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Many believe that it is very difficult to change your world. Many believe that the way that you view reality is final and that you cannot change these perceptions. It is a fact though that you view the world through your beliefs and you can change these beliefs whenever you choose. Some also like to believe that changing these beliefs is impossible and that their beliefs are true fact about reality and life in general. It is very important that those that have those ideas change those beliefs first and foremost so that they can begin to create the kind of life that they want. For those that do not find this possible, there are some simple methods that can allow you to see the true power of your focus, that can show you just how much change you can make by slightly changing the focus, and essentially the beliefs that you have.

Words for example are a wonderful way to begin to change how you focus and what you focus on. By changing the words that you use and the words that you focus on, you can greatly alter your reality. This change in focus can show you just how powerful your consciousness is and can give you the kind of hope that you need, by showing you how to change anything in your life with mere words. By changing the words that you use, and seeing the consequence of this change, you can begin to understand your power. You can essentially completely alter your perspective in life and in this way completely alter your reality.

As an English speaker you know for example that there are thousands and thousands of words that you can use. Most people’s vocabulary is basically based on how many words they understand and use in everyday language. It is believed that the average person uses about 2000 to 3000 words and this is the lump some of the average vocabulary. Those that are considered very intelligent and articulate usually have a vocabulary that’s about 10,000 words. It is this vocabulary that we use to define our reality in many ways because it is the way that we talk to others and more importantly it is the way that we talk to ourselves.

You can imagine for example that there are thousands and thousands of words in your head right now floating freely as it were in your subconscious. You draw from these words and from this vocabulary and using infinitely complex calculations you arrange these words into a meaningful statement in order to make yourself understood. Most of this work is unconscious and needs to be because the kind of calculations required in order to create this meaningful communication are quite complex. You can discover this easily by paying attention to yourself and realizing that you often times will not know how a sentence will end or develop when you start it. But you do take it for granted that you will be able to speak properly and that your mind will work in a perfect way to create a cohesive statement that will be understood by others.

The lump some of the words that you do use though tend to be used through conscious action. That is you filter out the words that you will use based on what you believe to be correct. You consciously therefore decide on what is meaningful and you allow your mind to naturally provide the words that you need in order to express this meaning. You can do a funny trick though, instead of directly trying to access your beliefs, you can try to just change the words that you usually use to express those beliefs. This can allow you to discover the power of focus, which is shaped by your beliefs, and in this way discover your natural ability to change your perceptive reality.

What this exercise entails is for you to choose positive words for example instead of what you would consider negative ones. For example instead of saying that it is a gross day, you could say that it is a day that is full of potential. You could for a little while change all the negative words that you normally use into more positive words. By doing this, even for a little while (a day perhaps), you will begin to see a great change in your perspective. You will begin to realize just how powerful your representational system is in filtering out what you see and what you don’t see in life.

Through this exercise, this you should not be maintained for very long, you will begin to glimpse at the power that you hold. I suggest that you practice it a number of times so that you get to compare the perceptions of your personal reality through one set of regular words and then through a set of overtly positive ones. In this way you will be able to see the contrast more sharply, and this contrast will show you a greater understanding of your personal reality and power.

Once you begin to make these great realization’s about the power that you hold over your reality, you might find it much easier to begin to work on yourself in order to develop the kind of life that you want. The vocabulary exercises is just an exercise. In order to make meaningful change in your life you will need to begin to work on your beliefs because if you don’t do that you will basically be in a constant state of war with yourself, forever vigilant trying to alter negative words into positive ones. This can create problems with personal repression that can manifest into greater and greater problems of a different kind. But by working directly with your beliefs you will be able to discover the fundamental nature of your being and change that being at its core. In this way you will be able to change your reality at its foundation and there will be no internal struggle in this way.







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