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All things are in a constant state of vibration. Any object that you see around you, that seems very solid and stationary, is actually in a constant state of vibration. This fine vibration is also happening to you because like everything else you to are not the solid mass that you imagine.

From the smallest particle to the largest sun, everything is in a state of motion and in this motion things evolve and change into different forms. This constant flux of energy changes your entire molecular structure and essentially recycles all of your matter; so that over the period of a few years, all of the matter that composed your body is completely changed and replaced by new material.

This pulsating motion and change have a certain rhythm and a cyclical nature. You can learn to unify your being and create great momentum and energy by tapping into this rhythmic force. Essentially by controlling the rhythmic motion of your breath, you can attain a much greater mental and physical power. Rhythmic breathing gives you what can best be described as magnetic cohesion, and this magnetic cohesion coupled with a focused mind creates resonance. This resonance can then be used to attract or repel anything around you.

By controlling your mind and the natural rhythm of your body, you can learn to align yourself to the rhythm of anything in the universe. To understand this you have to understand the power of resonance. Resonance has a direct relation to the “law of attraction”, which has become very popular in modern culture, thanks to “The Secret”.  To illustrate this; think about the fact that you can get a tuning fork to vibrate without touching it, simply by striking the appropriate note on a piano. This happens because the tuning fork will be affected by the complementary sound vibration. This same resonance principal can allow a person with a trained voice can shatter crystal.

All natural things in the universe attain a perfect rhythm that gives them cohesion and wholeness. People are different; their minds are constantly chattering and as a result, their energy is scattered every which way. This lack of mental focus means that your body and mind lack the unity needed to accomplish powerful acts.

Your body, your energy, and your thoughts are constantly being affected by this cyclical vibration of the world round you. In order to tap into this power and in order to strengthen your will, you need to create a harmonic cyclical rhythm yourself. Think of it as unifying your spirit, your mind and your body.

To do this; sit down in a comfortable position and begin by taking your pulse and listening to the sound of your heart. Start to count your pulse beats; 1,2,3,4,5,6 and then repeat; 1,2,3,4,,5,6. Do this over and over until you completely memorize the rhythm of your heart beats at a resting state.

Once you have memorized this rhythmic cycle, you need to use this rhythm to create a complementary breathing cycle. Again sit in a very comfortable position and; breathe in to the count of six, hold your breath to the count of three, exhale to the count of six, and hold for a count of three. Continue to do this for a good ten minutes.

It is very important that you use the rhythm that you memorized earlier. Don’t just count off without rhyme or reason. If you have to, stop your meditation and feel your pulse again and re-memorize its rhythm. Keep practicing and in a very short time you will be able to perform this breathing mediation, in the correct rhythmic count, automatically. When your breathing is in perfect tempo, and you can keep this tempo going without conscious thought, you are ready for the next step.

The next step is focusing on the images in your mind. With the power of rhythmic breathing, you will be able to attract things to you with greater ease. You will be able to have a superior mental focus which you can also use to relax yourself and to heal any physical problems that you might have.


  1. Hi there John! Love your work! I have purchased all your books! I have a question for you that I cant seem to find inner peace with. So do we all come from Source? (God?) and is this energy always there to guide us? is it unconditional love, etc? How do we know what to trust and if we are on the right path? Thank you John!

    1. Hi Emma, thank you so much for getting my books! I hope that they are providing you with all of the information that you need to expand yourself beyond limits.
      You know, the question that you ask is actually incredibly complex, and not because god is not real per se, but because that which we term god is so much more complicated than we could imagine, indeed in many ways certainly, far more complicated than we could even comprehend.
      The simple answer then, since we only have so much space here :), is that indeed we are of God, we could be nothing less than God. I hope you got that, I did not say we come from, I say we are. But what is, which is all that is, is of course far more complicated than we are, so we are then a small part of all that is, we are indeed a small spark of God then.
      As to how to know the word of God, which is our will and God’s, well this is a very long process and one could say that it is a never ending one. We can begin by trusting our intuitions, and by seeing the expansiveness of the world, by seeing all of God without limiters, without boundaries, and in that way see the hand of God in all things, and the many omens that are placed before us. I talk a little of this in the book, manifest wealth and prosperity with thought forms and servitors, in chapter seven.
      You can begin there, in time your will becomes the will of the universe, the will of the Dark Sea, the will of God. In my latest book this would be crossing the fourth and fifth room, but of course there is more to go beyond this, more exuberant, mind numbing, exultant, road to travel.
      How do you know if you are on the right path? When people speak of God as source, which is a wonderful descriptive term, they often say that being in source is to be happy. I would add to that that to know when you are following that inner will, that perfection of being, you are not only happy, but there is also no doubt; certainty in all that we do and unending happiness or awe.
      Source as they say is indeed unconditional love, and therefore to be following the right path of source is to also be enveloped within that love, and to have no doubt, and that is whether you win or lose, there is no doubt because there is faith in the ultimate will of source. But to define what that unconditional love is, what it feels like, is the most difficult thing indeed because it is beyond words and it is beyond just happiness really. And I could not possibly put such a bliss into words, it is something different for each one of us. To know if we’re on the right path, we must look within and find that intuition that I spoke of which is really a connecting point to source, when we follow our intuition there’s a kind of relief, and knowing. And the depth of that knowing, to the point that it becomes no doubt, is the degree to which we know we are on the right path.
      Did not mean to get heavy on you, but you asked a heavy question.

  2. Hi John

    Is the timing of 6:3 important here? I’ve used this type of breathing in the past with an 8:4 timing synced to the heartbeat. I like understanding the technicalities of breathwork, would 6:3 be doing something different than when I used 8:4?



    1. With this technique the timing is not about different type of synced cycles per se, but in creating a rhythmic In-n-Out where both match each other perfectly. Essentially you want the in and the out to match perfectly, and those to match the rhythm of your heart at a resting rate. You are basically trying to create a kind of dynamo to empower your energetic being by cycling energy in and out in a rhythmic fashion, that after a time creates a kind of wave amplification and a steady even resonance. Think of yourself as a kind of antenna, or Tesla coil that is augmenting and balancing out the energy in the body being. Once this is established, you can most often feel the resonance field around you expanding, then anything that you maintain within your mind becomes supercharged. This is the goal of the exercise. So the cycle time of the in and out breath should not matter, these should be a personal issue. The important thing is to maintain a steady in and out that is even, both in and out. Six heartbeats is usually a good range, but you can experiment to see what works best for you.

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