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The time has come, the gig is up. No more can we sit around and say that life is happening to us.Are there conspiracies? Are we being manipulated by a select few? This is no longer a valid question. The answer to every question is:


There are so many conspiracies and so many theories about what will happen next, that it’s almost starting to get funny…almost.
If you are to believe some; there will soon be a global disclosure on the existence of aliens. Some see this as a great event that will herald a new consciousness shift while many others see it as a way to further manipulate the masses.
Are aliens real? Will they save us all? Or are they just a made up cultural icon? Worse, are they a created event to be used as a way to weaponize space?

Does any of that matter? You say yes/no and I say sort of:
It only matters if you believe it matters!

Join the minority and take a chance; try to accept as true for a while the idea that everything that you experience is there because of what you think and believe. For example; imagine the fact that if you are in a bad mood (because you believe the world sucks ass at the moment), you will only see things around you that will further confirm your belief. You will see the garbage around you, you will notice those that are acting dumb or stupidly, and as anger consumes you and your blood pressure goes through the roof you will shake and shiver, stub your toe and spill your coffee.
Yet if you try a little NLP (like maybe changing your physiology), you can change your mood and your focus (aka. Thoughts/Belief) and start seeing some of the things that you missed, like the kids helping the old man or the beautiful leaves on the trees. You begin to relax, your blood pressure goes down, you feel more confident and if you make this relaxation thing a habit, you add ten years to your life.

But thoughts and simple beliefs can’t change your reality you say. And I say that a simple smile just allowed your body to begin to release endorphins which have instantly made you feel good. Constricting around 53 facial muscles has allowed you to relax and begin to see the world from a totally different perspective. Moreover you are contagious; instead of thinking about aliens and world domination, you are now thinking about sunsets and happy times with your friends (happy attracts happy). People around you smile back and sometimes muster a happy, “hello.” Now you have done it, they are smiling too and before long they will also be suffering from happy thoughts.

Some even believe that thoughts are actual things that exist outside of their heads. Infinitely creative acts that exist independent of the thinker that thought them and that these thoughts attract to themselves other thoughts that are similar to themselves. These crazy people believe that these infinitely creative creations are responsible for our entire reality. But you don’t have to believe that if you don’t want to. Just experiment with the idea that your thoughts and beliefs can alter your mood, your physiology, your focus and your life span.

So try it for a while and see what happens. Take responsibility for your beliefs and your thoughts. Try to only retain those thoughts and beliefs that are rewarding and uplifting to you personally. And if you do find yourself entertaining negative and personally hurtful thoughts and feelings, ask yourself why you feel like you do. Find out what you believe that makes you think and feel as you do. If it’s a dumb belief based on silly propositions; change it. Have fun, play with your beliefs! As the great Bob would say, “Pull the wool over your own eyes.”


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