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“the world is indeed comic, but the joke is on mankind.”  H.P. Lovecraft   


Is it possible that H.P. Lovecraft was a dreamer?
His writing forever changed our conceptions of the world around us and even though he wrote as a fiction horror and science-fiction writer, his concepts of reality have expanded the possibilities of our minds. His perceptions of the reality around us were so far ahead of their time and so completely unique in so many ways, to other Western writers of the time, that one could say he either had an incredibly powerful imagination or he had access to a fountain of experience and information that was denied to the rest of us.

What do we know about H.P. Lovecraft:

  •  He was born August 20, 1890 in Providence Rhode Island
  •  He was a man who preferred to be alone, and aside from some notable exceptions, he was a loner his entire life
  •  His propensity for wanting to be alone made him a real 40-year-old virgin
  •  He change the face of horror, fantasy and science fiction
  •  He was one of the first and definitely the most eloquent writers on what could be called trans-dimensional entities; in many ways he introduced the concept to the West
  •  First to introduce modern popular culture to the dreaded Necronomicon


It is funny to think that such a well-known author had very little success during his lifetime. Aside from having his stories published on ‘Weird Tales’ and doing some ghostwriting, his work saw very little success during his lifetime. But is this not something that one would expect from a dreamer? By dreamer I do not just mean someone with his head in the clouds, but someone who actively engaged in deep dream projections and astral travel.

Those that are active dreamers (astral Travelers) tend to love to be alone and they have very little skill in dealing with the world around them, especially the people that they must interact with. H.P. Lovecraft’s work did not see much success during his lifetime I think because of the fact that he just really didn’t try that hard to get his stuff out there. Something that would be expected from someone who essentially spent most of his life traveling trans-dimensionally through dream worlds. He was essentially not too thrilled by this dimension we call ‘waking reality’.

“That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange eons even death may die.”      H.P.

He is best known for speaking of a type of life that was beyond the conception of many of the readers of his time.  He spoke of monolithic and epic trans-dimensional beings, beings that did not care about humanity, that were so above us that to even look at us was beyond them. He spoke of immense lumbering and slobbering creatures that treated humanity like cattle to be consumed and used. He often spoke of things which could not be described, and the horrors that awaited us within odd and demented angles. He spoke of the existence of an epic and insurmountable hidden universe; a universe that awaits those that sometimes clumsily open doorways into the true reality of the outer cosmos.

Those that have the ability to travel on the astral planes, mention similar things. They speak of a world which is far removed from the one that we believe to be real. Their visions speak of a greater reality, a greater truth where humanity does not exist as the pinnacle species, but just as one small speck within an infinite cosmos. Those astral travelers tell us the same tales that H.P. Lovecraft spoke of, I suppose the only difference being that H.P. was far more eloquent.

While it is possible that H.P. Lovecraft could have looked up this information in his beloved library or imagined such incredible worlds; there is a certain strength and intensity to his work that in my opinion would be impossible to replicate except by someone who has seen this hidden universe himself. Indeed those that read his works and have not experienced or have any conception of the astral or dream worlds in those odd angles, tend to think that H.P.  was a bit of a nut. Many of his biographers tend to portray him as a very odd and disturbed character with many psychological flaws that they attribute to his upbringing. A dreamer on the other hand sees a kindred spirit when he hears about the life of H.P. Lovecraft.

True clairvoyants, unlike those on the psychic channel, tend to be people who spend most of their time alone. Many of them have nearly nonexistent sex lives because they either know on an instinctual level or directly that ‘sex energy’ is ‘dream energy’ and should therefore not be wasted. They are usually alone because being around others can be quite disturbing since it is quite easy for them to pick up on the terrible machinations that makes up the mind of man.

Astral travelers or dreamers tend to be an even more sensitive lot. They seem to be odd characters with many psychological problems just like H.P. himself. But this is the result of those deep trans-dimensional travels; a being traveling into those macabre dimensions is usually torn asunder by the things that he is witness to. The psyche itself is sometimes pulled and torn in different directions because of the intense trauma caused by the very makeup of those strange worlds. A dreamer returning to what we consider to be the ‘normal world’ can sometimes bring back scars. Who can blame them for thinking our world trivial after having experienced such amazing interdimensional adventures.

The world sees H.P. Lovecraft as a strange and odd fellow, but I see him as a courageous individual that lived a life of great adventure; a rebel who did not bow before the social pressures of his time. His adventure existed in those worlds that he wrote about in his books and his treasure was found in the infinite inner cosmos; no money could ever be enough to surpass this. I think he was interested in having enough wealth and possessions to be able to keep his beloved library, enough to eat, enough to take care of himself, and a quiet and comfortable place to write. In my opinion H.P. was a dreamer of remarkable ability, an astral traveler who forever changed our conception of the vastness around us.



An interesting note on the Necronomicon involves H.P. Lovecraft’s one and only love, Sonia Greene. Sonia was a very eclectic woman that had an extensive group of friends and acquaintances. Some researchers have postulated the possibility that Sonia Greene came in contact with Alastair Crowley before she met H.P. Lovecraft. Crowley did live in New York for a while and his time there seems to coincide with the time that Sonia Greene would have been living there as well.

Alastair Crowley is a famous magician of that era who in his own way reintroduced the Western world to the world of magick. Crowley was very open about his endeavors as a magician but he seldom spoke about his sources, and yet he seems to have been engaged in dealing directly with those very trans-dimensional beings that H.P. Lovecraft spoke of in his stories. Some have postulated that Crowley told Sonia Greene about the Necronomicon!

It is quite possible that she could have met Crowley. Sonia Greene seemed to know many of the intellectuals in New York at that time. Certainly she would have known some of the people that Crowley would have been interested in meeting himself. If she did run into Crowley, would he have shared some of his knowledge with her, knowing that she had such great interest in the occult herself? Did Crowley tell Sonia Greene about the Necronomicon because he had the book in his possession? Did Sonia Greene mention this dreaded book to H.P. Lovecraft?
Is it possible that the Necronomicon is more real than we think? Could one of the greatest astral travelers have had a direct connection to one of the greatest magicians of the 20th century through Sonia Greene? Perhaps… probably not. But Definitely an interesting idea worth researching.


  1. I have also thought about that.. I found no discussion about this except yours… I have this sense that his tales are based upon astral travels, many of them, for instance.. in Dreams in the Witch House is indeed a narrative where astral travelling is very much the topic… but most of his stories… have a savory of astral travels… hyppy you share this view. Best Alam

    1. Thanks Alam, I am glad somebody agrees with me on this.
      The general narrative is that Lovecraft loved to read and had a large library to dig from, but this in no way explains how it is that he was able to write about things that were not to be found in any books of that era, and how it is that these stories had so much inner power that they would quite literally change the zeitgeist of everything moving forward. His influence has been, in my opinion, far greater than any occultist of that time…and the biggest joke of all perhaps is that most people believe him to be just a fiction writer.

  2. Hi John, would Great Old ones have any relationship to Archon? Thank you

    1. This is a really great question Joseph. Let me see about taking some time on this one and perhaps even making a video out of it. I will post a link to the video when I am done.

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