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Quite often faith is given a bad rap. But like anything else faith takes on different connotations depending on how you define it. Essentially our definition of different things, and words in particular, depends greatly on how we frame them.

Some people for example believe that faith is some kind of religious word; it is very difficult for them to see faith outside of some kind of religious worship. Some people, especially in this day and age, tend to view faith has some kind of positive New Age principal. Both of these definitions, or frames, unfortunately have a rather clouded view of what faith really is.

Faith is usually believed to be some kind of stance where a person should completely disregard any kind of physical common sense and believe that everything will be happening perfectly without any action on his/her part. As I say definitions can be quite a tricky thing, for example here the problem is not in the fact that you should expect better things and therefore receive them, but in the fact that you think you do not need to do anything in order to receive these things.

We must realize that we exist in a physical universe and as such we need to take physical action at some point in order to get what we desire. To think that you can just sit back and wait for it while everything happens to you perfectly can work to some degree but there will be points where you will not be able to get what you want because you are not willing to take the actions necessary to get your desire. If we ‘consider action to be thoughts manifest’, then you might have a better understanding of why it is that you need to take action sometimes and to a certain degree in order to get what you finally desire.

As an example let us say that you wish to pursue your life passions. In a totally random vein, let’s say that you want to become a ghost hunter. You possibly have a 9 to 5 job which you need to maintain in order to pay your bills and provide for yourself or your family. You cannot extricate yourself from the situation at the moment in order to pursue your passion full-time but you have a deep desire to do so.

If you were to consider this, it is quite often the case, and it happens with many people, that they will not pursue their goals until they find themselves in the perfect situation to do so. That makes all the sense in the world and the physical universe. This hypothetical person for example might not pursue his dreams to become a ghost hunter because he believes that he should be in the best possible situation financially in order to do so, to do otherwise would risk his family and situation. Our friend might try very hard to make enough money to pay for all the things in his life that he needs to and at the same time save enough money and have enough time to be able to pursue those things that he wishes to do.

Unfortunately this is the case for many of us and as a result most of us hardly ever pursue our passions. We are always expecting and working towards that one perfect situation that will allow us to do what we desire, but that situation never seems to quite present itself so we spend the entirety of our lives vainly hoping to have the time and the money needed to be able to do what we really want to do.

If we are to look at faith in this context then, we can see how faith truly has a purpose in our lives if we define it and use it correctly. In order for our friend to be able to follow his passions and become a ghost hunter, he must have the faith required to take a leap. Here a person should dedicate themselves to doing three things:

  1. Use whatever positive imagery or internal work they so desire in order to allow his intent and the world at large to provide those things that he desires.
  2. Do everything that he can physically to pursue his passions. Our friend should join groups or start paranormal investigations on his own, perhaps getting some cheap paranormal equipment until he can afford better product. It is also a good idea to try to creatively come up with better and better ways to search for ghosts on a limited budget and time.
  3. Have the faith to just take a leap, have the faith to take a small step and begin to pursue what he so desires now.

Faith in this case becomes a ‘confidence in the powers that be, but also a self-confidence in the self’. Pursuing something by doing some kind of mental work alone, will never get you there because the physical world requires physical action, there is a point where you must be able to take a leap into what you desire.

Our friend for example might find that if he is willing to have faith and begin in some in a small way to pursue his passions, that the world will help him by showing him the correct path towards his self-fulfillment. By taking action in this small way, and having the faith to believe that the world will provide for him, he will most likely discover ways and means to be able to do all those things that he desires in life.

Pursue your passions and have the faith to take a chance. Life is willing to give you exactly what you desire as long as you are willing to take that first step; which requires faith. Do not sit back and expect the world to give you everything just because you’ve visualized last Tuesday for 6 minutes. You must take a chance and take some kind of action, even if it is a small one, in order to allow your brain and the way that you see reality to change. Without this physical action there is no real faith because essentially you are not really taking any kind of chance. You must think of it sort of like Daniel in the den of lions; true faith is born when you’re willing to face those lions with absolute certainty that you will make it out of their and prosper to boot. ‘Action is just thought in motion’ and faith is the impetus required to take the smallest of steps towards your desired goal


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