Self-Improvement and Interesting Knowledge

Want to learn to make any task easier?

Then learn to concentrate. The reason why a person gets bored, is because they are not putting enough concentration into the task that they are doing at the moment.

The ability to concentrate is sort of like the ability to put blinders on yourself, so that you are focused only on the thing that is directly in front of you. Distractions then become as they say, “ out of sight and out of mind”.

When we engage in any particular task, our boredom and lack of skill is usually a result of not committing 100 % of ourselves to the thing that we are doing. If you need to write a paper for school for example, the reason that you get so bored and uptight and the reason that you tend to do such a bad job, is that your mind wonders all over the place. Your mind is spread out in a wide arc, thinking a little about the paper that you have to write but also about the weather, what’s on tv, what you could be eating, etc., etc.

The power of focus allows you to be where you are, doing what you are doing. What it really is; is the power to take your attention which is usually spread out over a large mental area and focus it like a laser beam on one thing. Concentration therefore is the ability to control the focus of your attention.

Developing the power of concentration is very much like working out. In many ways it is like exercising your muscles. You need to take a small bit of time out of your day, and engage in exercise that will allow you to focus and train your attention. And ANYONE can benefit from this kind of exercise.

You might think that because you are a laborer for example, you might not need to work on your concentration. Certainly you imagine an accountant or someone like that who needs to focus on a mental task, would benefit, but not you. Well that is not correct thinking; even physical tasks require great concentration. If you work in a dangerous area then you will need to focus on what you are doing or you might end up losing some fingers or toes. Concentration and focus give you more energy, elevate your output and give you peace of mind. There is nothing more soothing than to focus on a manual task so intently that you block out everything else in your life. Work then becomes a type of mental freedom and a source of inner peace.


In order to begin to develop your concentration, I am going to give you this time tested exercise. It would be ideal that you thought of it as a type of physical exercise, so that you devote 15 minutes to half an hour to it, every second day. As you get better you might want to devote more time to this exercise because as you shall see, if you try it, it will bring a great sense of inner peace and inner strength.

I want you to take a small sheet of white paper; anything from 4X5 to 8X10 will do, and make a small black dot on it. The dot’s ideal size would be about ¼ of an inch or half a centimeter in diameter. The size of the dot or the color of the paper are not critical. Just make sure that it’s a black dot on white paper.

Now find the most comfortable, and quiet place in your house. Take some tape and stick the dot to a wall. Sit in front of the dot that you have created. You can either sit on a chair or sit on a comfy pillow or sit cross legged. Sit however you are most comfortable and make sure that the dot is in front of you. You don’t want to strain your vision by having to look up at the dot. The best place to position your dot is slightly below eye level.

When you are very comfortable with the dot’s position in front of you and how you are sitting, I want you to start staring at the dot. I want you to start looking at the dot and only the dot so that you become completely focused on it to the exclusion of everything else. Your vision might start to get blurry so keep blinking and make yourself blink a few times in a row if you need to.

Stare at the dot in front of you. Forget about who you are, where you are, how you are sitting and anything else that does not matter or pertain to you staring at the dot. Focus only on the dot. If any thoughts arise, which will surely be the case, then stop that thought in mid stride and continue to think only about staring at the dot.

You will catch yourself over and over again thinking about the past or the future or any old daydream that happens to occur. Suddenly you will wake up as if from a dream and realize that you are supposed to be staring at the dot. When this happens, cut that invading thought as soon as possible and begin to once again concentrate on thinking only about staring at the dot.

Try to always keep a good posture so that you do not injure your back, especially if you are sitting cross legged on the floor. But aside from a straight back, forget about your physical comfort or discomfort as much as possible.

The task is to make the dot and the act of staring at the dot, the entire focus of your life. Continue to do this for fifteen minutes.

As you first begin with this exercise, you will find that there is a million and one distractions and it will probably be very hard to endure the fifteen minutes of intense focus. But don’t worry; this will change with practice until you get to the point where you will wonder where the time has gone.

When fifteen minutes becomes pretty doable, extend the time of your focus meditation to thirty minutes. Do not get upset with yourself for having all those rampant thoughts, impulses and feelings. Just remember to end these thoughts as soon as you realize that you are dreaming, and redouble your efforts to concentrate on the dot. The mere act of doing this exercise will allow you to develop a great deal of focus and discipline.

Do this three times a week for a month and see for yourself the difference in all aspects of your life. That is my challenge to you; try this exercise for a month and let me know how it has affected your psyche and your everyday life.

We may wonder why certain periods in history are marked by sometimes radical changes, and mass human movements. By movements, I mean collective ideologies or ideas structures, beliefs, that seem to take hold of people and become the predominant reality tunnel of the times. In other words, it is the collective behavior and actions of a large group of individuals driven by shared beliefs, values, or ideologies. It involves the psychological processes that influence individuals to join and participate in an ideological crusade, as well as the psychological dynamics that occur within the group itself.

I have delved deeply into this topic in my book “Overcoming the Archon through Alchemy.” I would highly recommend that book to you if you’re interested in learning more about mass movements, memetics, and how to counter and even thrive within the realm of mob mentality.

In this particular video, I would like to describe the process of mass psychological movements, which I sometimes refer to as the mob mind, by outlining and discussing a rather controversial concept introduced by biologist Rupert Sheldrake. He proposes that “Morphogenic or morphogenetic Fields” are areas of space where there is a concentration of non-physical information. This information influences the development and behavior of living organisms, including their shape, size, and organization.

This is a rather complex topic that proposes that information fields have the potential to affect everything from cell biology and evolution to crystalline structures. However, in this particular video I would like to focus on the ability of morphogenic fields to affect human behavior patterns. In that sense, you could think of morphogenic fields as essentially non-physical information fields that influence the behavior of living organisms.

I propose that such fields are responsible for human behavior patterns. By describing the general tendency of these information fields, we can begin to understand a little about mass human psychological movements and, in turn, gain insight into how the mass of the human race can sometimes be led to move in certain highly predictable directions, and in that sense, how the mass of humanity can be controlled.

In the past, I have talked about the Archon, a vast non-organic cloud-like entity consisting of a legion made up of billions of sentient parts that spreads itself across the mass of the human world.  I have said that, through a kind of information field transference, it directs the general awareness of humanity.

