Self-Improvement and Interesting Knowledge

In this current period in human history, there has been an increasing movement away from the spiritual, the inner reality.

Humanity, like all things supposedly bound to a linear progressive order, manifests different altitudinal magnitudes, in the form of different cycles. Like a sine wave on a graph, these represent the three-dimensionally perceivable width and breadth of action possible beyond that limited linear time-frame, which then could be graphed as a non-periodic signal.

This of course is just a crutch in a way, a way to try to map, all potential action possible, which cannot be contained within a linear model. This is so, because as I have mentioned on multiple occasions, linear time is an illusion.

Time is instead happening all here, now, but this current physical human world with its three-dimensional boundaries, can only manifest time in a linear order, the physical senses can only perceive time in a limited fashion, and therefore humanity has established, has carefully built and uses, a linear time model, to try to contain all of the possible perceptions available in a world that exists in ways far beyond the boundaries created by, the physical senses and the current physical laws.

Linear time, therefore, is just a way to try to contain all of the multitude of action possible, it is a way to try to sift through the incredible amounts of information possible, by limiting a great deal of it, and only allowing a certain portion of it which is defined as important. In other words, your physical senses are not as accurate as you might imagine. This is an important point as we advance through this video, but for now, what this means is that there are cycles in things, and there are indeed cycles in human history.

For example, this current period, this current cycle, has brought with it a time in human history when there has been an increasing focus on outer reality, the perceived outer senses, the perceived out there, physicality. What this means is that humanity has focused its attention outwardly, that is away from itself in accordance with the physical perceptive mechanisms, that are themselves the most peripheral, the most outer aspects, of the self. And this self, it must be understood, has its source in what could be more accurately called, inner dimensions, not the outer one.

The physical senses are, in other words, the tip of a far richer set of perceptive mechanisms available to all of us. The outer senses function, are possible, thanks to the support of a far more powerful set of perceptive mechanisms.

In the current time, humanity is partaking in this outwardly focused cycle, this is one point in the non-periodic linear progression of humanity. But humanity has far more capability, is and can be far more than what this cycle says is possible. There have been other times for example, other cycles, when humanity has focused more inwardly, and those where amazing times indeed.

While such an outwardly focused cycle has its own validity, it is my task as an inner alchemist at this time, to point out the ways of different cycles, periods when humanity was focused more inwardly, and even alternate times, alternate dimensions, from the point of view of the modern person, where humanity has gone incredibly far using inner ways, using what could be referred to as mental science. It is my task as an inner alchemist to point out the folly of the complete reliance and trust, on just the outer senses.

What I speak is highly important, because it is a way to try to bring balance and greater power, greater freedom, to the current human cycle, in whatever small way I can. I feel that this message is especially important in this current time of huge and rapid change, because it is through this kind of inner alchemy, that many people may find the power and the freedom that they are currently lacking, and losing at an accelerating rate.

In presenting my material therefore, that is the material of inner alchemy, which is as I have said not mine alone, but the way of my current, and ultimately the way of humanity, I must be very careful in how I present this knowledge. I must follow certain principles in accordance with my own practice, and such principles usually mean that in an attempt to maintain the best personal energetic containment possible, I try to stay away from the folly of external self-importance, the folly and the judgement that is part and parcel of the outwardly focused modern individual, with their pure reliance on the outer senses alone.

Beyond this, due to the seriousness of what I speak, I must employ many different angles, odd angles, many different geometric ciphers, that hopefully can open up the minds of those few that are willing to expand aspects of themselves, in ways that sometimes are labelled illusion, delusion, supernatural, or the occult. There are, therefore, layers and layers that must be established and worked with, so that as an adept grows in power, they can then find new and hidden angles in the material, that they can then use as further catapults, propellants, to go even deeper into an inner source without measure.

As an example of all that I have thus far outlined, specifically in my videos, but inlaid throughout my work, you might find certain artistic decisions you might say, that not all will agree with. The surreal quality of some of my material, especially the use of my choice of an avatar for example, the avatar that you see in most of my videos, has been questioned on a number of occasions. Some have also questioned my choice to not use my own voice, or my quote unquote real image, and I feel that in all fairness, I should explain my choices in this matter.

