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Many people have heard of Synchronicity but few understand what it actually means and how it relates to the law of attraction. Synchronicity is basically the principle by which we know the phenomenon of time. If different actions align within one frame of reference, they are said to synchronize.  One way to think of this is to contemplate the idea that all the gears in a clock must align perfectly in order for us to be able to measure the passage of time.

Synchronicity is much more than this if it is seen from a metaphysical level.  Jung was a great explorer of the power of synchronicity and described it as, “temporally coincident occurrences of acausal events.” He came closest to explaining the relevance of synchronous events as they relate to the human psyche and how it is that human consciousness might affect time and therefore space.

Quantum physics tells us that synchronicity is going to occur in any “First Class“ universe. This means that in any system of created things, you are naturally going to have events that are going to occur in a unique correspondence to one another. For example you might look at your watch at exactly 12 noon on the twelfth month of the twelfth day when you happen to be twelve years old. But when the coincidences are far beyond the probable as might be determined by the mathematical laws of probability, then there is an outside force working or affecting the events. When this rare type of synchronicity happens, it is called, “meaningful coincidence”.

These outside forces mentioned can be any number of different things. Jung for example thought the collective human unconscious was the paramount force affecting and creating “meaningful coincidences” or synchronous events. To a far lesser degree, metaphysicians believe that individual human consciousness can affect time and create coincidences in our personal lives.

If you believe in the power of human thought and are practicing exercises that are meant to attract wealth, fortune, or prosperity of any type to you, then you have to learn to become very aware of the meaningful coincidences that make up your life. Synchronicity in this case is the way that you bring probable events into existence.

For example let us say that you are using the power of your mind to attract a car into your life because you need one desperately for one reason or another. You perform whatever exercises you are comfortable with and you create in your mind a probable future where you own a great car that meets all of your needs. In simple terms therefore you now have two probable future timelines; one in which you don’t own a car and one in which you are much happier because you do own one. In order to jump from one timeline to the other, you need a bridge; this bridge will take the form of a synchronous event.

This synchronous event doesn’t have to be a grand thing. Most often these meaningful coincidences will be small things that are only relevant to you personally. You might be walking down the street when a sparrow flies out of nowhere (you happen to love sparrows and consider them lucky), barely misses you, and then flies off and lands on the roof of a car dealership. You decide to explore this meaningful coincidence, or omen if you prefer, and find that the owner of the dealership happens to be an old friend and as result you are able to get an incredibly affordable vehicle that has everything that you wanted and suits you perfectly.

Whether you want to call it synchronicity, meaningful coincidences, or omens; these events are very important because of the very fact that they are life altering. As a student of the power of thought, you have to become very aware of these omens in your life and you have to make sure that you pursue them all to their conclusion.


  1. Hello, I have been experiencing synchronicity like crazy lately! Like never before, I am having a hard time deciding if I am attracting these things into my life or if it’s a physic thing. I am wondering though, everyone says you have to concentrate a thought to bring these things to you….. none have them took much thought, the ones I think of most do not happen? How do I change this?

    1. Not all thoughts are created equal. This is the key to what you are experiencing. A short period of intense focus or/and strong emotion can create a thought that is as intense or more so that the one that you think you have been spending a lot of time on. Strong thoughts are created through strong focus and/or high emotion. I would bet that these thoughts that you think that you did not spend too much time on were none the less thoughts that were highly intense in one way or another. Strong focus sometimes does not feel very intense because you were not tense and believed that you were not super focused but if you know anything about hypnosis, then you will note that in the most relaxed states possible, people can focus with great intensity.

      Modern law of attraction pop culture says that you must focus on what you want all the time in order to build up intensity of thought, but there is also an old school of thought that says that short ritualistic acts that are completely forgotten after you do them are better because they are intense and to the point. You are proving by your experience that the latter method works better for you in some scenarios. Perhaps you should try the latter method and see what happens in the future.

      Did you create it or was it a psychic flash? Did the chicken come before egg? In objective time there is cause and effect, but in actuality there is only an infinite now so thoughts are not bound by space/time. Here is a part to a comment on my servitor article that might help:

      Thoughts are not bound by space and time and one of the biggest mistakes that current physics is making is to believe that only past actions can affect present reality. Not being bound by space or time, future thoughts can affect present reality; that is a future probability can affect a present action. This happens all the time to us and we usually accepted it by thinking that it was just a gut feeling or something similar that made us change our minds about a certain thing, or gave us the impulse to take this path and not the one. In other words, because of their very nature, thought forms are time travelers; without this ability, servitors would be quite limited in their capabilities indeed.

      This of course is the case with all intense thoughts.

