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The world is not what you think it is. Many of us have heard that statement before, but what does it mean in practical terms? What if the world is more fluid than we imagine? What if the laws governing our reality are different from those we’ve been taught to believe? And what if everything we’ve been told about the world is a kind of manipulation designed to make us think and behave in certain ways, even when it contradicts our own inner feelings?

Knowing these truths, wouldn’t you try with every ounce of your being to change your life using this new strategy?

This is a book written in story format and it is my hope that through this writing style I am able to impart more nuanced a personable information into the great intricacies of inner alchemy.

In reading the tales of Janos and the shadowed man, you will most likely have some questions about the nature of their journey. I have set this space aside to answer those questions that you may have.

And have no doubt, this book is full of sophisticated and for the most part, hitherto secret knowledge, that I hope will transport you into a new world of personal fulfillment and discovery as you follow the apprenticeship of a budding inner alchemist.

Please note that I reserve the right to not answer any questions that I feel are not pertinent or that violate common standards for a public page. Also, as this is a public page do not post any information that you do not want made public. While I do try to answer questions as quickly as I am able, other commitments can get in the way so thank you for your patience.The information contained on this website is solely for educational and entertainment purposes on the given subjects. It should not be considered medical advice nor financial advice and should NOT be used as a substitute for medical advice or financial advice by trained professionals. The author makes no warranty or assumes any responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the information given. Moreover, the author accepts no responsibility for the decisions made by the reader. Before you engage in any of the practices mentioned on this site or in my books, please contact a qualified medical professional, especially if you are at risk of aneurysms, or if you have issues with your heart. Thank You.


  1. Joseph Curwen

    Great book! I just finished reading it. I think it does a good job, for a reader who has the potential of embarking on an alchemical path, of making them realize that this is something they can realistically do, instead of a vague possibility they might be able to pursue at some distant point in the future.

    It also crystallized a realization about my own course which I have been aware of at a certain level for some time, and makes me feel somewhat isolated even when reading texts like yours. It is that my trajectory has been a kind of inverse of the way you and almost every other writer I have ever read describes alchemy. By this I mean that you describe a practitioner who wakes up or is made aware at a certain point of how his ordinary mind is cutting him off from the possibility all around him and then sets about freeing himself in a conscious, deliberate way from 3D limitation, in the process becoming freer and freer. In contrast, the more I progress the more it seems to me that my conscious mind and desires never mattered, that it’s as if I’ve been being sucked through what you call the rooms of the projectionist without realizing it for my whole life, and without my lack of realization being particularly important. At this point, I should mention that at a purely conscious level I fell hook, line, and sinker for materialist scientism at an early age, since this was what most of the adults around me told me and this seemed confirmed beyond any doubt by the technical wonders all around me. As a result, consciously I also fell completely for the notion that the only kind of success possible is to be found in the outer world. I would, therefore, have fallen into most of the traps by which people are cut off from multidimensional growth, it was simply that the circumstances of my life would never allow me to fell into them.

    The closest thing in your books to how this feels to me is actually the way you describe what happens to an ordinary person after they die as they are pulled towards the singularity, in other words, as if alchemical transmutation, instead of being a path of weightlessness, is the greatest gravity affecting me, and thus canceled out my earlier mistaken mindset even when it was still firmly in place. To be sure, there was a moment when I “decided” to make the pursuit of immortality my absolute priority, but this didn’t feel so much like a decision and more like a realization which wasn’t even particularly remarkable. So my questions are are these sorts of feelings more common than I realize, and if not, do you know or know of others who have also followed an “unconscious” alchemical path? If so, do you have advice on pitfalls to avoid for such individuals?

    1. Thank you!
      It was my hope to give a new perspective on the way of inner alchemy by introducing a more personal relationship and story where the formal style of my writing is overcome, and the reader can truly understand the intricacies and the nuance of the path to freedom.