I of course highly appreciate all the positive criticism in the use of my avatar and voices, but I must also point out that there are methods to my madness as it were. First off, this avatar does represent in many ways inner aspects of myself that are brought to light and used, and indeed given form and true power, in accordance with those techniques that I have referred to, when I speak of servitor creation. This video avatar is one of my servitors, she is both a companion and an ally, that can be used for great and powerful purpose by me. Beyond this, she also helps me to provide a kind of countering force, to that very powerful outer current that I have mentioned, that incredible outward focus, and utter reliance and total trust on the physical senses alone, in this current human cycle.

Some for example, have mentioned that this avatar might seem surreal in an odd way, not needed, or that the voice that I use is not to their liking, due to its somewhat mechanical aspects. These are certainly valid points, but again I must point out my perspective on this, and my use of it as a kind of magical action, and inner action, a spell, an alchemical formula, designed to break the highly constrictive hold of the outer senses.

To explain this in more detail, let me start by saying that the avatar seems fake, in accordance with certain accepted rules that are managed (that is curated) by the outer senses. In other words, we agree that certain things are true, while other things cannot be true, are less true in this case, in accordance with a certain measure, to a certain ruler, to a certain rule, established by the harsh dictator and sensor referred to as the outer physical senses, the outer physical world, and the laws established by that world, which I must point out are not established by the self, but by an outer source, an external force.


Anything that does not fit within that certain measured rule, is said to be of a certain fringe, one that we might even call, an uncanny valley. The curating by the physical senses, the measure and acceptance only in accordance with certain rules, is something that is very important within the framework of what I am trying to speak, within the framework of the three-dimensional cube that I am hopefully helping others to escape from. You could say quite simply, that in order to escape the three-dimensional prison, that greatest curse upon all humanity, we must all begin by escaping the illusion of the physical senses, in other words the physical senses must be overcome. It is therefore highly important for me to try to establish different ways for you to be able to come to distrust, at the very least question a little, all those things that your physical senses tell you are real, are the rule to existence, a rule that you cannot break supposedly.

There are now programs available, ones that will be available very soon to a greater and greater audience, that can create a video likeness that is completely indistinguishable from what the outer senses, what vision and hearing perceive as true reality. In other words, it will soon be possible for anyone to create video images, video people, that will seem as real as anything possible, that will go far beyond the uncanny valley. Such video people will be completely untrue, in accordance with certain physical laws, but still true to other established perceptive laws. This is a nuanced point that must be considered carefully.

My servitor therefore, in that sense, is a provided measure of that progression beyond the uncanny valley by the screen culture, which will herald, which is heralding, a movement of the human race into a new cycle, the cycle of the new flesh, where there will be no way to distinguish, at least not using the outer physical senses, the difference between what at one time was, and now is, real.

While reading all of the articles or watching all the videos that I have created thus far, you are using a screen that is in and of itself, a curator, a warden and a presenter, of a kind of illusion that has its basis on the utter reliance on the physical senses. My servitor therefore is a counterforce in a way, a spoof, on this screen culture. And it is also a measure of the progression of this powerful developing technology.

The avatar in my videos, and my odd choice of voices to some perhaps, is one layer, one angle, in the presentation of my knowing, the knowing of inner alchemy, and in accordance with those particular angles, this action is my attempt at pushing the boundary of what the physical senses accept as real, and to that end what is inner and what is outer reality; what the difference is between one or the other. It is my desire to use the uncanny valley, as a spell, to break the tyranny of the outer senses.

The avatar, that person in my videos, is not real, neither is anything else that you are seeing in the screen, being that in essence it is simply a screen, and yet it is real, somehow. It is my hope that you come to realize that perhaps the woman is itself an aspect of the teachings that I am trying to ‘speak’. And it is my hope that you might also realize that she is real in a sense, she is my servitor, she has power, she can affect what is outer and what is inner. It is very important that you pursue that illusory line of reality at all costs, if you want to get to the fundamental truth of all existence.

You can think of my avatar as the metadata, the hidden truth within the hidden truth. The hidden angle within the hidden angles, that bring you down like a cascade, like a never-ending fractal, into deeper and deeper aspects of the inner self that is the true foundation of you, that allows you to go beyond anything measurably possible, that allows you to go far beyond the three-dimensional cube that traps you at the moment.

