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Many people want change in their lives. They believe that this change is very difficult or perhaps impossible. Many therefore become disillusioned with themselves and their lives and believe that their lives are not their own but that they are controlled through exterior circumstance. Many fail to realize the power that they have over themselves because they don’t understand the power of their conscious mind in directing everything that they do.

If people were able to discover just how much power the conscious mind has over everything that they do, including those things that they believe are outside of themselves, they would be amazed at their own power. In order to begin to realize the kind of power that you hold, it is a good idea to begin to understand how much your own internal conscious dialogue affects your external and internal world.

Most of us are not even aware of the scope of this internal dialogue. You must realize that we are constantly talking to ourselves and that there is seldom if ever a time that we are not engaging in some kind of self talk. This talk is continual and affects every single aspect of our lives. It is basically constructing our world in most ways, in that it tells us exactly how our world should be and how we fit into this world. Without this self talk it is quite possible that your entire universe would collapse before you and it is this self talk that creates all of the things and situations that you see before you.

See if you can go through a day trying to be conscious of this internal self talk. This can be a very difficult thing because we are used to letting this internal dialogue happen on its own. Try though for a day to just pay attention to the thoughts that you have during the day, this internal self talk can be experienced as visual images, as a voice of yourself talking to yourself, or as the kind of feelings that you have and the habitual emotions that you experience when confronted with certain situations. Most will find this kind of exercise quite difficult since it is something that we are not used to doing. It will take self-discipline but even if you can pay attention to this internal dialogue for a while, you will be amazed by how this internal dialogue shapes the way that you see the world around you. What is even more amazing is that this internal dialogue is also responsible for what you will experience, because it will focus your attention and your intention in the direction of its choosing.

It is the case though that you have far more control over this internal dialogue than you realize. You can control this dialogue by discovering your personal beliefs and by realizing that beliefs are things that can be changed if you are not happy with them. It is also the case that you can try to more consciously manipulate this internal dialogue so that you are talking to yourself about things that you find more positive to you personally.

I good exercise for example is to find a quiet place where you can be alone and not be disturbed; and start to consciously talk to yourself about something. It is a good idea to start doing this by talking to yourself out loud. In other words you have to have a fine discussion with yourself out loud and discuss some topic at great length. As you talk to yourself, it is very important that you become aware of your internal feelings and try to listen to that inner voice. If you’re good at this it is quite possible that you will be able to have a fine discussion with yourself where you speak out loud and then use your internal feelings and that inner voice to discover your own internal replies. You could for example talk about the future golf game and discuss the merits of this game and whether you believe that you will win or not. If you are able to listen to your internal dialogue and the responses that it gives you, you will be able to essentially discuss future probable outcomes and be able to manipulate these future probable outcomes by changing how you feel or what you believe these outcomes will be.

By engaging in this personal self talk you will discover incredible things about yourself. You will discover your beliefs about certain things and if you probe yourself enough you will discover why you believe what you believe. By talking to yourself you will also be able to question these beliefs and change them if you have to and in this way actually change what you experience now and in the future. Try to turn this internal self talk, and internal dialogue that is most always unconscious, into a conscious external personal questioning of yourself. If you can learn to talk to yourself consciously, you will access the great power of your intent and focus.







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