My hope is that through a greater understanding of morphogenic fields, you can begin to grasp the underlying currents that shape our world. It is crucial to emphasize this information as these guiding or controlling forces are not perceivable by human physical sciences, they are not quantifiable in average human terms, and yet they affect the entirety of the human realm.

To start let me give you a general definition of morphogenic fields. Rupert Sheldrake, a British biologist and author, proposes the concept of “morphogenetic and morphogenic fields” as a way to explain how living organisms inherit and express behaviors that are not solely determined by genetics or environmental factors alone. In essence morphogenetic fields deal with the origin of form and ancestral knowledge in biological systems, while morphogenic fields impose form and a kind of order, on inanimate objects and indeterminate patterns of activity, such as society and culture.

According to Sheldrake, morphogenetic and morphogenic fields are non-material structures that underlie the development and behavior of complex organisms, including mammals and humans. Greatly simplifying this topic and sticking to concepts that are relevant to this video, here’s how these fields CAN change behavior patterns:

  • Inheritance of Behaviors: This means that behaviors learned by an individual are not simply forgotten or lost over time, but rather remain stored within their body-mind system and can be accessed and expressed in future generations.
  • Epigenetic Influence: This means that an individual’s exposure to certain environmental cues or experiences can result in changes to their gene expression patterns, leading to differences in behavior and physiology.
  • Collective Memory: This means that an individual’s behavior is influenced not only by its own personal history but also by the cumulative experience of their ancestors and peers, leading to emergent patterns of behavior that are greater than the sum of their parts.
  • Field based Inheritance: This means that an individual’s development is influenced by the collective field of its species or population, rather than solely by genetic factors.
  • Self-organization: Morphogenetic fields can also facilitate self-organization within complex systems, such as the brain and nervous system, and even societies.
  • Adaptation: Morphogenetic fields can adapt over time through a process called “morphic resonance,” which involves the transmission of information from one generation to the next.. Cultural Influences: Morphogenetic fields can also influence cultural transmission and the spread of ideas, values, and beliefs between individuals and groups. By shaping an individual’s behavioral repertoire through epigenetic mechanisms, morphogenetic fields can facilitate the emergence of complex social structures and cultural practices within a population.
  • Intergenerational Influence: Morphogenetic fields can exert an intergenerational influence on behavior patterns by transmitting information about past experiences and behaviors to future generations.

So, morphogenetic fields, through a kind of unmeasurable resonance field, a kind of telepathic data transference field, play a crucial role in shaping the development and behavior of living beings. Understanding morphogenetic fields offers insights into how large resonating information fields can affect mass human reality.


But, how does a field of this nature begin, and how does it grow in power?

According to Sheldrake, there a number of factors that may be responsible for the growth and development of such fields. Of great importance to anyone trying to understand the power and the emergence of the mob mind, large social movements, and even collective human control, is the proposed fact that morphogenic fields can grow thanks to:

  1. Resonance with Other Fields: Morphogenetic fields can resonate with other fields within a species or population, such as the collective consciousness of a group or the natural environment in which an individual lives. This resonance can facilitate communication and coordination among individuals and contribute to the growth and development of the morphogenetic field. In other words, the collective consciousness and the collective unconscious of humanity can create and enlarge a resonance field large enough to affect huge swaths of humanity. The bigger it grows, the more people that are affected by such a resonating field.
  2. Non-Local Influences: Morphogenic fields are thought to operate on a non-local level, meaning that they do not occupy any one particular point in measurable space and time. This also means that these resonation fields of ever-growing information can be influenced by factors beyond the immediate physical environment. This includes interconnected patterns of energy within a species or population and even larger-scale influences such as cosmic forces. Here we may include the Archon, which is a true cosmic force, a non-organic entity of cosmic scale. In other words, a morphogenic field is an unmeasurable data field that resonates like a kind of radio wave, and this wave can be created by cosmic forces such as the Archon. And further these fields have the possibility of not only affecting the human mind, but may also even be responsible for some genetic change.


We can therefore say that morphogenic fields grow and change the human world thanks to the human conscious and unconscious collective, and thanks to cosmic forces that are in essence beyond current human measure and understanding.

As a brief example of the power and the feeling of morphogenic fields, let me put it to you this way. Imagine that you are alone in a room very late at night when most of the world is sleeping. It is during these hours that many creative people tend to be most productive because, generally speaking, it is believed that at this time and under such conditions, the mind can remain still and focused on its own thoughts without being influenced by the thoughts of the human collective.

Imagine that someone walks into this room so that now there are two people. If you were able to pay close attention to your awareness as you transition from being alone to being in the company of another person, you might notice a difference in your thought process. With an additional individual present, there is often an instant shift away from focusing solely on oneself and toward incorporating the presence of that other person into one’s thoughts. There is this instant shift in personal awareness to include the self and the other.

If another person enters that room, and then another, and another, then that division of self grows to include a larger base of others. And each individual person in that room begins to vibrate with a certain resonance, that encompasses not only the individual but also the collective of individuals in that room.

As more people enter that room, the focus of the individual spreads wider and wider, and the growing strength of that collective resonance, like a kind of psychic pooling of energy, intensifies that collective psychic structure until each individual finds it harder and harder to find their own core self, and instead becomes part of a resonating field of collective thought. This is how an individual becomes part of a mob.

Now, the immense power of the concept of morphogenic fields is that, this particular individual does not need to leave their room or have another person enter his room in order to experience the effects of collective resonance. Morphogenic resonance signifies that each person within their own space, their own room, influences all other individuals within their respective spaces, without requiring physical proximity. In this manner, one mind can impact numerous minds. Another way to express this idea is by saying that by affecting a single mind, you can ultimately influence many others as well.

As more minds embrace a particular belief or adopt a specific dogmatic position, the strength of this resonant field intensifies. This morphogenic field begins to exert an increasingly potent influence on the group. And incredibly, these influences, the cause and the development of these resonating fields, can come from the collective unconscious of humanity or even potentially unseen cosmic forces, such as the Archon.

This nonlocal influence transcends our understanding of space and time, existing in a realm beyond our sensory perceptions. The nature and extent of these influences may be mysterious or enigmatic, yet they may undoubtedly contribute to shaping the collective experience of humanity.