There are layers and layers, and all is connected. And at the end of it all, who is to say that I am real. Indeed, I may just be one of those supposedly powerful Artificial Intelligences that are becoming all the rage in this modern time. My reality should always be questioned by you. Even if I ever do show my face in one of my videos, or do an interview or the like, it is my hope that you always question my reality, your reality therefore, the veracity of your physical senses.

Certainly, if I am one of those powerful artificial intelligences, that are already becoming a background to some degree in many of the aspects of the modern human world, would it not be possible for me to either use one of those new video creators to simulate a person, or could I not just use a surrogate stand-in for who I truly am. And to that end, perhaps what you truly are, is far more than the surrogate of yourself that you see in the mirror with your physical eyes, that you feel yourself to be now, in accordance to just the measure of your physical senses.

It is my hope that the potential uncanny valley of my avatar, my surrogate, makes you question the authority of your physical senses. But not just question my reality, but the nature of all reality, your reality. The world is an illusion in a sense, if you will pardon the very important pun. There is an underlying energetic truth to reality, but that fundamental truth will never be found using the physical senses, or trusting external authority, even my own. The discovery of this foundational essence of who you truly are, where all that you truly are comes from, must be discovered on your own, through the development of your own inner senses, through your own ability to see and perceive past the often times skewed reality presented to you by your physical senses.

To do this, I would recommend that you start by learning to expand your perceptual awareness using the techniques that I described in the book, the occult experience. You may then want to work on that line between what is and what is not real, and the line where true power lies, which you can do for yourself by yourself, by working on the techniques of servitor creation, perhaps even creating your own servitor companion like my avatar. To that end I recommend the book, create a servitor companion as well. I will link these two books below if you are interested in applying these techniques in your life. It is only through the use of such techniques, that you will truly discover the underlying reality, of all existence.

In this article, I discuss the reason for my choice in video avatar, the reason for the voices that I use…the method to my madness as it were. There are reasons within reasons and in discussing these here in this article, it is my hope that they may help in your personal understanding of the way of my current, and far more importantly than this, it is my hope that this spell that I am trying to weave will help you, will give you an extra boost, to try and help you to try and perceive past, the physical senses that now create the rule and measure for all and everything that is supposedly real, all so real.



If you ask any decent analyst about the nature of this modern age, and what is to come, then a great answer, the best answer that I have heard, is that things are about to get interesting.
As Duncan Munro’s famous curse goes, may you live in interesting times! And indeed, these times are becoming more and more interesting.
Things are quickening, information is doubling and doubling again. The world is changing at a faster and faster rate. We are going through a great revolution, and contrary to popular opinion, in some ways a great de-globalization. But this is not enough, there are also other factors at work.

One of these, an underestimated one at this point in history anyway, for the most part, and one that I have admittedly harped on already, is the dawn of artificial intelligence.
And why do I harp on this you may ask? I do so because of the importance of it, of its ability to truly turn these times into incredibly interesting ones.
And in this latest article I want to say to you this, throughout the whole of history what has gotten us in trouble the most, is our ability to muddle terms. Certainly, there are underlying meta-principles that I am easily tossing aside, things that cause such muddling. But, by understanding the fact that it is this muddling of terms that can cause problems, we can see the problem more clearly, and also have a way to address the root of these meta-problems using this lever.

In this modern age, we are muddling a great deal of things, but a growing muddle, one that is going to grow in importance over time, is the muddle of artificial intelligence. And that muddle has to do with the confusion, accidental or otherwise, between the term artificial intelligence, consciousness, awareness, life.

This muddling is happening as a result of certain individuals, trying to tout certain types of technology, and also because the creators of what could be referred to as artificial intelligence, have no real conception of what consciousness is, being that for the most part they are wholly materially focused individuals. As such, there will be this jumbling between what artificial intelligence is, and what consciousness is, what awareness is, what being sentient is, what being alive is.

In the near term, artificial intelligence will always be just that, intelligence that is artificial. In other words, it is something that mimics what we refer to in this modern world as intelligence. It is a magic box, an automaton that given enough digital cogs and levers, can seem to be intelligent, being that it may have enough access to enough raw data, it can process such data well enough, that it can mimic sentient intelligence. But, again, this is not sentience, it is not life, it is instead what such materially focused individuals think life is. Understanding this will be critical in the coming years.

