Self-Improvement and Interesting Knowledge
It’s hard to turn the webpage corner without hitting something related to THE SECRET. The latest New Age phenomenon supposedly tells you all that you need to know to start attracting wonderful things into your life. We at believe that all this is possible. All of us here believe that human consciousness is infinitely more powerful than it is given credit for. We also believe that that the directed will, through belief, can change your reality.

But we also realize that there is a lot of ‘clap trap’ out there. The Secret is a wonderful book and better than most of the stuff out there BUT, is there a better source of information? YES! And the answer is this book. Written at the beginning of the New Age counterculture, many of the ideas and techniques that have become so popular lately come from this one source. Seth is an “Energy Personality Essence” that will literally blow your mind. Seth’s ideas about reality and the nature of personal consciousness are very unique, complex, and incredibly profound. If you are going to read one book about the power of your consciousness to affect reality, read this. You won’t regret it.

The book is a little jewel and is filled with information and practical techniques. Win Wenger and Richard Poe have put together a book with some of the most amazing facts and ideas; that can catapult your brain into overdrive. I have personally tried a number of the techniques that are described and I can honestly tell you that they have made a big impact on my mental output.

The authors provide some very interesting and readable background information on the brain revolution and give some good anecdotes on the mental workings and strategies of Geniuses of the past; which is very helpful information for understanding how the creative minds work.  Along with this general information, the authors list off a number of procedures that you can try on your own to significantly boost your brain power and your creative output.

I highly recommend this book to all my readers!

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) was originally invented my John Grinder and Richard Bandler. After modeling a number of people that they felt represented excellence, these two inventors then created a system that taught very powerful and positive strategies that could help anyone go from non-resourceful states to incredibly resourceful ones. Perhaps their greatest contribution to human excellence came in the form of a perceptual short hand that can allow anyone to access, replicate, and reconfigure another’s internal universe.

The secret is that Tony Robbins book is really just the best book out there in our opinion for learning this somewhat elusive mental re-formatter. There are a number of books out there on NLP but Tony’s is the best: simple, down to earth and very accessible. Also his chapter on Energy: The Fuel of Excellence is full of amazing advice on diet and dieting.

And if the proof is in the pudding, well then it might be relevant to mention that Tony Robbins is a very successful millionaire that looks great.

What is Zen? Zen has been the topic of much discussion over the past few decades. Whether you are a golfer, a businessman, an athlete, or a stay at home mom, it seems that all can benefit from this wonderful and straight forward approach to life and living. Zen will improve your golf game, help your business, and save your marriage.

But can this be true? And if it is, how do you learn this fantastic method of action? A good beginning is to read this book. The secret of this book and something that is not mentioned implicitly in it, is that the protagonist is learning the ancient art of Zen living. Written in wonderful story form, this book can truly change your life and open you up to a whole new way of being.

Highly recommended, a book that should definitely be read more than once.