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One of the most powerful things to implement in your life, is the idea that you must always make happiness your biggest priority. Personal happiness is the key to a good life, and will improve your self-esteem and health. Happiness has a natural way of lightening your energy and filling you with hope for the future.

We are all emotional beings, there is no way to stop our emotions and stay healthy. Since our emotions are something that we cannot get rid of, it is important that we begin to regulate these emotions and that we strive to attain more happiness and less sadness. Now when I say regulate I do not mean that we should try to control our emotions as this is impossible, what I mean though is that we can control the focus of our attention so that we begin to experience more of the things that we like and less of the things that bring us grief.

As children we do a great job of focusing and doing what we like, but as adults we tend to take on the idea that to always pursue our happiness and our desires is wrong. This is of course not the case, what usually is the case is that others impose these beliefs upon us. Taking responsibility for your happiness means that you are willing to spend more time on those things that bring you joy and to follow your own heart instead of trying to please others. Without happiness life is not really worth living, and it is therefore very important that you make it a priority.

If you are having difficulty trying to figure out how to start, a real good way to begin is to just take more time for yourself. Just like you would take the time to pay attention to someone you love and to see to their needs, take the time for yourself as well and see to your needs and your desires. Try to treat yourself and give yourself some kind of present every day. This might seem a little silly and perhaps childish to some but it is a great way to begin to show yourself the kind of personal love that you deserve.

Doing the small things might create many conflicting emotions within you. If this is the case then it is very important that you examine these emotions so that you realize what belief is causing them. It is quite possible that you will feel guilt or a number of other emotions stemming from a belief that you are being selfish. Question these beliefs and examine them objectively because it is usually these beliefs that cause the greatest grief in our lives, as they are the ones that push us away from the self love we should all be giving ourselves.

Many believe that any kind of self-interest is a type of selfish behavior. If this belief is not examined then it is possible that you could lead a hard life where the mere idea of considering your personal thoughts becomes repugnant. You must realize though that there is no possibility of bringing happiness and good things to others unless you are able to do the same for yourself.

Personal happiness means being a little selfish perhaps. It means that you’re willing to consider your needs and that you see that you are a very important person. If you do not take the time to create happiness in your life then it is quite possible that no one else will either. The kind of selfishness that I am advocating means taking a little time for yourself; just like anything else there is a balance where too much of anything is a bad thing. But at the same time too little self-interest is also detrimental. If you at least take the time to make happiness a priority in your life, you will see that all other facets of your life will improve as well.







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