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There are many people who have wondered about the Great Archon and its hierarchy. They may ask questions such as: Within the bounds of this titanic force, where do the Ascended Masters and reptilians stand in relation to other beings? Some may understand that the situation is complex and cannot be easily reduced to a simple good versus evil. However, they may seek to gain a deeper understanding of the nature of this force and its hierarchy. They may ask questions such as: Are our primary adversaries human or alien in origin? Is this force predominantly composed of alien or human entities?

And I must start by pointing out that the greatest realization possible for us is to finally discover for ourselves that the world is not simply divided into black-and-white, good and evil. In our quest to understand the forces that oppose us, it is all too easy to become lost in our search for some elusive truth that we believe is essential to our survival. We think that if we only knew this one thing, then we could finally conquer this world and our life situation. Unfortunately, sometimes knowing the truth of some things can be a bigger curse than anything else because such revelations, when they are truly taken seriously, can be so grandiose and overwhelming that they make us feel powerless. The curse of powerlessness is perhaps the greatest curse of all.

Yet I understand the nature of your questions and your desire to know the full extent of what we are up against. If it is your wish to know so that you can gain the power and knowledge necessary to confront these foes, I must point out that we do indeed have the power to confront any such foes. We are not powerless. As such, I would highly recommend my book “Overcoming the Archon through Alchemy”. In this book, you will not only find great truths but also how to fight back and overcome these forces that seem so overwhelming when they are finally revealed to us.

Now, from the perspective of inner alchemy, and I speak only from this perspective and do not presume to speak for others or their beliefs. From our perspective, the world is generally a predatory place. This means that we cannot rely on any group or individual, be they ascended masters or otherwise. The best course of action is to discover our own truth and learn to play a strategic game. This involves strengthening our position in the present by learning to see, to use our inner senses to perceive energy directly, and work with awareness and energy once these new senses have been perfected. When we have mastered this skill, we can begin to let go of the dogma and beliefs of the world, and instead focus on discovering our own truth, which may differ from that of others. This is why I always emphasize the importance of technique over dogma, in the hope that you will learn to see for yourself and discover your own path.

Once we can perceive energy directly, we can see that there is no sanctuary for us except that which we create for ourselves.

And yet, we are beings that are graceful, that is we live in a state of grace. There are many ways to define what being in a state of grace means, but fundamentally in the context of this discussion, it means that we are multidimensional beings. I repeat we are multidimensional beings, we are powerful, we are graceful.

Some of us live entire lifetimes from beginning to end being told that we are nothing more than objects, meat machines, living in an object filled world. We are basically told that we are a thing living amongst other things and the nature of our multidimensional reality may be suspected but it can never be fully confirmed. As such people live lives of quiet desperation as they somehow try to get ahead using a very limited set of laws and powers that tried to enforce the idea that they are just things, objects, surrounded in a world full of objects. But we are so much more than this!

So we must never forget that we are multidimensional beings, that we are graceful. This basically means that even in this predatory place we have many inherent resources, and it is my hope to not just reveal the nature of reality to you, leaving you feeling powerless, but also giving you the techniques needed to overcome these challenges, and that is why I recommend the book I mentioned.

So, getting to the root of your questions, there are indeed ascended Masters, reptilian-like beings, as well as light beings and a host of other entities that fit within the greater structure of reality. However, it would be wrong to assume that these beings fight some kind of black-and-white battle with the good guys on one side and the bad guys on the other. The world is far more complicated than this and even though from a certain perspective it is easier to see things this way, as your awareness expands you must begin to perceive greater nuance.

This is a difficult point of view to understand but the general idea here is that any force or any seeming entity or individual that is trying to tell you what to do, is in essence controlling you and is therefore something that has its own agenda. A true light being let us say or ascended Master, will be very careful about putting different possibilities before you, hopefully positive possibilities, but will not, even in the gravest of issues, try to force your hand. Individual freedom and spontaneous personal and individual development are paramount in all things. The unfortunate truth is that even in suffering there is growth, as long as that experience is of an individual nature where that person realizes that all that they have done is the result of their focus of attention, their ability to work with energy.

