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As I have told you before in other articles, your beliefs are the most important things that shape your reality. This reality of course extends to money; how much you have, how well you live, and what you are currently doing to get it.

If you do find yourself in a difficult financial situation therefore, it’s most important that you examine your beliefs about money and wealth in general. You can develop new beliefs that will help you accumulate money. For example the belief that you can make money doing something that you love, will motivate you to get more creative and open you up to new ideas about making money doing something that you love to do. You can also for example, believe that money is a good thing and it is here to be enjoyed and as a result you will most likely live a life where money easily manifests in your reality and always seems to be there when you need to participate in something fun.

It is also the case that you could believe that you are poor, if this is so then your subconscious will go about creating any circumstance needed in order to prove your belief correct. You might think that you have plenty of empirical proof right now that you are poor because of your current condition, but if you could go back and look at your life history in perfect detail, you would realize that it was your beliefs in the fact that you are poor first that created the external circumstances of your lack of abundance. If you believe that wealth and money are bad, you will keep yourself from using any ability that you might have to create money. If you believe that for some reason that it is better not to have money, then you will suppress any talent that you might have or any opportunity that might present itself for creating wealth in your life. You fundamentally get what you believe in.

Before you can attract/manifest anything into your life, you need to change your beliefs about this certain thing. You may need to change your perception about yourself and this can only be done by changing your beliefs. You must even look into and change your beliefs about deserving what you desire.

It could be the case for example that you might want to have a beautiful brand-new car. You might work really hard at getting the car without much success. It might also be the case that you get an extra job to pay for this car and eventually through perhaps years of hard work, you are able to have the money to afford to buy this new vehicle. Upon attainment of this new car you will realize that having it greatly changes your perceptions about yourself. You might discover that you have far more self-worth because of the fact that you are now driving a beautiful and luxurious new vehicle. The extra attention that others give you boosts your self-confidence and this makes you feel much better. It is possible that you might conclude that it was only due to this vehicle that you were able to gain this increased self-worth.

It is always the case though that a change in belief creates a new circumstance and therefore a new perception of the reality about you. In this situation it is more often the case that being able to get this new car was only possible after you changed certain personal beliefs. The reason why you were finally able to get the car you desired was due to the fact that after a long period of effort you were able to work on your beliefs about self-worth. You were able to change these personal beliefs enough that your beliefs about self-worth changed and you finally found it possible to believe that you were worthy of the new car. In physical terms this time might seem to have all been spent working extra hard at some second job but underneath all this there was a lot of work being done on self-worth and only once this change in self-worth was strong enough, were you able to actually get this luxurious new vehicle. If you would have spent more time working on your beliefs on self-worth and less time on physical sacrifice, you would most definitely have gotten your desire sooner and with far less personal punishment.

Look at your current situation right now when it comes to wealth and money and ask yourself; “what beliefs did I need to have in order to create my current situation?”. Make a big list of all of these possibilities and as you do so you will discover that some of them ring true within you. Through your feelings you will discover the beliefs that helped to create your current financial situation.

Think about something that you desire in your life right now. What new beliefs about yourself and the world do you need to have in order to manifest this desire in your life right now? If certain beliefs on this list feel correct to you, then you can start changing your old beliefs to the new more positive ones. Write down the belief that feels best to you and stick it somewhere where you can see it frequently everyday. Every time that you see this statement of your new belief, you will be focusing your attention on it and sending it positive energy naturally. Over time this new belief will create new impulses and desires, follow these and in this way begin to manifest what you really want in life.

Sometimes we seek an answer to a question but we are never able to find the answer that we need. It is possible that the answer was correct but because words can be so subjective, sometimes these words are not enough to give us the answers that we are looking for.

I saw this video of a man posing a question to Abraham Hicks a little while back. I found this man to be incredibly articulate and his question to be one of the most powerful and interesting questions that was ever asked of Abraham. I also liked his question because I believe that there are many people, more and more every day, that are finding themselves in his shoes. He is a highly sensitive man that has had to deal with the onslaught of human thought and intention. Because of his sensitivity, he feels directly the ugliness and the bad intention that many of the people around him exude.

He asks Abraham about this and is trying to find a method or reason that will allow him to cope with the negativity that he sees and feels. Here is a link to that video and I would hope that you have the time to watch it and to listen to this question and to Abraham’s answers before you continue with the rest of this article:

Unfortunately I do not believe that Abraham provided an answer that was adequate to this man’s question. I believe that he truly expresses his need when he tells Abraham that there has to be more to it than just the pleasantries that Abraham seems to present as part of his philosophy. This is why I’m writing this article and presenting it here. I don’t expect that this man will ever read this article but perhaps others that have similar questions will, and hopefully will find the answers that they need as a result. I do this because indeed there are better answers to those questions that this man asked and I believe that we are all capable now of understanding them. That we have grown and now we are intellectually capable of understanding a greater truth without having to satisfy ourselves with simple answers that usually involve a black and white contrast.

The problem that I have always had with Abraham’s message, is that as a species we will never be able to understand the greater truths of our existence until we are able to get away from a simplistic and dualistic nature. Things are far more complicated and even though we are not capable now of understanding all of these great complications, there is still the possibility of understanding far more than we already do.

This person begins his questioning by talking about how a character in a novel destroys a fine piece of porcelain for seemingly no reason at all, aside from perhaps a natural human need to destroy the beauty in life. In order to truly understand the answers that he seeks, he must begin to realize that there is no such thing as destruction. We live in what we consider to be a dualistic world; we believe that things are either black or white, good or bad, joyful or sad, creative or destructive. The reality though is that nothing is ever destroyed and there are no absolutes because there is no end to this reality. It is very difficult to understand this on the material level and this understanding will always escape you if you focus all your attention there.

Nothing is ever destroyed, and destruction is just another form of creation. The problem here comes because we have a very limited focus of time, we believe time to be a linear and sequential event. Our senses tell us this every day and our limited sensual awareness finds it generally impossible to see the world in any other way. Time is not linear however, time exists all at once simultaneously and there is so much information that it is impossible for our senses actually experience it all. Our sense therefore help us by filtering out most data, creating a sequential time sequence, so that we literally don’t go mad through the sheer volume of information that could be available to us.

Our egos believe that once this beautiful porcelain figure is destroyed, that it is gone forever. Just like we believe that once we die we to are gone forever. In an infinite universe where time and space are one and all things happen simultaneously, this porcelain figure exists forever and is only but one shade or aspect of the infinity of all the possible consequences that this porcelain figure can be. Mathematically there is no possibility of infinite space time without the possibility of multiple dimensions. Now without getting too far into any kind of mathematical explanation of what I’m trying to say, you must begin to realize that our scientists have proven long ago that space and time exist in an infinite present and that there are most likely many dimensions outside of our own. This is something that Mystics have known and proven to their satisfaction long ago.