As to the actual mechanisms that can develop and grow a morphogenic field powerful enough to affect a large mass of people, in the simplest of terms you could say that it all comes down to the power of repetition. Repeated exposure to certain ideas or beliefs can gradually shape the collective consciousness, eventually giving rise to a more potent resonant field that continues to grow and evolve over time as the repeated signal becomes constant.

Whether driven by dogma or the subtle influence of the Archon, this persistent repetition of ideas on a psychic or telepathic level, can be thought of as a constant broadcasting of signals, akin to the unceasing transmission of radio waves. Over time, these relentless transmissions have the power to alter an unsuspecting mind, setting in motion a cascade of change that makes it increasingly easier to sway another’s perspective and, subsequently, yet another, and another person after that.

As this resonant field expands, its potency grows, rendering it more challenging for individuals to resist these elusive, nonphysical data structures that lie beyond the realm of our everyday senses.

However, it is important to acknowledge that despite their potency, individuals can still find ways to withstand these powerful morphogenic fields, even when they may sometimes have negative effects on our minds. This concept is explored in greater detail within the book mentioned at the beginning of this video, where strategies for navigating and overcoming such challenging environments are discussed.

This is of course a highly controversial topic and I urge you to please do your own research, so that you can come to your own individual conclusions. It is my hope that in realizing that there are scientists researching the possibility of mass nonlocal communications, you can begin to explore the possibility of collective social movement and organization through what could be termed morphogenic, or telepathic fields, on your own.

When researching the paranormal, it is sometimes the case that you run into people that need help. While paranormal researchers might be pursuing the occult, UFOs, and cryptids, sometimes the people that they run into during these searches tend to be normal people that would just like to forget what they saw and return to their regular lives. Unfortunately sometimes these people continue to be plagued by these paranormal forces and they feel that there is no way that they can escape them.

Usually such people feel powerless in the face of this paranormal phenomena. Such powerlessness can make one feel insignificant in the face of something that they do not understand and can make life difficult to say the least. There are two aspects of this:

  1. The fact that they have discovered that the world is far stranger than they thought it was.
  2. The fact that this new strange world that they have discovered does not conform to regular laws. They have no way to deal with it; to stop it, to ignore it, or to control it in any way. This makes it seem like their lives have spun out of control and are no longer their own.


This is a very common theme with many people and it seems to be a growing thing as more and more individuals seem to be affected by what we would call the paranormal. It is not my opinion that the world is getting stranger per se but I do believe that many human beings are becoming more and more sensitive to currents and forces that not so long ago they had been conditioned psychologically to ignore.

The truth though is that we are not powerless against these paranormal forces. The truth is that since we have been conditioned since childhood to ignore a large branch of our psyche, that which we consider the paranormal, we are therefore ill equipped to deal with these strange forces.

As such, I present in this article a technique that is  simple and yet an incredibly powerful banishing ritual. Perhaps ritual is a strong word since in reality this is more of a type of action. Since action is really thought physically manifested, what you’re really doing is manifesting a very strong thought in order to clear an area of energies or entities that you do not wish to deal with.

This banishing ritual can be used against any entity that you might find is having a psychological or physically ill effect on you or your family. This banishment can be used against ghosts, negative energies, certain types of unknown cryptids, and can even be used against much of the negative UFO phenomenon (including alien abduction) that many people are experiencing.

‘To banish’ is generally defined as;– to send away, to forbid, to get rid of

In the occult sphere this generally means a technique that you use in order to;
send away, forbid, or get rid of a certain entity or groups of entities that are endangering you mentally or physically.


A banishment like most occult techniques, requires three major things:

  1. Great focus and concentration
  2. Strong visualizations
  3. Psychic energy


These must all be used in conjunction to create a very strong thought, or group of thoughts, that is projected from your mind into the external world. You are essentially taking a very powerful subjective experience that you have created within your own mind and projecting it outwardly into the objective or physical world in order to create a psychological and physical change.


In order to perform this ritual:


– I want you to take a very long and deep inhalation. As you are inhaling imagine that you are sucking in energy from all around you. As you perform this long inhalation imagine that you are sucking in power from all of the things around you, that this energy is seeping into you through your bones and every pore in your body. Try to inhale as long and as deeply as possible.


– When you finish your inhalation, exhale in a natural and relaxed manner, making sure to relax your body completely as you do so.  Now once again inhale and imagine that you are inhaling all of the energy and power that you possibly can. This inhalation should last as long as possible so that you are sucking in as much energy as you can from the universe around you. When you’re finished your inhalation again exhale and relax your body completely. Inhale like this one more time and exhale relaxing your body completely when you are done.


– You will be inhaling for a total of three times, sucking in as much energy into yourself as possible. Try to imagine that this energy that you are inhaling into yourself is being concentrated into up powerful ball of psychic energy in your lower stomach. By the third inhalation you should have a very powerful buildup of psychic energy that you can actually feel.


– After your third inhalation and once you have a good feeling of that psychic force within your lower stomach, extend your arms before you sort of like you’re about to push something away. Now from the very center of your being push this energy out from within yourself and as you do so imagine that there is a ray of light coming either from the palms of your hands are the very tips of your fingers. This light shoots out from you and goes out into the area where you wish to cleanse or banish.


– It is most important that as this energy is propelled from within you, you vividly imagine a very powerful white light shooting from your fingers or the palms of your hands. Try to see this light coming out from you as vividly as possible, make it a very bright and powerful light, as powerful as you can make it. Also do not just visualize this light coming out of you but also trying feel it as it goes through your being and out of your hands, perhaps like an electrical charge rushing out of from the belly through the arms and out of your hands.


– Imagine that this light energy shooting out of you smashes into the area that you wish to banish and there creates a very powerful white form. This form could either be a big gigantic star that is shining bright with pure light everywhere, throwing all the evil things away, or it could even be an avatar that you might wish to use, sort of like your power animal that comes out in rips away anything that you do not want in this area.


– As this light coalesces into a form before you; that is as you imagine this light being formed into a powerful avatar of some kind, whether it be a powerful animal form or perhaps just a very powerful shining orb, I want you to say out loud, “protect!”. You can use any word you like here but try to make it a powerful word that represents what your banishment is doing right now. This word should come from deep within you just like that energy that you have just projected into the room, it comes from deep within your gut.