So, in that sense then, an ascended Master would provide possibilities, teach technique or methodology that could be tried, but they would not force any kind of action, any kind of dogmatic position. Yes, it is the case that an ascended Master might pull the curtain back to reveal a greater truth so that others might see for themselves the totality of all that is going on, but in the end they cannot force any issue because anything aside from this would mean that they are not in essence ascended Masters but instead just forces with their own agenda.

From this perspective, the Ascended Masters often described by many people are, in some ways, similar to the reptilians they also describe. Both Ascended Masters and reptilians have their own desires and motivations, their own agenda. Nothing is ever free in this world. It is up to each individual to decide whether to engage with these beings or to forge their own path. I will try to clarify what I mean here:

Ascended Masters are generally described as spiritually enlightened beings who have transcended the cycle of reincarnation on Earth. They are believed to have reached a higher plane of existence from which they can assist and guide humanity in its spiritual evolution. Some believe that these beings were once ordinary humans but, through a series of spiritual transformations known as initiations, they have achieved a state of enlightenment. Many in the esoteric field believe that Ascended Masters act as teachers and guides, helping individuals on their path towards enlightenment and aiding the human race in its destined evolution.

Are such beings real?

Yes, they are real, at least from the perspective of inner alchemy. I must emphasize that this is solely my viewpoint as an inner alchemist. It is my fervent hope that you will use the techniques I teach, or any other techniques that work for you, to discover your own truth.

So, from my perspective as an inner alchemist, these beings do exist and there is even a hierarchy among them, and this is very important. This hierarchy is determined by the extent to which they are still interested in the earthly plane – that is, how much they are still invested in the material aspects of this earthly realm.

Regrettably, I must resort to words to convey my meaning, and within the confines of language it is helpful to conceptualize the hierarchy of masters as a ladder of ascension, with each rung representing a higher level of detachment from the earthly realm. The higher one ascends, the less desire one has for the particular game that is being played here. The less interest one has on the board or the game pieces on the board the higher the ascension in a way. I hope you understand what I am trying to say here.

The hierarchy of Ascended Masters operates within a dynamic flow, striving to provide humanity with information and possibilities while remaining as detached from the game, like a multidimensional chess board, as possible. Anything other than this would undermine their ascension, as it could easily devolve into a form of control. Thus, the hierarchy is a complex network of individuals who have ascended to varying degrees and who work towards expanding possibilities without interfering with humanity’s free will.

Those lower on the ladder of ascension are tasked with more direct contact with humanity. Through these interactions, they provide information and possibilities, sometimes revealing what lies behind the curtain while doing their utmost not to interfere with the overall game. This is a great challenge for an Ascended Master, and if they are able to fulfill their role effectively – that is, if they can provide enlightenment and possibilities without getting in the way or allowing any lingering attachment to the material board to influence their actions – then they themselves can ascend further. In their new, more elevated position, they will work on different aspects of our shared multidimensional reality.

At the highest levels of ascension, these beings are responsible for the very essence of all that we perceive. Again, I must resort to words to convey this concept, which can be problematic, but you could think of these highly ascended Masters as great composers or conductors who create the very essence and various aspects of the grand symphony that is our multidimensional reality.

What are the reptilians?

The term “Reptilians” can hold various connotations, depending on the context in which it is employed. In one particular interpretation, Reptilians are postulated to be an extraterrestrial species that came to Earth during the epoch of the ancient Sumerians. According to certain sources, these beings are from another planet or another dimension and journeyed to Earth, where they established their presence. It is said that they possess a cold and calculating nature, devoid of any human warmth or compassion. Their purported objective is to subjugate humanity and transform our species into a race of slaves, much like the numerous other civilizations they are believed to have conquered and oppressed.