In this infinite space-time, destruction is not possible and it is the answer to an old question; “if God is all-powerful, what happens if he makes a rock so heavy that he cannot lift it? If he makes a rock this heavy and proves his power, will he not disprove his power if he can’t lift this rock afterwards?”

One could say that God is all-powerful and did the one thing that many did not expect when they asked this question; he created a universe where this rock could not be lifted and experienced that event fully with all its ramifications. He also created the universe where he could lift this rock and experienced that with all its ramifications. Within these two polarities there are infinite variations that are born from the possibility and the non-possibility of God creating this rock, not lifting, or lifting this rock. That porcelain figure is still alive and there is a world out there were it is real and has gone on to fulfill many other aspects of its mutual reality with the things around it. There are also probabilities were that figure never existed at all. All variances exist and they exist simultaneously and in this infinite universe, destruction is not possible; it is only variance in an infinitely creative multi-dynamic verse.

It’s difficult to understand I know, but I believe that we are all intellectually capable of understanding these things now and that we don’t need to have childish answers to very difficult questions. I don’t believe that, just like this man, we will any longer be satisfied with answers that do not fundamentally answer our greater questions in a grown up fashion.

Unlike what Abraham says, I do believe that belief is incredibly important. Beliefs are incredibly important to me because I know that it is beliefs that create thoughts and it is those thoughts that create emotion. If you try to change your thoughts or your emotions without first understanding and changing your beliefs, you will never be able to create the reality that you want. More important, in my opinion, is the fact that if you try to change those thoughts and emotions without tackling and understanding your beliefs, you will damage your body. Many try to think positive thoughts while they are flooded by negative ones, they are fighting an uphill battle against thoughts and emotions instead of directly working with their beliefs. In this scenario, a hernia would be a mild complication to what can happen.

My second point of contention with Abraham and perhaps the one that saddens me the most is the fact that his philosophy seems to despise any kind of negativity. Now despise might be a strong word, perhaps it would be a better idea to say he ignores any kind of negativity. By Abraham’s own words, he will never focus on something that takes them out of their vortex and those things that take them out of their vortex are supposedly negative thoughts and emotions. To think that some emotions are good, and others are bad, is a great recipe for emotional frustration. One could easily say that half of our personal experience is completely inaccessible to us because these thoughts and emotions are supposedly something that will not allow us to have our material reward. Essentially we are told that negative emotions create bad things and it is only through maintaining positive emotions that we will get good things. Unfortunately this is very similar to the belief that if you do good you shall go to heaven and if you do bad you will go to hell; hell on earth this time I suppose.

My advice to our friend would be to experience those negative emotions even more than he seems to be at the moment that he is asking his questions. Indeed the reason why I believe he is not finding true answers to his questions is because he is denying his supposedly negative emotions. The worst thing that you could ever do is to suppress parts of yourself because you think they are evil or will cause evil. In order to understand the world around you, you must understand yourself; because you are creating it. In order to understand yourself you must begin to trust yourself and your nature, and not think that parts of you are somehow evil or destructive.

You will begin to find the answers to those most difficult questions when you allow yourself to express those thoughts and emotions that are within you, all your thoughts and emotions! There is no such thing as a negative thought, and you will not be hurled into some kind of earthly hell because you experience a negative emotion freely. By experiencing those supposedly negative emotions, by experiencing them completely and contemplating them, you will understand the beliefs that are causing these emotions and thoughts. If you deny your emotions and suppress them, there will be a time when these emotions will explode. Those massive outbursts of evil that our friend is so saddened about are not caused by people that explore their emotions but they are caused by people that deny these emotions and finally explode in frustrated action because of their beliefs that they are powerless.

If our friend were to experience his emotions truly, and ask himself the simple question of ‘why’ he is feeling what he is feeling, he would begin to discover the beliefs that cause him to have these emotions. There is no need to scream at others or to rant and rave or cry in front of anyone. But you can take any time that you have to yourself and beat a pillow or roar in anger and truly experience the joy that is your ability to feel and to be truly alive. Through this release you will find great comfort and through this ‘emotional action’ you will be in a position to discover those beliefs that cause your current misery.

Our friend is in a particular situation. He finds himself in this situation because of the fact that he is a sensitive. What many of these gurus forget to talk about when they speak of creating your own reality or the law of attraction, is the fact that you must not only work on your thoughts and emotions but that you must also work on all the thoughts and emotions of the people around you as well. Depending on the kind of sensitivity that you have, it is quite likely that you pick up much of the emotion and thoughts of the people around you. Indeed subconsciously you pick up on all of it, and depending on your beliefs you become aware or affected by some or perhaps even all of it. Our friend is a sensitive and most likely picks up consciously most of this intent that he feels around.

Like he says, it can be a curse to be a sensitive. Try driving in heavy traffic when you’re a sensitive, I can tell you personally that is a very taxing affair. If it is difficult for the average person, imagine what it must be like for a person that can feel the malevolent intent of every single person around him. If you follow your own thoughts and feelings the next time you’re on the road, you might notice that there are many thoughts of aggression and hatred within you. We are all programmed to fight for space and hierarchy and as a result will do just about anything to get ahead of the competition. These aggressive impulses can sometimes be quite destructive in their nature and can be very very negative to a person who must feel their onslaught.

In an earlier article I have shown you how you can begin to master these negative intentions. I basically give you ideas about how to discover your beliefs and how to understand your personal thoughts and feelings. By understanding who you are, you begin to separate your thoughts and intentions from the thoughts and intentions of others. In this way you can begin to tune them out when you want to or perhaps begin to conceptualize a greater understanding of human interaction, understanding that what we consider negative emotions and thoughts are not necessarily wrong but that they are a human way to cope and create in this world.

Now finally in my opinion no answers were forthcoming here at all. There is the essential requirements of ‘try to focus on that which you want instead of what you don’t want’ and then there was a break. So what is our friend supposed to do? What should he begin to do in order to answer his questions and to get the kind of life that he wants?

He needs to first and foremost begin by express his emotions. He seems to be doing a good job of this and his emotions seem to have given him the impulse to take action and question Abraham on these very important topics. He must continue in this personal exploration and truly expresses emotions instead of trying to intellectually deconstruct them. Through true expression, if you’re having trouble think of a child and how they express their emotions, he will begin to truly understand why it is that he is having them.

In my opinion, if he is so interested, I would ask him to begin to question himself. Discover for himself and by himself what it is that he truly wants in his life, discover the answers that he quests after and the kind of life that he would love to have. Once he is able to do this, I would suggest that he begin to question his beliefs. He can simply do this by asking himself why he is feeling the way he is feeling. He can do this by asking himself ‘why’ he’s thinking the thoughts that he’s thinking. Through this progressive inner questioning, he will finally get down to beliefs. He will discover for himself that it is a belief that causes him to focus on one thing or another and therefore experience one thing or another. Perhaps at first he will not be satisfied and believe that beliefs can never be so powerful. But I would suggest that he change at least one belief that he finds negative or would like to change in one way or another. Again you could look at one of my other articles where I have mentioned ways to change a belief.

