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We had discussed in a previous article (External Mental Influences), that there are many energies out there that we pick up on. That in one way or another, we are aware of all of the thoughts that surround us now. This is a very powerful statement if you believe in the law of attraction and in the power of human thought. I want to take this idea further so that you begin to really understand some of the implications that I am presenting here.

The best metaphor I think for this awareness is to say that in essence you are a radio. You have a frequency tuner that allows you to clearly pick up the thoughts and intentions of others, or to tune out those thoughts if you like. You are also constantly sending out thoughts and intentions yourself, thoughts and intentions that constantly affect others.

It is possible therefore to learn how to manage your personal radio. You can learn to tune in to only those things that you want to and to send out only those things that you want as well. The reason why this is a good idea then becomes obvious:

•    If you can pick up on the broadcast of other people then other people play a large role in how you feel throughout your day. And if you believe that indeed thoughts can change the reality around you then it is most important that you become aware of thoughts that are not yours and then learn to tune them out, or the reality that you create will not really be your own, but the one that others impose on you.
•    If others can pick up on your thoughts and emotions and are influenced by them, then it is critical that you control the thoughts that you send out. There are two major reasons for this;
1.    The first is that you are, in many ways, what you project. If you are constantly projecting your thoughts of personal inferiority and low self esteem then others will pick up on these and will see you, and treat you, as you see yourself. Others, to a great extent then, judge you by ‘your thoughts’ of you.
2.    The second is that you actually have a greater responsibility than you have perhaps until now realized. If you contemplate the idea that your thoughts have as much effect on others, perhaps more, as do your actions; it is most important that you learn to control your thoughts because they have the ability to help or hinder others.
If you think bad and demeaning thoughts about someone, then that person will pick up on these thoughts either consciously or unconsciously. If you are expecting help, support or just fairness from that person, then you are not going about it in the right way. That person will react to your thoughts whether that person realizes it or not, and more often than not you will reap what you sow.

Even if you are not willing to concede the possibility of mental telepathy, you are still not safe from this inescapable power of thought. Scientists already know of the great correlation between personal thought and body action. A thought can literally and instantly change body chemistry, physiognomy and general physiology. Here is a little test for you:
Imagine that you are slicing a juicy bright yellow lemon with a knife, and then you take half of this lemon and you take a nice big bite into it. The sour juices squirt into your mouth and begin to drip down your chin.
Did you salivate as you read that? If you did then you created a thought that was powerful enough to change your physiology and affect your autonomic functions. Autonomic functions by the way are body functions that we are not supposed to be able to control consciously. Now this was possible with a simple line, imagine what else is humanly possible.

In this same way a thought can flush the skin, change posture, and create micro expressions.* And while these physiological changes might go unnoticed by a person consciously, they are aware of them unconsciously.

Other peoples thoughts have power. They affect every one of us and if we let them, they will control our fate.
I love the old Stan Lee line, “with great power comes great responsibility.” I think it is very applicably here. Don’t you?

*Micro expressions are expressions that we all make that are usually so quick that they are not consciously detected by others. These expressions mirror our inner emotions and thoughts, and while normal facial expressions can be controlled (by a good poker player for example), these expressions are supposed to be beyond conscious control.
There are those that can train themselves to read these expressions and it is theorized that we are all aware of these expressions in others on a subconscious level, and that we are affected by these ( I have a gut feeling this guy doesn’t like me).





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