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Overcoming the Archon Through Alchemy


  1. Hi John! Thanks again for you books. They are amazing!! I am grateful that I got so lucky to somehow found you on amazon. It is a mystery to me why your books are not in top rankings yet, they are just great and easy to follow…

    I have a couple of questions regarding you, if you allow, karma, alien force and food diet.

    Why did you decide to hide your identity? I wonder how old are you, how do you look like, why did you decide not to expose yourself publicly while everyone else tries to attract your attention as much as possible? Do you believe that exposing your real picture can be used against you?! I am personally not a fun of social media and keep my profile low while majority of people I know are very keen to post a lot about their life story… not sure if I limit myself somehow not sharing my story with others…

    I also wonder if you personally believe in a concept of karma. Is it something that is real and “objective” in our 3D world or whether it exists because we only believe so? From what I read and experienced in life – what you get in life mainly depends on your own thoughts and actions, so called the law of cause and effect. So if you have “negative” things and situations in your life, does it always means that you did negative things to other people or life forms in this life or past lives?
    If we talk about energy vampires, does it mean that you can be a “victim” of their attacks only because you “vampirized” yourself on others (consciously or not) ? Or is it something of objective nature that exists in the world and is not caused by your actions/thoughts, it just exists?! Is it this alien force you call archon?!

    If archon is real, why did it selected Earth and humans for sucking energy from us? Why us? Why not other words? What is the purpose of all this?! I just do not understand…

    In your book you mentioned that “humans could classify the Alien Intent that is currently feasting on us as evil, but is it really evil? Or is it that our egos cannot handle the fact that another life form is treating us in the same way that we treat the other life forms on this planet?” I heard the opinion from the raw vegan or fruit-eater communites, that humanity will struggle and suffer until we stop killing / eating other life forms. I know a couple of “Prana-eater” gurus who teach how to live without food and water. I personally struggle with finding a right “diet” for me… What diet do you personally follow? Are you vegan? What are your beliefs in this regard?
    Thank you 🙏

    1. Hi Victoria,
      Thank you very much for your comments on my books, I really do appreciate it!

      Now these are a lot of questions about me, which you are right, I do try to keep to myself as much as possible. But I suppose such a thing in these modern times is quite difficult, perhaps impossible. In any case, do forgive me if I take of a bit of a roundabout way to answer your questions here.
      I will try to answer these questions then by starting with what a really smart guy once said, which was;
      The only real difference between people is the size of their cages, to which I would add, and most people’s cages are very small indeed.
      Now, a cage is made up of three things: your intent (which are for most people their beliefs), the intent of others (which is what others believe about you), and the intent of the world at large (which in the end is immeasurable).
      As an Alchemist, I follow a methodology that allows me to expand my cage, not shrink it, and part of that methodology involves becoming more ethereal to the real. My picture, my age, what I eat, what I personally believe and share with others, beyond my Alchemical knowledge, is a limiter, a boundary that binds me to a limited version of me, either by my own intent or the intent of the people around me, as such those questions about me personally in the end are inconsequential.

      Now, Alchemists do believe in cause and effect, since they are quite simply master logicians that do understand and manipulate within the realm of Classical Mechanics as well as other more dynamic (beyond three dimensional) forms of logic. For example, the term Karma, as it is practiced by many people, is a type of logic switch; if you do this, that will happen, or if you think that way, this will happen, and it is of course a great cage because it acts like a limiter, electric jolt if the mouse does this, a little cheese if the mouse does that. But it is only a limiter in this way because simple switch logic, is not how the world works according to Alchemy; which believes that the more energy you gain, the more your intellect grows, which then changes the simple on/off-black/white switch to a prism of sorts I suppose, where in the end you have more and more shades of grey…way more than fifty shades by the way 🙂
      Why did the Archon choose us? Well, why not us? As I mention in my books, we desired, and our desire was granted, and for Alchemists, or anyone practicing the techniques I teach in my books; this great project we are in is a marvel, an adventure, a fantastic thrill ride that we can either hide from or face directly and Win!
      There are no blacks or whites, just points in space and time, each with its own perspective, and even these points are an illusion in the end because space and time, though not an illusion, is nevertheless relative to the intensities possible to any particular individual aware entity, which again is relative to that entities energetic level.