As he changes this belief, and continues with his internal quest, he might discover that changing this belief will not be enough. He will most likely discover that by changing a certain belief, he will come into conflict with other beliefs that he has. In this way he will be presented with other parts of his being and realize that he is made up of a gigantic network of personal beliefs, thoughts, and feelings that create his reality now. Hopefully he will continue to change all the beliefs in line that do not match something that he wishes to experience at the moment. As he does so I am certain that he will find that his reality will be greatly changed and that indeed he will begin to attract and focus on those things that he now believes instead of the beliefs that he used to have. At the end of all this our friend will discover that he is indeed not powerless but is capable of true personal change.

All change begins from within and then moves eventually without. We live in the physical universe and it is a very dense universe. What this means is that this universe is thick and whatever it is that we wish to create takes time to build. In order to have the riches you want or the freedom you crave, you must intend them for a very long time. You will never see change instantly because instant change in this universe is incredibly hard. Intention, or thoughts of a certain order, must be maintained for a while in order to create true physical change in our world. The only way to change these thoughts and this intention on a long term basis is to change your beliefs and maintain those beliefs until you attain that which you desire. You can create just about anything that you desire in this universe, as long as you maintain your intent long enough.

It is a very popular belief right now that; beliefs are thoughts that you have often. I know a number of supposed mental experts and self-help gurus that are trying to explain belief systems in this way. They’re basically saying that a belief is essentially anything that you think about all the time. This unfortunately is not a correct definition of ‘belief systems’ and it is a definition that can get you into some trouble.

I do not write this article trying to argue or to belittle the theories of others, but I do write it because I am very concerned about those people that are trying to make a positive change in their lives but are given information that can actually cause them more trouble than help. If you are one of those people or you are someone that is now trying to use positive mental power to change your reality, I want to explain to you what belief systems are in a more clear fashion. But perhaps it is far more important that I first tell you that thinking that beliefs are merely thoughts that you have often is incorrect and detrimental to any mental work that you might attempt.

Let me give you an example so that you have a clear idea of what I’m trying to say; let’s say that you have an underlying belief that human nature is essentially evil. Now this belief might not be as odd as you might think, for example there is the belief in Christianity of original sin which can presuppose that the natural human inclination is evil. Also those that believe in human evolution can believe that humanity is essentially evil in nature because evolutionists and scientists would presuppose that we have evolved from apes and by studying our closest relatives we know that many of their actions would seem quite evil from our civilized perspective. There is also a hierarchy here that is established by the evolutionists where many actions are considered primitive while others are considered more evolved and as such most human action is then seen as essentially evil or primitive.

So we have a person that has the belief that human nature is essentially evil. This kind of belief would have a person believe that most interactions with others can be quite dangerous. This person would try to protect him or herself from what he perceives, through his beliefs, to be a world full of people that are out to get him in one way or another. This person would probably have many thoughts where he would see others being confrontational with him, he would see terrible driving when he is on the road, he would have thoughts of protecting his family and his possessions from the evil of others. He would have many thoughts that would involve aggression and protection. But none of these thoughts would essentially tell him very much about the underlying belief that causes him to have these thoughts.

If this person were to try to attempt some of the current ideas on mental expansion, he would believe that he would need to turn every single one of these negative thoughts into a positive one. Whenever he felt what he perceived to be aggression from others, he would try to change that feeling into a feeling of someone being good to him for example. He would try to send those that drive terribly, love from his heart, and he might try to wear a happy face when really he is quite scared and perhaps angry. He would try to be politically correct and tell himself that he’s a bad person because he thinks these thoughts. After unsuccessfully trying to control all these negative thoughts, this person might even end up creating a type of psychosis where he believes that he is being pummeled by thoughts from outside of his own mind, that perhaps these thoughts are coming from somewhere else and he is being attacked by an evil force.

By believing that his beliefs are just thoughts that he has often, he will then try to change these individual thoughts one at a time without much success. It will feel very much like someone trying to stop a gushing pipe with just his hands. He covers one hole but then water starts coming out from another area, he covers that area but then another leak sprouts out; he is never able to stop the flow of water/negative thoughts. And these negative thoughts will never stop because he is not addressing the one thing that he needs to address which is his belief.

As you can imagine from the above example, this particular person would end up actually hurting himself using these methods instead of helping himself. It is perhaps the case that the gurus that expound the idea that a belief is just thoughts that you think about often, are just not explaining themselves properly. I will not accuse anyone of anything but I believe it is my moral imperative to clarify the definition of belief systems so that people do not end up hurting themselves trying to accomplish something that is essentially impossible.

It is essentially impossible for you to stop these thoughts because you are not changing the belief that is causing these thoughts. If you continue trying to stop every single negative thought, you will create a mental state where you are constantly tense and paranoid of your own mind. This can only last so long before your energy runs out and you either end up feeling like a loser or like you are being attacked by unseen forces from outside your own mind.

If this person that believes that human nature is essentially evil, would instead begin to question his own personal beliefs, he would find it far easier to stop all those negative thoughts that he is now having. In order to do this all you need to do is to ask yourself ‘why’ you are having the thoughts or emotions that you are now currently having. Just about every single thought and emotion that you have is caused by a certain belief. If you ask yourself ‘why’ you are having these thoughts or emotions, you will discover the belief that is causing them.
For example; let’s say that our friend sees a man walking towards him down the street and as he sees this man he becomes very uptight and has the desire to run away or to fight this individual. Perhaps our friend has thoughts of this man pulling out a gun or a knife, perhaps he has thoughts about the person’s race or perhaps he even has a thought about installing some kind of security system in his house. When our friend is having this thought, if he has the time at the moment, he should ask himself ‘why’ he is having this thought or emotion. He might get a rather obvious answer like, well this man is threatening and he is not from my race. If our friend asks himself again why he believes that this man is threatening and why he believes that another race is threatening, he will then discover something else about what he believes. In this way our friend can continue questioning himself until he finds an underlying belief that might be able to account for all of those certain beliefs that he had up to the final thought; I should run away or punch this guy face.

Belief systems can be quite complex but they are not a hidden menace that you cannot discover on your own. All you have to do is take the time to question yourself and ask yourself ‘why’ you are having the thoughts or emotions that you are now experiencing. Continue to question your beliefs until you identify the underlying belief that is causing all your negative thoughts and emotions. In this way you will be able to stop all the negative thoughts and emotions that you are now having and you will not feel like you are trying to stop a giant wall of water with a sieve.

