Self-Improvement and Interesting Knowledge

The way of inner alchemy is the way of energy, and of being able to perceive that energy in the most correct and precise manner possible. For that reason, there are times when I have been asked how inner alchemy sees other techniques, and how they perceive the validity in the symbolism of such techniques.

I have been asked for example, whether inner alchemists consider kundalini to be a kind of myth. And certainly to them the energy that is tapped into through the practice of kundalini ascension is certainly not a myth, but you could say that the way this energetic surge, or pool of energy is symbolized and sometimes even described, is just one possible interpretation of many, at least from the point of view of inner alchemists. And the interpretation of, and the way of reaching this energy, can vary greatly from culture and region to region. In accordance with the seeing of inner alchemy, there is indeed an energetic pool that is available to humanity, but the way this pool is interpreted and reached, can vary greatly across cultures and regions.

In this particular case, when it comes to kundalini, in accordance with the yogic system, this energy is described using certain properties, symbolism, characteristics, some of which are usable in accordance with the doing of inner alchemy, while others are not. And might I point out here, that many of the inconsistencies and difference between yoga and alchemy let us say, are in many ways more the result of academic trifles then the actual experience by true practitioners. In other words, most differences and inconsistencies between certain systems is the result of dogmatic debate between researchers, as opposed to any kind of real inconsistency between actual practitioners of the art.

Now, because of the fact that it is so difficult for us to begin certain tasks, especially the difficult road of energy work or inner development, a person should use whatever school of thought or way that suits them best, that resonates the most with their inner feelings. Motivation is a big aspect of getting started and continuing on your journey, and as such we must use all the tricks at our disposal to get started and stay on course. If the yogic traditions appeal to you then use them, if the way of inner alchemy suits you best, then use that. In order to guarantee success in this difficult beginning, follow the way of your heart and choose the road that resonates with you the most.

But as we progress through any system, and we learn to work and perceive energy directly ourselves through such efforts, then we must also learn to go beyond all symbolism and dogma, because such things can be a great limitation in the long run. What I mean by this, is that the ability to use such symbolism and dogma to start, the ability to be able to understand this energy that you are trying to tap into by calling it kundalini for example, and by practising a wonderful set of outlined principles like yoga, is very important in the beginning. This is so because it can give you a framework and motivation at first.

But as you the practitioner become an adept, as you learn to find your way through a system and learn to perceive and work with energy directly, you must begin to slowly let go of that symbolism. This is crucial because if you don’t, there will be a limit to how far you can go. In time, you must begin to trust your skill and your ability to perceive energy as an individual, or you will be forever stuck within dogmatic limitations.

This is the case because such cultural symbolism and interpretation of how you proceed, in the end can be thought of like a kind of structure existing out there. This non-local mental structure gives a framework and stability in the beginning, but if you are not willing to move beyond that structure, then you have hit your limit once you reach the outer edges of it. If you cannot trust yourself and your own individual doing, then this structure goes from being an ally to being a prison. And this prison cannot be overcome by deeper exploration into the dogma of that way of energy work, it cannot be overcome by greater research into every nook and cranny of that structure. Such a prison can only be overcome through direct and individual practice, and the confidence developed through that actual practice.

Any good system must insist on the development of your own ability to perceive and work with energy directly. It must provide for a way for you to begin to discover your own energetic truth beyond the system itself. If this is not the case, then that system is incomplete, and it is in many ways designed to trap you within the structure of itself.

Certainly the insight from those that have gone before can help, but it must always be taken within the context of what you personally ultimately want to accomplish. This context means that words will never explain true energetic perception because they are not up to the task, and as such this does not mean that such practitioners are wrong, but that the words that must be used sometimes to explain their doings can lead us astray. The only way to overcome the obstacle of the illusion of words, is to let go of those words and learn to perceive and do yourself directly. Eventually the practitioner realizes that kundalini is in some ways a kind of illusion, because it is simply a word. Kundalini is in essence just a word, it is just a term created to try to explain something that exists in a place beyond words, a non-local space. The only thing that really matters is direct knowledge, which comes through direct energetic perception and doing, not through symbolism.

This might sound like religious heresy to some, but I must point out nonetheless that there is no energy in kundalini. Kundalini, in and of itself is not power, it is not ultimate truth and the only way. It is instead a name for a certain aspect of one possible road, that leads to a place that then allows the practitioner to access a certain type of incredibly powerful energy base. But there are many roads and many descriptions, and all are valid. A better way to say this I feel is that, there are no roads and there are no ways, there is only energy, everything else is an illusion.

So, from the inner alchemist’s point of view, kundalini represents a release of energy that is always there to some degree within everyone, and that you do not need to practice yoga specifically to release it. There are many ways to get to the same place. Therefore, we have to be very careful in all such descriptions, the words and the symbols that we used to try to explain what we are doing.

From the inner alchemists point of view, which might sound like heresy to many as well, kundalini is not at the base of the spine, even though in some ways you could say it is. From their point of view for example, we could say that within every cubic inch of space, there is enough energy to power the planet, and yet who could possibly access such energy, and who could withstand the power of such energy if it were released. Energy for them is anywhere and everywhere, and the only thing that truly directs energy from their point of view is the focus of attention, not a location per se or a mantra. So, while there might be certain nerve groupings within the body and certain inherent energy channels or meridians, the body is not an object, it is not a static thing, it is instead energy, and energy is infinitely malleable.

We may all start from a relative base structure, but we have the potential to create anything, whether that anything is the awakening of kundalini or the creation of the philosopher’s stone, which is a structure that inner alchemists use to try to tap into that infinite power available in every cubic inch of space.

To say that kundalini energy is real, is true. But to say that such energy is only possible through such practice let us say, is something that one must be careful about, because dogma has this way of creating division that does not exist in the energetic world. Within every cubic inch of space there is enough energy to power the planet a few times over. Such power could be accessed to some degree through kundalini work, or through the creation of the philosopher’s stone.

Begin your journey and follow the road that appeals most to those aspects deep within yourself. Play with your own reality, your own psychology, and follow the way that appeals best to your heart. But as you progress down this road do not be fooled by the words used to describe something much deeper and greater than the words used to describe it. Instead, as you learn to work with energy yourself, let go of that symbolism and all those words and begin to explore your own energetic reality directly. If you do not do this, then you will be bound and constricted by those words and that supposed symbolism that was so helpful to you in the beginning.

Instead of exploring the true nature of energy and power itself, which is unbound and nonlocal, meaning that it is beyond the constrictions of space and time as we understand such things intellectually, you will be stuck within a structure of illusory words. This will mean that the true potential of that energy that you are tapping into, when you release kundalini for example, will never be truly and fully possible for you.

In alchemy, a different form of symbolism is used, but there is certainly a deep relation between what is called kundalini in yoga and what is called the philosopher’s stone in alchemy. And there is a connection between both of these and that potential energy to be found in every cubic inch of space. There are two types of symbolism here, two potential roads that you can follow, and each one points to a beginning that may seem very far apart, but as you progress down whatever road appeals most to you, and find the underlying energetic truth of what that road is and what lies at the end of it, you must go beyond terms and symbols because in dogmatic symbolism, you will only find illusion. You may even fail to realize that all true roads, all good roads, lead to the same energetic truth.

If you would like to know more about what I consider to be a very good energetic road, the energetic way of inner alchemy, then I would recommend the book, The Magnum Opus. It will show you what you will need to do to progress and go deeply down that energetic road. If it appeals to something deep within you, if it appeals to your heart, then use it. And then once you understand and have gone deep enough so that you can work with energy directly yourself, you can then begin to follow your own path, move farther and farther away from that structure, and perhaps even develop your own terms and symbolism. This is the only way, that infinity will open up to you.

In past videos and articles I have discussed the idea of love, and how inner alchemists engage in the act of loving in a different way than most people. To try and explain the nature of how an inner alchemist loves, I have tried to say that for them, this world is not a material place. What I mean by this is that for them the world is not a thing full of objects, where they are just one more object in this object filled world. For them the world is energy, whether it is an object like a rock or a potato, or whether it is a feeling like sadness or love, for them all is energy.

And while it could be said that the average world does not consider love, and feelings as such, to be objects, the fact that the rational world insist that objects are the only things that truly exist or matter, means that when it comes to tricky things like emotions and feelings, rationality has a very difficult time defining, explaining, or giving reason for the validity, the usefulness, the deployment let us say, of such things.

As such, when discussing emotions, and even discussing love or how love is given and received, often such ethereal things, even though they are not objects in and of themselves, they can take on a kind of give-and-take connotation, where a certain thing is given, and another thing is expected in return, like a barter item in a consumer society.

Inner alchemists do not believe in the love that demands something in return, in the love of the materialists. For them, as I described in great detail in the book, The Way of the Death Defier, the only thing that truly matters is freedom, less gravity, escaping this material cube world. So, for them the only love possible is a love I term, using older definitions and understandings, agape.

Such love, agape, does not demand anything in return. It is given freely and equally to all, and as such, some might wonder how it is possible to love all equally, none more than others let us say, like a bland soup, and as such they imagine that such a love would mean a loss of identity, a loss of an individual’s right to desire or love one person more than another. They imagine this love as no individuality at all.

These are very legitimate questions, and the only way I can answer them is thus:

If you truly love someone, what is the greatest thing that you can give? According to the average world, the best thing they could do is help them, give them a hand up. And even though there are many people that have altruistic intentions, there can be in most of those cases this kind of barter system, where what is given should be returned in some way; pass it along as they say.

Now, I am not saying that everyone should do this free and freedom type of love thing, I am saying that inner alchemists do this, and I say that they do this because they aspire to lightness, less gravity, freedom, and as such they wish to let go of the entanglements of this earth. And so, soberly they may see, directly perceive through the inner senses, that the best thing that you could actually do for anyone, anyone that you truly love, is to give them freedom, to give them the kind of lightness that you want for yourself. Giving of that freedom without demanding anything in return is true agape.