From the perspective of inner alchemy, beings of this nature do indeed exist. However, it is challenging to describe them accurately because just like ascended masters there is a hierarchy to them. When people think of reptilians or similar beings, they often blend many different concepts. One of the greatest difficulties in attempting to describe these beings and their existence lies in reconciling individual perceptions of physicality and reality.

Defining physicality is as challenging as trying to describe these beings. Generally speaking, we might say that physicality refers to something that can be perceived by our physical senses. Furthermore, our senses operate within a specific frequency range, so physicality could be said to encompass anything that exists within that frequency range. Finally, for something to be considered fully physical, it must be perceived consistently and equally – that is, more than one person must be able to perceive it and that perception must be persistent. Those interested in this topic may wish to research the hundredth monkey effect and morphogenic fields.

Reptilians are real, they are as real as a table you might stub your toe on. But their true power lies in the fact that they are also multidimensional beings. But unlike humanity, they know the nature and the power of this multi-dimensionality, and they have the possibility of entering it fully, meaning that they can seemingly be physical at times while other times being nonphysical.

At certain points in space and time, they may meet all the criteria for physicality mentioned above. At other times, they may not. To try to convey this concept, I have used the metaphor of a game board with many different forces competing against one another. I have also introduced the idea of a hierarchy, where proximity to the board and attachment to its material aspects determine one’s position within the hierarchy.

We humans tend to view ourselves as bound to the board, mere pieces in the game. Yet as I have stated, we are actually in a state of grace – we are graceful beings, as multidimensional as any of the other actors on the board. Our problem lies in our inability to see ourselves as anything other than pawns when in reality we are so much more.

Humanity at the moment is just barely beginning to understand the first three dimensions of the board, and some might say that they are also just beginning to understand the fourth dimension which we could define as time. And yet there are so many more dimensions to work with and it is within these dimensions that the true battle lies for us, and it is within these higher dimensions where true freedom and power are also accessible.

To try to understand reptilians and ascended masters we must realize that there are additional dimensions to this board, and while entities that exist in dimensions beyond the third may interact with the lower dimensions, they also have the ability to transcend them. Their power is defined by the number of dimensions they can traverse.

Just as I described the ascension of the Masters, there are also other forces that ascend alongside them. Some of these forces may be considered benevolent, while others may be perceived as malevolent. The difficulty with words comes when we for example imagine that ascension means goodness from the perspective of humanity. But ascension, at least within the context of this video, means expansion of awareness and the ability to move beyond the third dimension. As more dimensions are perceivable and as you are able to work within those higher dimensions, an expansion of awareness happens. Some forces and beings use that expanded awareness in a certain manner while others use it in a different way. Some beings look for expansion while other beings look for constriction. There must be balance and the nature of that balance is dependent upon the dimensions that you are bound to. Another way to say this would be to say that the nature of those balancing forces is directly related to what dimension you happen to find yourself in.

This is a complex game with many dimensions. At its highest levels, there are entities and beings that look down upon this little board and laugh. There are even higher forces that do not perceive the board at all and may inadvertently step on it, much as we might step on ants as we cross the street.

This is a challenging topic for people to understand, and I apologize if my bluntness at times seems cold. However, in revealing what lies behind the curtain, it is important for me to make certain points as clear as possible. But in saying all this, please remember what I said earlier: we are not mere pawns on a board. We are truly multidimensional beings ourselves, and our task at this moment is to work with awareness and energy in order to ascend to higher dimensional frequencies. But again, this is just one way of describing this concept using words. Words can be misleading if taken too rigidly, and it is my responsibility to always remind you of this.

You have been given possibilities – use them wisely.


  1. Hi John,

    I haven’t yet been able to fully confirm details about these aspects of local reality from my own experience but have thought a lot on these subjects so I’m trying to gain sobriety about the way I have placed them in my world view.