A belief system then is the type of structure that you create, and on this structure you create your reality through your thoughts; especially emotionally charged thoughts. Your beliefs are not the thoughts that you have often, your beliefs are the underlying structures that cause you to have certain thoughts often. Anyone that tells you otherwise does not know very much about human consciousness or they are not explaining themselves properly and should make it a point to do so because this is an incredibly crucial point if you are wanting to create your own reality by controlling your thoughts.

I have written other articles where I show you how to change these beliefs.In this article you will realize, that changing a belief is not a difficult thing. Now I am not try to tell you what you should and should not believe, there might be a very good reason why you believe that human nature is evil, and it’s not up to me to tell you whether your beliefs are right or wrong. Nor do I think it’s up to anyone to tell you whether these beliefs are right or wrong. I think that you should discover your own beliefs and that you should question these beliefs and decide for yourself whether these are the type of beliefs that you wish to have. If you do not like them or you do not think that they are constructive for you right now, change them. The choice is yours, you are far more powerful than you think.

A question that is often asked is; “how can I be become psychic?” Another question I often hear being asked is; “how can I see ghosts?” Or “how can I see UFOs?”. Many of us are interested in the paranormal and would really love to participate and deepen our understanding in this area but we don’t know how to proceed. It is a very difficult subject because unless you are able to experience strange events yourself, you have to take it for granted that paranormal activity is real. You are essentially acting on faith, relying on video evidence and the stories being told by others.

While it is the case that there is incredibly good evidence out there, and that most of us tell ourselves that we know without question that paranormal activity is real, there is also an underlying doubt that haunts those that pursue this subject. Unless they have experienced something directly themselves, and many have, there can always creep in the small bit of doubt that makes this subject very difficult for the average person. Even those that have experienced paranormal phenomena, can begin to question what they believe and what they have experienced, over time. Over time our memories seem so far away, seemingly so fragile, how can we not begin to question what we saw one time in the past, and never again?

On this site I usually work with self-help and personal improvement. I try to create articles that I think will help the average person develop essential skills and techniques to help them in their lives. One of the key concepts that I expound on is the power of beliefs. As a paranormal investigator or just an aficionado on the subject, you already know just how important belief is. Finding proof, discovering and presenting that holy Grail that will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that paranormal phenomena is real, is what many paranormal investigators search for. While there might be some investigators that pursue the subject for those that already believe, and for their own personal passions, many would love to find the one key bit of evidence that will prove the validity of the paranormal.

Belief then is a key component to all things paranormal. What is even more interesting though is that belief actually plays a key role in how well you are able to perceive this paranormal phenomena. Indeed this is an indispensable idea that you must fully comprehend:
how do you become psychic, see ghosts, see more UFOs?

Belief is the answer.

Why is beliefs so important? It is important because belief is the one thing that controls our perceptive abilities. Belief is the focus, or perhaps it is better to say that it is the sieve through which all perception is sifted. If you truly believe that all people are evil, then through this belief you will see all the evidence of the evil that others do. You will ignore any data that does not agree with your belief even though that data might be very much apparent to the people around you. Beliefs do this with all sensual data that we are exposed to.

We are so used to thinking that whatever we see is complete and total reality that it seems idiotic to many to even question what most of us consider to be normal. The fact of the matter is though that this reality is not quite as stable or as concrete as the status quo would like us all to believe. We experience what we consider to be consensual reality because we believe that this is what reality is. It is a shared belief by a large sum of humanity that allows this consensual reality to exist.

You do not need to look very far in any direction to see great variations in perception by other human beings. Mostly we consider these individuals to be insane and think that they are lone individuals that most likely have some kind of brain trauma. While it is the case that there are many such individuals that do indeed have some kind of biological problem, it is also the case that many of these individuals are experiencing a different reality because they have different beliefs about this particular reality.

The study of native cultures that have been separated from modern culture has given us great insight into how much our perceptions are ruled by our beliefs. Anthropologists studying native cultures in the Amazon and Papua New Guinea have discovered that many of these lost tribes see the world in a far different way than we do. There is a tribe in the Brazilian Amazon called the Munduruku that have a language that has no tenses, no plurals, and no words for numbers beyond five. When the white man first introduced himself to some of the tribes and Papua New Guinea, it was discovered that many of the natives could not see themselves in the photographs that some of the white men were showing them. In other words these tribes showed an incredible discrepancy in what they were able to perceive because they could not see what they could not believe to be possible. That is they could not match the patterns of their belief system into a pattern that was totally different from what they believed to be true.

In the same way our beliefs affect what we perceive. If we do not have a patterning system that somehow relates to what we are interested in seeing, then we cannot see that thing because we cannot find a pattern for it. If young people in the Munduruku tribe are taught about the white man’s concept of past present and future then they are able to conceptualize these ideas and eventually believe them and perceive the world in a completely different way. The natives in Papua New Guinea were also able to see the images inside the object (the photograph) once they were taught how to. First they had to conceptualize the possibility and then they had to internalize a whole new belief system, which eventually allowed them to perceive the world in a totally different way.

Before they were told how to, many tribes people believed that it was impossible to see an image within paper. They would not have believed that the eyes were able to make such perceptions. In our modern age we do not believe that we can see very far into either the ultraviolet or the infrared spectrum. If we did then we would also believe that we could all see an aura around people, but we do not believe that this is possible so most of us can’t see an aura. Well it is indeed the case that the human eye can perceive slightly into both the ultraviolet and the infrared spectrum, as such those that are able to perceive in the right manner, are indeed able to see auras.

The bodies perceptive abilities are far greater than what we currently believe they are. As I said science has proven that the eyes have a greater range than is now believed, they have also discovered that all our other senses are far keener than we now believe them to be. Studies in hypnotism and the subconscious have revealed the fact that our subconscious is able to pick up on an incredible number of things that are not perceived by us consciously. In other words we are perceiving far more than we realize and it seems that either consciously or subconsciously we are filtering out a huge amount of data. I advocate that what is filtering this data is our belief system. If we change what we believe to be perceptively possible, we change our reality.

If you wish to perceive the paranormal, then begin by realizing the fact that you are perceiving right now far more than you realize. Take the time, as often as you can, to think about the fact that you are far more perceptive than you believe you are. Contemplate what might actually be possible for you right now, that perhaps you are far more aware than you currently believe. Once you have contemplated this idea for a long time, perhaps you can begin to believe that you can see far more of the paranormal phenomena around you, if you just let yourself.

You can try certain exercises that will greatly increase your perceptive capabilities. The best one to try is to pretend for 5 to 10 min. that you can see paranormal things. The best way to do this would be to go to an area where you might expect to see ghosts or to go to an area where UFO sightings are quite common. For example let’s say that you want to be able to see ghosts; that you are either a paranormal investigator or that you live in a house that you believe has ghosts and it. When you get a chance, take some time to be by yourself in an area where you believe there is a hotbed of paranormal activity. While you are there, pretend that you indeed can see ghosts at this moment. If you have been contemplating the idea that you are able to perceive far more than you currently give yourself credit for, you should find this exercise pretty easy. Think about the fact that you are perceiving energy with all your senses right now that you are not letting yourself be aware of. Realize that you are far more capable than you have ever thought possible. Now at this moment for 5 to 10 min. believe that you can perceive the inorganic beings about you, let yourself perceive more now than you have let yourself perceive in the past.

