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Affirmations are very powerful.  They can be used to change a belief, and to give us positive emotions when we’re feeling quite negative.  They are perhaps the best and easiest way to change how we feel at any moment.  The trick is really the focus in that you need to be focused completely on the affirmation that you are using, or else it won’t work well.

In order to have positive and lasting results from an affirmation, these affirmations need to be done properly.  The technique is most important, and the reason why affirmations have become lack luster in the last while is that most people do not know how to use them properly.  The most important aspect of an affirmation is that kind of focus that you give to them, this can not be stressed enough.  Most people believe that you can just say any phrase, anytime, however you want and you will get results.  This is not the case, for an affirmation to be successful it must have your undivided attention.

Affirmations can be done anywhere, and this is perhaps why some people believe that you can say them without really having to pay attention to them.  But even when you are saying them while driving or while doing some other activity, it is important that you give them at least some attention.  Affirmations that you use during these times of personal activity tend to be more for changing negative emotional states.  They are used to refocus your mind on a more positive thing so that you can break a negative feeling.  But even when they are used in this way they must be given some attention.  Do please be careful if you are engaged in an activity like driving that does requires all your attention, try and say your affirmation when you’re fully stopped and can devote a little focus on them.

To truly do an affirmation properly, try to find a quiet place where you can focus all your attention on it.  Create a short positive phrase that states your desire as if this desire is already manifest.  For example you can say something like, “I have…  Now”.  It is important that you fine tune this phrase until it feels good to you.  You will be able to do this by paying attention how you feel when you say it. Within a matter of days of doing the exercise that I will outline below you will have the phrase that is perfect for you.

Now in this quiet place, begin to repeat this phrase to yourself.  Try to focus your attention completely on this affirmation.  You must try to focus your mind completely on this affirmation or you will end up with a jumbled mind that will not be able to focus on your desired outcome.  If your mind can’t stop from wandering around and thinking of thoughts that are not related to the affirmation, try and have your mind visualize the affirmation.  That is if your mind must wander then let it try and create visualizations of your affirmation.

Trying to repeat your affirmation, while focusing completely on it, for a good 10 minutes.  You will find that it is quite difficult to focus longer than this.  It is quite difficult for most of us to try and focus on a single thing for more than a few minutes, so 10 minutes is a very long time.  If you can over time increase this amount then this is good, but there is no big need to do this affirmation exercise longer than 10 minutes. 

I also recommend that you do this exercise twice a day.  Perhaps you will want to do it in the morning and then in the evening.  If you can’t do this, because of time constraints, then once a day is good.  The real power of this affirmation exercise is in the amount of focus that you are able to give it when you are doing it.

Many see great results in a matter of weeks.  Others find that they need to do this affirmation exercise for a longer period of time.  I would say that most beliefs and therefore great change in your life is possible in about 90 days.  Try to develop your rhythm, think of it as doing exercise and in this way you can create a routine that can change your life.  Affirmations work when done properly.






  1. It sounds very interesting all content. Is it possible to apply this to a change in the physical appearance? We see possible change thought patterns and behaviors but it is even possible in the foregoing?

    1. It is indeed possible. Through concentrated effort you can change your beliefs, which then change your thought patterns. These changes allow you to see yourself in a different way, and through shared communication; through body language, micro expression, and telepathy of a more subtle kind, others will begin to see you physically in a different way as well.
      These changes in thought will eventually even begin to change you in what you would consider a very physical way also.

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