      The interesting thing about the world is that it is naturally designed to make us evolve, to force us to either perish under the weight of it or to have us transmute into something better, something more capable in the face of the great gravity of this world.
      If we were all, the whole of us, just a minion of the Archon, then our lives would be easier in some ways; we would just live, feel tortured to whatever degree, and die. But there are other parts to us than just the ‘conscious self’, and those parts rebel within us against the tyranny that we perceive and it is that combination within us, that total self, that at the best of times pushes us beyond our baser nature.
      If someone is perceptive and conscious of their life, as I think you most definitely are, then you can see that quest for evolution, that quest for transmutation and a different configuration within yourself. You can see how if you truly want to be the person that the spark within you tells you that you truly are, then you must become different somehow, you must overcome your self.
      Now, at times, from the conscious self perspective, this process of evolution may seem natural, almost like an outside force beyond yourself is shifting the world all around you to help you evolve, make you evolve, put the path in front of you to guarantee that you evolve. And that conscious self at times may even think that you are a natural as they say.
      And this is the truth, you are a natural! Forces beyond the conscious self that you know are working constantly and there are aspects of you that are for a lack of better words divine, and these parts are moving, again for lack of better words, upwardly.
      Since all human beings have that spark within them, then the truth is that all true human beings are moving in that direction whether they realize it or not. And the second truth is that most of the world does not realize this, or perhaps it would be better to say that they do their best to ignore this natural spark within them and this unconscious self evolution. It tends to take self-awareness and courage to realize that there is more to reality, and it even takes more courage to trust those inner feelings and perceptions, trust them enough to consciously look for something more and then consciously engage in a different path, as opposed to just being led mechanically through the cycle of life and death and unconscious evolution.
      For some, those that are not as lucky as Janos and do not have a teacher to push them and thrill them, for them, breaking the chains of this world begins when they become aware of that unconscious alchemical path. The second step is to consciously decide to deliberately and relentlessly continue that greater path. In having noticed that transmutation within yourself, you are indeed one of the few, and to have consciously decided to follow this path, then, there is fewer of you still. That is the wonderful thing about these comments and sites like this one, they can allow people that have similar perceptions and conscious decisions to come together and understand that they are not alone, and that there is indeed far more to reality than what the materialistic modern world is telling them.
      There are many pitfalls in this path, perhaps the greatest of which is indulgence. To indulge is really to fall prey to the great desire within us to just accept our lives and the great dynamics of it without any self scrutiny at all. Indulgence can also make us feel like we already know it all, that everything works out for us and therefore we do not need to try, and this can be a great obstacle because it makes us think that in a way we are immortal, and the moment that we feel the presence of such a comfortable escape hatch, it is very easy to just start ignoring the whole process of life and living.
      You may for example think that since this whole transmutation process is natural for you in a way, then why try it all? If it is all happening without having me notice it at all, then why do anything about it?
      It is easy to think that there is no need for you to do anything at all as a conscious self, because the world will in due course take care of you, one where the other. But the truth is that if you have been paying attention to that unconscious alchemical path, then you have most likely noticed that all of it is trying to tell you to wake up, to wake up somehow to something that is going on. There is a part that is always insisting that you pay attention and wake up. If you do not wake up nothing changes, life and death happen and in that next cycle of living that unconscious alchemical path tries as hard as it can to have you wake up once again. If you never wake up then the cycle may last forever, at least it will seem like forever from a linear point of view.
      My advice to anyone that has become aware of the spark within them and has chosen to consciously follow it, and engage in that process, is to never forget to keep paying attention to everything. Once you have made a decision to consciously follow the path of transmutation, fight the gravity that makes you want to take the easy path and forget all that you now know, because when you lose that self scrutiny, thinking that all is fine so no worries, well, that is when you have lost that attention on your self and your life, and you have therefore lost everything. Indulgence and complacent self-importance can be a great enemy.

  2. Hi John,
    Your reader here, thanks for your books and technique. I don’t know what would my life be if I didn’t grab “Overcoming the archon” then later the Magnum Opus trilogy. At worst they gave me faith to continue coping with life, at best… I don’t know what to say here, the possibility is endless.

    1.About the book, I’m interested in the in-between. Can’t say that I’m good with inner feeling sense but I can’t sense any place like that in my proximity. Did the shadowed man somehow create it ? Because when the shadowed man disappears, space and time become normal.

    2.Also, I’m curious about Janos’s inner feeling sense. What would he feel when he perceives an apple for example. I’ve been following magnum opus for 16 months and projecting for 12 months. My inner feeling sense is “physical”, that means I can confirm a yes no question (debatable accuracy), I can remember some facts about an object. But it never goes deeper, like “seeing” inner reality. I think this is why I’m not confident with my inner feeling sense. I admit that inner feeling sense and auric seeing are 2 exercises that I do least because the results are not immediate.

