Self-Improvement and Interesting Knowledge

We are all busy bees. Modern life has become so fast and so complicated that it is sometimes hard to keep up with how we are feeling inside. We are also all required to do our duty and these external responsibilities can create great pressure. On top of that, external peer pressure can sometimes be incredibly overwhelming, pushing us to do things that we would not normally do if such pressures were not applied upon us.

In this modern world it has becoming incredibly important that you take time for yourself. Time for yourself is the only break that you will ever have from all of the external pressures that are constantly pushing against you. Take this time to explore your situation and see if you are doing things that you don’t want to do, that are not empowering you personally. You must always try to only do things that are making you stronger and better. By taking time off you can ask yourself; whom does this action help? Does this action help me in any way? How?

Whenever you are about to do something you must always ask yourself; how hard is it to do this certain thing? Take time to ask what it will cost you personally. There are many things that will be asked of you and that will not benefit you in any way at all. If you do not begin to question these actions and how they help you, you will become spent and waste your life doing things that never benefited you in any way. Always be critical of every action that you are about to take, if you are not careful of how and for what reason you spend your time and efforts, you are saying that there are others out there that are far more important than you are. Any time that you make this kind of choice, to do something unquestioningly because you think that it is your duty, you are essentially giving your life away to someone or something else. While giving your life away to someone else is your own choice, make sure that you are doing it for the right person or cause. Choose and be critical of these choices because your present life is precious.

Study your personal beliefs. Find out if you truly want to help others or if you are doing it because you think you have to do it. Take time for yourself and use this time to question yourself about what you truly believe you should be doing. Discover your values and the kind of priorities that you have personally. Discover your internal motivations and your personal desires.

Do only those things that empower you. It is possible that helping others doesn’t empower you; often times helping others makes us feel very good and this is a very empowering thing. The trick though is to only do those things that you wish to do. Any time that you are doing something that you do not want to, you are essentially disempowering yourself. This is so because you are telling yourself that you are too weak to actually do what you want to do and must therefore do what you are told you have to do. To empower yourself means that you realize your own personal self-worth and you realize that even though there might be a few things that you are forced to do at the moment, you are actively working towards a point in your life where you will be able to do exactly what you want to do and not be forced by another. You increase your own self-esteem and happiness by being your own person and by freeing yourself from the shackles of others.

By knowing yourself you know what you want to do. By doing what you want and following your personal desires you gain self-esteem. Self-esteem is the road to understanding your own self-worth and this self-worth will create true internal happiness. Do only those things that make you feel stronger and better and in this way discover your true happiness.

Having wonderful goals that you wish to meet is key to success in life. Many of us are great dreamers and there are many things that we would like to accomplish in this life. Some of us are even good planners and can set up different ways that we want to get these goals accomplish. But the most important thing about having goals is the ability to get started on them and to accomplish them.

In order to be a to get started on your goals, you must develop incredibly good reasons why these goals need to be accomplished. You must motivate yourself through great desire so that beginning on your goals, which is usually the hardest part, becomes easy and very satisfying. You must try and come up with a reason to make your goals absolutely irresistible to you, so that not doing them actually becomes painful. In this way you will be able to motivate yourself to get started and to get whatever goals you have set for yourself accomplished.

A great way to do this is to visualize what accomplishing your goals will look like to for you. Visualization is a wonderful motivator because it allows us to see the pleasure of the goal accomplished and this is a great motivator. Visualization though is far more powerful than just as a motivator; while it is our personal trainer in the beginning, pushing us and all our resources into staying on task, it is also the creative medium that will put together all the things that we need in order to have our goals accomplished perfectly.

Essentially what you are doing while visualizing is creating something out of nothing. Visualization is how we create our reality, the mind does indeed create our reality and it begins in the simplest ways. Some would believe that visualization is only useful because it creates emotional motivation, but this is only the beginning of what visualization does. Visualization is also in charge of bending future probable activity so that it is directed into what we want to happen. Some branches of physics for example believe that every single point in time is really a fracture into an infinite number of probable possibilities; this means that at any one point in space and time you choose, or have chosen, a number of probable actions, but you are only aware of a particular one. Different probable ‘you’s’ have chosen different actions and they exist in these probable universes that slightly branched off from yours. This means that every single possible point in space and time is the beginning of incredibly complex future and past probable branch of action. Each possible action is followed to its conclusion by one of your alternate selves in an alternate universe.

