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You are sitting in a room, you look about you and you perhaps see a plant or a table. Unless you are extremely sick or have ingested some kind of mind altering drug, you can be quite sure that what you see out there is real. Most of us do not question the things we perceive with our senses.

We can all say that what we see out there, what we experience,  is real. We take it for granted that whatever we see in the outside world, whatever we perceive through our senses, is what is out there.

It would be very laughable if I were to tell you that what we see out there is really a type of indoctrination. Many throughout history have been ostracized and sometimes destroyed for far less. For example if I were to say that a certain country is bad or that a certain religion is wrong and that the perceptions or logic that you used to come to the conclusion that those things that you believe are right, is faulty; then I would be questioning a fundamental assumption or belief that you have about what is really out there. I would be questioning your perceptions and that can be a very dangerous thing.

In my book, The Occult Experience, I do not only question singular beliefs like religion or patriotism, I question the entirety of our external perceptions. What I am essentially saying in my book is, that our external reality, that which we consider to be the real world, is actually an imposed illusion. I argue and make the point that what we perceive to be out there is only the result, or mostly the result, of a type of belief structure that has been imposed on us since the day of our birth. That this imposed belief structure clouds our judgment, and limits our possibilities. That this imposed belief structure relies mainly on our assumptions about the existence of an objective world. An objective world in the sense that we, and all the things around us are essentially objects. That we do not have much more to us than does that table or that plant that you might be looking at in your room. That boundaries are defined and nothing exists beyond these boundaries, that we are mechanistic creatures; the pinnacle of a mechanistic evolutionary process that is brought about by definite and arbitrary laws that govern the entire universe.

In my book I give you some concrete examples of why even scientists are beginning to believe and agree with the fact that this very object oriented world that we perceive is a lie. Modern scientific advances like the FMRI are allowing scientists to see our brains in a completely different light. We are beginning to discover that our sense perceptions are far more malleable than we first supposed. That our brains can create many diverse external realities.

Studies into the cognitive processes of different cultures, of feral children, and people with certain kinds of brain injury are beginning to show us just how malleable our cognitive perceptions really are. The study of hypnosis and mass hypnotism have shown us for over a century now that human perception can be incredibly altered through different methodologies.

Now I’m not trying to say here that this belief structure, this indoctrination that is imposed on all of us is a type of evil plan perpetuated on us. Then again I am not saying that this is not the case either.

Certainly we can see that a group consciousness, or a groupthink as it were, has allowed us to do some amazing things. For example our civilization would not be possible without this indoctrinating system. Through our integrated group psyche, through our ability to perceive like those all around us, we have been able to create great civilizations and masterful works of engineering. It is indeed the case that it was most likely an advantageous process to be able to have all of us be able to participate in a reality that we could all see clearly. The development of language and writing made this group mind or psyche even more concrete.

There is an advantage to this matrix, and our ancestors knew it.

Unfortunately this group mind, this indoctrination that has been imposed upon us is also a trap. And I say that this indoctrination has been imposed upon us because of the fact that while it is indeed the case that this belief structure is most advantageous, it is also a cage and a trap. One that we must now agree to since we don’t have any other choice.

Perhaps at a time long ago, perhaps before the invention of writing, people had much more freedom within this group belief structure. Unfortunately it is the case that we are now caged within our reality structure, a structure that does not have much flexibility and any deviation from its imposed beliefs can mean quick and certain punishment.

As an individual, you are no longer able to question the system. Certainly we can see through our history that questioning the system would bring about certain punishment. As I said we can look at the witch trials or other such events where people who questioned or acted in a manner outside of the belief structures imposed on us were quickly and ruthlessly weeded out.

With the advent of our new information age, this indoctrinating group mind has gained incredible power.
I’m sure that using this group mind we can certainly grow as the species even more, that  we can and will  create even greater things together.

But with the development of this incredibly powerful information system that connects all of us around the world, we are also at a cusp. A time when it might become impossible for any of us to even contemplate that there are more things out there than we have cared to dream of.

But why exit this group mind if it has so many positive attributes? The reason why we need to learn how to step outside of this group indoctrination is because this group mind is incredibly limiting. As I said it turns a magical creature into a mechanistic meat sack. A meat robot existing in a flat and soulless universe, a universe that is destined to wither and fade away through total entropy.

