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What do you believe about money? Is there something about money that you are assuming to be true that might be just wild speculation on your part? It is quite possible that these speculations are stopping you from attaining many of the things that you desire. You must be ready to explore your feelings and beliefs about money or you might be doing yourself a disservice.

Many believe for example that only evil and ruthless people become rich. But if you look around you will see that there are many mean and reprehensible poor people, while there are also many rich people that are good and kind.  Separating people into good and bad because of the amount of money that they have is a very bad and limiting belief, and one that you must get over before you can start receiving from the world at large.

Perhaps you don’t think that you deserve to be rich. Many people have very low self esteem and this has a direct relation on the kind of money and the kind of wealth that they have. Is there a price that you have put on yourself? We all have a certain amount that we think that we are worth. It is essential therefore that you explore this belief and find out for yourself the price tag that you have given yourself.

Can you allow yourself to be rich? It seems odd but if you explore your answer to this question you will be a lot closer to finding out what it is that might be holding you back. Follow this question all of the way to the end and you will be surprised to find out what kinds of beliefs you hold that are holding you back from making the kind of money that you desire.

If you do become rich, can you stay wealthy in all facets of your life? This question asks whether you believe that being rich will actually take away from other aspects of your life. Some people for example believe that you need to give up your free time or the time that you spend with your family to be rich.

Can you be rich and still keep your integrity? Many, as I stated stated above, believe that you need to be a crook to get rich. But this is only a perception that you have fostered or that others have imposed upon you. Good people can be rich and you can too. Explore this belief with great care because it is one that is quite prominent in our society.

Allow yourself to answer positively to all of the questions that you have about money. This way you give yourself the permission to be rich, and to have all of the wealth that you are entitled to. Contrary to popular opinion, getting the money is not the hard part; the hard part is allowing yourself the possibility of being rich.

When you know what you want and why then it’s easy to get what you want. This is because all your energies are not scattered all over the place but are focused on getting what you want. To get this focus you have to begin by exploring your beliefs about money, wealth, and being rich. Allow yourself the ability to be rich and you have won the battle.


  1. Noel Dsouza

    I’ve tried everything from visualisation to dream boards, but nothing seems to work.. m I doing something wrong .

    1. I have found that when there is a lot of resistance, it is most likely that a person needs to take the time to look at their own personal beliefs in that area, and change the negative ones. To do this I recommend using the techniques that I describe in this article.

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