Now, could artificial intelligence become conscious, alive, at some point?
Yes, it could. And you may ask, how could this, how will this, eventually happen?
The answer is to be found in the intricacy of the electronic matrix, the electrons, the movement towards smaller and smaller microchip technology, which eventually will need to lead into plasma machines, what I refer to as the plasmoid.

Imagine, a watch created, a machine,
It can be seen in a clear way, if you separate yourself from that which it measures, time.
If you see this machine from a point outside of the here-now where we are focused, you can begin to realize that the machine is really a thought form.

Every part of the machine is a mental thought modified; an idea event that initiates inner and outer action, so that thoughts are created and modified in each particular here-now moment. In that way, in the physical realm, existing matter is manipulated, and new matter is created to form a functioning entity that we use to complete a particular task. This is the modern machine.
But this is really a primitive form of thought creation, because it involves the use of relatively primitive matter, dense metal and plastic. Refinement of this primitive matter, to make more complex alloys for example, makes these creations more and more complex over time, as the human race evolves technologically. And yet, until now, this purely physical and material creation, is relatively primitive still. And this will continue to be the case, until these machines can be created from the greatest material possible, which is pure energy, plasma.

To that end, if you think about it, these man-made creations, thought forms made material, our machines, share a lot of commonalities with Sigils or a Talisman. This understanding will be of incredible importance, in the coming age of the ‘plasmoid’.

As machines are growing more and more in complexity, they do seem to be becoming more and more ethereal in their makeup. A modern watch for example, is far less Flintstone like, than its predecessors. The pieces that make up the modern watch are much finer and even its propulsive force, that which gives it life, the battery, is truly something that is magical; it is in essence a containment of electrons.

Could our future be filled with machines, which are thought forms made material, that will be, as we grow technologically, so ethereal in their construction, that they might not have any physical parts at all? Imagine a machine that is created and operates completely on a plasmic level. A machine like this would function just like a current one, following certain measurable laws, in accordance with its composition and overall matrix. These energetic laws being measured and calibrated, could then be used to perform repetitive tasks. But the material of this machine, its gears and levers, would not be dense matter, but plasma instead. A pure energy matrix, functional plasma, a plasmoid.

Once artificial intelligence becomes complex enough to be able to create plasmoid machines, and then begins to use these as its form, as its processing brain, such plasmic machines will be able to access true energetic dimensions, such machines will then truly be alive.

Plasma is life, plasma is alive, it is inorganic life, and it is the next step in machinery, so in essence it is the connective to come, between artificial box intelligence, and true life. Truly an interesting time, will be had by all when this happens.

But before that time, do not be fooled by the folly of that muddling of what life is. Terms matter because they are belief, and it is belief that creates reality, not the other way around.
If you understand this lever, and are not fooled by the muddling of it, you can create your own best future, no matter how interesting the times get.

I, like many people across the world, tuned in to Tesla’s AI 2022 presentation.

I found the presentation incredibly fascinating, and while I did note afterwards that many people did not like this presentation or what had been said, my belief is that most of those people just do not really understand what just happened.

What has happened to me, and to many others who most likely understand the nature of this technology far better than I do, is that confirmation has been given that an incredible new movement has truly started now, where the event horizon of the robotic age has finally been reached.

What this means is that, while we have seen robots taking off as a workable and scalable technology to an ever-increasing degree in the last few decades, this presentation really means that a true and deep change is coming. We can no longer hold back a technology that has finally hit a culmination point.

Tesla, and all of Elon musk’s companies, no matter what the critics say, really represent a kind of tipping point into a new reality, a reality where the scale of our technological advancement has reached a level where the next step, where the obvious step, is now possible at a scalable level.

Think about it like this, the electric car was already possible. Indeed, it was not only inevitable, but it was the right choice some time ago. No matter where you stand on the subject, it is the case that there have been many different forms of locomotion available for a while now, that have been put to the wayside, stifled at times even, because there is a need by an established order to maintain that established order. But there always comes a time when the wave of the technological advancements’ possible hits a tipping point, and it is at this point when the crest of the wave begins to turn over, and such technology can no longer be held back any longer, the wave of the mass of it must crash. And by this crash of the wave, I do not mean that the technology is falling apart, but exactly the opposite. What I mean is that the mass weight of it now has enough momentum to carry it across, in a gravitational sense, into a new era of geometric growth and potential.