    I interpreted some of your information above to seem to indicate that “real” Masters might exist identifiable by their honouring of freedom and non-interference with individual learning and choice, but some ideas of such beings have Ascended Masters playing out agendas that would seem to place them as no better than Reptilians in terms of the impact they might have on an individual quest for complete freedom. Before your work resonated with me and became the main dogma I’m using to facilitate new experiences and learning, I was quite consumed in a set of dogma that spoke of a group known as the Guardians of the Race, who supposedly function in co-operation with the local solar being to shape reality for humans to allow for evolutionary growth and the development of evolved consciousness in conjunction with the Dreamers behind human incarnations. These teachings were based on some similar ideas to Inner Alchemy, focusing on Transmutation as the basis for personal growth, with the individual behind them being fiercely loyal to ideas of individual growth and development and non-interference in with the process of learning through experience. The path described was a personal one, but the dogma to shape the path included ideas about evolving to the point where one takes their place in this group to shape the human experience, so their is overlap to the Ascended Masters as you described them above. An additional factor however that is pointed at but not flushed out in any detail was an allusion to a different option beings available at death, referred to as a Definitive Journey that could be taken which was akin to a 90 degree shift leading to another possibility and a way to practice re-absorption from a new frame of reference leading to further possible gains in power. This idea of the 90 degree shift and your mentioning on Youtube about exiting stage left seemed related within my frame of reference. The same teachings about these Guardians, who serve under a being known as Atl(implied to be the solar being, but also alluded to as being know as Melchizedek in other frames of reference), suggest that honouring the human condition and the purpose of life on Earth is only accomplished by making a choice to become fully aligned with the Intent off ones Dreamer(Unconscious or Oversoul as parallel??) and make the conscious choice to give up the freedom to leave it all behind, and keep incarnating to “help ones fellow man until all humans can be free”. This then sounds much like the idea of becoming a bodhisattva from Buddhism. When I look at all of this, I’m lead to think that Atl is just another identity for the Great Archon, similar to the Jehova side of the Jehova/Satan duality, and the choice to “help” a way to keep the energy producing being within the Archon’s trap?

    I have considered trying to completely drop all the perspectives from the system I mentioned above since I placed too much blind faith in the perspectives previously, but there are key parts of the ideas shared that are quite brilliant an empowering to me, so I prefer to keep trying to reconcile what I need to so I don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

    Questions. I’m interested in either your opinion and/or the perspective of Inner Alchemy, and know you can’t speak for any system/groups or individuals I’ve alluded to or mentioned above.

    1) Is this idea of “returning to help ones fellow man find freedom” another layer of the Great Archons trap?

    2) If your are familiar with these perspectives, does the idea of the Dreamer in these type of teachings correspond to the Unconscious or the Oversoul?

    3) If the Great Archon’s influence on Humanity and Earth wasn’t immediate, are the local powers that originally helped shape the Earth experience still around and operating counter to the Archon’s goals, or have all such structures been subverted by the influence of the Archon? In other words, is there a separate group like the Guardians of the Race that still try to help humans evolve past the Archons influence, or are any phenomena or beings like this that we can encounter while incarnate currently just more layers of the Great Archon’s hierarchy?

    4)It’s not a big leap of course, but I’ve come to think that all religions are Archonic, wether it’s Buddhism leading one to the Bodhisattva option or a VOID only path leading to the same type of death as a “normal” life, or a Jehova based religion keeping people from developing self-awareness/reliance and responsibility for their own fate. Do you agree or do you think there are any organized groups out there that still seem to genuinely help on a path to freedom? I’m committed to the solo path, but operated so long with the need for a group to align with that I still spend energy some times trying to answer these questions.