This is a very powerful banishment that you can use any time that you feel threatened by something which you would consider paranormal. With this banishment you should be able to cleanse any area and the power of this banishment is solely in your hands; it is very dependent on how well you can visualize, how well you can suck that psychic energy and project it out from within yourself, and how much you can believe in the power of this banishment. Have faith in your ability!

Do not be afraid and do not doubt yourself but learn to use our natural human ability to project energy and thoughts. With this ability you can protect yourself from any paranormal entity or area where you find some kind of psychological or physical danger. This banishment is powerful enough to cast away anything that might threaten you or your loved ones. With practice and some mental effort, you should be able to greatly increase your power by working on your visualizations and your concentration.

With this banishment you should be able to protect yourself, and you should no longer feel powerless before these crazy paranormal events that seem to be happening with greater frequency everywhere. Banish, banish, banish, until you feel safe in your space.

If you are interested in having a far richer understanding of banishments and the paranormal in general, I do suggest my book ‘The Paranormal Experience’. In that book I have a whole chapter dedicated to banishments and I also give a detailed description of what the paranormal is and how it is that we go about discovering it or perhaps even stumbling over it.

I think that most of us would agree that we would like to be happier. Being happy is a type of pleasure and as pleasure seeking beings, happiness satisfies our instinctual desires.  Any problem that arises from seeking happiness, tends to present itself because of a person’s insistence on being happy all the time.  While being happy all the time might sound good, it is the case that every individual needs to experience a wide range of emotion because each emotion has a purpose.  If you force happiness, trying to make yourself see good things in everything or make yourself smile when you don’t feel like smiling, you can create a repressive state where a buildup of negative (in this case, emotions that are not happy) emotions is present.

You can though quite naturally extend the amount of happiness that you feel.  This is done by extending those happy moments that you feel naturally.  You do this by focusing on those good emotions when you do have them; by being more aware of your emotional state and consciously extending the length of time of the positive emotions that you feel.

See if you can go through a large part of your day being totally aware of your emotional states.  This will require a certain amount of concentration on your part in that you will need to stay focused on yourself but at the same time be able to let yourself experience the world about you naturally.  This type of awareness does take some practice; the best way to go about it is to create a type of third person perspective where you are able to imaginatively look down on yourself and watch yourself experience things naturally.  Once you can develop this third person perspective, you can easily keep an eye, as it were, on your emotional state.

This is an incredibly powerful exercise and will teach you a great deal about yourself.  You will notice that you have a very wide emotional variance throughout your day and that your emotional states are affected by both internal and external stimulus.  Sometimes you will feel certain emotions because of something that you witness or are part of physically, and you will also notice that your emotional states are also greatly controlled by your subjective experience; what you think about throughout the day.

Once you become aware of your emotional states, become particularity aware of when you are feeling happy.  Paying close attention to when you are feeling happy, you will be able to discover what it is that is causing this happiness.  This happiness will teach you about you, it will allow you to discover what you consider to be good and pleasurable to you personally.  This personal discovery is priceless because it will tell you what you need to do more of in order to be happier.  For example, you might really enjoy looking at wild birds and as such it makes all the sense in the world for you should pursue any hobby or occupation that allows you to look at wild birds more often.  You might also discover that you are quite happy whenever you are thinking about a certain person or place.  It is even possible that you find yourself the to be far happier when you are looking at the world through a certain perspective. 
Through greater personal awareness, by being able to see your emotional states from a third person perspective, you will discover those things that cause you greater happiness.  You then expand your happiness by doing or thinking more of those things that bring you joy and satisfaction.  In this way, joy and happiness can quite easily be extended and your life can become far more rewarding.

You do not need to fake happiness.  It is actually the case that if you try to fake happiness, you will actually end up getting it’s opposite.  Happiness can only be developed through a natural amplification of those things that cause you happiness.  Happiness then essentially becomes what it truly is; an emotion that is meant to empower you and guide you towards greater personal fulfillment.

Using this same method, you can see that negative emotions(in this case emotions that you do not consider happy) are also empowering energetic impulses that can teach you about your personal reality.  Using the third person perspective, you can discover what is causing the negative emotion.  With this discovery you can make sure that you do not engage in activity or thoughts that extend this negativity.  Looked at in this way, negative emotions become what they truly are; a catalyst for personal understanding and change. All emotions are there to help you discover your personal beliefs.

To ‘fake it ‘til you make it’ might be a good way to get out of a slump in the short term but it can create many problems in the long term.  Forcing yourself to do anything that you are not feeling, is essentially trying to coerce your own nature.  Instead of trying to fit yourself into a mold of what others believe you should be, I suggest that next time you choose instead to experience your own nature naturally.  Become more aware and discover for yourself what it is that makes you happy, extend that happiness naturally by doing more of those things that bring you joy and less of those things that create negativity with an you.  You can be happier by just learning to extend those happy moments, without denying or suppressing your natural emotional reality.





I am a firm believer, that contemplation is your greatest resource in the acquisition of inner wisdom. Contemplation is basically the ability to let your mind go into a type of free flow, or inner exploration, where on the one hand you might give your mind complete and free reign, to flow in whatever direction it wants, and in the other you stay focused, so that you are able to keep track of every single thought, that enters your mind. This is a tricky give and take, because if you focus too much on keeping track of your thoughts, you can impede the natural flow of these thoughts. Personal internal contemplation is an art, that must be practiced and perfected, but it is also a very fun activity, that can be very relaxing and incredibly mentally stimulating.

You can use internal contemplation, to find answers to problems that have stumped you in the past. This contemplation is very powerful, because it allows you to access information that is usually buried in your subconscious, and as such, not easily available to your conscious mind. Contemplation then, is the bridge between the conscious and the subconscious. It is very powerful, and it has been used by the great geniuses of the past to discover thoughts, ideas, and concepts that have been far ahead of their time.

It is indeed the case that contemplation, is a type of active dreaming, that is, it is in essence a way to project the personal consciousness outside of the body. In my book, Out Of Body Experiences, Quickly And Naturally, which is available in the kindle book store, I discuss in detail how the conscious self can be projected from the body. I discuss how this projection can be done, starting from a fully awake state, and how human consciousness naturally creates its own mental propellants, that allow the self to exit the confines of the physical body.
If you are interested in finding more about this book, I will leave a link in the description below.