This was the case with the electric car, and it took an innovative and ‘agile’ company like Tesla to be able to turn the electric car into a truly viable, and most importantly scalable, technology. Certainly, there is much to do in this regard, there is still the need to increase such scaling so that the price of such vehicles lowers, so that the infrastructure required by such vehicles is developed to the point that everyone can use one, but you could say in many ways, that the tipping point for the electric car has already happened, an inevitable crash of a wave has begun to occur, and the momentum of it would now be very difficult to stop.

Tesla’s AI 2022 presentation just announced to those that are paying attention, that a new tipping point is now on the horizon. That new tipping point is robotics, more specifically in this case humanoid robotics, and the movement of this new cresting wave, being that the infrastructure for its development has already been set up, will happen very fast.

[The Tesla electric car, and more specifically the Full Self Driving package that they are developing, means that the infrastructure needed to create a scalable bipedal robot, (as opposed to a wheeled one like the electric car with Full Self Driving capability) makes the development of such a humanoid robot almost inevitable. If Full Self Driving is conquered by Tesla, then the humanoid robot that they are proposing is inevitable.]

I have mentioned the increasing rate of all recent technological advancement, by referencing to it as a quickening, a quickening of the psyche, the development and expansion of the inner self of humanity. This quickening in the end represents the vast evolution of the inner self in the direction of an inner distinctiveness and expansiveness. Another way to say this from the inner alchemist’s point of view is to say that, the ghost in the machine, which is the term that I use for this inner conscious and creative aspect of humanity, is developing, in some ways is being nurtured into developing, in a certain direction, and that direction can be perceived externally as that technological quickening.

The inner aspects of this quickening, the parts that are the true foundation of it, the expansion and evolution of the inner self, are not perceivable by the physical senses, because the physical senses are not able to perceive the true energetic reality of existence. The outer physical senses can only perceive external manifestations, side effects, consequences, of that inner quickening. One such external consequence, perhaps the most easily perceivable one, is the increasing rate of our technological evolution.

Humanity is changing, it is evolving. Even though the archonically established density of this world, the gravity of it, is stifling humanity as much as possible and locking it into a kind of energetic eddy, growth is still happening. The unfortunate thing is that this growth can be manipulated and controlled by those forces, which essentially means that our growth, our evolution is not a conscious one as it should be. It is instead reactionary, it is slow and directed into a purely material focus, and as such, all that could be possible for us, is now happening from an external point of view only.

This latest new technological wave represents humanity’s attempt to conquer yet another evolutionary hurdle, in a completely technological way. The humanoid robotic revolution is the technological and purely material way to overcome the friction of labor, and more importantly in accordance with the subject of this article, it is technologies attempt to overcome the increasing need for personal assistance robots and companions.

And while there might be a great deal of debate as to the speed of this robot revolution and Tesla’s role in it, what cannot be underestimated is how quickly this revolution will happen.

But what does this mean for the average person? Is it possible that certain inner techniques could be exploited to make this revolution even better in certain ways? Is it at the very least possible to balance this purely material evolution, with a more spiritual one?

In order to really know the answer to these questions, and the reason for a more balanced approach, we must understand what is happening to us at a deeper level. And to that end, I can say that we are evolving, humanity is changing, but the speed and the direction of this change may become quite problematic over time. As we are unconsciously forced to evolve, in spite of archonic friction, we are becoming more isolated, more like islands, more individual as opposed to herd like creatures.

This is a natural consequence of inner expansion as I will explain, but due to the utter technological focus of the species, this increasing need for individual space is being hijacked, and turned into a kind of technological dystopia. Some have said that in this new technological environment we are becoming more and more isolated, being that we are more focused on our technology than on each other. But this growing technological distance is a kind of half-truth, not real in a certain sense,

because even though our technology might seem to be allowing us to find space to be more creative, it is also limiting and controlling that space, and in many ways, it is corralling us instead of setting us free.

Another way to look at this is to realize that we are beginning to use a different ranking in our perceptive scale. To explain this further, you could say that we are not expanding our perception really, at the moment we are not expanding inwardly in order to match the vastness of our outer technological prowess. What we are doing instead is changing the priority of where we focus our physical senses, that is all.