If you are not comfortable doing this exercise alone, I suggest you take a trusted individual with you. Make sure that whoever accompanies you has a very positive attitude because their energy will actually block your ability to believe if they hold negative beliefs on this subject themselves. You want to have someone with you that shares your interests and your beliefs and that will bring positive energy into the environment.

As you do the above exercise, trust whatever intuitions and perceptions you have. Quite often people will dismiss certain perceptive data because they believe that it’s a trick of the eye for example. A shadow seen out of the ‘corner of the eye’ is considered to be a mirage or a trick of the eye; things seen out of the corner of your eye should be given credence since it is this part of the eye that holds the rods and they are the ones that are able to perceive slightly into the ultraviolet and the infrared. It is the old belief system that will tell you that this is a trick or a mirage, learn to trust these new perceptions that you have because they are the beginning of a whole new way of perceiving.

If you follow this exercise and do it on a regular basis, follow your own intuitions as to how often to do the exercise above by letting your desire to see the paranormal be your guide, you will get some amazing results. It is very difficult to overcome a lifetime of accepted beliefs and to change these beliefs for new ones that could question what you believe to be your fundamental reality. But with time and the desire to do so you can change these old beliefs and you can increase your perceptive ability.

As I said this could be quite jarring. Some might get very scared and this fear can terminate any future perceptual expansion. Follow your own guidelines and your own methodologies, go as far as you wish to go and realize that the only thing that is standing in the way of your expanded awareness is what you believe. Once you can make this realization yourself, that the world that you perceive is directly related to what you believe, you will have taken a giant step into a far larger world.

If you are interested in seeing paranormal phenomena and and being witness to the Occult world all around us, then I suggest you read my book, The Occult experience. There you will find a much more detailed explanation of the above concepts and many more methods to expand your perceptive abilities.





Many strive towards a certain goal without ever believing that this goal is possible. You must realize though that without belief there is no possibility of attaining this goal. The reason for this is that it is beliefs that are the great creators in our lives, without the belief there is no possibility of concrete actualization.

Now you might say that there are many things that you have achieved that you did not believe in. But did you ever create a thing for yourself, that was your desire and idea, that you did not believe in? It is impossible to act in life without believing in anything. In order to function you must believe; you must believe that the ground below you is hard and you must believe in the air that you breathe in is good. Many would call themselves an anarchist because they tell themselves that they do not believe in anything. The truth of the matter though is that what they are really saying, whether they know it or not, is that they believe that there is nothing worth believing in. They believe in not believing and even though they tell others that they do not have a personal ideal; their ideal is the ideal of no ideal.

But as you can see, they do believe in something even though they say they don’t. Without belief, no conscious action is possible. Essentially we must all believe in everything around us in order to function within the parameters of our collective reality. In order to create, in order to be able to attain your goals, you must believe in what you are doing, and that what you want to do is possible for you. When you believe in a thing then you begin to see how you can achieve a thing and through this discovery you begin to take action. Without this underlying belief, you will not be able to discover a way to get your goal accomplished. Without this belief you are essentially flying blind, without a rudder in an infinite ocean.

Belief opens you up to your greater powers. It allows you to begin to use your subconscious mind and it’s amazing resources. Belief creates possibilities within the mind and these possibilities are acted upon. Your intuition, flashes, and insights, give you direction and personal impetus. Without the belief that you can do anything, you will not even have the desire to try to accomplish it. Without desire there is no passion and without this passion there is no reason for doing anything at all. You are not a robot, and the world is not a mindless mechanical clock.

Remember that you do not need to prove something to others in order to believe in it yourself. Belief is a personal matter and it is the beginning of all truly creative action. In order to augment a belief within yourself;

-Always focus your mind on what it is that you want. By using controlled focus, you direct your mind towards those things that you desire and in this way you propel your attention towards your goal. Belief can begin by thinking more and more about that which we desire.

-Try to tell yourself over and over again what it is that you desire and why it is that you desire it. A positive affirmation can be used here to direct your thoughts in the right manner. It is again a way to focus your attention in the direction of your desire but it can also allow you to also focus on your personal reasoning. This personal reasoning is the under bed of this personal belief. This affirmation therefore can begin to build a pillar as it were that creates a more concrete and stable ground for your beliefs.

-Picturing your ideal and your goal accomplished can also greatly increase the strength of this belief that you either want to create or strengthen. By visualizing your ideal in complete form, and also by visualizing the tasks that you need to do in order to get to this goal done, you begin to use your mind and the internal power of your subconscious to help you attain your greatest desires.

It order to attain anything you must believe. Many ‘believe’ that they do not need to believe in order to achieve, the reality though is that we all need to believe in order to function. What we must believe in is in our ideal, this is our passion and our desire in life, without a belief in our ideal we are merely robots living life in a mechanical way, being affected by the world but not affecting it very much in return. Discover your passions and your ideals, then learn to believe in the fact that you can achieve these goals. Through belief you create possibility, direction, and impetus. By believing in it you can create anything.






As I have told you in other articles, beliefs are very important. A belief is sort of like an anchor that drives us in a certain direction and focuses our attention. A belief is therefore the key underlying structure in our understanding of our conscious reality. Beliefs are essentially the creators of reality and all truth is unquestionable belief.

If you wish to change aspects of your personal reality, you must be able to change your beliefs. I have told you that you must begin to question yourself so that you begin to understand your personal beliefs. I have told you that the best way to do this is to give your emotions free reign, when you are able, so that you can use them as propellants to help you discover the beliefs that are causing these emotions. Emotions are created through thought and thought is created through belief, in order to change your reality you must therefore change your beliefs. By changing beliefs you change the kind of thoughts that you have and by changing these thoughts you begin to alter the reality that you perceive.

Beliefs can be highly complex and can vary widely between people. Self examination is critical and it is a pleasant way to make amazing discoveries about who you are and why you are who you are. By following your emotions and asking yourself ‘why’ you are feeling these emotions; you can then begin the process of discovering your personal beliefs. Letting yourself express your emotions naturally, when you can, can be very liberating, this alone can help you in many ways.
You can also just take the time to frankly ask yourself what you believe about a certain subject and pursue this inner contemplation until you have an incredibly clear picture of what your beliefs are and therefore why you see things the way that you do.

Once you do discover what your beliefs are, it’s quite possible that you will want to change a certain belief. It is often the case that a belief that you had at one time in your life is no longer helpful and is actually costing you great pain or distress. It is possible to change these beliefs and you can in this way change your reality.

