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Many are starting to realize that they do have control over their future. That they can manifest things in their lives and that their conscious mind can affect the world around them. Unfortunately the amount of information out there can sometimes be overwhelming and it is difficult to know where to begin. There are also those out there that would give you answers that are less than truthful; like I’ve said many times a half truth is the most insidious of lies.

One of the many questions that people have when they begin to work with visualization and personal manifestation is what to do after they have visualize what they desire. I have in a different article discussed the idea of faith and how the definition for this word has been falsely interpreted. Since this is such an important topic, I would like to use different terminology in order to give you an idea as to what you need to do in order to help your visualizations along.

We live in a world of form; a material world. In this material world ‘action’ is the physical link to getting what you want. Spontaneous manifestation is a rare thing, our physical world is quite dense and it takes a whole lot of energy to create something spontaneously within it. Manifestation in the material world is always accomplished in the easiest way possible; it is therefore often the case the probability fields are slightly altered by the conscious intent. What this simply means is that instead of you creating a bag full of $50,000 in your lap, what is most likely to happen is that you will find yourself in the situation where you have the possibility of creating these $50,000 over time. All manifestation therefore involves some kind of physical action in order to link up with that probability that will set you in motion towards the manifestation of your desire. Action is critical here.
In order to perform the right action, at the right time and for the right reason, you must learn to ‘trust’ your inner feelings and impulses. Without trust, there is no belief and without belief you will either not see any omens and synchronicities or you will not trust the impulses that you have and therefore will not act on them.

Trust is a type of belief where you are expecting the best things to happen. You believe in your ability to create what you want and you believe that you deserve to have it. You can exemplify and demonstrate this trust in many ways. You begin by maintaining a belief in something even though the world around you reflects something else completely. You exemplify this trust when you talk about abundance even though everyone around you believes in scarcity and the terrible things to come.

There is a big difference between trust and hope. It is the difference between the kind of faith the most modern people have and what faith is supposed to really mean. Trust is believing and knowing that what you want and what you desire is coming to you now. Hope is wanting something with all your heart but not really believing that it will come to you. Trust is the ability to take a risk and in this way increase your personal power and your ability to believe in yourself.

If you have visualized acquiring more money for example, act as if you have the money for whatever you want. Don’t just believe this, take a small action, any kind of small action that will show the world that you believe that you have the money that you have visualized. How many times have you held off getting something because you believe that you don’t have the money to get it, only to discover that when you got that thing that you could have afforded it without any worries? If there is something out there that you do want then go out and look for it, visualize yourself having it, and take some kind of small step towards it. The ability to take action, even in the smallest way, demonstrates to the world that you intend to have what you want. Most importantly it will quickly begin to change the neural patterns in your brain, which is fundamental in creating and perceiving a new reality.

You must trust that there is a link between the world of your mind and the physical world that you see around you. This trust will allow you to develop your own personal techniques to get you from the time when you have visualize something you desire to its actual physical manifestation. When you trust that your dreams are already real on a mental plane, trust allows you to discover the perfect timing for their physical manifestation.

Pay attention to your inner guidance and your impulses. Act on these when you get them and trust in yourself and the world around you. Action is the connecting link between this mental plane and the physical one. Once your desires are real in the mental plane, it is only a matter of waiting and trusting, or having faith in this knowledge, until these dreams become manifest reality. Learn to act as if you have it; look around, shop, visualize, and take action.


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