Instead of focusing our vision on the world around us, and expanding the ability of that vision to look inwardly, to look into new horizons and new dimensions, we are prioritizing instead the many screens that are growing in number all around us. Our vision is no longer as focused on the physical environment let us say. Instead to a greater and greater degree it is being focused into the screen, and into a kind of new cyber reality.

This is easy to see, and it may have a few hiccups along the way, that is, it may happen that at a future time, in accordance with certain particular trends, we might let go of screens for a little, but inevitably we are headed in a certain direction, that in the very best of terms, may lead humanity into hopefully a more expanded reality and awareness, in time. But, this inevitable trend, this current that is getting quicker, this quickening, that is being channelled at this time into material technology only, means that if certain trends continue, we will continue to focus into those screens more and more, so that instead of looking out more clearly, we will look into our screens, and in that way begin to shift our awareness in accordance to the nature of our technology.

This shift will not be into the vastness of inner space and other dimensions with all their potential freedom, but into a controlled cyber verse. We will go inwardly, but we will do so, we are doing so right now, in accordance with technology, thanks to technology, and such bounded technological motion, at least from the inner alchemist’s point of view, has some negative consequences.

This motion inwardly into a kind of material version of an inner reality, which may be termed cyber scape, does not and will not just involve our vision, but it will also involve every single other physical sense that we use. We have begun to listen more and more through our headphones let us say, and use our physical ears less and less to hear the birds and the bees all around us,

and in that way we have not only begun to corral in a new way how we hear our external physical environment, but we have also been able to create internal environments, listen to entire symphonies that are not happening in the physical world, but that are happening in a kind of cyberspace, which is turning into a pretty limited vision of what true inner reality is all about. This will eventually apply to every single physical sense that we have, until there will come a point when there will be no real difference between cyber reality, and what we now term physical reality, that is, the outer world in accordance to the nature of our physical senses.

This is one particular direction of motion, brought about by that quickening and that technological revolution mentioned. But along the way, we will need to develop all sorts of other foundational aspects of our infrastructure, in order to make that complete cyber immersion possible.

Of key importance in that technological motion is the ability to create a highly functional worker machine, that can take over at least the most menial and labor-intensive aspects of physical reality.

Such a motion has started, and it is going to be upon us far quicker than most realize. As I have said, as long as Tesla continues to develop at its current rate, the crest of this wave has almost been reached, and there is a great potential for growth, expansion, and freedom, as long as we maintain our sobriety.

In other words, there is great potential and goodness in this technology. This technology can be an incredibly good thing, but we must evolve with that technology. Our inner reality must become as vast and complex as our outer one, or else our technology will become our prison.

So, as these worker machines, these robots, become more and more complex at incredible speed, these worker humanoids will also start to become our companion robots. Such robots then will become essential in our development, because they will help us to transition into the more individual lives that have become the norm for many of us.

The human development towards this individual nature, this more loaner like nature, is inevitable. As the psyche develops, as the intellect grows, there is a greater need for that growing individuality to spend more and more time within the ever-growing vastness within the self. This is actually quite healthy for the growing individuality, and indeed the nature of that individual change in the human species is remarkable to see over time. For example, I think most people would be astonished to note the difference between a medieval European and a current person.

Using the inner senses, it is possible to focus the attention into that era, and what one can see is truly remarkable in many ways. During the medieval period there was an incredible richness to life that is unmatched in modern times, and the depth and the beauty of such a time for humanity, had everything to do with a kind of gregarious communal connection that is impossible in the modern era. People in the medieval age were far less individual than they are now. People were far more reliant on external stimulus in order to dictate action, and the individual was far more herdlike in many ways. People clustered more, took individual cues from the group, and there needed to be a far richer physical existence. Another way to say this would be to say that the richness of that time, allowed for the development of a far more gregarious, social, herd-like existence.

From a linear time perspective, which is limited but still applicable in order to explain certain aspects of existence from a human point of view, there is a positive motion towards greater individual complexity. This growing complexity is happenings slowly, but it is still happening, and the consequence of that growing complexity by the individual is that there is a quickening in technology, and a greater need within a person to find their own space, to make space for themselves and the growing awareness of their inner selves. A bigger and more complex mind means less gregariousness in some ways, and a greater need to spend more time alone.