The focus of intent through visualization is the catalyst that directs your current you into a probable future scenario. Visualization therefore is far more powerful than just mere imaginative creation for personal motivation. It is the tool that you can use to align yourself with the correct probable action or actions that will eventually create your desired outcome.

In order to create a great visualization of your final outcome, ask yourself these questions below. They will help you to clarify your vision and make it very specific. The more you work on these questions the stronger that your visualization will become and therefore the more certain and powerful your intent. Ask yourself:

when I reach my goal, how will I feel?

When I reach my goal, how will my life be different?

When I reach my goal, what things won’t I have to put up with any more?

When I reach my goal, what will others be saying about me?

When I reach my goal, how will myself image change? How will the image that I show others change?

Am I really excited about my goal now?

What do I feel like doing right now?






I remember that as a kid I used to love the poltergeist movies. They scared me silly but I used to love to watch them because I suppose I used to love to be scared. In “poltergeist two” I remember that there was this great character that made a huge impression on me. He was a kindly preacher that did his best to impart great wisdom to all those that he came in contact with. His greatest line, and the line that I believe had the greatest amount of insight was, “you’re all gonna die!”

If you take it to heart, this simple, yet emotional statement, can completely change your life. What our friend the preacher was trying to tell us was that we are all mortal beings and that we only have a certain amount of time in this physical reality. This kindly soul was trying to use a firm hand because he believed I suppose that the people around him needed more encouragement than most. By letting them know that their existence was finite, he was showing them how they could pool their internal resources and overcome their fear and pain.

The knowledge of your death can be a great friend and ally if you are willing to take this information and turn it into a great challenge for yourself. By turning it into a challenge you turn the finality of your physical existence into a resource that allows you to motivate yourself to do your best at every single moment. It allows us to appreciate every moment and to dedicate our best effort to every single thing that we do.

Even if you believe in the afterlife, knowledge of your death reminds you that while you might continue consciously, you will no longer be here. Being here in this material world is a great privilege, within it we experience infinite sensual experience and through this experience we are able to grow and develop into greater beings. This existence must be cherished therefore and every moment must be savored because death is an uncertain thing that can overtake us at any moment.

Our great adviser can cure many ills. While it cannot cure fear per se, it can put fear in perspective and make us love fear because this fear is also a part of this existence, and as our advisor tells us, this existence is very precious. It is also sometimes the case that we get very full of ourselves. We all have had times when we have acted rather jaded towards others and the world. This adviser is also wonderful at pointing out to us that while we might have even become kings of our small or great empires, we cannot escape its grasp and that at least in its eyes we are as common as any man.

Make sure that you to take the preacher’s advice to heart. He might be a little odd and perhaps a little frightening but you must realize that he really has your best interest in mind. He is letting you know that life is short, that no matter who you are or what you believe, you will eventually have to return from where you came. Take his advice to heart and begin to live your life with zest and power so that when the inevitable happens, you will not regret what you have not done and what you have not felt. So in the words of that wonderful old man, please never forget that, “Your all gonna die!!”






We all have a lot of stuff. We all tend to accumulate things as we grow and change, which seems to be a natural consequence of our expansion in the world. We amass things as we grow but we forget to let go of those things that we no longer need. This is unfortunate because things have a way of holding us down.

Continually ask yourself; what can I can let go of? Look around, what do you actually use? Taking the time to always look around at all your stuff and answering honestly the above question can be a great way of letting go of things the you no longer need. You must also ask yourself; what is more trouble than it’s worth? Many of the things that we own were useful at one time but are useful no longer. These things can be very difficult to keep and can actually become more trouble than they are worth. Learn to let go of those things that are just too much trouble, those things that cause more pain than pleasure.