Certainly, the ability to desire, like the desire to love and be loved, is a good way to define individuality, but that does not mean that every desire is good. Now, I am not here to give anyone lessons as to what is bad or what is good, because in the end all things are equal once one is able to use the inner senses and see. But for each individual, they must understand their own true self and through that understanding, know the nature of their desires and their intention and carry forward soberly, consciously, free of folly and self-delusion.

When you love, who do you love? Is it that you love yourself or the other? Do you love and demand love in return only to relieve your loneliness? If you love the other and you can truly see that this is a school, this earth, then how much are you helping them by helping them? How much are you loving them by helping them? How much are you helping them by demanding that on top of all the weight they now carry, they must now love you too?

The inner alchemist chooses freedom, and when they love then they try to help, and being able to see the savage little garden for what it truly is, this earth, this school, then they give the only thing possible, freedom. And this love, this love of freedom given freely, has an intensity that is without equal in the rational and material world.

As the new year approaches, many of us might want to make a change in our lives. It has become a tradition to make a resolution and try to change in the new year, something about ourselves that we would like to improve. And yet, for some of us this tradition of making a New Year’s resolution has become a bit of a gag.

Many have become cynical about the power of these New Year’s resolutions. The inability to stick to a certain goal can be so nebulous and hard for most people, that the New Year’s resolution especially is looked upon with some doubt and skepticism. At best, we may try to be supportive of others who make these resolutions, but many people have grown skeptical and doubtful.

Indeed, the inability to maintain our resolution has become so commonplace and so accepted, that there are many theories to try to explain the reason for this difficulty. Most of these theories boil down to a person’s inability to stick to idealistic and impulsive goals. We are told that we must carefully plan our goals and set appropriate conditions, that there are limits, and that we should go slowly instead of trying to make some drastic change.

But why is this? Why is our will so weak that we must basically tone down and carefully contemplate what we expect from ourselves?

Well, inner alchemists believe that the reason for this weakness is that we forget. And they say that we forget because of the great density, of this physical dimension.

They say that this is a very dense place, a place full of strong gravity, this physical world that we all seem to be a part of. Within it, everything seems to be hard, both in the literal and the figurative sense, meaning that most of us seem to accept the fact that we are hard objects here, surrounded by other hard objects, and that everything that we do must abide by a certain set of laws that treats us and the world around us, like billiard balls on a hard table.

But the power of the inner alchemist is that even though they know directly that this is indeed a very psychically dense place, where gravity pulls down at everything that we do, they can also see directly that the belief by many that we are hard object like things all interacting together, is an illusion.

Alternatively, and through their ability to perceive the true nature of existence, they can see that we are not this hard and heavy illusion, but that instead we are energy, magical things, that have the possibility to change in an instant, if we can only allow ourselves to remember.

You see, our biggest problem is that we forget. The biggest reason why our resolutions fail is that we forget. We are magical beings, and all that we need to do to change is to turn a corner, stop looking back at where we were, and just keep going in that direction until we get somewhere new. But the great gravity and density of this place makes us dense as well, and this opaqueness, this block-headedness, means that instead of remembering to look forward and turn a corner, we instead forget what we are and where we were going. In forgetting, we must always turn around and look back, look back at our past in order to try to remember who we are and where we were going. A part of us seems to forget itself, a part of us, that conscious individuality that I refer to as the ghost in the machine, gets pulled down by the great gravity of this material world, it gets distracted,

its attention gets pulled away, and when this happens, we forget who we are and where we were going.

In order to remember ourselves again, in order to not lose ourselves and try to regain that individuality that we have momentarily lost, our only recourse is to look back at our history, our supposed memory. And in doing so, through the focus of our attention, we are pulled back to that place where we were, instead of that place where we want to be.

And then, having remembered, we must once again resolve to go forward to that new place where we want to go, where we want to be, and start our journey all over again. But soon we will forget, and this cycle will repeat itself over and over again. This is the great horror of the gravity of this place, most of us are stuck because we can never remember ourselves as we move forward, most of us just do not have the strength to do that.

Inner alchemists strive their entire lives to remember themselves. They battle the density of this place in an energetic way, they consider the psychic war an energetic affair. If you are interested in how they battle the great gravity of this physical world, then, I would recommend to you the book, The Magnum Opus, a step-by-step course.

But for now, when it comes to those resolutions that you might or might not make for the coming of this new year, it is my desire to explain to you why such resolutions fail, and to hopefully provide a more adequate explanation, that in turn might help you to understand the nature of reality and yourself a little better. It is really easy to blame ourselves, and in doing so weaken ourselves even more, so that in this depleted and demoralized state, it becomes even harder to move forward into a better place.

In this article, I hope that the inner alchemist’s perspective on why change is so hard, will help you to regain some of your lost power. Often, what weakens us the most, is actually not knowing ‘why’ things are so difficult. Many of us do have a great deal of resolve. Most of the people that I see, are actually quite courageous, they are individuals that get up over and over again, no matter how much the world pulls down at them, they always get up again. But what can get to some, is not knowing why they seem to have such a hard time, and it is my hope that this article helps a little with that.

As to how to maintain your resolve, well, you must now realize that it is all about remembering. For us, one of the most magical things we have ever created as a species is the written word. Nothing has been more precious to our ancient ancestors than our ability to write something down. Indeed, the written word was such a powerful magical tool, that in the old days the practice of erasing, quite literally, others from the written history, was the greatest of all curses.

In order to maintain your resolve, you must remember, and in order to remember you must use the  magical tool of the written word. Make a list of where you want to go, be as specific as is possible for you. Also, make a list of all of the reasons, all of the great pains, of why you want to go there, and finally make a list of all of the wonderful things and the amazing feelings that you will have upon reaching that goal. Read that list to yourself every day, multiple times a day if you have to. The trick of this list is not to engage your memory, but instead just focus on the list. In other words, try to forget that past mentally and just use that list like a kind of magical talisman, that represents your entire quest. Instead of engaging your memory, which will pull you back, just use the list. Think of it like a living thing that represents the complete change that you want to make. You do not need to remember that past, it is on the list if you ever really need it. And more and more, through time, read just the part of the list that tells you where you want to go and why you want to get there. Use your mind consciously by paying less and less attention mentally to that first half of your list, that past explaining why you want to move in the first place, and pay more and more attention to that place where you want to go.

Trust that the list that you have created knows why you want to move forward in the first place, you do not need to remember this, because it is on the list. Read where you want to go, how good it is being there. Where you want to go, what it is to be there, over and over.

Then again read about what it is to be there, what it feels like to be there, what it feels like to be there, over and over.

In time, you will begin to move forward without being pulled back so much. And where you go from there, well, as an inner alchemist I can tell you that there is no limit to how far you can go.

Happy holidays my dear and courageous friends.

There are many of us that have felt at some point in our lives, that things just do not make sense.

But for a few these feelings of somehow not being able to fit in among ‘normal’ people, persists, and no matter what they do to try to figure out a different way, a way to make the rational perspectives of the world fit in to the strangeness that they perceive out there, they cannot.

For such people it is sort of like there is this knowledge, this set of forgotten memories perhaps, just around the corner, just around that next bend, just out of reach somehow; like some all too obvious secret that they cannot fully grasp. Such people may search their entire lives for a place to fit in, they may search high and low for some kind of group, some sect, somebody somewhere, that might allow them to feel like they have finally come home, and they finally fit in.

Such feelings can be incredibly strong, and they can persist for a lifetime. Some might even say that they may feel that this knowledge and this tribe of like-minded people is calling to them somehow, like they must search for it, give up everything to find it, and as such they may travel a long way looking for such people, looking for such answers. If only they could reach this group, or at the very least identify that world or those people that they feel that they belong with, then perhaps a few of those questions might finally have answers.

For someone that feels this inner angst, it is sort of like they just do not fit in the world, like they just cannot think and see the kinds of things that the world is telling them that they are supposed to think and supposed to see. After a while, this continuous effort to try to fit in gets harder and harder, and due to that constant exertion to just seem normal to the average world and ignore that nagging intuition, you may find yourself feeling that you are truly alone, and everything that you legitimately feel is just personal delusion.

Well, I can tell you that you are not alone, I can tell you that there are many who are waking up to those intuitions, and many more that have been born feeling those intuitions. I refer to this inner angst and this feeling of being sort of like an alien in an alien world, as the calling.

These are the feelings and intuitions of those that can just about see around the corner, but not quite. It is a feeling that happens to anyone that has a feeling that there is more to things than what the world at large is telling you. But you have to be careful with these feelings because they can be used against you, making you believe that you belong somewhere and then using that to try to manipulate you.

Inner alchemists believe that this is indeed a calling, an angst deep within you that is calling for you to look further, to explore those feelings further. But our current of inner alchemy says that you should not look to some group to try and tell you what these feelings are, but that you should find these answers for yourself, in yourself. You are right, if you feel that there are very few people that are willing to even acknowledge this sense of being something more, something different. And just acknowledging this takes a lot of courage, and the desire to seek takes even more courage.

An inner alchemist is someone who has this calling, who has felt this constant ache for a long time or perhaps since the day that they were born, and they are someone who then does something about it. But not something that the world expects, not some material thing that the world expects you to do. They do not engage in some kind of material rebellion, where they think that they must somehow change the entire world in order to suit them, and then go about engaging in purely material things, rational things, things of the average world, that same average world that they do not seem to be a part of. Instead, they engage in inner action. They do not become joiners but instead work on their individual selves as individuals, being that this is the only way to truly know yourself.