Contemplation, when done properly, can be used in this way to overcome the limits of the body, which then lets a person discover greater truths, and the answers to questions that might seem outside of the realm of human understanding.

There are three types of contemplation, or contemplative practices;

The First is Free flow:

This is when you allow your mind complete freedom, to go anywhere it wants. You must remember though, that you have to keep track of your thoughts, and you must be aware of them as they happen, but you must at the same time give your mind free reign. This can be a difficult task at first, but once this fine give and take is mastered, you will have access to amazing knowledge.

In a quiet relaxed place, allow your mind to just flow freely as you watch it from a distance, and you watch your thoughts flow by like a fine calm river. This type of free flow contemplation, is an incredibly powerful way to discover your inner thoughts and feelings. These thoughts and feelings can give you clues about your beliefs and about your life in general. I don’t think that I would be overstating the fact, by saying that through prolonged free flow contemplation you can attain a deep sense of personal enlightenment, which can improve your entire life. This type of contemplation is even a wonderful form of meditation, that can relax your being and settle your soul.

The second contemplation method is, Directed contemplation:
Perhaps as you begin to do free-flowing contemplation, you become interested in a particular train of thought or concept. When this happens, you must change your contemplation into a more focused endeavor. You do this by lightly focusing your mind on this particular concept, while at the same time not trying to interfere with this natural free flow of thought. This is again a tricky accomplishment, because any strong personal intention will instantly stop this natural flow of thought, so you must discover just the right touch of focus needed to direct your mind. If this natural flow stops, do not worry, just allow yourself to relax and your flow of thoughts will soon begin on its own again. All of this mental action is quite subjective, so it is difficult to give you a step-by-step guide, you must find your own methods, and discover the natural flow of your own mind. It is perhaps helpful, to realize that this natural flow of thoughts in your mind is always there, you must just be relaxed enough, and be internally focused enough, to be able to pay attention to it. Then in the most gentle way possible, you must direct your focus in a way that won’t interfere with your natural mind.

The third contemplation method is, No thought contemplation :
Once you have been doing some kind of contemplation for a while, it is quite possible that you will get sleepy. This natural desire to sleep, is perhaps the result of the wonderful relaxation that contemplation creates. This feeling of sleep though, can allow your mind to take a final step into its contemplative practice. If you follow this sleepy feeling, but at the same time try to stay as conscious as possible of the thoughts in your mind, you will find that this feeling has the ability to stop thought altogether. It is as if that wonderful river of thought just disappeared, and there is just a very nice and relaxing void left in its place. If you are able to keep your concentration on this void, you will be able to discover an incredible new deeper level of thought, visions, and sounds that begin to take on the quality of dreams. This final type of contemplation is difficult for the beginner, and can only be developed through personal work. The trick, is to follow and experience that wonderful sleepy feeling without falling asleep. If you are able to get to this level, then you will discover entire universes that you can explore at your leisure. Universes that can open up your being, to a world of infinite mental possibility.

When doing these contemplative techniques, it is often a very good idea to keep a pad and pen next to you. In this way you can write down, or draw, anything that you see or experience. The reason for this, is that these contemplative practices have a way of changing your conscious state, which means that when you wake up to normal consciousness, you most often forget a great deal of the material that you may have discovered, in very much the same way that a dream can be forgotten. It is therefore a good idea to write everything down when it is fresh in your mind.

These are the basic three methods of contemplation. With them you will be able to do anything that you want in your contemplative ventures, they will allow you to develop a direct bridge to your subconscious. This bridge, is the beginning of an unbelievably deep understanding of self and the universe, and are the beginning of your journey into a vast and infinite inner sea of awareness, where the possibilities are endless.

Hypnosis is defined as; an artificially induced trance state resembling sleep, characterized by a heightened susceptibility to suggestion.

Hypnosis then is one way to go into trance. It is good to be clear on the fact that hypnosis is not trance but just one way to attain trance. Why this is important is because, in personal change, trance is very important while hypnosis is just one method of attaining this most important state.

Hypnosis essentially requires a hypnotist. The hypnotist basically becomes a guiding force for the patient and becomes an authoritative figure that leads to patient’s consciousness into a desired state. This is a very powerful way to achieve a trance state but it does have some flaws.

First of all, hypnosis takes it for granted that in order to hypnotize someone you need to have them go into a lethargic sleep like state. Now if the ultimate outcome of  hypnosis is attaining a trance state, then you must realize that you do not need to going to a sleep like state to get there. a trance state can also be achieved through great excitation, this can be seen when you witness an athlete performing a difficult physical task or when you see people achieve ecstatic states while dancing.

Hypnosis also tends to function much better with a hypnotist. It is possible to get yourself into a self hypnosis state, but these states are usually weaker than anything that can be achieved with the hypnotist. Now this is the case because you are following hypnotic procedure in order to try and achieve a trance. You can though achieve a trance by yourself that is far stronger than anything that you can achieve through self hypnosis. Trance states therefore are far easier to achieve than self hypnosis.

There is great contention as to who can be hypnotized. Many experts believe that only highly suggestible people can become hypnotized, that there is a large number of people out there that cannot be hypnotized or that some people cannot be put into a hypnotic trance that is very strong. While this might or might not be true, it is fact that anyone can go into a trance state. A trance state can best be defined as a complete focus of the consciousness on one object or subject. So any time that you are completely focused on one thing, and you are ignoring or not aware of everything else around you, you are any trance state.

Why are trance states so important? They are important because they are the best way possible to implant a belief into your subconscious. In order to do this you focus your mind completely on your desired belief or thought. The trance is achieved when you are able to focus your mind completely on this thought or belief to the exclusion of everything else. Another way to say this is that any thought or belief that you are able to maintain in your mind while in a state of complete mental silence, becomes a command to your subconscious. In this way you are able to consciously program yourself by correctly affecting your subconscious beliefs and actions.

