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I wanted to write down my typical breakfast, or lack thereof really. I hope that it will help you to figure out a way to best start your day. I put it together to get a real good jump start in the morning. I have a pretty tricky stomach and I have to always make sure that I consider the many things that tend to upset it.

I don’t actually eat anything in the morning, I usually have a hot stimulating drink and some supplementary pills . I find that I am usually not very hungry first thing. I also find that eating so early tends to just slow down my metabolism and makes it that much harder to wake up and start using all of my energy. If you are tired or groggy in the morning then I suggest that you try my breakfast, many would tell you that a full breakfast with waffles, eggs and toast are the best thing ever but this kind of breakfast will just slow you down.

My typical breakfast starts with a cup of Yerba Mate. Yerba Mate is a traditional drink in Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile. It is an amazing alternative to coffee; unlike coffee it won’t make you jittery, it won’t mess with your heart, and you could pretty much drink it all day without all the side effects common to coffee (that includes the bad breath). Some scientists think that Mate has a different form of caffeine called mateine which has all of the benefits of regular caffeine but none of the bad side effects.

In order to make a nice cup of Mate, I recommend that you get yourself a bigger one cup tea infuser. You can pick one up at a tea or coffee shop for pretty cheap.  To the infuser, add 4 to 5 heaping tea spoons of yerba mate. Add hot (not boiling, mate works better with hot water just below the boiling point) water to the infuser and let the Mate sit for a half minute. Remove the infuser, add sugar or stevia, and you are good to go. You can use the Yerba Mate in the infuser to make 2 to 3 cups before you need to add more Yerba.

To find the best Yerba Mate, try shopping at a Latin or Italian store, it will be much cheaper than trying to buy some at a specialty tea store. My favorite brand is ‘Cruz de Malta’ and I try to buy a kilo bag at a time (this will usually last me a month or two).

With my Mate I will take supplement pills:

1000 mg of Blue green algae; You can buy these at many stores, they will either be sold as blue green algae, as Spirulina, or as Chlorella, they are all the same thing. This is amazing stuff, and is referred to as a super food. It is high in vitamins, minerals and proteins. It delivers a broad spectrum of benefits ranging from weight loss, memory booster, immune system enhancer, and much more. It has amazing detoxifying properties; that why IronMan was ingesting huge sums or chlorophyll in the ‘IronMan 2’ movie. This stuff is super chlorophyll and it is supposed to even help with radiation poisoning.

1000 IU of Vitamin D. If you live in the North, you need to supplement this vitamin. Researchers are finding that this vitamin is responsible for an incredible amount of stuff; including mood enhancement and immunity booster.

210 mg of Coral Calcium every second day.
This is another amazing supplement. Some researchers have suggested that the long life span in Japan and especially Okinawa are a direct result of the amount of Coral Calcium that the locals ingest.

1 heaping tea spoon of powdered L-glutamine. The brain has 2 types of fuel; sugars (glucose) and L-glutamine. This amino acid will help repair the body, boost immune system, and help in coping with stress. The powdered stuff is pretty much tasteless and dissolves incredibly fast in your mouth with a little Mate.

And that’s it! I might supplement with a multivitamin instead of the Coral Calcium sometimes but that is my breakfast pretty much every day. The Yerba Mate wakes me up and the supplements give me the power I need to get through until lunch.

If you find that you need to eat something before lunch, then try and eat something light. The best thing that you could do is to have as much fresh fruit and veggies as you can to get your through any cravings. Try getting yourself a juicer. The less that you eat before noon, the better and more energetic that you will feel!


    1. You know, all of these can be found in most dedicated vitamin stores, even the Yerba Mate can be found in many grocery stores now.

  1. just wanted to comment, that you might have meant 1000 IUs (International Units) of Vitamin D, which is 25mcg (micrograms) rather than 1000mg. thanks for the informative post, john.

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