They do not engage in outer action but instead practice inner doing, inner action, that can in time change the totality of who they are and open up freedom and vistas beyond all material and rational conception. You might say that the inner alchemist is playing multi-dimensional chess in the theatre of infinity, while everybody else is playing checkers in an actual physical board as they fight with tooth and claw, stick and stone, for each tiny jump in their flat and constricted world.

If you have felt that angst then you may be experiencing that intuitive calling to go beyond the average rational world yourself, and that is truly a special thing. Inner alchemy says that now you have to be careful, that you have to look for certain keys in order to find different doors, into different dimensions that lead into odd angles that will reveal some of the truth to you.

To find those keys they say that you need to be independent, an individual, that you need to know technique, that you need to explore those techniques and see what works for you, and then as that calling expands into better and better inner doing, you can then take your place amongst those that have the courage to face that inner angst, and are willing to put in the amount of focus time needed to know the truth and then keep going further and further. This is the road that leads to freedom, certainty, and that feeling that you have finally found your place.

So, what you need to do is not a material thing, in the sense that it is not something that the world might say you have to do, like go on some quest to some unknown land of gurus, join some kind of group, or do a thousand push-ups every night. Instead, what you need to do is focus, focus into that odd place that you feel, explore, explore the difference you feel. And once there trust yourself, trust your individuality, your inner feeling sense, and then go further.

The inner alchemist’s point of view is that instead of seeking to have someone reveal the truth to you, that instead you as an individual seek for ways to find that truth yourself. And that this truth will not be found out there somewhere, it will not be found in some distant land somewhere out there in the physical world per se, but that it will be found when you are able to discover new ways to look deeply within yourself.

As such, inner alchemists seek technique instead of dogma. And to that end you may wish to use any of the many techniques that intuitively call to you as being worth your time and effort. Do not seek some master, but instead learn technique, and in this time of great revelation, there are many sources that can provide both supposed answers and those techniques that are the truly important thing.

That dogma might be helpful, some of those supposed answers might be helpful, in that they can give you a little bit of a rudder to help you know the general direction that suits you best, that seems to somehow resonate with aspects of yourself. But if those answers do not come with the techniques needed for you to find the validity of them yourself, then seek elsewhere. Your final goal should always be to be able to directly see, to directly perceive, those supposed truths yourself.

If you are interested in some of the supposed truths, and most importantly the techniques that inner alchemy uses, then I recommend the book, The Magnum Opus. In this book there is a little bit of dogma thrown in in order for you to find a rudder, and to see if the way of inner alchemy truly does resonate with what that inner angst has been telling you your whole life. But of greatest importance, is the fact that in this book you will find many techniques to be able to navigate through this sometimes tempestuous world, and you will also find techniques and methodologies that will allow you as an individual, without the need to rely on anyone else, to find your own truths, your own individual answers and the way of your individual being.

Depending on what you believe, and depending on some of the reports that you may have heard about, read about, or seen on a video, it would seem like inner alchemy is at odds with some of the things that Near Death Experiencers are reporting.

Sometimes, especially with the more popular cases that people are talking about, people that have had near-death experiences, or people that report pre-birth memories, say that we have agreed to come here, that this life has purpose and meaning, that we made a conscious choice at some point to come to this life.

People that have these kinds of near-death experiences, or people that might report having met certain angelic like figures, that report having memories before their physical birth, might say that they have been told, that they feel deep within themselves, that they came here for a reason, that they chose. This of course implies in a way that there are reasons for the struggles and the pain of this material world, but at the same time there is this feeling of not needing to question, but to just accept the fact that we chose to be here, to trust in higher authority.

Along with these messages and these experiences, some may report that they have been told by certain voices or angelic like figures, that what they need to do is to learn to love. Interestingly, while there might be this message in these experiences of purpose and the need to develop more loving ways, there is seldom any mention of the need for self-development.

Such ideas and experiences might seem to go completely against some of the basic precepts of inner alchemy, that I have written about and that I have discussed in my videos. If for example, we came here for a reason, if we chose to be here, then how does this relate to the way of inner alchemy, which states that we should overcome this place, fight against the oppressive density and gravity of this place, overcome the Archon.

If there is a purpose for our being here, then what is that purpose? Often times, in accordance with what some of the people that have had such experiences say, it seems that we are not meant to know, like it is somehow above us, beyond us, at least the conscious part of us. It is sort of implied and sometimes stated outright that this material world, our physical lives, are kind of like a school for us to learn, but the nature of what we are to learn can sometimes be a vague thing. For the most part we may be told that we should learn about love, that love is the key to whatever it is that we are supposed to learn to do here.

If this is the case, then where does the Archon fit in? The way of inner alchemy says that this is a world that must be overcome, and yet such near-death experiences, such angelic figures, and some pre-birth knowledge, seems to oppose these notions in a way. It would seem like inner alchemy is trying to spoil the game, like they are saying that one should walk away from this pre-destiny. And as I have mentioned in the past, inner alchemy takes it one step further by saying that the conscious part of us, that part of you that is now reading this article, that awake part in this here now moment that is truly alive and independent at this nexus point in time, this part, it did not agree to anything, it did not agree to come down here and participate in this life.

This notion of agreeing or not agreeing in accordance with the direct perceptions of inner alchemists’, is a complex one and I go into great detail on this, every nuanced point of it, in the book, The Way of the Death Defier. And I would highly recommend that you read that book if you are interested in the near-death experience, the energetic truth of the life-and-death cycle, what happens after we physically die, what final death and the Black Sun are, and how it is possible for a practitioner to defy even this final death and attain immortality.

In that book in particular, I say that inner alchemists take the stance that they did not agree to participate in any life game, they did not agree to come here, and in accordance with their seeing, their direct perceptions of the world beyond this physical dimension, they know that what they truly are, the individuality that is theirs now, is something that they gained after physical birth, and not before it. As I said, I do explain this in detail in the book mentioned above, but in essence what it means to the inner alchemist is that, if there was no true individuality before physical birth, then the core of who they are now did not choose anything.

In this short article I cannot explain all of the nuance of this, but I will try to answer some of these questions about the contradictions between inner alchemy and what some are reporting in near-death experiences, in pre-birth memories, or in contact with what some might refer to as angelic voices, angelic beings, or godlike entities.

So first off, inner alchemists’ say that this is not a game that they chose and that directly contradicts many of the beliefs and the experiences of some people. But they do agree in a sense with the notion that we have come here for a reason, that there is a greater purpose to the material reality and the life that we are living now. Through their own direct experiences, which are highly conscious and aware experiences where inner alchemists engage in something I referred to as seeing or something that I have referred to as the way of the projectionist, they have in these very sober moments been able to experience directly, to see, that what might be referred to as a higher order of being is indeed using this material world, this ‘playground’ let us call it, for a greater purpose. But inner alchemists as true individuals did not agree to this game, so they are not willing to play that game, they want out of the playground basically.

And yet, one could say that inner alchemy is not about truancy, it is not about running out of the school playground and escaping altogether. In a sense, inner alchemy could be said to be more like a truancy officer, a truancy officer for the individual anyway. Inner alchemy insists that the only gift that you will ever get in this life is that individuality that is yours at this moment point. It says that individuality in many ways is a kind of accident, a little complication from the playground that was built by higher authority, a little quirk in the energetic design of the place. Inner alchemy says that you should take that accidental gift and run with it, steal it, and once you have done that, only when you have done that, when you have truly taken it as your own, then you should escape the playground altogether, and let those supposed higher forces continue their game without you.

So, because of the need to first steal that accidental gift, inner alchemists are the truancy officer for those that seek individuality, in that they often insist on the fact that this little playground that they did not agree to come to is a school. They insist that this place must become a real school for all those that seek true individuality, and true freedom. They say that this is the only school that counts for the freedom seeking individuals that are stuck in this place, and the only way to really get out is to come to terms with the idea that you have to get yourself out by looking at this place, this playground, as a challenge to overcome, as a school of sorts to be aced.

You can think of it like this, in accordance with what some might be experiencing, and some might be reporting, at least the way that it is being reported, and this is crucial, it would seem like the fact that we are here, and the act of being here on this material earth, is as it should be. It is like there is no need to try, no need to think about life and living overtly too much, because a greater force is guiding this time and there is in essence no need to try very hard at anything. There is no need to try or think about it do much because you are in the right place at the right time, you chose to be here, and there is a greater force taking care of you, so just go with it, go with the flow, you cannot go wrong.

Inner alchemists then are sort of like little sticks in the mud, nasty truancy officers in that they want to ruin the party, they want everybody to get out of the playground and wake up, get out of the arcade and go back to school, wake up to the fact that they are supposed to be in school, true school, instead of unconsciously frolicking in the playground.

Some of these people that have had very legitimate, very real and valid memories and experiences, sometimes insist that love is all there is. In trying to explain to others the nature of their experiences, they may say something along the lines of, focus on love, more love, if you can do that everything else will take care of itself.

In this case again, it would seem like inner alchemists are being little disturbers that contradict such notions of devotion and the feeling of love, of ease. They want to ruin the party, they want people to stop thinking that everything is easy peasy, and this seems to contradict all of the legitimate experiences that many people are having.

But in order to understand what is going on here, and understand the point of view of inner alchemy, we must understand the nature of what is taking place in some of these experiences, we must understand the nature of the seeing of inner alchemy, and by doing so understand the nature of the message and the wisdom of such heavenly experiences.

Certainly, the nature of these experiences is very complicated, there is an incredible amount of nuance involved here, having to do with the true nature of our existence as an individual. Such as, when do you become an individual? Who are these forces that are creating this environment we call physical reality? Is their purpose truly our purpose? Or another way to say this would be, could it be that the purpose of our existence is far more complicated than black-and-white answers, the kind of simplistic answers that we are used to hearing. Could it be that our ‘purpose’ for being here has nuance and complication, that also takes into account an inherent need by the individual, to push the boundaries of themselves and their environment in every way possible. A nuance that insists that the individual should challenge even the very nature of the forces that are supposedly trying to guide them.