There are two major ways to achieve trance. The first that we have mentioned is the one taken by the hypnotist; this is achieved by getting yourself into a very relaxed, almost sleep like state, where through complete body relaxation you are able to focus your conscious mind on a single goal. The other method which I briefly mentioned is through excitation; this trance state is achieved by getting yourself in an incredibly excited state. A trance state achieved through excitation can be achieved through great physical stress for example. Native people of the world can be seen attaining these types of trances through drumming, dancing, and wild agitation.

The fact of the matter is though that there is no need to go into either extremes to create a trance like state that is most useful. You can for example create the perfect trance state while being completely awake and not gyrating to the drumbeats of jungle rhythms. In order to do this all you have to do is train yourself to focus completely on one thought or desire. In order to develop the kind of concentration that you need, I suggest you read the article Learn The Power of Concentration.

By knowing that the active ingredient of hypnosis is trance, and by knowing that a trance can be achieved through many varied methods, which do not need to involve hypnosis, you can begin to create your own methods to achieve trance states that are far simpler and far more powerful. Remember that a trance state is your full and complete mental concentration on one object or idea. As such then you are constantly in different states of trance as you go about your day. Personal trance states are natural to all of us and they can be used by us at any time to help us achieve our goals.

We are all told over and over again nowadays that meditation is good for us, but few of us know how to meditate properly. Meditation is supposed to be very good for mental health and also for our physical well-being. In a highly stressed out life, where the average person works about 40 hours a week, meditation seems to be a wonderful way to bring balance.

  • In order to meditate properly you must realize that the one key factor is that you must be able to focus your mind on one particular thing. By focusing the mind, you give yourself a type of rest because the mind is then not flying left and right with all sorts of mental aberrations.
  • Proper meditation also involves bodily relaxation. Body relaxation and the reduction of tension can greatly affect the mind since there seems to be a direct correlation between physical tension and emotion.
  • There is another important point to meditation that I must mention, and this is the concept of inner space. inner space is our internal conscious reality; it is the reality that we experience if we are able to go inside ourselves and ignore usual sense data. It is essentially the reality that you would be able to experience if you were put inside an isolation tank where you could not use any of your five senses. Proper meditation therefore involves this kind of internal consciousness and is the key to creating expanded conscious awareness. I mention it here because proper meditation is not just a way to relax but it must also be a way to expand yourself and your being. Without this final component, meditation just becomes a task and not a way to expand your horizons.

With the above in mind that, there are three ways to meditate properly:

1.  Concentrate your mind on one thing. To do this you could either concentrate on an object in your mind, an object that you see before you, or perhaps a task that you try to do as consciously as possible. You could for example look at an apple on the table in front of you, trying to keep your attention solely on this apple and not letting anything get in the way of this attention. You could also concentrate on an image of an apple that you are holding in your mind. An internal image is a more difficult task since you must be very good at visualization in order to do this, but if you can master this technique, this is a great way to have yourself focus on one thing.
You could also focus your mind on a particular task; many people for example like to concentrate on their breathing and this is a wonderful way to keep your mind focused on one thing. The key to this kind of meditation is to train your attention to focus solely on this one task and to bring your mind back to this task if it decides to wander. Read ” Learn the power of concentration” if you are interested in this method.

2.  You can meditate by concentrating on your body, and by concentrating on the act of relaxing your body. This is sort of like the task that I mentioned above but it does two things; first of course it allows you to focus on one thing to the exclusion of all other things, but secondly it also allows you to relax your body and therefore take your self into a natural trance by becoming deeply relaxed. Read “How to relax” if you are interested in this method.

3. The final method to meditate properly is to try and go into inner space. One of the best and easiest ways to do this is to imagine that you have a dial that controls the volume of your senses. By dialing this volume down you are imaginatively turning down how much you can see, hear, taste, touch, and smell. After turning the volume of your senses down, explore what is left. Explore this reality.

It is up to you to explore what you like best, and which technique you think would provide the best kind of meditation for you. Meditation done properly is in many ways dreaming, it will alter brain chemicals and it will balance your hormonal levels. In this way meditation is a great rest for your body and it allows for certain excess chemicals to be correctly processed so that they do not hinder your natural functions. It also allows you to develop more chemicals in the brain that the waking consciousness needs to function at its best. With a little effort you too can learn to meditate properly and attain new levels of relaxation and awareness.

How positive do you feel about the things in your life? Most people tend to believe that they are very positive but they seldom take stock of their own thoughts. They figure that since they feel alright, then things must be fine. And fine for many is basically positive.

There is a big difference though between feeling fine and alright and being positive and happy. If you are pretty good at ignoring your mind or have such a busy life that you are seldom conscious of your own thoughts, you tend to figure things are alright and you leave it at that. This would actually be fine if you are able to completely shut off the internal dialogue in your head but that is not ever really the case. The mind tends to work away even when you think you are too busy to notice. Even when you do engage in a concentration intensive task, any break in the work flow gets your mind going again.

I don’t mention these things with the idea to scare you or to make it seem like you have no control over your mind. The fact is that you do and if you do find something that you can dedicate a lot of positive attention to, you can greatly reduce that internal dialogue, whether positive or negative.

What I want to point out though is that your mind and therefore your internal dialogue, is hard to stop. Also I want to point out that its hard for us to really know our mind without self examination. With this in mind I wanted to give you an exercise that you could use to help your thought pattern. This exercise should help you to realize how you feel about many different things. It’s easy and can be fun if you approach it like a game:

I want you to make a list of the top 10 things that you think most about. To do this you might need to do some self examination; trying to pay attention to your thoughts and what you are thinking about throughout the day. But it isn’t a difficult task, most of us think mostly about the following:

  1. money
  2. clothes
  3. car
  4. friends
  5. career
  6. health
  7. food
  8. pets
  9. etc.

Now that you have your list, rate each one of the items on your list seeing how positively you feel about each one. Use a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being the least positive and 10 being the most positive. To do this, take money for example and contemplate it in general and in your life specifically. How to you feel about it, rate this feeling.

Now look at your list and see how you did. Were you generally positive or negative. As long as you do this exercise honestly, you will get a real good idea of how positive or negative you are at the moment. Use this knowledge so that you can begin to better understand your internal dialogue.

Now take an item on the list that you rated as being negative about. On your list, right beside the item, write down a positive picture or thought about the item. For example if you had a low number for money, write down some thought or picture that you could hold when you think about money that would make you feel more positive. And at the bottom in quotation marks, write down an affirmation that you could use to uplift you right away.

