Self-Improvement and Interesting Knowledge

The world is changing very rapidly. We are being bombarded by new bits of information everyday, at a rate that would have driven our ancestors insane. TIME has just made YOU, that’s you and me and everybody else, person of the year. YouTube has created a universe that we might not have pondered just a few short years ago, and who knows what is on the horizon in the years to come.

Information, information everywhere! Introspection, self absorption, personal development, self motivation, personal growth, and internal development. The World Wide Web has opened our eyes to things that would make a demon’s toes curl. You can watch Saddam being murdered or you can watch the miracle of a new birth. You could buy a book on anything that you might wish to know about…That’s anything! What a miracle, or are we doomed because we live in such interesting times?

As any decent Taoist would tell you, all things are made of positive and negative furies. There is a positive and negative to all of this information overload; the positive is that we live in a time where many of the mysteries of our universe are being revealed to us, a time when we have more potential then we have ever had before. The negative is that we have too much information, and a big majority of it is BS, or worse yet, partially BS.

This Site will help you with what we see as some of the most negative aspects of our information age. Firstly it is a central bank of varied and helpful information. Here you will find information on all aspects of self development, information on self gratification, and information that will allow you to appreciate the vastness and the mystery of the world at large.

Secondly it is a BS free Zone. Now, all things are relative and what might be truth to a Christian might be BS to an atheist. But there is a big difference between Belief System and BullShit, I hope that this Site will also help you see the difference in that.

Look, enjoy, mark as favorite. It will take time to go through all of the information contained here. Just think of this site as a refuge and a coach


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