    1. Thank you for sharing the intricacies of this path Derek. Let me answer your questions in order:
      1. The idea of returning to help one’s fellow man can be a trap. As I mentioned in the video, a way to measure evolution, in a sense, is by identifying, becoming aware, coming to terms, with how much the individual is still attached to the board. This is a difficult thing to define to be sure, because the idea of evolution in and of itself is problematic being that there is an assumption that evolution is some kind of linear hierarchy per se, and that it leads away from the board on all occasions. I hope you can understand what I mean here, there are intricacies where a particular individual’s evolution might mean that they might be jumping back and forth, nothing is a straight line. This is the difficulty with words.
      But, generally speaking let us say, the less attachment that there is to the board, the more likely that there is a progression towards more expansion and therefore more power. If we are to use the terminology that I have personally used thus far, it is the crossing of the fourth and the fifth room of the projectionist. So, from that point of view, sometimes the desire to help one’s fellow man can be seen as something that happens in the third room, it is a kind of frolicking. But there are also potentials for people in higher rooms to help others because this is a dictate beyond three dimensional individuality, and it is a dictate of intent, of the spirit, let us say. So, it is hard to say, and each individual is different.
      But again, generally speaking, yes, the desire to help others is often, as it is seen in the world, an Archonic trap.
      2. Sorry Derek, I am not familiar with these perspectives and find this to be a very difficult question to answer simply. I would say that from what you write here the dreamer at that stage of growth would need to be part of the unconscious, but its relation, its alignment and connection, with the Oversoul is difficult to measure. I would at this stage honestly say that this is something that you need to discover for yourself directly through your own seeing. And I say this because in the end this is a question of terms; dogma as you pointed out…and one individual’s term may not be another’s. From my personal point of view in accordance to what I have written, then connection to the oversoul in this case would seem unlikely, but this is something that you would have to look into yourself.
      3. This is another question that is very difficult to answer. The great problem lies in the fact that dogma might be accurate to some degree, but in the end, it is always simplistic. Imagine trying to describe a confluence of energy, a cloud of weaving intricacy as it moves and flows and bends within itself. Imagine trying to describe the many nuances, the many details of intent, and the great myriad of working forces that unite to sometimes work in conjunction while at other times seemingly clash against each other.
      Evolutionary biology is laughable in the face of the actual existence of reality, it is simplistic dogma trying to explain something far more intricate. Now, imagine something far more complex, which is the confluence of energy that we are trying to discuss here, and any dogma used to describe it, just like the dogma of evolutionary biology, is a pale shadow of what is actually happening here.
      To the Oversoul, the great Archon is a wind, it is a storm that passes through the garden where it cultivates its fruit. As a masterful gardener, the Oversoul(s) uses this wind, this force of nature to bring great complexity and strength to those things that they cultivate in their garden. In that sense then, you could say that there are forces against forces, in the same way that a great gardener might use the wind and the rain. So, the Oversoul is above the Archon, and even though the Archon is evil to us, to it is just an intricacy of the garden that makes the things of the garden grow even better and stronger.
      4. If you ask me for my personal feelings, then I would say that my personal opinions are folly. But I can tell you about my seeing which is impersonal, and in accordance with my seeing I can say that all group activity, all mob mind activity is folly. But the individual, whether they are in any group, has the chance to use the folly of that group to go beyond it. The individual can find freedom, the group will always just be a binding force in the end. In the same way that you can use my dogma let us say, there is a point when you must give up this dogma and see for yourself, this is the only chance that any of us have; it is the chance of individual freedom as an individual.

  2. I have been on this path for 28 years. Your teachings have been the final capstone. I am incredibly curious about your studies and experiences. I think you must have come from an education in Ceremonial Magick and possibly Yoga or Daoism. Have you been self taught or were you in an order? Thank you for sharing the knowledge you have. My progress has definitely picked up the pace.

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words and interest John.
      In answering these questions, I would highly recommend that you read my answer to Derek’s comment above because I think it would help to answer some of the questions that you might have in this regard.
      I say this because one of the great tenants of the order that I am a part of it is the tenant of controlling folly. To put it simply it states that personal history is a trap, and as such it is always the case that we must keep our personal history to ourselves lest we fall into the trap of that folly.
      This does not mean that I will hide in the shadows forever, but there are certain things that I must keep to myself, even if I do at one point show my deeply ugly mug to the world.
      I hope you can understand what I mean.

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