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In an earlier article I introduced you to a method that would show you How to Beat Insomnia. This article introduces you to the method of keeping completely still in order to willfully put yourself to sleep.

This article will focus on the same technique but the outcome this time will be slightly different. I am going to teach you a very simple method that you can use to attain deep meditative levels. Essentially it is a method that you can use to get almost asleep and in this way be able to attain a greater understanding of your psyche and your subjective reality.

This meditative technique is incredibly simple and if it is done with diligence, it can open up incredible new vistas for you. These vistas that I speak of are inner ones; I hope that through this method you will begin to realize the depth of your inner reality, a reality that exists all the time even while you are wide awake.

This is such a simple way of meditating that there is no reason why you can’t put it into practice right now. It will require only one thing : Will Power. But even this is the simplest of things. It is so simple and so natural as a matter of fact that that you could actually say that it’s not really doing anything at all.

To begin, I want you to take a very comfortable sitting position. You must be seated to do this meditation because there is a natural tendency to want to fall asleep and this is not the goal that you are after now.

Therefore take a seat perhaps in a very comfortable chair or you can sit cross legged as you prefer. I personally recommend reading the article on how to sit properly. The reason is that as I said there will be a natural tendency to start falling asleep so you will want to sit in a way that will allow you to sit for a long time with minimal or no physical effort at all. You will see what I mean when you start to nod off or when your back start to bow and you lose your posture.

Once you have a good seat and you are confident that you can stay seated like this for a long time, I want you to completely stop moving. This is the basic core of this meditative technique; you need to sit for fifteen minutes to half an hour without moving in the slightest.

You must keep your physical body completely immobile. If you get an itch, you can’t scratch it. If parts of you start to fall asleep from lack of blood or discomfort, you can’t move them. Your body must become a statue just not a tense rigid one. This is why I advised you to find a very comfortable sitting posture; a posture that you don’t have to hold but a posture that is quite comfortable that requires little or no effort from you at all.
If you can stay completely immobile for fifteen minutes to half an hour, you will have helped yourself immensely because this exercise takes will power. To train your will is one of the greatest, if not the greatest things that you can do for yourself. It might actually be good for you to get an itch just so that you can see if you have the will power to go for the allotted amount of time without scratching it.

Try to increase the amount of time that you can go without moving. As I said, you can begin with fifteen minutes but see if you can increase this to half an hour, then forty five minutes and so on.

But we are not done…
What is your mind supposed to be doing all this time you might ask?

Well let your mind do whatever it wants. Do not try to do anything. Do not focus on anything. Do not focus on the here and now, do not focus on your breathing or any imagine. Do not focus. Let your mind do whatever it wants and think about whatever comes to mind.

The only thing that you have to do, is to BE AWARE of whatever it is that you are thinking about. Whether it is good or bad, whether it is pleasurable or painful; pay attention to what you are thinking about. Let your thoughts flow on their own and watch them as they interconnect and link together. Perhaps ponder what they might mean or follow a line of thought and see if you can use this time to solve some problems but DO NOT MOVE.

Eventually you might notice that you moved. You might suddenly and involuntarily jerk in place from the surprise, but once you regain your external senses, you will realize that you had not moved at all and what you thought was physical movement, was actually internal. That is you moved subjectively in a daydream but your body was perfectly still (unless your jerked in place before in surprise). If you begin to explore these feelings of subjective movement, you might begin to understand how your consciousness can move without moving. Experiment with this.

Because your body is so completely still, you will be able to focus all of your attention on your thoughts and your subjective experience. Your subjective reality is the window to your psyche and by exploring and understanding the thoughts, ideas and emotions that fill your head; you will begin to understand yourself.

The exploration of your inner environment is actually the exploration of your outer one. Perhaps it is better to say that your outer environment is colored by the makeup of your inner reality. In order to understand who you are and where you find yourself, you will need to focus on what you are inside.

Practice, practice, practice; doing this bit of nothing and I guarantee you that you will find a world that you never thought existed through the power of Inner Space Meditation.


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