Self-Improvement and Interesting Knowledge

There are many things written about fixing your life. This entire site is devoted to self improvement and there are many methods that I outline that can greatly help you in all aspects of our shared reality.

While all of this material does aid in helping you deal with the difficulties that you might experience in life, there is one main aspect that is always overlooked. It is overlooked because it can be a very hard pill to swallow for most and the reality is that most people just aren’t willing to follow this methodology.

Why is it that most people will not follow this one methodology that would allow them to improve so many aspects of their life? It is because the entire world devotes most of its time to telling you that life is a certain way and to think otherwise is self delusion and egomania.

This most wonderful self-improvement tactic is very simple:
love yourself!

It is that simple but it is almost impossible to do for most. We are told over and over again that to love ourselves and to think of ourselves is selfish and self-centered. No matter what religion or theology that you care to study, you will almost always be told the same thing; that you are not the center of the universe and that you are here to fix something about yourself or worship something beyond yourself. In our Western society, we believe that we were born sinners and to think of ourselves, let alone love ourselves above all other things; well that is just out right sin.

Even if you are a highly logical person and an atheist, you will definitely not want to love yourself. Since science believes that we are just biological units existing in a mechanical universe, the idea that we are in some way important and worthy of love seems almost idiotic. And if you were to love yourself, what good would it do? Emotions and positive thoughts after all seem to have such little consequence in this reality.

But take a chance and do something completely rebellious, I use the word rebellious because of its connotations; love yourself. Practiced just loving yourself, accepting yourself or who you are now and no matter what you do for an entire month, just love yourself above all other things in the world. Contemplate how wonderful you are and how great it is to be here in this world and how lucky this world is to have you in it.

This does not mean that you have to love your family or your children any less. You will be surprised at the fact that by loving yourself more you will be able to love them more as well. Realize how lucky they are to have you in their lives, how you make their lives so much better in so many ways.

I dare you to sit around for 20 minutes and just love yourself completely. Send as much love as you can to ‘yourself’, and adore who you are right now. If you are able to do this then the next day I want you to do the same thing but this time while you are looking in the mirror. Will you be able to do this? Will you have the ability to just love yourself without judgment or recrimination?

Most people can’t do it. They can’t do it because they believe that they are unworthy of things. When they look at themselves or think of themselves they only see all the blunders that they made or how much it is that they need to improve. Try to fight this urge by just loving yourself and forgetting about all those little voices that tell you that you should not or could not love the one thing in your life that is the most important thing on Earth.

How terrible that must sound to some. To tell yourself that you are the most important thing on earth. Why do you believe that this is not so? Study this belief by asking yourself why you are feeling what you are feeling now. Ask yourself over and over again ‘why’, until you get down to the root of these feelings. The root of these feelings will be the belief or beliefs that you hold that make you think that you are not worthy of self-love.

When you discover what these beliefs are, change them because you deserve better. I have shown you in other articles how to change beliefs, use these techniques to change that negative belief right now. The most important beliefs that you hold are the beliefs about yourself and how worthy you are.

I dare you to love yourself. And if you take my dare you will find an incredible thing; that by just loving yourself and accepting who you are totally, you will overcome many of the problems that you think you now have.


  • Through love of self you will be able to find a better job, one that doesn’t make you suffer but that makes you feel good about what you’re doing.
  • Loving yourself will allow you to have the strength to be with those that love you as you should be loved and to stay away from those that would abuse you or use you in any way.
  • Loving yourself will create a positive attitude in your life that will naturally begin to change your ideas about what you deserve and these will naturally create a better future for you.
  • Loving yourself will allow you to feel good again.


  1. Its not so easy to just love yourself if you dont know how to Do it, and if There is nothing to love

    1. When we are in a really low place, it is very hard to think about loving anything, especially yourself. This is not the time to ignore those feelings and try and replace them with something else. This is the time to explore those feelings and to feel them. This is definitely something that most people will tell you not to do but my advice to you is to feel them and to experience these supposed negative emotions as much as possible. When you do this you will find out why you are feeling unloved and this realization can be quite rejuvenating.
      When you are ready to go beyond your negative feelings, when you feel spent like you have drained yourself of all this emotional energy; you can try and see if you can find a way to love yourself. To do this, look within your mind and try to find one thing that you love. It doesn’t have to be a person it can be a thing like a beautiful sunset or a gorgeous flower. When you have that feeling in your heart, project that feeling on to yourself and try and love yourself like you love that flower.
      When you do this, you might experience some odd emotions; something along the lines of I’m not good enough for this or how dare I be so full of myself. Explore those feelings as well and find out why it is that you think that you can’t love yourself. If you think you have an answer then logically try to tell yourself that you do have the right to love yourself; that flower is so lovely only because it can love itself, and like any creature in this world you are as precious. Say your name and learn to love the sound of it.

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