Self-Improvement and Interesting Knowledge

It is sometimes hard to comprehend that we are all in charge of our lives. Many of us find ourselves in difficult financial situations. This tends to put a very large strain on our emotions and our time which can be very debilitating.

You must always remember though that you can change your circumstance for the better. This involves some soul searching and much patience but you can overcome any difficult situation if you are willing to believe that you can. I will not say it is hard work to create a better life, because if it does seem like hard work, it is quite likely that you are looking in the wrong place.

I will say though that changing your life for the better requires much focus. The difference is that effort is really going against the grain while focus means concentrating on what you want and not paying attention to those things that you do not want. Many will rebel against these thoughts because we have all been taught that life is hard. We all have many well meaning relatives or friends that will tell us over and over again that in order to do anything in this life we have to work hard at it.

I know that many of us find ourselves doing jobs that are not very satisfying. It’s quite possible that you are doing a job that is very emotionally or physically difficult. Many people are also engaged in a job that is just routine and you have to do this job at the moment in order to pay the bills. These jobs have a way of taking away your energy and your spirit, but that is only the case if you let them. Believe that you can escape this lifestyle and you will.

The best way to do this is to do it a bit at a time. There is no need to quit your job and move to wherever taking a terrible chance. Actually such endeavors usually end in disaster because these moves are literally acts of escapism. You are trying to run away from your problems in the hope that somehow you will get lucky and find your lucky star. This is of course doom because you are doing something out of desperation.

You are in control and you can change your life for the better. Start by examining your beliefs about yourself right now. Many of us have very low self-esteem. We have all been told that it is not right to brag, put on airs, or become self important. Unfortunately this advice, even though it is well meaning, does not allow you to express the totality of yourself.

When you find yourself depressed, doubting your abilities and feeling really low; tell yourself that you are awesome. Believe in yourself and the power of your own being. How many times in your life(!) have you sat around for ten minutes and told yourself how great you are. We are told that we should take the time and tell our loved ones how special they are, BUT how often have you told yourself how wonderful and capable you are?

Don’t expect others to start telling you that you are great to start believing it yourself. Tell yourself now that you love yourself. “I love myself’! What an odd and frightening feeling, that you might sit around for ten minutes a day, every day and love yourself. Can you afford that love? Aren’t you supposed to give your love to others and to those that have meaning in your life?

But loving yourself is the beginning of true love for others. There is no way that you can love others if you do not love yourself. Love and respect are also not finite things that will run out if you give too much. The more you love and respect, the more you can love and respect. But start with yourself. Believe in your abilities. Believe that you are lucky enough. Believe that you are great enough to do what you want in life, that you are the captain of your life and therefore the captain of all of the circumstances that you see around you. Do this for yourself and you will help all those that you come in contact with.

Try and tell yourself this everyday:

“ I love myself. I will start slow from where I am so that I don’t fight against things. I have the right to do the things that I love because God put me on this Earth to express all of myself. I am worthy! I am worthy of a good life. I am special enough to be able to love myself. I am special and those around me are blessed to have me in their lives. I will honor myself and dedicate time for myself and to do those things that I love, and by doing so I will find my place in this world doing what I love to do!”





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