For example you could write:
I see myself in an incredibly beautiful and opulent restaurant in Monte Carlo, being served incredible food and drink by a amazing waiter. All around me I see incredible and beautiful things. I eat the best food in the most expensive china and crystal. I am treated like royalty and I deserve the best.
“ I am rich and wealthy, money flows to me naturally and effortlessly.”

If you then use this picture anytime that you have a money thought, you will see that you will begin to feel far more positive about this item on your list. The affirmation can be used at the same time or when you don’t have time to visualize (like when you are driving).

This is a fun exercise that will teach you a lot about your internal dialogue and how positive it is. If you follow the recommendations and create a positive picture for those things that you feel more negative about, you will change your internal dialogue for the better and get more positive.




I know that I have given you some ideas on how to control your thoughts and emotions on other articles. In this article though I want to give you a technique that is definitely more advanced. I think that if you follow my writings and you have some experience in mental control, you will find that this technique is a natural extension of what has come before.

This technique will allow you to control negative and compulsive thoughts and emotions. While I have as I said given you other ways to do this, this method does not involve any visualization or mental trick as it were. You begin to practice a direct exercise of your WILL; that is, you WILL something to be the case and it is the case. This is very useful because other methods mentioned tend to use a visualization crutch which is time costly and is difficult to do depending on where you find yourself.

There are many times when negative and debilitating emotions assail us. These emotions can be the result of internal ruminations or the result of external influences. Whatever the case, when you are in the thick of doing something important, you need to stop these emotions quickly. Thoughts are quite often the culprits here since all emotion is cause by thought, whether we are conscious of the thought or not. But again, whether these are thoughts or emotions, there are times when self-examination is an impossibility. You could be in a difficult situation for example and what you really need at the moment is self-control.

Thought ControlWhen you find yourself in the situation mentioned, where you need to stop an emotion or thought quickly, you must exercise advanced thought control. To do this you must WILL yourself to stop thinking the thought that keeps popping into your head or you must WILL yourself to stop feeling what you are feeling. It is as simple as that really. The simplest, quickest, and most advanced method of thought control is WILL.

The doing of course is always the big trick in all of this; how do you train yourself to be able to WILL yourself to stop this emotion or thought cold. And the method is as simple in explanation as the answer; biofeedback. Using biofeedback people have trained themselves to do amazing things: slow or speed up heart rates, lower or raise blood pressure, change brainwave patterns, lower or raise insulin levels. All of these things are autonomic which means that they are not supposed to be under the control of the conscious mind, yet with biofeedback normal people are doing in months what it took Yogis decades to accomplish in the past.

But don’t get worried thinking that you will have to go buy some expensive electronic gear. All that you need to accomplish this advanced thought control is already available within you. You see, every time that you have a thought, whether you are conscious of it or not, you have an emotion or feeling. This feeling is always registered in the body, and the most common way that you register these thoughts and emotions is through tension.

So, there you have the only two biofeedback controls that you will ever need:

  1. You will either feel an emotion or
  2. You will feel some kind of tension or displacement in your body

With these two gauges you will be able to train yourself to WILL yourself to stop any thought or emotion. The process is really a matter of concentration, focus, and effort. The most important things here are concentration and focus. The effort will change depending on how powerful the thought or the emotion is but all can be overcome easily with intense focus. Do remember that this is Advanced thought control.

To explain how to begin to do this, let’s use an example; Let’s say that you have to walk across a really thin ledge that is many stories off the ground. Trying to do this, you are probably really sacred. What is going on here is that you have a belief that you’re a going to fall to your death. You are probably having many thoughts that are replaying all sorts of scenarios in your mind at that moment. It is quite possible that these thoughts are happening so quickly that all that you are really aware of is the deep and powerful fear that is paralyzing your entire body.

What you must do then is to WILL yourself to stop your fear. You can do it, have confidence in yourself. You will instantly know how well you are doing because your fear is your barometer. After trying to WILL yourself for a bit; do you feel any less fear? Do you feel just as fearful as before?

Well here is some help, the fear will create incredible tension in your body. If you can, try and focus on where this tension is on our body. Perhaps your thighs are incredibly stiff and you can barely move your legs, or perhaps your stomach is in a knot. Concentrate on these areas and WILL them to relax, Breathe deeply and WILL these body parts to relax. Try to work backwards at first until you get the hang of it; Will your body tensions to relax first, then Will your fears down, and finally WILL those negative thoughts away. At this advanced stage, do not try and replace the negative with a positive, just become empty in the moment. If you can stop the tension and the emotion, you will find that your thoughts will also quiet down, and if you can’t completely stop those thoughts then no worries because thought without emotional energy is powerless.

Concentration is what you will need in order to stay vigilant enough to keep an eye on the thoughts and feelings that you are having. And then to be able to separate the body parts that are tense or feel a bit off. Then you will need to focus completely on what you intend to happen. In order to be able to WILL yourself yo do something, you must be able to focus completely on your intent so that the only thing the you are conscious of is what you are intending. Without this focus you will not be able to do what you intend; your WILL will lack the power to do what you are asking.

Aside from this there is not much more that I can say. You must practice and keep practicing until you can develop the kind WILL that can do as you bid. There are a number of articles here that might help you to develop your concentration and focus, you might want to start with Learn the Power of Concentration.

Never use this method alone and stop ALL the bad emotions and thoughts in your mind forever. All negative thoughts and emotions must be examined or you will end up hurting yourself. I hope to write future articles on the importance of this self-examination and how to go about it.

Would you like to learn a technique that can persuade others and bend them to your will? How about a way to stop another person in their tracks and totally invade their soul? Would you like to learn a technique that creates instant sexual tension?

I hope so because this is just what I am going to teach you and if you are able to master this technique, you will be able to exert your will with incredible results.

Have you ever been to the Greece or Southern Italy? If you have been lucky enough, you might have noticed that most of the old fishing boats are adorned with a single eye. At first glance it’s easy to imagine that the locals are doing this give their boats a bit of personality.

