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It is very important to realize that the only person that can bring you down is you.  If you make this realization then it will be easy to see that you must take control of what you are thinking and what you are saying to yourself.  You are in control of your destiny and must make every effort that you can to make sure that you don’t bring yourself down.

You must take particular notice of when you are having negative thoughts.  Negative thoughts create negative emotions and negative action, they must therefore be treated with proper respect.  This means that you must recognize when you are having them and deal with them in the appropriate manner.  The appropriate manner is not to try and ignore them but to try and understand them.  You must understand your thoughts by finding out what you believe about this certain situation, this will tell you why you are having these negative thoughts.  You can deal with these beliefs logically by doing an objective assessment of your situation and your resources.

It is beneficial to try and have more positive thoughts and a more confident outlook.  Self confidence will by itself breed a positive outlook and therefore positive thoughts.  Also always try to be a leader and not a follower in any situation.  This does not mean that I want you to tell others what to do but that I want you to take charge of your own direction in any situation.  You do this by trying to do only those things that you feel positive and confident in doing, this can sometimes be a difficult thing but if you try to take charge of the direction of your life and whatever situations you face,  you will see that there are many ways to become the leader of your personal life.  Even when you are forced to do something that is out of your comfort zone, you can still do this your own way and therefore take charge in that sense.

You can bring yourself down if you pay too much attention to the negativity of others.  Always listen to what you think are constructive comments but do your best to ignore any negativity from others.  It is very difficult to stop others from going on about this negative thing or that, it is usually better to diplomatically turn a conversation in a new direction or to just politely walk away and pretend like you need to do something else.  If you try to stop others with negativity or forcefully, you will only get more negativity in return.  The best methods are always either deflection or avoidance.

These people though that feed negativity on you, cannot bring you down.  The only person that can bring you down is you.  You are the master of your situation at every moment in your life and it is not constructive to think that you are at the whim of others, because this is very debilitating and it is also not true.  You control your fate by how you control your attention; you choose to focus on one thing or another and no one else can force you to focus in one way or another if you do not let them.

Don’t be your own worst enemy.  You do this by thinking that you are at the mercy of others, and by letting others and circumstances and general dictate how you feel and what you will do.  You are at the mercy of others only if you let yourself become a passive follower instead of in active leader in your own fate.  You control your life by choosing what kind of focus that you place on things and by choosing the kind of actions that you will take.  You are the only person that can bring you down so it is most important that you take responsibility for how you are feeling at this moment and take the correct action so that you are headed in the direction that you want.









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