    3. How did he make his inner temple so vivid? I assume it’s some sort of projection. I’m in the 3rd room but I brute force it. I try to develop physical eyes in that room. My head hurts but I can see physically. I can turn off my physical eyes and prevent headache. However, I think I need to develop ghost form more to feel the intensity. Else, I don’t feel like projecting anymore. It’s too shallow or something, I just don’t know what to do in 3rd room anymore, I have no desire to project for the time being. How can Janos feel such intensity when he just began?

    4. You taught 2 methods or 3 to send intent to the dark sea: prayer, thought form and desire without compromise (long breath out). I can only pray now since I feel less drained when praying in my inner temple, and it feels easier to have faith when praying too. I almost can not use the other two anymore. Idk why but recently I’m unable to breath out long enough. Last time we talked, I said I thought because I sent enough intent and now the sea is “saturated”. Is that possible though?

    5. How can I “see” spirit? Isn’t Janos too keen?

    6. Janos doesn’t do bone breathing but his power seems great. How is that possible? Is there a point where you are not “allowed” to absorb more energy with bone breathing? At least it seems like the case to me.

    There’s so much I want to ask but I think those are the most relevant to the book, a lot of derailments too sorry. I hope the questions make sense.
    Thank you in advance

    1. Thank you very much Thong. I appreciate your comment more than you know.
      Here is my reply to your questions:
      1. As the shadowed man says in the book the in-between is here, there, everywhere. The way we perceive space and time is inaccurate, incomplete. In order to access that liminal and hidden space, the shadowed man is able to play with his cognition, his awareness. This is something that I will go into more as the series progresses, but I can tell you now that it is his ability to be able to merge his inner palace with what could be considered outer consensual reality.
      You indeed do that by learning how to develop your inner feeling sense, and also of great importance is the ability to become a kind of conscious dreamer, something I discuss in vivid detail in the book, the way of the projectionist. There I talk about playing with the soup, about forgetting, and about developing inner rooms. His power in that sense therefore is the ability to perceive and note that those inner rooms are also outside, they are not bound inside the skull.
      2. The inner feeling sense is, complete empathy. In the simplest sense, which is not that simple at all as you know I am sure, you could say that the inner feeling sense is about becoming the other. Using your inner feeling sense on an apple would then mean that you become that apple. And upon becoming that other, you feel the essence of it in the same way that you might feel your body and the essence of yourself. In time, that identification with the other becomes so profound and perfect let us say, that you can know intimate things about that other through that perfect kind of empathy. And in the same way that you can empathize with that apple, become that other, you can also empathize with the world around you. And when you can do that, your awareness changes, your awareness and your cognitive perception of the outside changes, and when that does the world changes as well, and the in-between is revealed to you.
      3. Yes you are correct, you need to develop that ghost in order to have more sense of yourself and to be able to remember yourself, which is critical in the beginning.
      Janos is fortunate because he has a live in-your-face teacher that just will not leave him alone, and keeps prodding him with questions that are not just mildly important, like they might be to us when we read about this story, but they are infinitely and psychologically potent to him. The shadowed man in other words knows how to press his buttons, and in doing so he goads Janos to try harder and harder to answer questions that are of infinite importance in his life. For Janos it becomes a life and death struggle in a way, his life is short and hard, and the only way that he sees out of the misery that is his daily existence, is to move beyond the world that he knows into a far bigger one. The shadowed man is a master at using death as a potent force.
      I would suggest that you try to answer a question that is very important to you. Instead of trying to work on your ghost which is difficult at the moment, try instead to stay conscious in there as you look to answer a question that is very important to you. You might for example look for the in-between inside the temple of your mind, inside a room that you have created, perhaps the third room. But this time do not struggle so much to try to develop eyes to be able to see just like in ‘the real world’, but instead just let those spaces move and develop for themselves. Stay conscious of yourself, and chase down the answers to the questions that you have. See what those images and those inner spaces revealed to you and then try to understand those messages through the imagery that you see or feel. I have made reference to Carl Jung’s the Redbook on occasion in my writing, think about creating your own Redbook; study what it is, understand what he was doing in trying to develop away to understand the great imagery that he found within his own inner temple, and try to do the same for yourself.
      4. That is a possibility, we are all different and in the end we must all explore our own connection to those realms in-between. This is part of answering those questions as I discussed in your previous question to me. Ask yourself in the liminal spaces within your mind why you breathe out less, and is it possible to be, or to find, some kind of saturation of intent. Stay focused within your inner temple and explore the myriad of things that you might see or feel. Do not try to make them be one thing or the other, do not try to force yourself to see how you see in the physical world, just remember yourself and go deeper and deeper into the in-between.
      5. You see the spirit by first becoming intimately aware of your inner space, understanding how this inner space is very much like the in-between that the shadowed man plays with. And in time, realizing that Janos has spent what might seem like lifetimes deep within the temple of his mind. Eventually you too will ‘acquire’ such a length of time there yourself. And with that experience you will also see those liminal spaces, which are cognitive positions, in the outer physical world as well. This is how you begin to see the spirit.
      6. Bone breathing and the techniques taught in the magnum opus are a masterpiece in power acquisition, and it might be the case that in the future Janos might learn such techniques as well. But there is more to energy acquisition and one thing that Janos is very good at is ‘energetic containment’. He is a survivor and a complete rebel in a world where even one wrong word can get you killed. To survive and to stay healthy he has had to develop incredible powers of focus and energetic containment. In a world where everyone must follow the will of the tyrants of the time at the threat of physical torture and death, he is a rebel and has naturally acquired abilities such as unrelenting focus and energetic containment. The shadowed man has seen this, and this is what has attracted him to the young man. But in some ways you could say that he has just started his apprenticeship, there are still infinite marvels to participate in.

