eventually to control your mind so that you are not at the whim of the circumstances around you.

It is an incredibly powerful realization, the realization that your attention creates your reality.  That your attention focuses your mind in the direction that you want to go.  Fully realizing this fact can be life altering and can totally change the direction of your being.  Learn to pay attention to all your thoughts, learn to watch the flow of your thoughts as they pass by, and you will discover the forces that change your reality and develop your inner being.







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