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The shortest route between two points is a straight line. Many people tend to forget the fact that we live in a physical world. Many also forget the fact that there are more worlds than this one, subtler worlds where our dreams and our internal thoughts tend to manifest at a much quicker rate. But in this world, this physical world, we must realize that things work slightly differently. In this world the shortest route between any two points in space and time is a straight line.

Those that would forget this tend to usually be people that find themselves wanting to practice the law of attraction. This is a shame because they’re really trying to practice a more efficient method of dealing with this particular world but they tend to forget the fact that they must reconcile certain mental principles and apply them to a physical plane. Truly these people that would engage in the law of attraction or in any other of the mental techniques that would have you navigate more successfully in this world, using the power of their mind or faith, tend to be given certain concepts that are faulty.

These concepts are faulty because of the fact that those that would propagate these ideas have no deep understanding of what they are talking about. I know that this is a strong statement to make in a world filled with new age gurus. The problem is not really the fact that some of these gurus are telling you the truth, some of these people know what they are talking about, the problem comes from the fact that when you have so much information out there, there is bound to be a whole lot of bad along with some good.

Any teacher of the law of attraction, or of any mental movement, that tells you that things should fall out of the sky and land on your lap is lying to you. While it is indeed the case that if in the dreamscape you visualize something, intend something into existence, you will instantly get that thing; in this physical realm such occurrences are very rare. To try and circumvent the laws of physics as they apply to this physical realm, is probably the biggest mistake that you can make as a practitioner of the law of attraction or of any of the other mind over matter techniques.

Let me reassert the fact here that I DO believe in the power of our mind over the physical universe. I do believe that it is the subjective that creates the objective and not the other way around. As such I believe that when our minds and our intent are properly focused, they can accomplish just about anything in this physical world. The point of this article is to point out the greatest faulty assumption that is made by those that would practice such mental techniques as the law of attraction, visualization, prayer, or affirmation. This negation of physical laws is the one key concept that is holding many, many people from attaining success with these methods.

As I mentioned, the shortest distance between two points in this physical world is a straight line. If you are sitting on your couch watching your TV and your remote control is just out of reach; you could try to visualize that remote control coming to you, you could try to affirm to yourself the fact that the remote control will slide into your hands, or you could believe with every ounce of your being that the remote control is sliding into your hands. But it will most likely be the case that that the remote control will not move into your hands.

As I said I do believe in the power of the mind over the material. I do believe in the existence of telekinesis and I know for a fact that there are those that can tap into that power, but generally speaking the average person does not have that kind of potential yet. The reasons for this can be varied; I tend to believe that it is because we need to first develop our mental abilities and our control before we are given the more powerful tools to work with. First we must learn to work within a slow moving mental environment, until we perfect our mental capabilities, and then we can allow ourselves to move into more complex and faster mental planes of existence. Until that time we must learn to work with our physical universe and we must begin to realize that the easiest way to get to that remote control is to just get up a bit and grab it.

The law of attraction, our mental powers, work in this way now in this material world. When I say that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, I mean that in this physical universe we cannot just rely on our mental powers to get us what we want. We cannot expect the world to drop things from the sky on our laps, we cannot expect this physical universe to materialize something instantly before our eyes. We must realize that for now we exist on a physical plane where our mental projections and our intent can only be manifested through a slow and sometimes seemingly  mechanical process.

What this means is that we cannot sit back and wait for things to happen. We cannot expect things to happen to us through our faith or the power of our visualizations alone. There will come a time when we will need to act.

Let me repeat this: there will come a time when we will need to act

we must work with our minds first, we must use the mental techniques that we believe in and try to affect the course of our lives. But we must also be prepared to act in order to get what we want. Our world is still based on physical action and we must follow this course for now.

The best way to proceed when it comes to the law of attraction or whatever mental method you currently employ, is to use these methods and try and perfect these methods as much as you can but also to act. For example you could visualize yourself acquiring a better job but you must also make sure that you get out there and try and find that better job. Mental and physical action must be united because without this union there will be very little forward momentum.

As you develop in your mental abilities, you might realize that there does seem to be something working with you. Some call it different things, most like to call it God or perhaps luck. What this means is that you will find that things just seem to go your way or that some kind of amazing synchronicity takes place that puts you into the right place at the right time to get exactly what you want. But there will always be a moment when you have to act in order to get what you want. As your skill grows these synchronicities increase in power and in number. Perhaps, in time, you might realize that you are not struggling at all but that you’re really just surfing towards a better world. Perhaps there might indeed be a time when your life will seem like a dream were your thoughts and intentions are instantly materialized and it is perhaps in that destination where we are all headed. But until that time we must remember that we cannot just focus on the power of our minds and expect the world to bend its laws to our whim. We must therefore always make sure that we unite mental action and physical action because this is the best way to attain all the things that we dream of.

I have separated the articles that I present on this site, on the power of the mind over the physical world, into two separate sections:

  •  Making the Law of Attraction Really Work; this section gives you a basic understanding of the law of attraction and how your thoughts, feelings, and emotions create every single thing in your life. It also gives you some basic understanding as to how you can begin to control these thoughts and emotions in order to better your life in all ways.
  • The Power of Beliefs; in this section I present a far more complex methodology. A way to truly deal with those negative emotions that people that practice the basic law of attraction seem to have such problems with. I show you why it is that you must change your fundamental beliefs and not just your emotions and thoughts. I show you how to get out of a simple methodology, sometimes based on faulty concepts, that could create more problems than benefits. I essentially show you how to go beyond the basic law of attraction, and in order to do this I also present a much larger and more complex metaphysical system.


If you are interested in understanding the basics of the law of attraction and how it is that you might want to use it in your life, then I suggest that you read the articles in the first section. If you are someone who has already a sense of this methodology or someone who is already quite capable in this methodology then I suggest that you begin to read the articles in the second section. In the second section I show you methods to deal with some of the problems that you might encounter when practicing the law of attraction. I also outline a more complex metaphysical concept of reality, one that I think we all deserve as grown-ups. While I am posting this article in the law of attraction section, I hope that this article is a bridge for many, one that allows them to go into a far more complex metaphysical arena. This bridge article is presented with a desire to bring to light what I consider to be one of the greatest faulty assumptions made by those that practice methods that would allow their minds to overcome their physical circumstances.

If you are interested in the power of synchronicity in order to better your life, I suggest you read this article. The law of attraction works but you must never forget that you live in a physical world!




    1. By action I mean ‘to do’. When it comes to anything in life, because the largest sum of our individuality is now focused on the physical, we must make sure that when we practice these manifestational/transmutational techniques, that we work in a conjunctive way with the vibrational frequencies that make up the sum of our sphere of existence and influence. In the most basic sense, these two spheres of existence and influence are:
      -mental action
      -physical action
      By taking action, by doing, in the higher frequencies of thought, we learn to develop focus of attention: we focus our minds in a direction, on what we ultimately desire, and this then is mental action.
      But being that we are physical, and what we may desire is something that most likely is of a physical nature in one way or another, we must also act physically: we must move physically in the direction of this desired thing or event. Action in the physical realm means positioning ourselves in the best possible place to get the results we want.
      Personal intuition and omens are of great importance in this kind of physical ‘actioning’.
      If you are interested in a more complex discussion and the ‘actionable’ with explanations of how this manifestational/transmutational process works, and how to use intuition and omens to your benefit, I recommend the book:
      Manifest wealth and prosperity with thought forms and servitors
      I hope this helps.

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