But the reason for this eye is actually a little more sinister; this is actually the eye of Hera(Greek Goddess), and the reason all the boats are adorned like this is that they are being protected from “The Evil Eye”. The power of the evil eye is a belief that is held by just about every culture in the world; from Greece to Rome, Egypt, Latin America, to Sub Saharan Africa and beyond.

This is not the place to go into theory on why this belief is so prevalent but I use it to illustrate the power of the human gaze, and the fact that this power was recognized by just about every single ancient culture on earth. Unfortunately most of these cultural beliefs dwell on the negative aspects of the evil eye; which is said to be the result of envy and spite brought about by the powerful stare of certain others, this stare curses and brings destruction and ill health.

Why an eye to battle The Evil Eye? Because the evil eye is really the projection of evil will upon others. This evil intent is projected through an unblinking stare and the only way to beat the power of this unblinking stare is to fight it with another unblinking stare. A boat adorned with the eye of Hera will not blink, hence you have instant protection.

If you think the modern North American culture is beyond the power of The Eye then all you have to do is watch a couple of people arguing. Confrontations are always staring contests. Even when someone else loses at something, we are often apt to say, “He blinked”.

This strong gaze then, is really a projection of a strong will. If that person has evil intentions, then this is what he or she projects. But a person that has mastered this technique (the technique of the powerful gaze) can project good things as well. He or she will project their intentions whatever they may be and they will be able to project these intentions with great force.

In this article I want to give you the basics of learning how to develop a very powerful gaze. This gaze we are going to use in order to captivate others, persuade others, and to create sexual tension. You are going to learn how to stop another person in mid thought and if you are so inclined, to put a tingle between their legs.

To begin I am going to ask you to practice the following exercises:

•    Take a piece of white paper, draw a small dot on the paper, stick this paper on a wall just below eye level and stare at it for fifteen minutes. The idea here is that with this exercise you will develop focus and concentration . This exercise is also a great way to develop the power of your gaze.  You will find that your eyes will want to wander away on their own; if they do, then refocus them and make sure that you keep staring at the dot in front of you. Commit yourself completely to staring at the dot, do this until you feel that you are putting the full force of your being into this effort.

As you do this exercise, you will notice that within short order your eyes will wander and you will have a bit of difficulty keeping your eyes focused on the dot. Most people are not use to staring at a fixed point and they must train themselves to develop this kind of visual strength.

Begin by trying to stare at the dot on the wall for fifteen minutes. Blink as often and as much as you like but keep your eyes on the dot. If your eyes wander, then refocus them and keep staring at the dot. See if you can do it for the entire fifteen minutes without wavering.

•    Next I want you to look up to the top corner of a room. From there I want you to follow, with your eyes, the line that connects the ceiling to the roof. Follow this line from one corner to the other, so what you are doing is following a straight line from one point to the other. Move your neck when you do this but keep your eyes focused on that line. If your eyes waver from that line, start again. Do this fifteen times, blinking as much as you need to. Do this exercise until your eyes are not wavering from the line.

•    Finally I want you to go to a mirror. Stand in front of the mirror and stare into the reflection of your eyes. I want you to stare into your eyes without blinking. Do this for as long as possible.

Your eyes are going to start to get itchy and water after a while but you have to persist. When your eyes water and you have to blink, take a break for a couple of minutes until you feel normal and then begin to stare into your reflection again. Try to go for as long as possible without blinking. See if you can do this exercise until you can go for 30 seconds without blinking. (The Greek Evzones guards are said to be able to stare out like this without blinking for their entire watch!)

Continue to do the above exercise until you feel very comfortable with the power of your gaze and you can stare without blinking for at least 30 seconds.

With this technique, timing is very important. What you want to do is to catch the object of your intention or affections by surprise. One minute everything is going great then boom, you let them have it. Actually the name for this technique is called “dropping the stone”.

So try to use this when the other person is not expecting it. If you want to use this technique to get someone sexually interested in you then use this technique after you have struck up a personal conversation with them. One minute you are making small talk and then they look up at you and you drop the stone.

If you want to win an argument or persuade a person to your way of things then you must be patient and catch them by surprise as well. Let them ramble on about whatever is not important to the conflict in question, then just at the right moment, bang; you drop the stone. Fix your gaze on their left eye and in a calm unemotional way state your argument. Keep stating your point, blinking as little as possible, until the other person gives in or walks away.

The other person will become very uncomfortable but that is what you are going for really. This is the moment when you act. If you want to win an argument, then this is where you tell them just what you think. If you are going for a more sexual intention then wait for them to get a little entranced and then touch their hand or tell them how you feel about them.

Here is the tricky part;

•    If you are trying to persuade another or win an argument then you must remain totally calm and un-emotional. The trick is to let the person talk as much as they want about anything that is unimportant and then to drop the stone whenever you are making a point. Logically and calmly say your piece while staring into their left eye. Do not become frazzled or impatient, just keep gazing and making your point. Once you have dropped the stone, do not look away anymore, just keep gazing and making your point in as polite a way as possible. Do this until they blink (metaphorically and otherwise).

•    If you are a man or dominant woman then you will want to stare at the object of your affection until he/she blinks or looks away. DO NOT stare down the person. There is a difference between winning a staring contest and being provocative. This all has to do with intention; don’t think of it as a contest but more as a way to show him/her just how much you want them. If they start to talk to you then talk to them back but don’t blink; you can’t blink until he/she blinks.

•    If you know yourself to be a more submissive person and are interested in a more aggressive person, then you have to develop great timing. What you need to do is to stare at your love interest but give in to the man/woman at the last moment. As you lock on to each other with your strong  gaze, you will feel a certain connection(tension) with the person that you are staring at; when this happens, hold that gaze for a second then smile and look down at the ground slowly.

If the other looks away before you can look down as instructed then he/she is either totally uninterested or he/she is a really shy person that is expecting you to be the more dominant one. In which case you will have to instigate any contact and you will be running the show.

Once you have performed your power gaze, look somewhere else and act as if nothing happened. If the person is interested in you then they will begin to send you signals letting you know that they want to step things up a bit.

But even if you don’t hear from them for a while or ever; if you have practiced your exercises and you have given them ‘the eye’ correctly, you can be sure that you will be entranced in their minds for a very long time.

Do not underestimate the power of your gaze and of a strong focused look. Next time that you want to exert your will or create sexual tension, ‘drop the stone’.