Many people have heard of Synchronicity but few understand what it actually means and how it relates to the law of attraction. Synchronicity is basically the principle by which we know the phenomenon of time. If different actions align within one frame of reference, they are said to synchronize.  One way to think of this is to contemplate the idea that all the gears in a clock must align perfectly in order for us to be able to measure the passage of time.

Synchronicity is much more than this if it is seen from a metaphysical level.  Jung was a great explorer of the power of synchronicity and described it as, “temporally coincident occurrences of acausal events.” He came closest to explaining the relevance of synchronous events as they relate to the human psyche and how it is that human consciousness might affect time and therefore space.

Quantum physics tells us that synchronicity is going to occur in any “First Class“ universe. This means that in any system of created things, you are naturally going to have events that are going to occur in a unique correspondence to one another. For example you might look at your watch at exactly 12 noon on the twelfth month of the twelfth day when you happen to be twelve years old. But when the coincidences are far beyond the probable as might be determined by the mathematical laws of probability, then there is an outside force working or affecting the events. When this rare type of synchronicity happens, it is called, “meaningful coincidence”.

These outside forces mentioned can be any number of different things. Jung for example thought the collective human unconscious was the paramount force affecting and creating “meaningful coincidences” or synchronous events. To a far lesser degree, metaphysicians believe that individual human consciousness can affect time and create coincidences in our personal lives.

If you believe in the power of human thought and are practicing exercises that are meant to attract wealth, fortune, or prosperity of any type to you, then you have to learn to become very aware of the meaningful coincidences that make up your life. Synchronicity in this case is the way that you bring probable events into existence.

For example let us say that you are using the power of your mind to attract a car into your life because you need one desperately for one reason or another. You perform whatever exercises you are comfortable with and you create in your mind a probable future where you own a great car that meets all of your needs. In simple terms therefore you now have two probable future timelines; one in which you don’t own a car and one in which you are much happier because you do own one. In order to jump from one timeline to the other, you need a bridge; this bridge will take the form of a synchronous event.

This synchronous event doesn’t have to be a grand thing. Most often these meaningful coincidences will be small things that are only relevant to you personally. You might be walking down the street when a sparrow flies out of nowhere (you happen to love sparrows and consider them lucky), barely misses you, and then flies off and lands on the roof of a car dealership. You decide to explore this meaningful coincidence, or omen if you prefer, and find that the owner of the dealership happens to be an old friend and as result you are able to get an incredibly affordable vehicle that has everything that you wanted and suits you perfectly.

Whether you want to call it synchronicity, meaningful coincidences, or omens; these events are very important because of the very fact that they are life altering. As a student of the power of thought, you have to become very aware of these omens in your life and you have to make sure that you pursue them all to their conclusion.