  2. John (From Brazil)

    When I’m fully awake (feeling the blood in my brain) people from the past initiate to send me messages and phone-calls (I’m very reserved). Strangers in the streets appears from nowhere and start to talk with me like they knew me. If I stay focus and believing in what a feel, that things makes sense and have connections, that some realities can be partially connected remotely and have some form of interaction; in some days some events always occur: First, a bird falls from sky in front of me or appears injured next to me. (some hours ago a cheeper black bird has show up in my house, this is the first time that is not a dove) Second, comes a great storm that causes a blackout. Third, dogs get crazy with my presence. I’m not scared anymore, just confuse in this dream. I’m trying keep it real this time, I believe that the constant appearance of birds most be related to a moment 4 years ago when I was delusional and made a religious sacrifice after a storm, I thought be possible affect more the collective mind using the bible (more specifically the book of psalms) After mixing a lot of religions and exploring a great amount of practices, always with a egoistic intentions, the voice from those that I which bad things become louder in mind, even knowing it wasn’t real took me a long time to be able to mute them. I think the dogs howling and getting anger wherever I go had some connection with my strange habit to bark like a dog since I was a kid, and may they feel my fears when I awake. I’ve tried the atheism for almost two years and this has cause me amotivation. In my best time, I was able to promote my will almost like magic by analyzing numbers, clocks, events, tarot cards, weather, symbols, intercontextualities in pop culture, trending tags, etc… until the moment when my head become more focused in the world of meaning and simple tasks become harder. any of those things is possible, what do you think? Sorry for grammar mistakes, my mind is more trained to listen.

    1. I think that you have a strong mind and have a deep connection with what some might call the spirit, or external intent.
      Because of this strong mind, you can see how your thoughts and intentions change the world and how following certain trending intentions within the human collective can be used to tap into this ‘external intent’ so that you can do your will. I commend you on your research and your ability.
      I too can sometimes get lost in that ‘world of meaning’ and coming back gets harder the deeper I go.
      I think that you are quite naturally finding that your internal actions, your inner work, has consequences. That there is an inner order and that this order follows certain ways that are beyond our egoistic desires and values. It is best then to begin to study this great external intent instead of just trying to use it for personal gain. As you do so, you can freely discover for yourself what that ‘right way to act’ is for YOU personally. The more you align with this inner force, the less that those voices will haunt you because you will be free of personal guilt or doubt.
      Please note that I am not advocating any religion or what people say is good or whatever. I am saying that when you tap into this force, that you try to align with it so that you flow with it instead of fighting against it.
      Also try to make your internal work, ceremonies if you prefer, have a definite start and then an end. That way when a certain action is over, you stop thinking about it completely, you stop all intent of it completely. This will allow you to be more clear when you want to focus your mind on other things, and this inner work will not interfere with your ‘real’ life.

  3. Oscar Zayas Bazan

    Sincronicity as the cause and effect of Synergy, the ACTIVE substance. Sincronicity is real when the effect is connected with consequences, not if is isolated and passive. Then is only a telepathic effect and experience.

    1. This is only the case if you do not believe in the power of thought to create reality; the power of thought to bring subjective experiences into objective fact. Since synchronicity presupposes such power then telepathic effect is really a precursor to a greater form of external influence. Telepathic thought is thought, thought that at this time might not have the power to manifest sensually in a way that we might define as ‘real,’ but never the less manifested with enough power to affect change. Telepathy is change and this active force can change a great deal of things. If this thought (this telepathic burst) gains more power then this thought will cause the kind of change that you attribute to consequence because then it will become more ‘real’, but whatever the case, change is change and synchronicity is the most often purveyor of this change.

  4. Cheryl A. Pace

    Hi John. I read this whole article along with the comments and your replies. My experience is similar to the first gentleman who feels he has manifested things through short intense thoughts. I’ve had a string of synchronicities lately that have seemed miraculous!

    I have been really studying the Law of Attraction so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised, but I’ve never had such amazing things happen and it has kind of blow me away! It’s obvious that there is something going on beyond the normal scheme of things, but I am not sure how to interpret these coincidences. Do you have further information on how to decode the synchronicities? In other words I feel like I’m getting some big hints from the Universe, I just am not sure what the hint , or what it’s leading me to. Does that make sense?

    1. Yes it makes sense. Such synchronistic waves can be destabilizing sometimes in that they force us to face the reality that life is far stranger than we may first have contemplated. Fortunately for you, this wave that you are experiencing is a positive one, so I am glad.
      As far as the nature of these synchronocities, and how to interpret them, I have written about ‘some’ of this, as it relates to manifestation and reality transmutation in my book, Manifest Wealth and Prosperity with Thought Forms and Servitors.
      Most simply I would personally say that the answer to ‘all and everything’, as Douglas Adams might say, is that we are here to learn to work with energy, and in working with energy, we are basically learning that we reap what we sow; our thoughts, our subjective reality…matters.
      Silly little pun aside, this answer may or may not add up to the number 42 🙂

    1. Molamp is and exists like any servitor, except that this one is a more communal one. Also servitors tend to be as strong as the amount of attention that they have been given over time, and if such energy has waned then they may wane in power as well. But the initial essence of them is always there to some degree and the focus by any individual that wishes to reactivate such a thing is always possible, and in doing so they are always benefiting from all of the energy that has already been projected into such a thought form. So the simple answer to the question is yes, and it is still possible to use such a servitor for great benefit, and you will not only get help from MOlamp but also from all those that have contributed energy into the thought of it in the past.

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