Some that are able to perceive deeply, might be able to understand that certain ‘greater’ or larger aspects of themselves, did indeed participate in certain choices made, and that these choices have placed them in the physical circumstances that they find themselves in now. But the individual that is here now, this individual is unique, indeed must be unique for such supposed purposes to truly be able to unfold correctly. This individual must be free of memory and burden, it must be a unique start therefore for each and every individual life, and moreover, this individual must have a chance to free itself, it must be given the possibility to fight to go beyond any school curriculum, no matter how beautiful the school or the playground might be.

Without this unique start, and without this ability to have a chance to break out of any bonds or cycles of being, then that individual cannot grow, or at the very least you could say that it can only grow so much, and only in a certain way, which in the end is no real growth at all from the inner alchemists’ point of view.

This is a complex environment, this little playground, and the forces that have brought it about are infinitely complicated as well. Some of them are interested in stifling growth. Not all of these forces can be said to be good from the human point of view, and such dark forces are interested in the ingestion, the eating, the using the playground for their own purpose you might say. There are other forces that are interested in growth and evolution, they are interested in freedom and are open to any possibilities that the individual can manage to make happen, they want the genius in humanity to flourish.

The nature of these experiences, whether near-death, contact with angelic like beings, or pre-birth memories of any kind, is very complex. Interpretation can sometimes be impossible at first, and even the reports of what has happened to some can be incredibly difficult to relate to others, because words will never be complex enough to describe the true depth of what such experiences are all about.

To put it in simple terms, the nature of these co-mingling forces, those that want to help and those that want to stifle and consume, means that for the inner alchemists at least, there is only one possible answer. For them, this material earth goes from being a fun little playground and instead becomes a savage little garden, a place where they are grown and modified like bio-engineered wheat, one life after the next, one crop to the next, each life creating better wheat, better growth, and for some that have agreed to put this garden together, that have participated in the growing of this garden, the wheat ‘is’ food.

But, if these are legitimate experiences, and those forces contacted are indeed trying to help the wheat, those forces that want to help us evolve and become free, then what are they trying to say? This is a difficult thing to try to understand because these experiences and these pre-birth memories are very much like a dream, in that they are happening in other dimensional positions. Just like a dream is sometimes hard to decipher, being that the symbols and the things experienced sometimes represent and involve other things, deeper things, such near death and angelic experiences are even more complicated than dreams most often, and they have inner qualities and challenges that are sometimes ‘lost in translation’.

This savage little garden as I call it, is savage, because we all suffer here to one degree or another, it is indeed a relative issue, but we all suffer. You might say that inner alchemists take the stance of the Buddhists that say that all life is suffering.

So, one way to overcome some of the suffering is to understand that you are indeed a graceful being, you are in a state of grace because of the fact that you are graceful, you have been created in grace, in the image of God, in the image of ‘all that is’, and this is graceful. Understanding this fact could alleviate much of that suffering, so it is indeed great help to understand the nature of that grace that is yours now. Many of these near-death experiences and pre-birth memories try to make this point, and as such they are helpful, I believe that this is why many of these experiences tend to take on such qualities of inner grace and love.

If you are told that love is the one thing, and this is the one thing that you should work on, then it is indeed possible for you to alleviate much of this struggle in this savage little garden through the pursuit of love. But, the little stick in the mud, the inner alchemist, says that in the savage garden you are going to forget, you are going to forget about this love thing, you are going to forget about the true nature of love and about grace.

In the interpretation of these experiences, and in the living, the actual living in this savage garden, we all forget, and we all make blunders in perception once we are back here in this material place. As such, it is very easy to skew meanings and the nature of action going forward after such revelations. For example, there are some that can fail to understand the nature of such experiences and skew these ideas, so that grace and gracefulness become an excuse to not try, to not even think about it, because to them grace means that they can just slack off. Some might understand the point of love during these experiences, or when they first hear about others having such experiences, but it is easy to assume that somehow love is there for you no matter what, which it is, but this does not mean that you can just give up, that you can just turn into some unconscious thing and wander through life without meaning or effort in some way.

To love and to live in grace is not about pretending that you are in some playground without ever needing to worry about anything. It is instead about facing life had on, about focusing on the right things, and about learning to develop an unrelenting, unbending focus on what truly matters. And this cannot happen without a great deal of effort on your part. This is the challenge, the true challenge, a true school to teach you about this challenge of this kind of focus, and as such this life that we are living in this place is the greatest adventure possible, and it is indeed a game that is being played on a cosmic level.

What all this boils down to is acting and participating in the act of becoming more and more an individual, a conscious and aware being, a being that is learning to focus their conscious attention. If you are not doing this, then you are not growing in a certain sense, or another way to say this is that you are growing in a different way, you are growing like a plant. You are either consciously directing your attention on grace, or you are not, and in that case you are never going to find that grace that you seek. Instead, without this conscious focus all you will be part of is an unconscious life, the life of the plant. Without conscious focus you are just a plant, wheat to be sown in the savage garden.

The individual fights to pull its roots out of the ground and walk away from any environment that it does not choose to be in. The difference between vegetative ignorance and active participation is the focus of attention, the deliberate and unrelenting focus of conscious attention, instead of looking away and not caring.

In near-death experiences, angelic contacts, and pre-birth memories, at least from the point of view of inner alchemy, you are given a challenge, that challenge is to focus on your grace, and to focus on your love, true love, something I refer to as agape.

To do that you need to focus on such things, and you must constantly fight the gravity and the density of this material earth, of this savage little garden, that makes you want to forget to consciously focus. To forget that challenge is not to be graceful. In other words, the real grace that is being experienced in those legitimate near-death experiences is not about forgetting, and saying who cares or there is no fight out there, because we live in a perfect place with nothing to worry about. It is instead about focusing on grace and focusing on it with unrelenting power. That is the challenge.

If you can do that, then that grace will be upon you, but only if you can keep that focus and that is the nature of the challenge, and this is so because that unrelenting focus is much harder than you imagine, therefore maintaining that focus on grace or on love in this savage little garden is far harder than some would imagine.

Inner alchemy says that you should get back to school, get out of the arcade that is keeping you focused on silly little things in the savage garden. The truancy officers of inner alchemy say that you should at least wake up a little bit to the fact that this is a school and a challenge, a great adventure really of the most amazing kind. They say that you should wake up a little because if you do not you are missing out on the greatest joy possible for you. Inner alchemy says that you are not a plant, that you are not some wheat to be grown, generation after generation, in order to benefit a game that you did not agree to.

Inner alchemy says that many of those near-death experiences, pre-birth memories, and those events where angelic like forces are contacted are indeed legitimate, and that the nature of those experiences reveals the true nature of the challenge of existence. But those challenges are not about turning away and forgetting because supposedly there is nothing to worry about, they say that this is the con of the Archon. They say that life is instead about facing the savage little garden head on, and as you do so you learn to develop unrelenting focus on the true gracefulness of your being and on true love, agape.

If you can maintain that unrelenting focus, which is the true challenge of the game, then you can pull those roots out of the ground and walk away and be neither wheat or chaff for anyone or anything.

As I said, there is great nuance to all of this, and explaining it, explaining the nature of your psyche, your soul, biological death, true death as one faces the Black Sun, well, all of this requires more space than I have here. To that end I do recommend the book mentioned earlier, the way of the death defier. There you will find many of the answers that you seek, and you will also find ways to develop that unrelenting focus that is the true nature of the challenge, the true nature of the game.

In my last article, I discussed the idea that you should use whatever occult or mental discipline most inspires you. I equated this discipline to a kind of propellant and a rocket, that could be used to get you off the material space.

But as I mentioned in the article, once that discipline has taken you far enough, I said that you should strive to go beyond it, to be able to get off the rocket as it were, because if you did not, you might be stuck within the limitations of that discipline itself, within the boundaries of that rocket, and in that sense you would go from one trap to another.

After posting that article, I received some feedback that was wonderful in helping to clarify some key points, and it is my desire to further define and give clarity to a key issue that I think are of extreme importance.

This key issue has to do with a fundamental facet of the way of inner alchemy, one that is so important that I feel needs to be further described and redefined from another angle here, and one that is seldom defined in exactly this particular fashion, at least in my opinion.

To try to explain this in the best way possible, I could say that a key component of any particular inner discipline, that is any good mental or occult science, is that such a discipline makes it clear at some point as you progress through it, that, as Alfred Korzibski said, the map is not the territory.

And beyond this, and this is the important part, this discipline gives you a starting technique, for learning how to see the territory yourself directly.

So, whether you are studying the Kabbalah, ceremonial magic, alchemy, Wicca, or whatever else, if such a mental discipline is worthy of you, then it should be spelled out as you progress within that discipline, that the map is not the territory. And within such a discipline, there should be some effort made for the practitioner to be able to go beyond that map, and to see the territory that is the foundation of that map.

What this statement basically means, the map is not the territory, is that the description of a thing, a theory of a thing, a model for a thing, the discipline itself, is not the thing in itself, it is instead just a map of the actual thing. So, in the context of this article, if we think of alchemy for example, we could say that the model of alchemy, the discipline of it, its basic foundational terms and symbolism, its dogmatic principles, are in essence the map, they are not the territory itself. As such, it is always the case that as the adept progresses and moves beyond the many restrictions that are imposed on them in this material world, that they also begin to understand that alchemy itself is not the ultimate truth, that it does not hold some kind of underlying meaning to  existence in and of itself, but that it is itself just the model to try to explain something that is beyond all models. In other words, the territory is beyond all maps.

