Self-Improvement and Interesting Knowledge
It’s hard to turn the webpage corner without hitting something related to THE SECRET. The latest New Age phenomenon supposedly tells you all that you need to know to start attracting wonderful things into your life. We at believe that all this is possible. All of us here believe that human consciousness is infinitely more powerful than it is given credit for. We also believe that that the directed will, through belief, can change your reality.

But we also realize that there is a lot of ‘clap trap’ out there. The Secret is a wonderful book and better than most of the stuff out there BUT, is there a better source of information? YES! And the answer is this book. Written at the beginning of the New Age counterculture, many of the ideas and techniques that have become so popular lately come from this one source. Seth is an “Energy Personality Essence” that will literally blow your mind. Seth’s ideas about reality and the nature of personal consciousness are very unique, complex, and incredibly profound. If you are going to read one book about the power of your consciousness to affect reality, read this. You won’t regret it.


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