My book explores ways to exit this group consciousness. It tells you how to escape this matrix that we have imposed upon ourselves, imposed upon ourselves so well that we have forgotten that we were the ones who imposed it upon us. Imposed upon ourselves so well that we have forgotten that there is anything else but ‘it’.

We need to exit this matrix in order to find our true potential. My book “The Occult Experience” shows you how to escape this imposed group mind. It tells you how it happens and how to get out of it.

Using the methods outlined in the book, you will be able to expand your intellect, perceive a greater range on the energetic radiation all around us, begin to access far greater ranges of subconscious information.

This book is designed to prove to you that the Occult experience is real and that this experience can be quite beneficial to all.
Whether you are interested in proving to yourself, once and for all, the reality of paranormal phenomena. Whether you are a paranormal investigator that needs new ways to truly expand and begin to really see that which you seek, or whether you are an advanced Occult practitioner that wishes to try new and powerful methods to go beyond where you currently find yourself;

This book is for you!

The occult experience is real and it is as meaningful and as pertinent as the objective reality that you so take for granted now. The occult experience requires focus, practice, and patience but I do believe that it is the one thing that will start filling some of the holes that we all have, some of the questions that we all have about our existence and about our place in this infinite and magical universe.


  1. Hie John i really enjoy your work, i have been practicing seeing Auras but i seem not to be getting there yet but there is something i don’t know is it my eyes that are playing tricks on me, whenever i want to see Auras in broad daylight for example of a tree, as i focus on seeing the auras around the tree i began to see sort of (for lack of better words) white airy liquid smoke i can’t call it wind cause wind move in one direction but that airy moves to and from and mingle arond in different direction,(like water waves on a shore) there is no force that is moving it yet it moves like a force in different direction at the same area back and forth, in and out, in that place i will be in all direction i will be looking at around me

    1. This is a good beginning. What you are beginning to see is the reflection given off as light bounces off different objects, this could be the light fog that you see. This is a good thing because it means that you are beginning to access your night-vision which is essential in being able to see auras. This movement can be the result of your own intent, see you must remember to try to not give shape to what you see, but it is also the motion of energy as it moves from object to object. You are in essence, beginning to see the motion of energy.
      Tried to relax her vision, and tried to do this and low-light if you can. There, tried to relax, let go of judgment, and see if you are able to identify certain very subtle colors. Once you can see colors and start to attribute certain properties to those colors, you are well on your way.

  2. Thank you John you have impacted my life in ways that words can’t express, i now have hope and a purpose in this life for i have been feeling that something is missing in this life and i have found the missing pieces in your work, i have been moving in the second room for a time now and not desiring to move past it for some reason that i couldn’t point out clearly, but as i move or stand in that room i began to sense sort of like my body( both in that room and the physical) is fiery not in a painful way but sweet burning sensation and as i try to sense the source i feel like my physical world is inside me while i am in that room and the fiery burning become to intensify inside my abdomen like a ball of fire, now i want to know does it not have effect like developing stomach ulcers cause this ball of fire sometimes heat up my body that sometimes a person next to me can feel the heat radiating and this heat develop sort of waves of heat feeling hovering around my face and it can become like something that is so focused on my forehead a ball that is radiating something i don’t see but actually feel from me, as i try to focus that all in my cauldron the heat intensity in my abdomen, i want to know is this something i should worried about, what is it, and if its something remarkable why does it like to move on my forehead and heat up my body that people around me can physical feel the heat

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words!
      As you begin to develop your power, it is very important that you begin to move and work with the energy within you, because the increase of this energy will become palpable to you, as you well know now. I would therefore highly recommend that you begin to practice the techniques that I mention in the book, The Magnum Opus. There I show you how to move your energy, and through that movement, cycling it around the orbit and across the meridians, always making sure that you have your tongue in the right position, there is relief to be found from the heat mentioned. Through the ability to learn how to move energy in cyclic freely across the bodies, so that the body meridians become clean and grow in size and strength, you can then move this energy to different areas in order to accomplish different things, the most important of these is the ability to store this energy properly so as to begin to develop your philosopher’s stone.

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