Do you actually need the biggest toy? Just because something is the biggest doesn’t mean that is the best. It is quite often the case that our ego tells us that we need to have the biggest in the shiniest in order to show off to all the people around us. The ego wants us have the biggest, the best, the hardest to get. The ego is also very selfish and does not want to share. Learn to see the impact of this egotistical perspective and see how much its causing you to hoard and accumulate things that do nothing else but satisfy your vanity. The ego has a place and it is the case that it’s wisdom can be used to your benefit on some occasions. You must though not let it have its way all the time or else you will be lost in the sea of vanity that will eventually bring you down. Realize that the ego is just a small part of you and that it’s vision can often be quite limited.

Sometimes we tend to hoard things because we believe that there is not enough. The ego can sometimes be scared because it believes that it will go hungry or that things will run out. This is very limited thinking, a belief that actually creates scarcity. This is definitely a situation where the ego is not doing you any favors and is actually creating a scarcity mentality that will have you hoarding trash while at the same time not letting you see the great plentitude all around you. remember therefore to always take this egotistical belief lightly, and to change this belief so that you begin to realize that there is plenty in the world and that there will always be enough for you.

You must continually ask yourself; what is it that I don’t need anymore? It is quite possible that in the past you might have needed something and therefore you got it. It is possible though that over time this one critical item is no longer needed. When this is the case you must be able to realize this fact and be able to let go of the old item. The very good reason for this is that if you are constantly acquiring things and not letting them go, you will not be able to get yourself better things. Things that you might actually need at this moment but you can’t get because you still have not let go of those things that you needed in the past. Stuff in many ways is like money; you must give money in order to get things and keep cycling this money so more money can come to you. If you hoard money you will not be able to make more money because money likes to stay fluid. Things and objects in our lives work in the same way; you get things, but then you let go of those things in order to get better things; by making more space in your life you create an opening that can be filled with better, newer, and more functional things.

Too much stuff limits freedom. Stuff makes us want to take care of it and this creates responsibility which really limits our freedom. Having a lot of stuff makes you worry about losing that stuff in this worry again brings you down and makes you heavy. Learn to let go of and get rid of what you don’t need so that you lighten yourself and your life. Limit how much stuff you have so that you become freer, lighter, and happier.





In order to become a more successful person you need to always have a plan. Success can only be achieved if you’re willing to take the time to think about your actions before you take them. Successful planning means that you take certain points into consideration and that you use them as a catalyst to plan your time effectively and to make sure that you have the correct strategy that fits within whatever time constraints you are working with.

Consider these points before you take action slight you become a success in whatever you do:

1. Take time to plan your actions; before you do anything have an objective. With an objective you know where you’re going and what you need to do to get there. Without the objective it becomes very easy to get distracted, diverging you into a direction that does not suit your goals at all.

2. Take intelligent action; once you know your objective and you know where you’re going, make sure that you take the right action to get you to where you want to go. Taking intelligent action means taking action that you believe will get you to where you want to go, anything other than this type of action is really a waste of energy and time.

3. Structure your time; a successful person must be able to manage his or her time properly. To do this you must be able to give yourself a timeline, the amount of time that you have to complete a task, and allow your strategy to fit into this timeline. You must also divide your time appropriately, you can do this by breaking large tasks into smaller ones and in this way have a far more clear time objective. This will also allow you to have a far clearer understanding of  when you are completing the small objectives that will eventually add up into your final goal.

4. Prioritize your time; it is a good idea to make a list of all the things that you need to do in order to accomplish your goal. In this way you are able to have a visual perspective on what you need to do and when you need to do it. Another interesting facet of prioritizing your time is to try and find ways to turn things that you need to do into things that you want to do. A good way to do this is to visualize yourself doing these needed things and in this way motivate your body to act naturally and without hindrance.

5. Do something, forget it, or get someone else to do it; intelligent action means that you must be judgmental about how you will focus all your resources. These resources are your energy, effort, and time. Make sure that you are making good sound decisions and that you only do things that will further your objective, and reject things that are wasting your time and your energy. You must also learn how to delegate certain actions. There will always be things that you can’t do or things that you feel you will not be good at. When you come across these you must be able to delegate them which means that you must find someone or something to do them for you. The possible need for delegation must be considered from the outset, which means that you are planning your actions before you begin taking steps towards your objective. In this way when it comes time to delegate, you will know what you will need to do in order to have your minor objectives accomplished.

