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Have noticed that the world seems to be getting freakier; The American Presidential race is incredibly odd this time around. You have one candidate that is doing everything to emulate the great JFK himself and he even seems to be making his wife dress like Jackie. He has a name that is derived from a word that means blessing in many languages but, to those in the know, it means a man in black who would beguile you with his tongue (just before he takes you straight to hell by the way). While the other candidate is an ex-POW that might have left a part of himself in the jungles of Vietnam.Spooky.

The mighty CERN has powered up and we have particles smashing into each other with a power and potency that rivals the supposed Big Bang. Many a scientist in that project has received death threats and most people fear that CERN will do too good a job, and turn our planet into the Big Bang.

Well, fear of CERN might be a bit presumptuous but people have a right to wonder and doubt. I have one word about that; Tunguska.

The stock markets have just gone belly up for the umpteenth time this year and the American government has announced that it will bail out a number of lending institutions in an effort to save its, and the world’s economy.Americans have been borrowing money on bad credit for decades now and the shoe finally dropped. Whether you should blame those late night, “ no money down”, commercials or George Bush’s lack of an exit strategy in Iraq is any ones guess. One thing is for sure, somebody has to penny up and take responsibility for the lack of forward thinking and its not going to be the bankers.

Terrence Mckenna proposed, using his model of the I-ching, that the world after 2008 would get very weird indeed, and a number of authors and visionaries have postulated a possible quantum shift in the beginning of this century. The Mayan calendar as we all know ends this 2012 and probabilities as we approach this date seem to be increasing. Probabilities are possibilities and new things are very scary indeed.

To think that evolution has stopped is silly and a child’s dream and to think that when the rapture comes, you will be one of those that will be saved is just as silly. Things are getting weird. The world is freaking me out and I don’t think that I am alone. Or I am just caught in a belief system and a reality structure that makes me think that. Most likely everything is just B.S. You decide.

I do propose one thing though; maybe we should all look within ourselves a little more. Maybe we should look inward as much as we look out at this crazy world.

This site is our version of the great door in. Enjoy and ride and in the famous words of Dorothy and her cool canine pal,” Toto, I don’t think that we are in Kansas anymore.”


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