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Am I here now? This is probably the greatest question that you could ask yourself whenever you are trying to decide whether it is your mind that is clouding your perceptions. The concrete world around us exists because of the fact that our minds have been conditioned to only see this things around us in a certain way.

Have you ever gone into a situation expecting certain things? Have you ever judged or looked at something with the expectation of seeing things in a certain way? I’m confident that you would say that you have, but would you believe me if I told you that you most likely do this all the time? That there is nothing that you perceive without the clouding effects of your mind.

The truth of the matter is that our minds are constantly telling us what to perceive and how to perceive it. The ‘conditioned mind’ can be that little voice that tells you what to do or how to think. It’s that little voice that just won’t go away even though you want to see things in a better way or a different way. The mind is also those rampant thoughts that you can’t seem to get rid of. These rampant thoughts usually create different scenarios and outcomes that often times seem to be totally contradictory to what we intend.

Most of us understand this to be that difficult part of our minds, that we would love to get under some kind of control; this is definitely PART of the conditioned mind. But this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to witnessing the unknown. The conditioned mind can be far more insidious than we would realize, it often operates beyond our conscious control. What it does is that it tells us how to see the world and any deviation from that standard perception can cause great emotional and psychic trauma.

The conditioned mind is a robotic entity of our own creation. Another and perhaps better way of understanding this is to see our mind, that conditioned mind, as a rut or a well-worn path which we can’t seem to deviate from. This path exists within our brain, conditioned through endlessly repetitive thought patterns that have literally created a superhighway of neural synapses within our brains.

The sad part is that there is an infinity of other roads that we could take. There is a giant world out there for us to perceive but we insist on taking our well-worn path. This well-worn path or rut, has become so entrenched within our psyche that it has gotten to the point where any that would stray even a little from this perceptive path, become pariahs in our society that must be reconditioned or eliminated.

Some have tried to get rid of the mind altogether and in this way find some kind of peace. But in order to experience the paranormal we must go beyond merely eradicating the mind altogether because it is this mind that we must use in order to find different paths and different avenues of perception. To eliminate the mind altogether can be a very freeing experience that brings to those that can achieve it a happiness so profound that it is usually termed bliss.
But those that would study the paranormal, those that would venture forth into the unknown, need to be able to use the mind. For those that seek the paranormal, it is not a battle against the totality of the mind, it is a battle against the conditioned mind.

We psychonauts; those that would travel deeply into the spaces beyond, must learn a different method. We battle the conditioned mind and in this way we search for different roads within that infinite map of perception.


  1. Hi John, can you provide any source(s) of these books you mention in Overcoming Archon book:
    “When such old manuscripts are of good quality and well translated, from whatever ancient language, they do make it clear that such legendary beings were perfect because of the fact that they lacked one very important trait; an individual mind. They lacked the ego as we understand the term, which means that they had no awareness of the ‘I’ self.”
    Many thanks!

    1. Sorry for delays in answering. My site has been having a few glitches.
      Perhaps one of the best sources for such a statement I suppose would be the Christian Bible (Genesis). There are also the works of Taoist master such as Chuang-Tze who often makes reference to ‘The Great Men of Old’. I would also mention The Epic Gilgamesh.
      These speak in different tones, often due to translation in my opinion. In them such references might be made to innocence, not corrupted, or in certain native American tales there might be a reference to how man and the animals were of one mind, and that man could talk to animals.
      If you would like to do research on this, just try to look past the terms used, to what those definitions would actually mean in application.
      What is innocence, sin, natural mind, the great men, etc.

  2. Hello, John Kreiter.

    First off let me start by saying that over the last two weeks I’ve read Overcoming the Archon through Alchemy and Vampires Way to Psychic Self-Defense and these has opened my mind greatly. I’ve been a truth seeker for quite some time, but the wisdom you have shared and articulated I must say I deeply resonate with. I would like to thank you for all the knowledge and guidance you have provided, as it has been very significant.

    Now over to my query; There is a large community of individuals focusing around “Subliminals” most popularily on Youtube and Reddit.
    The concept goes out on the idea of combining audio/music with affirmations to get your desired result after listening to the same audio continuedly. The most popular and reoccurring theme of this community goes out on changing your physical appearance through constant exposure to the affirmations layered behind the audio to get the change you most desire.

    My question is then this, through the alchemical perspective is this in truth possible and is there a technique which is more effective?

    1. Thank you for your kind words.
      Such a change is possible through the correct focus of intent. This means that either you naturally exude an aura that makes you seem different, or it is even possible with incredibly powerful intent, to actually change form in time. The ‘in time’ part here is very important.
      But the technique of such affirmations is a dubious one from the inner alchemist point of view. For them, there is always this movement towards what I have referred to as ‘lucid motion’. In other words, the reliance on accessing your inner unconscious power through such affirmations is most often difficult or next to impossible. And even if such a thing can be accessed to some degree as is the case when people use hypnotism for example, this connection is most often difficult to maintain because there can be many countering signals. One part is trying to say that you are so, while another more persistent belief structure disagrees. In such a case, most often core belief structures will win out, and for that reason most such efforts tend to be either short-lived or may not work at all.
      I am currently working on a book on such a lucid motion form of deliberate use of intent; conscious use of intent. I believe that this method, in accordance with the way of inner alchemy, is the right way and it is the way to move beyond such nebulous results. I am hoping to have this book done sometime early next year, and there I think I hope to explain the reason why a more conscious use of intent is superior, and indeed if there is enough personal energy, even the supposed miraculous can be possible.

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