If you keep these objectives in mind before you take action, success in your actions will be far more assured. Keeping these objectives in mind, you will eventually grow in skill and become far more confident in your ability to control the way that you operate.




As I have told you in other articles, beliefs are very important. A belief is sort of like an anchor that drives us in a certain direction and focuses our attention. A belief is therefore the key underlying structure in our understanding of our conscious reality. Beliefs are essentially the creators of reality and all truth is unquestionable belief.

If you wish to change aspects of your personal reality, you must be able to change your beliefs. I have told you that you must begin to question yourself so that you begin to understand your personal beliefs. I have told you that the best way to do this is to give your emotions free reign, when you are able, so that you can use them as propellants to help you discover the beliefs that are causing these emotions. Emotions are created through thought and thought is created through belief, in order to change your reality you must therefore change your beliefs. By changing beliefs you change the kind of thoughts that you have and by changing these thoughts you begin to alter the reality that you perceive.

Beliefs can be highly complex and can vary widely between people. Self examination is critical and it is a pleasant way to make amazing discoveries about who you are and why you are who you are. By following your emotions and asking yourself ‘why’ you are feeling these emotions; you can then begin the process of discovering your personal beliefs. Letting yourself express your emotions naturally, when you can, can be very liberating, this alone can help you in many ways.
You can also just take the time to frankly ask yourself what you believe about a certain subject and pursue this inner contemplation until you have an incredibly clear picture of what your beliefs are and therefore why you see things the way that you do.

Once you do discover what your beliefs are, it’s quite possible that you will want to change a certain belief. It is often the case that a belief that you had at one time in your life is no longer helpful and is actually costing you great pain or distress. It is possible to change these beliefs and you can in this way change your reality.

Once you have discovered a belief that you want to change there are some quick ways to make that change possible. The following technique is used in NLP and is a wonderful way to make a very quick change in a belief. Now this technique will not work unless you have done the preliminary work with your beliefs systems and have therefore discovered what the belief is causing you to experience in your life. Without this personal discovery, the conscious mind and your intellect will not take this change seriously. You need this conscious desire. You also need to discover for yourself what new belief you want to replace the old one with. Make sure that this new belief satisfies all your personal wants in the most positive way possible.

When you want to change a belief quickly:

1. Think of a belief that you know to be true. Just look through your past and come up with one belief that you know is true, for example the fact that you might be a great cook.

2. Try to get a picture, have a feeling, and perhaps even hear some kind of sound that all relate to your belief about you being a great cook. In other words, as you hold this belief of you being a great cook in your mind, try to see how you are feeling this belief to be true. Notice the feelings that you are having in your body, and get a real good sense as to what it feels like to know this belief to be true. You are essentially trying to discover how ‘complete certainty’ feels, looks, and even sounds to you.

3. Now think of the belief that you would like to change. Also think of the new belief that would be far better for you and far more constructive.

4. While thinking of the new and better belief that you want to start believing, superimpose the qualities of ‘complete certainty’ that you felt while KNOWING that you are a good cook. In other words try to feel and see the new desired belief in the same way that you view the original belief that you know to be true. For example let’s say that you want to believe that you are an amazing driver, while contemplating this belief, try to impose on it  the same qualities and feelings that you feel while you are believing that you are a great cook. If while you are believing that you are great cook you have a wonderful feeling in your chest and you feel your energy getting stronger, as you contemplate the belief that you are a great driver, try to also feel a wonderful feeling in your chest and your energy getting stronger.

What this does is that it will allow you to very quickly create a neurological pattern that turns a wanted belief into a truth.

This technique allows you to make very quick changes in your beliefs systems. As I’ve said it will not work properly unless you fully realize the power of the beliefs that you have and find out the reason why you wish to make a change. Without this understanding you will not have the kind of focus that you need to be able to you erase old beliefs and replace them with the desired new ones. This is one of the quickest ways to interchange an unwanted belief for a new desired one.