      I hope this helps you on your journey my friend.

      1. Thanks a lot. I can see that this is not only an answer but also a challenge for me.
        Personally, those exercises are not my comfort zone but I can not see myself stop. Thank you John, your answer pushes me to dive deeper.
        Btw, I’m looking forward to your next book. I enjoyed The art of transmutation, not only as an educational book, but also as a fantasy story

  3. What a wonderful weave of words! Your way of writing is always so amusing, awe-inspiring and definitely what you intend it to be.
    I would like to sincerely thank you for your efforts.

    Since the beginning of my conception up till -now-, there has always been this mad riddle of “how to do magick/psychokinesis”.
    This riddle has only grown more complex the more I understand it better, so to speak.
    In madness inducing focus, I actually succeeded in breaking walls and peeking into the “solution” of this riddle, here and there.
    I understand that I have to eventually master and employ the teachings of inner alchemy, truly.

    I am on my way, of course.
    But I don’t feel well progressing forward, when I see my close family succumbing to the cages I am myself desperately trying to overcome.
    Also, it has become increasingly difficult to properly relate to them, or for them to relate to me.
    Your description of the walking crazy is awesome, it fits perfectly.

    Do you have any advice and insights, from the perspective of an inner alchemist, on how to deal with this properly?
    Thank you very much.

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words. I do the best I can to try to engage the attention of those that are interested in following a deeper path. But as hard as I try to bring light to a small little part of the great truths to be had out there, I can tell you quite personally that my books are far from the top 100 let us say, I am definitely a niche market.
      I am not complaining. This is my way of trying to answer your question because this is our challenge really. That challenge is the ability to maintain our focus while in the midst of a highly distracting world. A world designed in many ways. A world so perfect in its distracting abilities, that some might even wonder if it is a simulation, as the modern world likes to call it nowadays.
      Within the gravity of this world it is honestly difficult to blame others for not having the desire or the relentless intent that it takes to see what is around the odd corners of this simulation. Most people all around us are distracted by all of the responsibilities and the weight of this world and they cannot honestly be blamed for succumbing to the great gravity of this place.
      If we fall for that desire, or a better word would be command, to want to judge others or feel sorry and sad for them, we will fall prey to self-pity and following that command we will be pulled by the great gravity this place ourselves.
      All that we can do is to maintain our focus and allow that focus to carry us forward in a conscious direction, self-directed direction, as opposed to following the great commands of this simulation.
      From the average point of view we who can see even a little are the walking crazy. The truth is that most people just do not want to see, sometimes even when they say they want to. This is a hard thing to come to terms with but it is often the truth. As a result, their distraction comes quickly, their desire is not deep enough to pick them up from the great gravity of the world.
      How do we deal with the command of this world to fall into disgust, sadness, and ultimately self-pity? We only have one possible option, and that is to try to maintain our relentless focus at all cost. This means that instead of following the command to focus on more gravity, we must focus instead on where we want to go, which is ultimate freedom. As long as we can maintain that focus long enough, all things will take care of themselves.