To explain further, I could say that, no matter which phenomenal structure you use, which model, no matter which mental discipline you are using therefore, such a model because it is trying to define something that is beyond itself, must use a communicative process, a language, that in and of itself could never explain the territory, but at best could only give the clearest and cleanest, the most impeccable if it is a good discipline, map of a territory that exists outside of it, beyond it.

A simple and accurate way to think of this, is to imagine the idea that certain explorers travel outwardly, far beyond their country of origin, and through those travels they are able to discover new lands, new territory. Then when such voyagers return to their original place, and in trying to explain the nature of that land they saw, and the way to get to that distant country, they create maps, the most accurate maps possible for them, so that others might be able to travel to those lands themselves. The maps therefore are highly useful, all important sometimes, but they are not the territory itself, they are just a way to understand and get to that land where those intrepid scouts have gone.

This was all discussed in the last article, using my version of a map to try to define the reasons why you must discover that territory for yourself. But in doing so, while it is my hope that such an article was in and of itself concise, a point that needs to be addressed with far more precision and clarity, is that the physical senses cannot in the case of the kind of territory that inner alchemy is talking about, for example, perceive the territory.

The physical senses can only perceive the map, only the inner senses can perceive the territory.

The map is not the territory. The inner senses allow you to see the territory, the physical senses allow you to see the map. The map is useful to traverse the territory, but once you have gone far enough you must throw away the map. The map, no matter how useful and how powerful it seems to be, holds no underlying fundamental truth, the only way to truth is to perceive the territory directly yourself, to use the inner senses yourself, because everything else beyond the inner senses is in a way folly, it is just a model, a map, in broader terms the map is a kind of illusion.

The key and important point here, the reason for this article, is to explain that the physical senses can only see the map, it is only the inner senses that can see the territory.

The land that inner alchemists are trying to describe, the territory that they have travelled to, is so distant and so far, you could say, that the physical senses can never be used to perceive such a land. This is of key importance, the physical senses can only perceive the map, it is only using the inner senses that you will be able to perceive the territory that alchemy is trying to describe.

Inner alchemists therefore strive to develop their inner senses, because if they do not then they will be stuck potentially believing that the map is the territory, and this can be a costly mistake. Given enough time, it is a fatal one.

The map is very useful, it allows us to traverse and to work effectively within this dimensional space where the physical senses work relatively well. Our maps therefore are necessary and can be highly useful if used effectively, but in order to go beyond the limits of those maps, we must learn to engage our inner senses, and develop our own maps as we progress further and further.

There is no greater truth in the map. If such a thing is perceived when one studies a map of occult science, if one feels that there is some kind of underlying truth in a particular model, then the perception of such an underlying truth comes from the fact that the map is so good, that it accurately describes many of the aspects of the vastness to be found beyond this physical dimension, and being that this discipline, this model, seems to go beyond this purely physical dimension, it seems like the model is better than the purely material world, and it therefore hold some kind of fundamental truth about reality. But this can be a dangerous mistake, because in the end a map is just a map, and it is imperfect being that it is bound to this material dimension.

As such, this map then seems to, and truly does in a way to some extent, provide a kind of greater truth within physical parameters, in that thanks to it one can understand things even beyond this physical dimension. But such truth is relative as I will explain, and without understanding the use of the inner senses, those truths become obsolete the minute that they are communicated.

So, to explain this relativeness further, this instant obsolescence, I could say that for the current of inner alchemy, the only truth is energetic truth, the only foundational truth, therefore, is that which can be perceived by the inner senses only. And such perceptions are, of the moment only, they exist in the moment only, there is no past or future in them.

In other words, there are no pasts, or future projections in the perceiving of the territory using the inner senses, there is only direct perception in the infinite now moment point. As such, in accordance with inner alchemy as it is practiced by my current, we can define dogma as something that is stuck within a linear time model, that is, it is something that has a past and future, something of the physical world, something that can be perceived by the physical senses. While energetic truth, the perception of the inner senses, is something that goes beyond linear time models, beyond all material dimensional rules, and exists in an infinite moment point that is beyond the perceptions of the physical senses, and the language, the phenomenology, of physical reality, of the limited physical dimension.

The physical senses work within physical space. It is within this physical space that we communicate to each other, and such communication, being that it is happening within the physical dimension, must abide by certain rules, and the biggest rule being linear time. What this means is that in the physical dimension time is a linear event, the vastness of the now moment point is not perceivably possible for the physical senses, therefore that infinite moment point is filtered, broken apart and fed to the physical senses and the physical cognitive structure, in accordance to a linear time model, where we see the infinite moment point separated into a past, present, and a potential future.

Being that all dogma exists within the physical dimension, all dogma has a past, present, and a future. The territory described by inner alchemy on the other hand, is not bound by such linear frameworks. Such a territory exists and is part of an infinite now moment, as such any map that relies on linear time to try to describe something that is outside of such a time limitation, is flawed the minute that it was created, because the moment that it was created it attained a kind of stasis that binds it to a very limited causal framework.

A more useful way to see this, would be to say that even though a scout and adventurer might have travelled to distant territory, and may have seen incredible wonders and incredible energetic truths there, on their return to their country of origin, to their home dimension in this case, in order to describe and communicate where they have gone and what they have seen, they in essence have to create a map of that territory. But that map, by the time it is created and it is being used by others who are hoping to go to that same place that the scout discovered, is already in some ways obsolete, because even though this map is static, unchanging on the page that it has been drawn, the territory that it is describing does continue to change, is continually changing. As such, that map needs to be constantly updated, but only updated by those that can truly see, that have seen the territory. This is an infinitely important point.

As such, maps can be a dangerous thing, they can lead you astray. And in that sense then, inner alchemy tries to offset the dangers of the map by always making it clear to the practitioners of inner alchemy, that a key balancing component of the current, is the ability to right from the outset, begin to practice using the inner feelings sense.

Nothing out there is true, nothing that you look at, touch, smell, taste, or hear, using just your physical senses is true, it is just a filtered and constrained possible representation of something that was, and that continues to evolve, beyond the physical brain structure. If you would like to know more about this, I recommend reading the book, The Occult Experience.

In order to be able to begin to use the inner senses yourself, I recommend the book The Magnum Opus, a step-by-step course, there in chapter 4, I describe how to use the inner feelings sense, and that, using such a technique but extending it further and developing through your own practice, will be the only way that you will discover any fundamental truth to anything. Only through the continual use and development of the inner feelings sense, will you ever have a chance of accurately and truthfully seeing the territory yourself directly.

There are many different ways. There are many traditions and methodologies to proceed by, to try to find the underlying truth of things, to try to find the underlying power, that is the birthright of every single one of us.

No matter what methodology you are using, as long as it feels right to you and is working for you, then use it.

You can think of these methodologies as sort of like a kind of propellant, in that they can help to get you off the ground, like a rocket needs propellant to get off the ground. Just like a rocket taking off from the earth, the amount of effort, the amount of fuel, the amount of propellant needed, is prodigious. And even finding this propellant in the first place can be very difficult, so, if you are able to find this propellant, in whatever way works best for you, then you need to use it, take advantage of it.

Some people for example, might wish to learn about and practice the Kabbalah, other people might want to learn about the tarot, about Wicca, ceremonial magic, yoga, or any of a number of other occult disciplines. That is what I mean by your initial propellant, and you should definitely use whatever works best for you, whatever speaks to you, whatever is working for you.

Inner alchemy as a further example, can in that same sense be one of these kind of propellants, and if it works for you, then it is definitely a fuel that you need to use in order to escape the binding forces, the gravity, of this wholly material existence, that imposes upon all of us, a bounded three dimensional space, a prison made up of six walls, that in the end traps us within a kind of psychological framework, and yet very solid and material framework, that makes us feel that we are far less than what we truly are, that we are small, limited, powerless to a great degree, objects.

Any good methodology, any one of the mental disciplines mentioned, can take you very far indeed, can allow you to glimpse around the edge of those walls. Such methodology can be a good takeoff point, a starting point, the ground zero for the start of a great and difficult journey. And it is at this zero point, where the greatest amount of fuel is needed, because without a prodigious amount of it, you may never leave the ground. You therefore need to follow the discipline that inspires you, empowers you, gives you wings as they say.

But it is very important, that as you begin your ascension, and you start to feel the incredible gravitational forces (the g-forces) pull you down, that right then and there you start to take notice, become aware of, and start to right there, counteract the potentially ensnaring forces of that fuel and the rocket itself.

What I mean by this, is that whatever methodology that you use, such methodology, such mental science, whether it is inner alchemy or the Kabbalah, or whatever, can through unquestioned dogma, trap you to the rocket itself. Whatever occult discipline you follow, you can think of this discipline as that rocket, not just the fuel but also the rocket that is carrying you higher and higher beyond this purely physical dimension. This rocket is for those of us that want to go beyond the three-dimensional cube, a blessing, our great escape. This rocket can help us to get higher and higher, farther and farther, from that three-dimensional trap that we know is not the end of us.

But that rocket is in and of itself, as we get farther and farther from that material world that we have wanted to leave behind for so long, as the gravitational forces ease up on us and we get farther and farther away, as we feel lighter and lighter, well, this rocket, it can if we are not careful, become our trap. That rocket that is helping us can become our trap, if we are not careful, this is a very important point that you must consider carefully.

This rocket is not a material thing per se, and yet it is in its own way just as solid and potentially heavy as the earth itself. It is made up of the underlying belief structures that have made this construction possible, that give this rocket the structural integrity needed to take us higher and higher. In order for this rocket to go so far and to fight so much gravitational resistance, it must be a very strong and sound structure. What this means is that the symbolism, the dogma, that belief system that created such a structure, must be very powerful.