Once you have discovered a belief that you want to change there are some quick ways to make that change possible. The following technique is used in NLP and is a wonderful way to make a very quick change in a belief. Now this technique will not work unless you have done the preliminary work with your beliefs systems and have therefore discovered what the belief is causing you to experience in your life. Without this personal discovery, the conscious mind and your intellect will not take this change seriously. You need this conscious desire. You also need to discover for yourself what new belief you want to replace the old one with. Make sure that this new belief satisfies all your personal wants in the most positive way possible.

When you want to change a belief quickly:

1. Think of a belief that you know to be true. Just look through your past and come up with one belief that you know is true, for example the fact that you might be a great cook.

2. Try to get a picture, have a feeling, and perhaps even hear some kind of sound that all relate to your belief about you being a great cook. In other words, as you hold this belief of you being a great cook in your mind, try to see how you are feeling this belief to be true. Notice the feelings that you are having in your body, and get a real good sense as to what it feels like to know this belief to be true. You are essentially trying to discover how ‘complete certainty’ feels, looks, and even sounds to you.

3. Now think of the belief that you would like to change. Also think of the new belief that would be far better for you and far more constructive.

4. While thinking of the new and better belief that you want to start believing, superimpose the qualities of ‘complete certainty’ that you felt while KNOWING that you are a good cook. In other words try to feel and see the new desired belief in the same way that you view the original belief that you know to be true. For example let’s say that you want to believe that you are an amazing driver, while contemplating this belief, try to impose on it  the same qualities and feelings that you feel while you are believing that you are a great cook. If while you are believing that you are great cook you have a wonderful feeling in your chest and you feel your energy getting stronger, as you contemplate the belief that you are a great driver, try to also feel a wonderful feeling in your chest and your energy getting stronger.

What this does is that it will allow you to very quickly create a neurological pattern that turns a wanted belief into a truth.

This technique allows you to make very quick changes in your beliefs systems. As I’ve said it will not work properly unless you fully realize the power of the beliefs that you have and find out the reason why you wish to make a change. Without this understanding you will not have the kind of focus that you need to be able to you erase old beliefs and replace them with the desired new ones. This is one of the quickest ways to interchange an unwanted belief for a new desired one.





I am certain that  you have all felt negative energy in the past. This negative energy can be the result of your own personal beliefs or the result of the beliefs and intentions of the people around you. Negative energy can be felt in different ways; some people for example feel certain physical symptoms like tenseness or low blood pressure, many feel negative energy as emotions, either feeling depressed, scared, or angry. Often times people that feel negative energies as emotions believe that they are the ones who are feeling angry or scared for some reason, while in fact these are emotions that have been projected upon them. Some people experience negative energy by being flooded with negative thoughts, thoughts that seem to come out of nowhere and tend to be very negative in nature. When these feelings seem to just materialize out of nowhere, you must realize that it is quite possible that these emotions, thoughts, and physical symptoms can be the result of external projections; negative energy that others are feeling and that you are picking up on.

In past articles I have given you ways to neutralize negative energy. I have also given you some basic reasons as to why this negative energy is present within you. In this article I want to get even more specific as to the source of these negative feelings and also I want to discuss how to stop them so that you have a set of techniques to be able to eventually neutralize them permanently.

In order to begin you must realize that all negative energy, whether it’s yours or external, is caused by your personal beliefs. While it might seem that external negative influences are beyond your control, this is not the case. You can stop these negative emotions by realizing what beliefs you have that are leading you feel these external projections so strongly. It is quite possible to be able to feel these external projections and be completely unaffected by them at the same time. You can do this by becoming more aware of your internal feelings and beliefs and in this way begin to understand the energies that surround you. An understanding of your beliefs will allow you to control your personal reality and expand your awareness by realizing that these are not your personal feelings but the feelings of those around you.

To begin you must be willing to explore the negative feelings that you are having instead of trying to suppress them. This can be a difficult thing at first and perhaps something that you might not want to try in certain situations; for example it might be easier for you to ride the wave as it were during critical times, when you need to be at your best and you need to focus more on the moment. There will be times though when you will be able to explore these negative feelings, and this is the time when you must not suppress these negative feelings or ride through them, but let yourself experience them fully. In this way you will be able to discover what these feelings and thoughts are trying to tell you about your beliefs.

For example let’s say that while you are riding a bus you are struck by an incredible feeling of fear. If you are able, it is better that you let yourself experience this emotion completely. By allowing this emotion to have complete and free reign, you are able to use it as a natural impetus to find why you are feeling this way.

While you are feeling these emotions pay close attention to the kind of thoughts that you are having. These are great clues as to what is causing this emotion. Also ask yourself why you are feeling what you’re feeling, question yourself and look into your psyche to find the reason for your emotional outburst. By feeling your emotions, following them, and questioning yourself, you will eventually be able to realize the belief behind this emotion. For example it could be that you believe that people are dangerous and that you should always be careful and stay on your toes around them. This belief might even hide deeper beliefs about what you think people are generally and this this might lead to a discovery of all sorts of other personal beliefs about the human species in general.

It is also possible that as you feel this fear and follow the thoughts and emotions that present themselves that you discover thoughts and explore possible future circumstances that seemed quite alien to you. For example you might see thoughts of the bus crashing and perhaps even very specific thoughts having to do with taking care of children or being responsible for another person. If as you explore these thoughts you get a very good sense that these thoughts are alien, because maybe you have absolutely no fear and no beliefs about the dangers of public transportation, then you can begin to realize that these are external projections and that you are essentially picking up on the thoughts and emotions of others. By discovering your beliefs you become very aware of your own self and your own beliefs. You can in this way either discover what beliefs you have that are causing these negative emotions or discover the fact that you are indeed feeling external projections from others. Discovering these beliefs can be a very monumental thing for you. It can be sort of like having a eureka moment where a great revelation has been made to you.

You must explore these beliefs in a logical manner and figure out if these beliefs are fundamentally positive or negative to you personally. You do this by asking yourself if this belief has a positive purpose. There are beliefs that might cause us to feel what we consider negative emotions but that are in reality quite constructive. For example it could be the case that you have a fear of public transportation because the public transportation in your area is quite unsafe and a belief in the fact that it is unsafe is actually helping you become aware and be prepared for a possibly dangerous situation. It can also be the case that this belief is actually old and is something that you should now learn to get over. For example it could be that you are scared of public transportation because as a child you experienced a traumatic situation and from that point believed that all public transportation was unsafe, as an adult you must get over this belief because in many ways it might no longer be applicable.

Personal beliefs can be quite complex like this or they can be quite simple. It is up to you to discover the nuances of your personal life and your individual beliefs. If you are dedicated enough you can discover these beliefs and trace them deeply into your psyche which will allow you to experience incredibly powerful personal revelations.

