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As I had discussed in part one of this article, modern man suffers from a serious lack of energy. I had mentioned our incredibly hectic modern pace, our lack of proper sleep, and our bad diet. Certainly, these are clear reasons for our energetic lack but aside from maybe learning to develop a better diet, there is very little that most people can do to help their current lot.

If you can, do slow down. But as I say this, I know that most people will not heed my advice. There are also a majority out there that could not take my advice if they wanted to.

Increased credit debt, mortgage trouble, kid’s soccer leagues and an infinitude of other reasons, have the modern individual over a barrel. You can’t slow down because if you do, it is quite possible that the very world around you might come to an end. Perhaps.

Since you will not listen or quite possible you can’t do as I ask and; slow down. I can perhaps help you find energy in other ways so that you might be able to cope a little better with our modern situation.

As I also mention in my prior article, drugs are not the answer. Coffee; you can be sure is a drug. But it is also a good and natural food of the earth so taken in moderation, it can be a nice treat and good pick me up. But if abused, even this most savory little helper can cause you many health problems.

I strive in this article therefore to give you another method to re-charge your batteries. Just like in my other article, this method seems a little exotic at first glance but if you give it a chance, you will find that it has a number of very beneficial aspects that can help you tremendously.

If you have high blood pressure, or at risk of heart or aneurism problems, please talk to your doctor before you try the following technique.

Before you begin this exercise, I would highly recommend that you read the article entitled, How to Breathe Properly. The reason for this is that it will give you a good back ground on the power of your breath and it will show you how to inhale so that you can take energy in from the air and you can also master the ability to fill your lungs properly and completely.

To begin this exercise; I want you to take a number of long deep breaths. While you are inhaling, I want you to make sure that you fill your lungs completely. Fill your lung from top to bottom and expand your entire chest cavity. Take three good long breaths like this.

On the fourth breath, I want you to hold your breath, do not exhale. Hold that fourth breath in your body. When you are holding your breath, I want you to practice holding your breath with your diaphragm instead of your throat. You will know the difference because when you are holding your breath with your throat muscles, you can feel a large pressure in your neck and head while if you are using your diagram to hold your breath, all tension and effort will be focused on your lower chest.

As you hold your breath, I want you to imagine that there is a heat that is starting to be generated in your lower back. Imagine that the base of your spine is heating up almost like a a motor being turned on. You will of course start to run out of air and as you do, the tension and the desire to open your mouth and breathe will become quite uncomfortable.

Do not give in to this feeling though but continue to hold your breath and as you do, and as your discomfort builds, I want you to focus on the heat that is growing more and more intense in your lower back. Imagine that this heat grows in intensity in direct proportion to the discomfort that you feel as you hold your breath. Continue like this until you can’t take it anymore and you must open your mouth and suck in a large gulp of air.

But as you inhale again, do not breathe out but once again hold your breath. Once again focus on the growing heat in your lower back except that this time the heat is so intense that there is a ball of light is being created there. Your lower back begins to glow with heat and power and this glow and power increase in direct relation to the discomfort that you feel as you hold your breath. Continue to focus on this glowing energy at the base of your spine until you can’t take it anymore and you once again open your mouth and you exhale the old air and you take a third deep and refreshing breath.

Again, hold this breath and as you do, remember to focus of the glowing ball of energy that has developed in your lower back. But with this final breath, imagine that this glow, heat and energy from your lower back begins to move up your spine and as it does this, it pushes into every cell in your body, from your pinkie, to your toes, to the top of your head. This power from your lower back forces itself out with great vigor and is in direct relation to the discomfort that you feel from holding your breath.

Do this until you can’t hold your breath any longer and you must finally open your mouth and suck in that wonderful and cooling fresh air. Relax your body and catch your breath.

This is an incredibly powerful exercise that will increase your energy far better than any drug. Learn to focus your imagination so that you can very clearly see and feel the heat and light at the base of your spine. Focus all of your concentration as you do this exercise so that you can use the tension from your breath to drive yourself to great realism in all the things that you are imagining.

In very short order, you should be able to perform this entire exercise in only one breath so that you can go from heat to light to shooting energy. Once you can do this, you will be able to increase your energy anywhere, anytime and in very little time.


  1. Hi John,

    Which is more effective ? This exercise or the one you described in vampire’s way to psychic self defense ?

    1. the best answer would have to be, what works better for you. Sorry I am not trying to sound trite, but it is my belief that you should pursue your own individual path, meaning that you should do what works best for you as an individual. It could be that one technique works better for you, so you would need to try both and see what feels better, what works better for you. It may also be that a wholly different technique, one that you may have learned from a different source, might be the best for you. Explore your own feelings and practice everything that feels good to you, and in that way discover your own energetic truth.

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