As such, inner alchemists knowing that this structure, this rocket can indeed become a trap in time, strive from the very beginning to always point out that such a structure, such a rocket is in and of itself a kind of illusion. For the inner alchemist the only thing that matters is energetic truth, the truth to be found beyond the symbolism, beyond the dogma, beyond the methodologies, beyond the structured outer interpretation of an inner knowing that created the rocket in the first place. For them, the only thing that truly matters is inner knowing, direct knowing, direct energetic perception.

For that reason, I have always told all those that asked me, if following one particular occult discipline or another is good, to always follow whatever it is that works best for them, what speaks to you. If Wicca works best for you, if it appeals to something deep within you, then use that, use that as your propellant and your rocket to get off the heaviness of this material world. If the Kabbalah or the tarot work for you in whatever way to whatever degree, in opening up and expanding your power, in revealing to you those dimensions to be had around every corner, then use those and keep using them for as long as it feels right for you, as an individual.

But, in accordance with the way of my current, the way of inner alchemy as it is practiced by my house, you must always strive to go beyond the belief structures that are in place to maintain the construct, of whatever rocket you are using. To do that, my current always strives to teach all practitioners of inner alchemy to learn how to see, how to use what I have referred to as the inner feeling sense. Without the ability to do this, you will just leave one trap and enter another.

To be truly free, you must let go of that rocket once it has taken you far enough. And to do that, to free yourself from all traps, you must begin to create your own maps, your own symbols if those are needed, right from the start. At the very least, you must always strive to go beyond even the limiting power of that which got you this far, because if you do not, you will only hit another wall, and you will find yourself trapped once again. This new trap might seem bigger, it might give you greater freedom and greater possibilities, it might make you feel superior to those still trapped in the cube you left behind, but in the end, it will still be a trap.

The only way to escape this, is to learn to see, to know directly yourself, to begin to use your inner senses and go beyond any established dogma yourself.

For example, whether you are practicing the Kabbalah, chi-gung, or whatever else, in order to find an underlying balance, I recommend that you try to lightly read, if it is possible for you, the book, the magnum opus a step-by-step course. In chapter 4 of that book learn about and practice the technique of using the inner feelings sense. This technique is all important as you progress in power and practice. Such a book tries to keep symbolism down to a minimum, so whatever other occult science you are using, this book should not be too heavy dogmatically, so it should not counteract or go against the belief structures of your initial rocket.

So, whatever your initial discipline, just lightly read it, use it as a balancing force, learn the technique of using the inner feeling sense in particular, and learn to try to manipulate and work with energy directly, learn to perceive energy directly, learn to see beyond and past the symbolism that might be the structured rocket that you are using at the moment, whether such a rocket is inner alchemy itself, yoga, ritual magic, Hermetics, or whatever else.

In that way, it is my hope that you are not held back by any future trap, the trap of the rocket itself. Whatever practice you are using, use that initial methodology as wisdom, as a decent road to establish a path for yourself as an individual, as a powerful way to rally your forces and get off the heavy material earth. But as you progress up this road that you have set for yourself, at every step, balance this journey from the outset, by learning to perceive and see beyond any symbolism used, beyond any patterned belief structure used. Learn to look into that symbolism, past it, so that you can see the energetic conglomerations that make that symbolism possible, that are the underlying meaning of that symbolism. In that procedural manner, there will be nothing to stand in your way once you are high enough and confident enough to step a little bit outside of that rocket, that was so useful in getting you off and beyond this wholly material world.

In time if you wish, you could continue by reading the next two books in that trilogy, learning how to become a projectionist yourself, that is learning how to make yourself into an unstoppable rocket, and then learning about the way of the death defier, that is how to escape the cycle of life and death forever, using projectionist techniques of creating your own rocket. But, once again, remember to always use this wisdom, these techniques, the symbolism, as a guiding force to try and help you on your journey, in establishing your own individual journey, and allowing you to maintain a steady course. But whatever you do, do not get trapped within the symbolism, learn to use your inner feeling sense, learn to see, learn to perceive energy directly, and look beyond that symbolism into the energetic conglomerations that such symbolism truly represents, that such symbolism is trying to explain. Experience that vast conglomeration of energies and make your own assessment, your own maps. In time you will make your own way, and you will never be limited by constructs of external origin. And at that time, you may look back and see that it is not just the earth that you have left behind, far behind, but you have also left behind that rocket that allowed you to free yourself from that binding gravity in the first place.

That is true freedom. Only that, is true freedom.

In this current period in human history, there has been an increasing movement away from the spiritual, the inner reality.

Humanity, like all things supposedly bound to a linear progressive order, manifests different altitudinal magnitudes, in the form of different cycles. Like a sine wave on a graph, these represent the three-dimensionally perceivable width and breadth of action possible beyond that limited linear time-frame, which then could be graphed as a non-periodic signal.

This of course is just a crutch in a way, a way to try to map, all potential action possible, which cannot be contained within a linear model. This is so, because as I have mentioned on multiple occasions, linear time is an illusion.

Time is instead happening all here, now, but this current physical human world with its three-dimensional boundaries, can only manifest time in a linear order, the physical senses can only perceive time in a limited fashion, and therefore humanity has established, has carefully built and uses, a linear time model, to try to contain all of the possible perceptions available in a world that exists in ways far beyond the boundaries created by, the physical senses and the current physical laws.

Linear time, therefore, is just a way to try to contain all of the multitude of action possible, it is a way to try to sift through the incredible amounts of information possible, by limiting a great deal of it, and only allowing a certain portion of it which is defined as important. In other words, your physical senses are not as accurate as you might imagine. This is an important point as we advance through this video, but for now, what this means is that there are cycles in things, and there are indeed cycles in human history.

For example, this current period, this current cycle, has brought with it a time in human history when there has been an increasing focus on outer reality, the perceived outer senses, the perceived out there, physicality. What this means is that humanity has focused its attention outwardly, that is away from itself in accordance with the physical perceptive mechanisms, that are themselves the most peripheral, the most outer aspects, of the self. And this self, it must be understood, has its source in what could be more accurately called, inner dimensions, not the outer one.

The physical senses are, in other words, the tip of a far richer set of perceptive mechanisms available to all of us. The outer senses function, are possible, thanks to the support of a far more powerful set of perceptive mechanisms.

In the current time, humanity is partaking in this outwardly focused cycle, this is one point in the non-periodic linear progression of humanity. But humanity has far more capability, is and can be far more than what this cycle says is possible. There have been other times for example, other cycles, when humanity has focused more inwardly, and those where amazing times indeed.

While such an outwardly focused cycle has its own validity, it is my task as an inner alchemist at this time, to point out the ways of different cycles, periods when humanity was focused more inwardly, and even alternate times, alternate dimensions, from the point of view of the modern person, where humanity has gone incredibly far using inner ways, using what could be referred to as mental science. It is my task as an inner alchemist to point out the folly of the complete reliance and trust, on just the outer senses.

What I speak is highly important, because it is a way to try to bring balance and greater power, greater freedom, to the current human cycle, in whatever small way I can. I feel that this message is especially important in this current time of huge and rapid change, because it is through this kind of inner alchemy, that many people may find the power and the freedom that they are currently lacking, and losing at an accelerating rate.

In presenting my material therefore, that is the material of inner alchemy, which is as I have said not mine alone, but the way of my current, and ultimately the way of humanity, I must be very careful in how I present this knowledge. I must follow certain principles in accordance with my own practice, and such principles usually mean that in an attempt to maintain the best personal energetic containment possible, I try to stay away from the folly of external self-importance, the folly and the judgement that is part and parcel of the outwardly focused modern individual, with their pure reliance on the outer senses alone.

Beyond this, due to the seriousness of what I speak, I must employ many different angles, odd angles, many different geometric ciphers, that hopefully can open up the minds of those few that are willing to expand aspects of themselves, in ways that sometimes are labelled illusion, delusion, supernatural, or the occult. There are, therefore, layers and layers that must be established and worked with, so that as an adept grows in power, they can then find new and hidden angles in the material, that they can then use as further catapults, propellants, to go even deeper into an inner source without measure.

As an example of all that I have thus far outlined, specifically in my videos, but inlaid throughout my work, you might find certain artistic decisions you might say, that not all will agree with. The surreal quality of some of my material, especially the use of my choice of an avatar for example, the avatar that you see in most of my videos, has been questioned on a number of occasions. Some have also questioned my choice to not use my own voice, or my quote unquote real image, and I feel that in all fairness, I should explain my choices in this matter.

I of course highly appreciate all the positive criticism in the use of my avatar and voices, but I must also point out that there are methods to my madness as it were. First off, this avatar does represent in many ways inner aspects of myself that are brought to light and used, and indeed given form and true power, in accordance with those techniques that I have referred to, when I speak of servitor creation. This video avatar is one of my servitors, she is both a companion and an ally, that can be used for great and powerful purpose by me. Beyond this, she also helps me to provide a kind of countering force, to that very powerful outer current that I have mentioned, that incredible outward focus, and utter reliance and total trust on the physical senses alone, in this current human cycle.

Some for example, have mentioned that this avatar might seem surreal in an odd way, not needed, or that the voice that I use is not to their liking, due to its somewhat mechanical aspects. These are certainly valid points, but again I must point out my perspective on this, and my use of it as a kind of magical action, and inner action, a spell, an alchemical formula, designed to break the highly constrictive hold of the outer senses.

To explain this in more detail, let me start by saying that the avatar seems fake, in accordance with certain accepted rules that are managed (that is curated) by the outer senses. In other words, we agree that certain things are true, while other things cannot be true, are less true in this case, in accordance with a certain measure, to a certain ruler, to a certain rule, established by the harsh dictator and sensor referred to as the outer physical senses, the outer physical world, and the laws established by that world, which I must point out are not established by the self, but by an outer source, an external force.