      1. What has really stuck with me is the way the shadowed man is in constant communication with Janos and the application of faith/shininess.
        Having read your Magnum Opus Trilogy (finished the third tome today, yay!), I’ve come to rather constantly contemplate the illusion of linear time.
        Although this topic is still a bit too “infinite” for my awareness (a somewhat similar feeling I had as a kid when contemplating “infinite space”, this weird kind of barrier or inability to really grasp it), I definitely have experience with a similar thing Janos experiences with his teacher.
        Being these weird synchronicities where you contemplate a topic you suddenly have in focus, and BANG you read it after some time in your tomes, or elsewhere.
        Meaning, that I think we are constantly projecting everywhere, but our attention has to somehow “grow” aware of it within linear time.
        But then, because linear time is an illusion, it is very weird to remember “coincidences” happening in the past forming who we are in the now moment.
        That really begs the question if successful master alchemists already are accomplished and immortal and just go with the flow so to speak (unless we completely drop the focus, or lucidity, and fall for this dream/change the potential inevitability), waiting/believing for the inevitable to happen, similar to the shininess explained in the book.
        What a fascinating and complex topic. Trying to put this into words is challenging and makes the existence of your books even more fortunate.

        So because of this illusion of linear time and the “inevitability” of a variable path, based on focus and lucidity, it would be possible to project (with the techniques learned from the Magnum Opus Trilogy and actually all your books) into, let’s say, objects, concepts or events, and focus the direction of this flow of inevitability, towards a desired outcome. I’ve tried this in my personal pursuit of solving my mentioned riddle of “how to do magick/psychokinesis”, and found success within the scope of my currently available potential.
        Now, aside from general insight from you, that I would greatly appreciate on my train of thought here, I want to ask if it is wise to further focus on trying to explore the possibility of manipulating the state of objects, or if it would become a potential risk, before I haven’t crossed the first five rooms of the projectionist.

        1. What I would say is that you take it easy and you pay attention to yourself. If you will remember in the book, the Art of transmutation, the shadowed man mentions weightlifters and how they need to wear a girdle in order to not strain themselves. Intense focus when it is not applied properly can cause the kind of strain that he was talking about. So take it easy, focus (pay attention) on what happens you when you focus, and make sure that you are always trying to relax your body because too much tension can lead to strain, just like doing any kind of exercise.
          And all of this relates back to energy work, and making sure that your flow of energy, especially up and around the major meridian as I mentioned in the Magnum Opus, is always clear and flowing properly. If your energy is flowing properly, there should be no tension.
          Aside from that, all that we have in the end is our conscious focus, our management of our attention. But everything with sobriety and discernment.

          I think that the best use of the attention is what I refer to as the art of contemplation. Lightly focusing your attention on something that you want to know and then just allowing that conscious focus to take you to new and undiscovered places, until you can personally see. Such light focus maintained long enough, can answer all of the questions that you have. Do not get frustrated if you seem to hit a wall. Instead just keep working on saving energy as I discuss in the books mentioned, and allow yourself to naturally move beyond the barriers that seem so insurmountable now.
          In time, with enough sustained and unrelenting focus, anything and everything is possible.

  4. I have a question
    Accessing The inner temple for contemplation
    Is it similar to what we do in the way of the projectionist
    Because I cannot shut of my senses
    Can you suggest a way ?

    1. Yes definitely. A great way to create a secret temple is to use the methods outlined in ‘The Way of the Projectionist’. You can learn to enter the first and second room of the projectionist, and then when you are in the second room, you can begin then to use your imagination to create your temple. The trick here is to turn off the outer senses and then focus your attention on an inner reality. The techniques used to enter the first and second rooms should help you with that. Think of it like adding furniture to your second room.

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