There are situations that you can’t change. As hard as you try there will always be things that you cannot change. Time changes and through this change you change as well, there are times therefore when you will not be able to do things that you might be able to at a different time. It is possible that something can be beyond your powers at the moment, learn to accept this fact. It is even possible that there are certain things that you do not want to change at this moment, and that you are not allowing yourself to make this change now for reasons that you might not be even consciously aware of. Study your feelings so that you are more aware of what you truly desire and why.

There are people you can’t help. It is possible that helping some people is just beyond your power, there is a limit after all to what you can do as a person. Do not push yourself into personal destruction in order to try and help those that are beyond your capabilities at the moment. It is also possible that there are people that just don’t want to change. Do not waste your time trying to help those that do not want your help or will not try to help themselves. Sometimes this is a difficult thing to judge because there are those that would scream for your help but at the same time do nothing to help themselves. You must be able to discover these individuals for what they are so that you do not become entangled in a dependent relationship where others rely solely on you to do everything for them. It is a good idea to only help those that ask for your help and to try and discover quickly whether these people are willing to help themselves as well.

There will always be results that you will not be able to achieve. We are all different, some people are better at some things while there are people that are better at other things. To try and replicate what someone else can do perfectly can often times lead you to great folly. Realize that you are a unique person and that you are in a different place both, literally and figuratively, from anyone else. Never try to become someone else and never try to duplicate another’s results. As a unique individual find inspiration in others but remember that you must attain your own results based on your own personal feelings and beliefs about yourself.

There are times when you need to be very objective. Objective detachment allows you to see things in a far clearer way, and this can give you new perspectives on where you are going wrong. Objectivity though must always be used in conjunction with your intuition. Get in touch with your feelings and question these feelings by asking yourself “why?” you are feeling them.

You must always be prepared to walk away. If you have any doubt then you must always consider the possibility of leaving this battle for the moment. Walking away from this situation does not mean that you can’t win in other situations. Wasting your resources could be fatal and it could mean that you lose resources that you could use in the future to fight a battle that is far more important to you. Being objective and trusting your intuition will allow you to realize where you are making a mistake. This subjective understanding should also help you to see that there might be a need to just walk away from this one so that you can focus more energy, effort, and resources into another battle.

Can you accept this loss with graceful humility? The ego if allowed, can push you into doing very silly things. Don’t let your ego push you into battles that you know you can’t win, don’t let it push you into attempting things that you know you will fail at. The ego does this by projecting all sorts of feelings of vanity and as a result you do things because you did not want to be seen as a loser by others. Always realize that you are far more than your ego and that your ego is just giving you one perspective on the present situation. Humility is not cowardice; it is objective understanding, acceptance of this understanding, and personal control.

Learn to walk away when you have to. Save your energy so that you can win battles on a different day, battles that are most likely far more important to your overall goals. Be objective and realize that you will need to save your energy because there might be battles on a different day. Don’t allow your ego to push you into things that you should not be doing at the moment. Develop strong self-esteem by realizing that you are far more than just your ego.





No matter what you do or where you go there will always be someone that is critical of your actions or beliefs. It can even be the case that some of these criticisms can turn into very negative remarks and insults. Most of us can usually deal with these negative remarks and insults easier than we can deal with less aggressive criticism because it is far easier to dismiss hysterical remarks.

It is possible that some of this criticism is well-founded. It is always a good idea to maintain objectivity when others are being critical of you because it is possible that some of their critique is based on sound judgment. By staying objective and not losing your temper, try to see the other person’s point of view. Be empathic to the other person and it is quite possible that you might discover some good advice that you could use to your own benefit in the future.

It is also possible that this criticism is only negative in nature. When this is the case you must learn to deal with this negative criticism in the most effective way possible. It is seldom a good idea to confront this criticism in a head-to-head confrontation. It is much better to deflect and redirect these criticisms and then to finally make your point to view. In this way you can win an argument without direct confrontation and this can allow you to achieve more diplomatic solutions that do not burn bridges or cause more antagonism.

Here is a four point technique that will allow you to disarm negative criticism in a more diplomatic way:

Try to see some truth in what the other person is telling you. Identify this truthful point and then agree with the other person on it.

Show the critic that you care about his or her opinion. Identify with the other person and show them somehow that you are able to appreciate their opinion. A good way to do this is to mirror their body language.