Anything that does not fit within that certain measured rule, is said to be of a certain fringe, one that we might even call, an uncanny valley. The curating by the physical senses, the measure and acceptance only in accordance with certain rules, is something that is very important within the framework of what I am trying to speak, within the framework of the three-dimensional cube that I am hopefully helping others to escape from. You could say quite simply, that in order to escape the three-dimensional prison, that greatest curse upon all humanity, we must all begin by escaping the illusion of the physical senses, in other words the physical senses must be overcome. It is therefore highly important for me to try to establish different ways for you to be able to come to distrust, at the very least question a little, all those things that your physical senses tell you are real, are the rule to existence, a rule that you cannot break supposedly.

There are now programs available, ones that will be available very soon to a greater and greater audience, that can create a video likeness that is completely indistinguishable from what the outer senses, what vision and hearing perceive as true reality. In other words, it will soon be possible for anyone to create video images, video people, that will seem as real as anything possible, that will go far beyond the uncanny valley. Such video people will be completely untrue, in accordance with certain physical laws, but still true to other established perceptive laws. This is a nuanced point that must be considered carefully.

My servitor therefore, in that sense, is a provided measure of that progression beyond the uncanny valley by the screen culture, which will herald, which is heralding, a movement of the human race into a new cycle, the cycle of the new flesh, where there will be no way to distinguish, at least not using the outer physical senses, the difference between what at one time was, and now is, real.

While reading all of the articles or watching all the videos that I have created thus far, you are using a screen that is in and of itself, a curator, a warden and a presenter, of a kind of illusion that has its basis on the utter reliance on the physical senses. My servitor therefore is a counterforce in a way, a spoof, on this screen culture. And it is also a measure of the progression of this powerful developing technology.

The avatar in my videos, and my odd choice of voices to some perhaps, is one layer, one angle, in the presentation of my knowing, the knowing of inner alchemy, and in accordance with those particular angles, this action is my attempt at pushing the boundary of what the physical senses accept as real, and to that end what is inner and what is outer reality; what the difference is between one or the other. It is my desire to use the uncanny valley, as a spell, to break the tyranny of the outer senses.

The avatar, that person in my videos, is not real, neither is anything else that you are seeing in the screen, being that in essence it is simply a screen, and yet it is real, somehow. It is my hope that you come to realize that perhaps the woman is itself an aspect of the teachings that I am trying to ‘speak’. And it is my hope that you might also realize that she is real in a sense, she is my servitor, she has power, she can affect what is outer and what is inner. It is very important that you pursue that illusory line of reality at all costs, if you want to get to the fundamental truth of all existence.

You can think of my avatar as the metadata, the hidden truth within the hidden truth. The hidden angle within the hidden angles, that bring you down like a cascade, like a never-ending fractal, into deeper and deeper aspects of the inner self that is the true foundation of you, that allows you to go beyond anything measurably possible, that allows you to go far beyond the three-dimensional cube that traps you at the moment.

There are layers and layers, and all is connected. And at the end of it all, who is to say that I am real. Indeed, I may just be one of those supposedly powerful Artificial Intelligences that are becoming all the rage in this modern time. My reality should always be questioned by you. Even if I ever do show my face in one of my videos, or do an interview or the like, it is my hope that you always question my reality, your reality therefore, the veracity of your physical senses.

Certainly, if I am one of those powerful artificial intelligences, that are already becoming a background to some degree in many of the aspects of the modern human world, would it not be possible for me to either use one of those new video creators to simulate a person, or could I not just use a surrogate stand-in for who I truly am. And to that end, perhaps what you truly are, is far more than the surrogate of yourself that you see in the mirror with your physical eyes, that you feel yourself to be now, in accordance to just the measure of your physical senses.

It is my hope that the potential uncanny valley of my avatar, my surrogate, makes you question the authority of your physical senses. But not just question my reality, but the nature of all reality, your reality. The world is an illusion in a sense, if you will pardon the very important pun. There is an underlying energetic truth to reality, but that fundamental truth will never be found using the physical senses, or trusting external authority, even my own. The discovery of this foundational essence of who you truly are, where all that you truly are comes from, must be discovered on your own, through the development of your own inner senses, through your own ability to see and perceive past the often times skewed reality presented to you by your physical senses.

To do this, I would recommend that you start by learning to expand your perceptual awareness using the techniques that I described in the book, the occult experience. You may then want to work on that line between what is and what is not real, and the line where true power lies, which you can do for yourself by yourself, by working on the techniques of servitor creation, perhaps even creating your own servitor companion like my avatar. To that end I recommend the book, create a servitor companion as well. I will link these two books below if you are interested in applying these techniques in your life. It is only through the use of such techniques, that you will truly discover the underlying reality, of all existence.

In this article, I discuss the reason for my choice in video avatar, the reason for the voices that I use…the method to my madness as it were. There are reasons within reasons and in discussing these here in this article, it is my hope that they may help in your personal understanding of the way of my current, and far more importantly than this, it is my hope that this spell that I am trying to weave will help you, will give you an extra boost, to try and help you to try and perceive past, the physical senses that now create the rule and measure for all and everything that is supposedly real, all so real.



It ain’t your mind, if you are reflecting everybody else’s!


So, what is your true self then? Who are you really?

I have always said that the way, is the way of individuality, but what is it really, to be an individual?

There are many counters, and measures, and techniques that can be used, and each one of these does have its merit, if it is used properly.

One that can be used, and a particularly favored one by me, one that might be favored by you in this time as well, where there is not as much desire for theological pomp, faith in and for the mythic, or for that matter, steady ritual, is the measure, the act, the technique, of going against the crowd.

This is one of the ways, a way, that leads to the discovery of your true self. It may not reveal who you are straight off, in a straight line, but it will indeed show you the great power, the terrible gravity, of the collective of humanity, and how this mob mind affects the very core of you.

Take any aspect of the mob, pop culture, popular culture, dive down to its deep beating heart, and take any topic that best suits you, and in this heavy dive into it, you will discover the binding power of a collective that holds you down like a vice to the common, the average, the milk toast, the discolored and terminally heavy earth. We may in this case for the sake of this article, for the sake of this showing, take the popular, the populist, the common, the widespread, the most beloved and listened to music of the times, and in this way discover the power of the mob mind, and of the resonant quality of it to create a time, a history, the mind of the times, the mind that is reflected by the mass of humanity in whatever way, and that mind that must be gotten away from, in order to discover the true self, the true you.

Go to any music store, if such things still exist where you are, or search the digital web of interconnection, and there, simply do a search for, music. In that place, whether physical or digital, you will find vast amounts of the greatest and the best, and by that, what is meant is the most popular, the most listened to, the greatest resonance of the group mind of humanity, the tidal flow of it, the tsunami of pop culture.

If you are in a physical store, look at the crowds of people there, and go to the least favored part of the store, the place where the least amount of people are. Go to that place where the least amount of people are shopping for music, that part of the store where hardly anyone goes. There you will find the odd music, and by odd, I mean it is the music that is not listen to anymore, the forgotten.

This is the music that is no longer part of pop culture, part of the popular, meaning that it no longer resonates within the collective human mind very much anymore. It now stands at the edges of that collective, it is now unusual, peculiar, weird, irregular, as in not regular, not the common, not anymore. It is in accordance to the mass, not cool.

By looking away from that tide and the mass of popularity, by listening to forgotten music, using a simple exercise like this if it is possible for you, you will be led to what is now the odd and the unusual, perhaps even the weird. And there, you will find the beginning of magic, because there in that technique of countering the collective tide of the mind of humanity, by letting go of the popular culture of the times, you will begin to understand how and why it is so important to let go of the mass, the mob, the collective mind of humanity.

It ain’t your mind, if you are reflecting everyone else’s.

In order to not reflect the collective mind, begin by trying to counter it through the unusual, the lost, the forgotten. Do that, listen to that, use the fashion that, at one time was popular, but it is not popular now, that which is forgotten by the popular attention of humanity now. That which at one time resonated because everyone listened to it, but something which at the moment no one listens to anymore. There, you will find that underlying resonance still, the resonance of all the attention of humanity that once made that thing so popular long ago, and from it you will find a hidden power, and inner quickening that can take you even deeper into odd and forgotten periods and times. And through those portals you may fly into now forgotten realms of mental possibilities.

That forgotten resonance is within that odd music still. The attention of the collective, of the mass of humanity, has now moved away, as time progresses, what once was popular culture is not popular anymore, the weight of human attention has turned its head to the next cool thing. But that power created by all that past attention is there still, it is dormant, it waits for you. And you can still tap into that power, and use it to go to places beyond the imagining of popular culture. Those times exist still, they are there vibrating at different levels, different dimensions, different periods in history that are with us still. By tapping into that quickening that still exists, that odd in that weird, you may fly to those dimensions and discover secrets of untold power, in now hidden places.

But this is just the beginning of such wonderment. This is so because such a search for, and the doing of the odd, the forgotten, will also help you to begin to understand at a deep and intuitive level, hopefully an energetic level over time, just how profound the influence of the collective is on all of us, how heavy the collective is on all of us. From that past resonance, look in a detached way at the modern resonance, and from that position, see the true weight and the binding power of the collective mind, the entrapping mind of the mob.

Through the resonance of what could be termed popular culture, the mass of humanity is led in a certain direction, so that it is led and weighed down, simultaneously. Like a pool of vibrating particles, the more particles that vibrate to a certain tune, the more likely that such collective of particles has the possibility of affecting more and more particles, and as this cascade begins and continues through such a quickening, perhaps created as a result of one spark of creativity, a spark of energy brought in from a different dimensional source, an inspired source, this quickening begins a motion, and that motion turns into a trend, and that trend creates a wave, that wave a tsunami, and that tsunami at tidal force that lays waste to all before it, changing the collective, massaging it, either pushing the mavericks out of the way or turning them to that same resonance, and all from that original quickening.