  2. Victoria

    Hi John! Thank your answer, as a good teacher you are, you make me to find most answers on my own… however i still hope that sometime you can talk more about your “cage” or your beliefs, its just an opinion at the end if you are not imposing it on us. I was never a blind follower (at least I want to believe so) but it was almost a case for me to discover different opinions before come to conclusion on my own…maybe its time to stop collecting opinions …

    Anyway, usually I rely on my internal compass but in case of food I am just lost.

    Its difficult to change your beliefs when you grew up in a society when eating animals was as natural as sun rise everyday and I never questioned it. Now being involved in multiple esoteric communities I started challenging these beliefs. After watching “ Earthlings” documentary, I experienced a lot of heartache and pain, but still have not completely remove animal protein from my diet.. but now having read your book, I am not sure if these painful emotions were worth to experience as archon was feeding on them…

    I also a bit overwhelmed hearing your opinion that love and kindness and all others positive emotions are not keys to help humanity to move forward. Without compassion, empathy, feeling pain and not caring about others but creating my own philosophical stone, its an egoistic life, isn’t it?! Or its archon brainwash to think so?!

    So many things to learn and discover..

    Thank you! 🙏

    1. There is so much here, and I really appreciate you trying to put it into words, and I can honestly sympathize with what you are saying.
      I’m sorry but I can’t give answers to diet or as to what my personal diet is, these are inconsequential and more importantly ‘I think’ counterproductive to your personal growth in this life and the afterlife segment. All I can tell you is that a vegetable feels as much, perhaps more in some ways, than does an animal, the only difference is that human senses have been taught to only perceive a limited range, so they may see an animal suffer but they won’t see a plant do the same. Add to that the egotistical desire to label things in accordance to group think, as opposed to what a person may have discovered as an individual self, and you do have a potential problem indeed (I know that it sounds backwards, that group think is not ego but that individual thought is egotistical, but in many cases individuality is much less egotistical than collective mob reality/dogma).

      Balance according to Alchemy is the best of things, which guarantees sobriety and therefore energetic savings. Do as you judge best, using all the knowledge available to you. See the cage for what it is, and then decide what is best for you using your own best judgement and the knowledge available to you. If you make a mistake (in accordance to what you judge to be a mistake) then fix that as best you can, stick to your decision (polish your personal will), refine this decision through experience, stick to it, refine, etc. All in a balanced and sober way, and always consciously aware of who you are and where you are in a self responsible manner, and in the end this will be enough to have you discover your own personal truths.
      Please note, I am not saying that right is wrong and wrong is right or that right and wrong don’t matter. What I have said is that emotional indulgence is not conductive to personal growth; whether that emotional indulgence is defined as love or hate by any one particular individual or dogma.

  3. Hi John, thank you for your comments! Since May I started chanting/visualizing each morning that I have a strong, slim and healthy body and about a week ago I found a reference to online marathon of body alchemy led by prana-eater, who supposedly cured herself from cancer 8 years ago and now has a “silicon” body instead of carbon (through a series of breathing exercises, cleaning body, complete giving up on food and water, expansion of her electro-magnetic field and consciousness, etc). In her theory, human body does not require a food/water at all (its our psyche that requires food to deal with certain emotions – and this is so true for me) and we can all achieve that state with practice. Sometime ago I would neglect this information as some schizophrenic thinking. Now I am more like “try and see yourself”, I still do not trust it completely but up for a challenge anyway. Let’s see where this marathon will lead me in terms of my complex relationship with food… In the meanwhile looking forward for your new books/posts!

  4. Hello john, nice to meet you.
    I would like to ask you if you will ever publish a book on how to perform magick. I”m not sure how skilled you are on magic, but considering the fact that you know how to make servitors I would assume your skill in magick most be very high. I’m been searching for a book that can explain how magick works and how to perform it accurately, but nothing. I hope in the future you can publish one. I would definitely purchase. Anyway, thank you for your time.

    1. Hi , nice to meet you as well.
      This is definitely a good idea for a future book. I am currently working on a trilogy of books that I started with the Magnum Opus, but after I can get through this, your idea sound really good.
      I personally like to stick to thought-form/servitors (as I describe in the servitor trilogy), desire as action (as described in Overcoming the Archon), and energy absorption (as described in the Magnum Opus and Vampire’s Way book) as I find this satisfies all my personal needs. I am not much into the ritual or relying on non-organic life as you may know from reading my material. But doing a book on the many intricacies of magick in general is a most intriguing topic.
      Thanks Mike

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