If you discover that these beliefs are no longer applicable and that they are serving no purpose at all, that they are just providing negative energy and therefore are just a hindrance, you must then take action to change this belief so that you are able to stop negative energy from manifesting in your life. There are a number of ways that you can do this and I will give you the three that are the best in my opinion. Experiment with these and see which works best for you.

1. The first method to change a belief is to use good old-fashioned logic. I personally like this method for changing beliefs the best because it is very straightforward and if you have a logical mind, it can become a very powerful way to get rid of unwanted beliefs and to change them to beliefs that are more constructive to you personally. In the logical method what you are trying to do is to have an honest discussion with yourself. Having discovered your beliefs you logically ask yourself if this belief is constructive. You break down the reasons why this belief is or is not constructive and you realize in a fully conscious way that this certain belief must go. You then come to logical conclusions as to what beliefs would be better suited in your new situation. You tell yourself that you have the power to change these beliefs as easily as you can move books on a shelf. Through this personal realization you can tell yourself in a bold and firm manner that the old negative belief is illogical and that this new belief is truly the correct one. Through this action alone you can eliminate old beliefs by making old negative beliefs illogical and replacing them with far more logical and constructive beliefs.

2. Another way to change your beliefs is through affirmation. If you have realized what your beliefs are and you have surmised that this is a negative belief that you want to change, you have done a great deal of the logical work that is involved in changing a belief. It is possible though that you might want to use a stronger technique because of the intensity of this negative belief, which might be old and therefore deeply rooted in your psyche. Affirmation is definitely a stronger method and one that is very good at changing beliefs and old neurological patterns of thought. In order to use this method effectively I suggest that you come up with a positive phrase that concisely states your new belief. For example a new belief affirmation phrase could be, “I believe that public transportation is safe and secure. I believe that people are good at heart and always have my best interest in mind.” This simple pair of statements can begin to alter your beliefs and change your neurological patterns if it is done correctly. If you would like to learn more about affirmations I suggest that you read the article,”What is Affrimation?”.

3. The final method that I’m going to tell you about, that can be very powerful indeed at changing belief systems, is the method of ‘unbending intention’. In this method you use a form of concentrated effort into a particular intention. How this works is that you pretend for of 5 to 10 minutes that a certain thing is true. In order to perform this technique effectively I suggest that you find a nice quiet place where you will not be disturbed and in this place begin to realize that your intentions at this moment can change future beliefs and therefore can even change future outcomes.

Focused intention on a particular belief can begin to neurologically pattern that beliefs into your mind and as a result begin to create new external probabilities. For example you could focus your mind completely on the above affirmation and for 5 to 10 minutes, using all your effort, make yourself believe with every cell of your being that this statement is true right now. Making yourself believe that this statement is true can be quite taxing and there is no big need to do it for more than 5 minutes or so.

Done correctly the method of unbending intention can change an old belief into a new one in very short order. It’s possible that you might perform this technique once and get results almost instantly. It is also the case you might need to do this technique for longer periods of time, perhaps once a day for a week. The most likely scenario though is that you will need to do this technique once forget about it for a week or so and then repeat it again. You must find your own frequency by exploring your feelings and determining if work on your new belief requires a little more effort. The best way to do this techniques though is to perform it and then try and forget about it as much as possible until you feel that you need to do it again.

How you know that any of these three methods are successful is by how they change your feelings and thoughts. These methods should change your beliefs and therefore change how you feel; they will change the thoughts that you have about certain situations. If old emotions come back, you must again go through the process of identifying what beliefs are causing these emotions. Keeping yourself vigilant in this way you can continually explore your own psyche and determine what course of action you need to follow in order to create the kind of beliefs that will empower you in the future. These empowering beliefs should allow you to stop feeling the negative energy that you had been feeling in the past, completely eliminating your old anxieties.

As I had told you before it is quite possible that some of the negative energy that you perceive is external and has nothing to do with you but is actually the result of projected negative energy which you have picked up on. By understanding your beliefs you can do one of two major things; you can change your beliefs so that you do not have to experience this negative energy and therefore you do not have to experience the negative trauma, or you can learn to be far more aware of these external influences and the power of your own telepathic ability. In this way working on your beliefs can indeed stop the influence of negative energy permanently. It is up to you to decide what you want and how you want to progress in your life. A good affirmation to work with in either case is, “ I only respond to positive influences.”

Beliefs then are the causes of all this negative internal and external energy that you feel. I have given you a good technique on how to discovered these beliefs. I have also given you three very powerful ways that you can use to change these beliefs so that you can let go of old ones and replace them with new beliefs there are far more empowering and suit your purposes better. I hope that with this knowledge you will be able to empower yourself, following your own path into a happier future. You can either stop negative energy permanently, so that you are no longer aware of even external influences, or you can discover new ways to expand your untapped conscious potential.

It is difficult to come across anything on positive mental change without coming across the term ’affirmation’. The dictionary defines affirmation as:
1. The act or an instance of affirming; state of being affirmed.
2. The assertion that something exists or is true.

Both are actually good definitions of affirmation. Affirmations can be said to be your commitment to an intention to goal; to make the mind and will clear, so that you are committed to believing that a certain thing is true. In some instances it can also be said to be a type of personal challenge, where you tell yourself that this is so and will be so because you say it is so. An affirmation then, as it relates to positive mental change, can closely be said to be defined as an assertion that something is true, whether this something is physically true or not. In other words an affirmation is a way to help you believe that something is true, even though it might not be true in an objective sense.

A good affirmation should be:

Positive; it should be a positive statement in the sense that it should talk about creation and you creating something instead of destruction or you destroying something. It should be positive also in the sense that it makes you feel good and saying the affirmation lifts your spirits and makes you feel better.

Here and now
; a good affirmation needs to be stated in such a way that you are experiencing said affirmation at this very moment. What is meant by this is that you must make your affirmation statement so that it is in the present tense. For example you should say, “I am now…”, And not, “I will…”.

Doable; what this means is that an affirmation should be something that you think is possible. This is a tricky subject because it is a subjective opinion, whether you believe that certain thing can or cannot be done. In order to get this right what you need to do is to examine your own beliefs and try and create an affirmation that you believe is plausible.

Another thing to remember is that you should pay complete attention to your affirmation as you are saying it. Most believe that an affirmation can just be said in a robotic fashion and that this is good enough to change your state. You must give the affirmation your full attention, and if your mind can’t stay focused on the statement of your affirmation then you must do everything that you can to use your imagination to visualize things pertaining to what you are affirming. If you don’t do this, your affirmation has no power.

An affirmation then is a statement, or better yet a small phrase, that affirms a belief and the existence of an ideal that might not be objectively true at the moment. An affirmation is a physical action that helps you to believe something that might not be true at the moment.