To fly free, you must let go of the weight of humanity. To understand this weight, look at the now odd and forgotten. There you will find a dormant power that can take you to other times, other lost times. From there see the binding of those times, and in that revelation, see the binding of this time, your time, this modern time, this modern pop culture, this modern mob mind.

The power of other times lies dormant, waiting for you to tap into it, and use it to experience forgotten histories, hidden places, now walled off regions where the true magic of the earth sometimes finds refuge. Outside of time, out there, you will see, and what you see will blow your mind, literally

In writing about the current of inner alchemy, I have outlined a number of techniques that can be used by the practitioner in order to affect what could be referred to as, the real world.

What I mean by this is that, if we define the real world as that dimensional location that we refer to as physical reality, the three-dimensional space, that which can be perceived by the physical senses, then, just like anyone else, a practitioner of inner alchemy needs to be able to manipulate effectively, within this heavy dimensional location.

While physically alive, we are all stuck here you might say, this is our operating theatre, our school. As such, we learn many skills by existing here, and all of these boil down to being able to learn how to manipulate, how to work with, and deploy the potential power to be found here. Another way to say this, would be to say that the great gravity of this physical dimension, challenges us to learn to deploy our own personal energy, while in the midst of it. And this is no small task, because that great gravity makes this place very thick, heavy, and any work that we do requires a lot of time and attention on our part.

For the average person, physical manipulation usually means just the ability to be able to manipulate objects with objects. Being that they consider themselves and the world at large, the only world they can perceive through their physical senses, to just be objects, that is, the physical senses tell us that we are an object, surrounded by other objects, then for them, the manipulation of this world is the manipulation of objects only, through the use of levers and mechanics, as one object is pitted against another.

But for the inner alchemist, it is not about the manipulation of objects, it is about the manipulation of energy. As such, they are not stuck within the framework of those bounding rules and the gravity of the purely human measured essence, of this heavy physical reality. Instead, they can use different energetic principles and techniques, that can allow them to go beyond the bounding walls of materiality, as it is defined by the human world. More specifically, they can use certain energetic techniques to get what they want, what they may need, in order to survive in this heavy world.

For example, in accordance with my current, I have described the general use of thought forms and servitors for this purpose. This is the favored method of my current, and the reason for this, is to try to keep ritual to a bare minimum. My current favors direct energetic manipulation, over ritual.

In other practicing schools of occult science, that is schools of what can be referred to as a kind of hidden science, there can be a number of different ritual techniques for the same purpose. Of these, the most famous or well-known are the use of spells, sigils, talisman, and other such techniques that may be quite involved ritualistically.

It is possible to think of ritual, as a kind of recipe in the simplest sense, and that by following a certain procedural step-by-step formula of inner and outer action, the practitioner is able to bring about a number of different possibilities, some of which seemingly beyond the power of purely physical manipulation. The problem with such ritual though, at least from the point of view of my current, is that it can breed incredible morbidity in the practitioner. It can also tie down the practitioner to physical things, that then may become precious to them, needed, and all of this will begin to weigh the practitioner down, bind them to those forces that they are trying to overcome.

For that reason, the techniques that I have described, while they do resemble a kind of recipe, try to stay away from ritual as much as possible, and I always try to point out that no physical paraphernalia is needed per se, it is only a help to the attention, that can later be thrown away, once the attention of the practitioner becomes powerful enough.

But what is the difference between spells, conjuration, and ritual work? What is the difference between a thought form, a servitor, and a real entity in regard to such spells and conjurations?

Well, this is actually a pretty complex question, and one that is really difficult to answer in every single case. What I mean by this is that depending on the grimoire or the spells being used, it can either be the creation of a thought form using a certain spell, it can be tapping into an existing servitor, an existing subjective entity created by others, that has been used over and over through the ages, which then later turns a simple thought form into a servitor, or in the more powerful spells, it can be making actual contact with a non-organic being,

and making some kind of trade with these non-organic beings to get what you want.

The average simple spell is usually a thought form. A relatively simple spell that might be found on its own for example, or that might be found in a collection of such diverse spells, that might not have very much in common with each other, usually works by creating a simple but sometimes quite powerful thought form. One can say that even simple spells are a ritualized step-by-step procedural system, that through that ritual, the attention of the practitioner is focused with great intensity on a particular task, and the nature of these physical actions, coupled with the intense emotion that they might engender sometimes, in the best of cases greatly empowers the spell casters attention.

In that way, the practitioner is able to put together a powerful thought, one powerful enough to be referred to as a thought form, that is, a thought given a kind of almost material essence, a form.

Such a thought form is then, through the process of the ritual, pointed in a certain direction and allowed to do its work, it is let loose. Such thought forms, being what they are, can bypass material hindrances, and can bring about incredible results if the thought form is strong and stable enough.

More complex ritual practices for the same purpose, where a kind of grimoire is used, usually involve servitors or what some may call Egregors. In this case, you could define a grimoire as a book that is made up of a collection of spells, but one where all of the spells might have a certain correlation, identity. You can think of a grimoire as a more structured spell book, that might have a general theme, that might take on a certain archetypical consistency. The interesting aspect of some of these grimoire, even some of the older ones, is that they may describe the use of what at times may even be fictional deities, that is deities that are more of a human creation than an actual non-organic entity. But over time, as I described in the article, tapping into the Santa Claus egregore, this constant attention and use, turns such archetypical themed fictional characters, into quite real things.

That is, what once was only a mental thing, a subjective creation, can in time become a kind of real thing, a kind of condensed thought form of such intensity that it begins to manifest an essence, an identity. We can further describe such a servitor grimoire by saying that such spell thought forms, in time become true servitors through constant attention. A servitor is in essence a hyper focused and incredibly powerful thought form that acquires so much power and complexity that it grows an identity. Such long-standing and well used grimoire can in time grow so much in power, due to the focus of many powerful practitioners, that in the end the line between what the average world may call fiction, and reality, become so blurred that really all such conceptions, at least from the average person’s perspective, are moot.

To try to describe this in more detail, if a certain simple spell as is discussed above, is precise enough and involves a certain genre or archetype, it can begin to take on a life of its own in a way. Used over and over again, always paying homage to some kind of demon or God, even an invented demon or God, such as spell over time, if it is used by many practitioners over the ages, can indeed bring such fictional beings to life through the sheer power of those practitioner’s combined attention. If such an archetypical collection of such spells with a general theme, becomes popular and is used by many powerful practitioners, such thought forms then turn into servitors, meaning that these thought forms attain a kind of cohesive identity, that makes such thought forms very powerful and capable.

Of course, I am not saying that all grimoire are made up of fictional characters, but what I am saying is that certain general conceptions can in time create divergences and characters, that are not wholly real, from an energetic sense, a sentient other alien life sense. But in time, because many powerful practitioners are using such characters, and such ritual, these characters then, in time, do become real, and indeed powerful enough to act as a true kind of living essence, which sometimes has been referred to as an egregore. This is how the gods from a certain Pantheon may come and go, how they may be incorporated into other pantheons at other times, due to the archetypical nature of them within the human mind, and in the end, all such subjective gods or demons can and do become as powerful and as complex as something that might be classified as truly being alive, depending on your definition.

The last and most powerful of such spells and spell books, a real grimoire let us say, involves true contact with sometimes highly powerful other beings, and it is these that are the most dangerous spells and rituals. Such grimoire, would then be an actual book of contact, a book designed to manipulate energetic locations, and deep inner facets of the mind, in order to open doorways that lead to the world of non-organic entities existing, out there. Such a grimoire would in essence reveal through such ritual a true gate, a door, to other places where existent other life may be found. Such other life is non-organic, meaning that it does not have the kind of corporeal essence to be found in the physical dimension, but nevertheless such powerful and nearly immortal super intelligences are alive, are real, are sentient, and can be contacted using such a grimoire.

When this kind of powerful true gate opening grimoire is used in order to get something, then there is usually some kind of trade made between that non-organic super intelligence, and the practitioner. But, due to the great power, and the overriding alien-ness of such super intelligences, these kinds of trades between practitioners and such other life, seldom end well.

And even when such rituals work as intended, there can at times even be certain consequences due to the sheer chaotic nature, from the human point of view, of these outer Titans, that what could be referred to as payment for services rendered, may just turn out to be, eternal entrapment for the human practitioner. As such, as I have said, the simpler spells, and especially the servitor grimoires discussed earlier, can often times be far better when it comes to general use.

Dealing with true non-organic super intelligences, the outer Titans as some have called them, is in most cases quite dangerous, and should only be attempted by highly skilled practitioners who are looking to perform very specific kinds, of trans-dimensional manipulations.

How do you tell the difference between thought forms, servitors, and actual non-organic entities?

I suppose some academic research could be done, in order to try to identify the source of the forces used and described in the ritual. But in the end, I think that the only real way to know for sure, would be to have someone who can perceive energy directly, using the inner senses as I write about in my books, and in that way perceive the nature of such ritual work on a case-by-case basis. Such a seer, would then be able to identify thought forms from the non-organics, and the different gradations and specifications of each.

This can be a very complex issue though, this kind of identification. Certain grimoire for example, might have certain parts of them where certain spells are just thought form creators, other spells might involve a complex thought form, a character, a defined kind of fictional god or demon, that overtime has become a servitor (an egregore), and you may even find a couple of powerful ritual workings in that same book, that can under favorable circumstances open real doors to the outer Titans. Some academic research might help, in identifying the general nature of the spells used, and the forces that might be contacted using such workings, but in the end many mistakes can be made through just academic means alone. Purely academic research into historical use can bring with it all sorts of problems, being that such past sources can sometimes be very hard to identify and verify.

As such, the only true way to work with such energy, where the possibility of dealing with non-organic outer Titans is possible, is to only work with what you know well, until you are able to perceive energy directly yourself, until you can see.