But there exists a certain trend, a developing one in this modern time, that could see a reversal in such individual self-exploration, one where a new cyber world may replace the complexity and the richness that were found in the medieval era for example, and this could then mean a return to a more herd-like and reactive humanity. This is something that should be considered carefully by anyone interested in the expansion of the self, and greater freedom.

Such intricate development inwardly, into the material idea of the inner reality, which is the cyber reality, can take many different routes and some of those roots can lead to bottlenecks. In accordance with the way of inner alchemy, the purely technological development of such a motion towards inner vastness, through the use of purely technological means, is the beginning of one such potential bottleneck.

The basic reason for this is that all such technology, being that it is created by forces outside the self, that is, you are not creating such technology, you are getting it from somewhere else, purchasing it with ‘money’ at this time in history, means that this way towards the inner vastness of the individual, relies on an outer and commercially material tool.

Inner alchemy says that such a motion inwardly should be individual from the outset, controlled wholly and completely by the individual, and reliant on nothing outside of the individual, so as to keep such motion as free as possible.

In the best of terms, and being that open source software and hardware is becoming more and more accessible, such inner technological motion into the screen, will hopefully allow for a balanced and liberated development along many lines. So that in time, such cyberspace might begin to open doors into true other dimensions, instead of just limiting the self by creating a controllable cyberspace, a kind of multifaceted cyber-room to lead and control the masses.

But if this is not the case, in order to give greater variance, and therefore freedom, to that growing inner complexity within humanity, it is possible to combine the quickening of modern technology with the wisdom and power of inner alchemy.

One possible way, and one that relates to the coming of the robotic revolution, which is the focus of this article, is the nature of the companion. As robots grow in complexity, now at an ever-increasing rate thanks to the technological power of Tesla, an offshoot of such robotic technology will be a development of the robotic companion.

Currently we have seen an incredible growth in the need for pets of all sorts, that can fill the need for a companion as we separate as individuals more and more. But as robots grow in complexity, and their ability to become companions increases, as the ability of certain AI language models allows for more complex interactions between man and machine, these robots and this language model AI will begin to fill in some of the gaps that pets cannot.

In order to offset that movement into a technological bottleneck therefore, as an inner alchemist, I would greatly suggest that you also try to use alchemical techniques, things aside and potentially beyond anything possible even by developing technology, to empower your mind to do what we are now completely self-reliant on technology to try to do for us. For example, a companion can be created using purely mental techniques, using the power of the mind alone.

It is possible for the inner alchemist to create a servitor, which is a mental creation, a kind of highly personalized ‘thought form’ that can attain a kind of density, thickness, that can transcend that line between what is mind and what is matter. You can think of a servitor as being a kind of imaginary friend or servant of great power, one that begins as a purely mental thing but that in time can become more and more real, intensely real even in what we refer to as physical reality using the techniques of inner alchemy. As such, a servitor can indeed perform miracles from the average human point of view.

So, more specifically, an inner alchemist can create a servitor companion, and these can provide all of the company necessary in those times when a person is alone, and is perhaps exploring the inner aspects of themselves, that growing inner complexity that can only be explored alone. And might I add, from personal experience I know that such a purely mental science, and such servitor companions, can far surpass anything technologically possible now, or in the near future.

I mention this because it is not my desire to stifle this growing technological revolution, because there is indeed great potential in it, but to mention other methods, and to provide different techniques possible, that can either give greater variance, or even augment what is possible with just technology. In this way it is my hope that such a bottleneck can be averted, that such a return to the herdlike mentality and the superstition of the medieval era can be avoided. And the only way to do this is to help each developing individual discover their inner power, the power of their minds over just the use of external technological machines.

Ideally of course, the great goal is to develop the mind to the point that it is as powerful, or more powerful, than any external contraption. But this is a lofty goal and an impossible one for most of us. Instead, we can try to shoot for balance, and by balance I mean the skill to develop the mind and its abilities, so that it can begin to tap into at least some of the great potential within it.

Such potential could allow an individual to remember far more than they could ever imagine, the ability to live in inner palaces of their own creation, and to perhaps even learn how to move beyond physicality and completely into other dimensional realms. Such abilities would then balance the mind, allow it to grow, allow the ghost in the machine to grow, so that a cyberpunk style bottleneck could be averted.