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  1. Hello!

    I have just recently come across your books and I’ve bought several of them already, Out of Body being the latest one. It was interesting how I came across your books and they contained exactly the information/answers I requested from the Universe.

    I read somewhere that ancient mystics mastered lucid dreaming or astral travel to the point where they could actually exist and live in a Reality of their choosing (for example, if during their travels they came to like a world/dimension/timeline) permanently.

    This is something I’ve been interested in for some time now and I’ve spent the last year mulling about how to do this. Through my meditations and direct knowledge from my Higher Self, I knew that I would need 3 things: focus of attention, lots of energy, and to be able to “separate” my Consciousness from my physical body. So I was super happy when I stumbled upon your book, Magnum Opus. It was truly synchronistic. I’m currently training myself using your techniques.

    I’m curious about what’s possible with astral travel/OOBE? What’s the ultimate thing that can be achieved if one becomes adept at it?

    (Just asking for inspiration.😊)

    Thank you for all your hard work!🌻

    1. Hi Kiara,
      Thank you for you lovely note and for the purchase of my books!

      Yes such things are possible, the ability to exist in other realities, for those that have acquired the energy and discipline to do so. And there are many complex nuances to this that one must consider, but that are endlessly fascinating as well. For example, it is possible to exist in other realities where time moves at a different rate. One could for example inhabit a world where weeks in that world are only hours in this one. Being able exist, even for a small time, in this world can allow a person to live and develop a great deal of experience in what would seem to be a very short period of physical time. One could travel to this place for an hour of physical time and yet spend many days doing something in that other world that they may like.
      There are worlds that are completely unlike ours where we can only exist as a sentient consciousness there by becoming something else yourself. There is a place for example where you can only be what, in this physical world, would be called a kind of cloud. As such your consciousness there defies description here. In that place you are one but can be many, you are you but you are them and part of all and everything as well in a way. What could be termed winds and movement of any kind are the most important thing in that world, and entire compositions are shared and written (in a way) by one to another, in relation to what kind of wind, at what time, and during what particular subjective state the composer is in.
      There are also some considerations having to do with a person’s need to come back to this physical existence at the end of their Out of Body journey, and the choices available now and after physical death.
      This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg as they say. Ultimately, most that pursue these practices with any great vigor, are those that want to extend their individual consciousness after physical death, and to break free from the limited three dimensional binding force forever. That I would say is the ultimate achievement through these practices.

  2. Hey John, recently got your book. I got a thing about visualising yourself getting out of the body as stated in your book. How do you intend to do that. I can visualise myself trying to exit the body but I still feel myself in this seating one that I’m trying to leave haha. I get a slight paralysis in my arms and legs and some geometrical shapes or pictures flashing through my minds eyes while I’m trying to visualise so keeping focus is the key and I’m working on it. Once I visualise myself leaving the body and trying to feel the new astral body floating, looking around and itself I’m having a hard time. Could you elaborate how can one do that easier and such. Looking forward to your reply. I’ll be practising, cheers mate!

    1. I do think that you have a good concept of it already Kyle, as the slight paralysis and the geometric shapes prove this. These symptoms are cause by a shifting in cognitive position, a shifting into what some would call a type of trance state. As this shift occurs, and it gets deeper and deeper, it becomes much easier to visualize, and conversely it becomes harder to maintain focus on what you are trying to consciously experience (in other words it gets easier to see yourself out of the body but it also gets a lot easier to get distracted by other visions, so that you end up falling asleep basically and having an ordinary dream or daydream).
      I would advise that you start out the visualization exercise sort of like a child pretending that they are a ghost; seeing yourself floating, flying around through the air, going through walls, whatever you like. Play, and visualize like a game.
      Then as you go deeper into this altered state and as it gets a little easier to visualize, put more focus into trying to feel your ghost limbs, and perceiving through your ghost body senses, try hard not to lose focus. This takes time and some patience on your part, but it seems like you are doing really well already.

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