Using affirmations and the power of your imagination you can alter mood and redirect your mental thoughts. An affirmation used properly has enough power to change hormonal chemicals in your brain, which can alter how you feel and your energy level instantly. Just by saying a positive phrase it is possible for anyone to alter his or her thought patterns, and this is the true power of the affirmation; it is a fast and simple way to alter what you’re thinking at the moment and as a result change the direction of your actions and physiology.

Affirmations can also be said to be a kind of mental exercise. Once you have created a phrase that you like, you can repeat this affirmation as many times as you like. An affirmation said over and over and over again, then becomes a type of mental exercise. Each affirmation is sort of like a ‘curl’ or a ‘squat’, where the more you say it, the stronger that you become, and the closer that you get to attaining your goal. An affirmation, thought in this way, becomes a prayer sent into the wind at Eather, and the more that you this affirmation, the more thought forced that you give to your intended goal. If thoughts create reality than an affirmation repeated thousands of times creates a powerful thought indeed.

Affirmations are perhaps the best way to instantly alter you’re your thoughts. They can be used constructively anytime to keep you focused on your goal. They can also instantly alter moods and therefore keep you in a positive state of mind. Use affirmations then to your benefit and as an extra technique to control your thoughts and reality.






Throughout the day and through out our lives there are many times when others project negative energy at us.  You could say that throughout your day you are being constantly bombarded by the negative energy of others.  There is no reason to worry about this as we are all very well psychologically protected, and we have learned from infancy to deal with this kind of bad energy.

You can imagine for example how often people tend to send negative energy your way when you are driving.  Actually any crowded environment is usually a large repository of negative energy.  This is the case because large populations are usually competing against each other.  Any competition begets conflict, whether physical or psychological, and this conflict always leads two conflicting energy.

If you have low self esteem, or if you are not used to conflict, you can become very distressed by this energy.  You might believe that it is your fault, that you have done something wrong, and that you need to fix it or to get out of there.  You must realize though, that this is a natural thing.  You must realize that life is conflict and that there is no way to avoid doing something that upsets someone else.  You could become a hermit and go live alone in the mountains, there are people who have actually done this but it is definitely not something that I would suggest.  I would rather have you realize that there is nothing wrong with this energy and that it is just a part of life.  When you can realize this, it becomes much easier to deal with this kind of energy because you see that it is not your fault and that you need to accept it.

There are times, when this energy can become too much.  There are times when you find yourself in a situation where you need to refocus this energy because it is affecting your performance.  When this happens you can use different methods to deal with this energy.

A good place to start is to ask yourself; how do I perceive this energy?  Some for example can actually see this energy either as a dark cloud or as a different color that they see coming towards them.  Others can feel this energy; they can either feel it’s as a general energy pushing against them, or as a feeling of one kind or another affecting a certain part of their bodies.  Find out first of all how you perceive this negative energy, and this way you can learn to refocus and deflect its power.

For example let’s say that you see this negative energy as a dark black cloud coming at you.  You can take this dark cloud and imaginatively change it so that its power is neutralized.  Imagine for example taking this dark cloud is changing its color, turning it from the black evil thing into the shining and lovely pink cloud instead.  You can also imagine making this cloud smaller, changing it from a gigantic thing into as little tiny wisp.  With the feeling, you can also imaginatively change how you perceive it.  If for example you perceive negative energy from others as a tension on your neck, you can imaginatively change that feeling into relaxation.  If you feel this negative energy as a push against you then you can change it by imagining a gigantic hand that pushes this feeling to the side and deflects it.

In this way, you can learn to deal with negative energy when it is impossible for you to just ignore it.  I suggest that you generally just try to ignore it as you are very well psychologically protected.  The best thing that you can do is to feel good about yourself and to make sure that you work on your self esteem.  This method that I have outlined here should be used when you find yourself in a more competitive situation and you need to be at your best.  There are times therefore, when others will send us negativity but we can deal with this with a positive mental attitude and some of the techniques I have discussed above.






Affirmations are very powerful.  They can be used to change a belief, and to give us positive emotions when we’re feeling quite negative.  They are perhaps the best and easiest way to change how we feel at any moment.  The trick is really the focus in that you need to be focused completely on the affirmation that you are using, or else it won’t work well.

In order to have positive and lasting results from an affirmation, these affirmations need to be done properly.  The technique is most important, and the reason why affirmations have become lack luster in the last while is that most people do not know how to use them properly.  The most important aspect of an affirmation is that kind of focus that you give to them, this can not be stressed enough.  Most people believe that you can just say any phrase, anytime, however you want and you will get results.  This is not the case, for an affirmation to be successful it must have your undivided attention.

Affirmations can be done anywhere, and this is perhaps why some people believe that you can say them without really having to pay attention to them.  But even when you are saying them while driving or while doing some other activity, it is important that you give them at least some attention.  Affirmations that you use during these times of personal activity tend to be more for changing negative emotional states.  They are used to refocus your mind on a more positive thing so that you can break a negative feeling.  But even when they are used in this way they must be given some attention.  Do please be careful if you are engaged in an activity like driving that does requires all your attention, try and say your affirmation when you’re fully stopped and can devote a little focus on them.

To truly do an affirmation properly, try to find a quiet place where you can focus all your attention on it.  Create a short positive phrase that states your desire as if this desire is already manifest.  For example you can say something like, “I have…  Now”.  It is important that you fine tune this phrase until it feels good to you.  You will be able to do this by paying attention how you feel when you say it. Within a matter of days of doing the exercise that I will outline below you will have the phrase that is perfect for you.

Now in this quiet place, begin to repeat this phrase to yourself.  Try to focus your attention completely on this affirmation.  You must try to focus your mind completely on this affirmation or you will end up with a jumbled mind that will not be able to focus on your desired outcome.  If your mind can’t stop from wandering around and thinking of thoughts that are not related to the affirmation, try and have your mind visualize the affirmation.  That is if your mind must wander then let it try and create visualizations of your affirmation.

Trying to repeat your affirmation, while focusing completely on it, for a good 10 minutes.  You will find that it is quite difficult to focus longer than this.  It is quite difficult for most of us to try and focus on a single thing for more than a few minutes, so 10 minutes is a very long time.  If you can over time increase this amount then this is good, but there is no big need to do this affirmation exercise longer than 10 minutes. 

I also recommend that you do this exercise twice a day.  Perhaps you will want to do it in the morning and then in the evening.  If you can’t do this, because of time constraints, then once a day is good.  The real power of this affirmation exercise is in the amount of focus that you are able to give it when you are doing it.

Many see great results in a matter of weeks.  Others find that they need to do this affirmation exercise for a longer period of time.  I would say that most beliefs and therefore great change in your life is possible in about 90 days.  Try to develop your rhythm, think of it as doing exercise and in this way you can create a routine that can change your life.  Affirmations work when done properly.