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Learn to share your love with others. It is sometimes difficult to tell others how we feel, we tend to think that it is weak to tell others that we love them and that we appreciate them. It is actually a very brave thing to be able to put your heart on the line and to show others your love and appreciation in one way or another. This is so because we think that if we put our emotions out there, we will be putting ourselves in a place where we can be easily hurt.

To share your love for others means that you are willing to give of your affections freely and that you do not expect anything in return. If you are able to give in this way then you will see that there is no way for you to get hurt, whatever you give is given freely without any expectations from the other person. This kind of sharing of love is open and free. If the other person does not reciprocate your feelings or is even hurtful towards you, you are not able to be hurt by them. What you have given is given freely, it is your appreciation for them and the special place they hold in your world. Sharing your love in this way becomes energizing.

No matter how little you think you have in life, you will always have a deep well of inner love that you can share with others. This inner love is interesting because by giving of it you get more in return. As others feel your love and appreciation for them, they will return this love and respect in one form or another. Sharing of this love is a good way to remind yourself that you have a lot to give, and it actually opens you to receive even more from the world yourself.

You do not need to openly state your love in order to share love. There are many ways to show your love of others; you can for example share a funny story or a joke with someone. In this way you cheer the other person up and to make them feel better about whatever situation they are facing. This is a great way to show others your love because it is truly free; you are trying to give them a little energy from yourself by cheering them up with a good story and they can do as they like with your gift.

Sometimes you can share your love with someone else without interacting with them at all. You can do this by saying a silent little prayer for them, sending them positive energy and wishing them well. This positive energy can be of great benefit to someone else and it is a wonderful way for you to share your inner light with others. Never underestimate the power of prayer because it is a wonderful way to give to others and to share from your heart.

Just calling a friend or a family member is a great way to share of yourself. Taking the time to call them and talking to them in person shows your appreciation and love. You could call them just to share a little quote, or a story that you found funny or interesting. Anybody can send an e-mail, and e-mails with a joke or whatever attached to them can eventually even take the feeling of spam. Take the time to actually call someone and share of yourself personally, this is a far better thing for them and a better show of your love.

You can also share your love and appreciation of others by helping them solve problems. This is what we usually think of as giving to others but it doesn’t have to be a grandiose thing. If ever you have an idea that you think would help another with his or her project then why not share it. If you have a way to solve someone’s problem then tell them and in this way show your appreciation and your concern for them.

Some of us are not very wealthy and might not be able to give material things. We are though able to give from our inner light and love. Learn to share your love for others and you will receive far more than you give.







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