Ask the critic more information about their opinion. Ask them to clarify specific points and let them state their point of view.

Finally express your own point of view using an “and” statement. How this works is that you first state  their point of view, then you follow this statement with an “and” followed by your point of view. In this way you are able to give your point of view in alignment with theirs which makes it seem like both points of view are in alignment and therefore in agreement.

In this way you should be able to deflect most criticism and be able to deal with even the toughest judgmental individuals. This is essentially a type of ‘aikido argument’ where instead of meeting force directly; you step out of the way of the argument, you redirect that energy around you, and finally impose your will on the opponent by placing your point of view in a higher or equal position to theirs.

In this way you are able to win the argument and to quell the criticism without seemingly opposing it. This is a very powerful technique and a very diplomatic one that allows you to engage with opponents without having to burn bridges that you might require in the future. You can disarm any criticism by following the technique above.





I just watched an amazing video by an American physicist called Richard Feynman. In it he lets you know about how he sees the world and how he as a physicist and a scientist sees beauty. It is inspirational and it shows you the wonderment and the drive that can propel man into the exploration of his universe. I have attached a link to the YouTube video at the bottom of this article so you can watch it.

In this first video made about a series of talks that Feynman gave in order to promote  scientific literacy, he talks about beauty. He compares himself to an artist friend and he compares how they both see the beauty of a flower. It is a very constructive speech advocating the need for inquiry instead of settling for grandiose views that explain the universe away in incredibly simplistic terms. He asks the viewer to question belief systems that create simple answers to what he believes to be highly complex questions.

Essentially though what he is saying is that the beliefs of non-scientists about the universe are almost always simplistic and wrong, while his beliefs (which he calls facts) and science are right. In many ways of course I do agree with him, in that I also believe that many of these worldviews that are held generally are very simplistic in nature and tend to quell that natural curiosity that everyone should have about the universe around them. I wonder though how well Mr. Feynman is able to conceptualize the fact that he is arguing one set of beliefs against another. And more importantly that these beliefs color his conceptualizations of the universe as much as the beliefs of others color theirs. I wonder if he even considered the possibility that his beliefs are in no way better than the beliefs of others, that while he may stand in what he believes to be unshakable ground, many of those that hold different beliefs, the beliefs that he questions, also believe themselves to be on unshakable ground.

While he does say that he does not wish to argue a point but only give his point, he does tell us that his appreciation of the flower is greater than the appreciation that his artist friend has for that same flower. He says that this is so because he can conceptualize ideas about cell structure, biological growth, and how this flower fits into the universe. A universe that is  incredibly vast and diverse, that he is able to conceptualize as a physicist but that his artistic friend could never understand since he is not a physicist himself.

Is it not possible though that his friend the artist can also conceptualize on a greater scale? That he too can see that there are perhaps things within this flower that make it amazing? When an artist paints on a canvas, he sometimes does not paint exactly what he sees; abstract representations often capture glimpses of the inner knowing that is within each person. Science and scientists do not hold a higher level of understanding than the inner creative drive that is in all people. Mr. Feynman says that he can’t believe the simplistic ideas about life because they all seem to make the Earth the center of the universe but aren’t we all the center of the universe since the universe essentially revolves around us? And isn’t there an infinite universe within the flower, made up of atoms and infinitely small particles that we are barely beginning to understand?

This set of statements is very telling, because it lets us know that while Mr Feynman does try to maintain scientific perspective, he does take the final step towards believing that he is in a far better position than the artist. Without further proof or study, he takes it for granted that he is more aware, because he is a scientist, while his friend the artist is far less aware. Mr. Feynman should not forget though that the scientific method takes it for granted that ‘all theory’ is possible and as such that all theory must be experimented upon to be able to see if this theory is worthy of further scrutiny. This experimentation needs to be ‘impartial’ and the forms of acquisition of data need to always be improved upon. As a physicist Mr. Feynman should be well aware of the fact that many of the physical theories and proofs that he holds to be fact, cannot be measured by a ruler.

As I said I very much agree with Mr. Feynman’s thoughts on simplistic belief systems. I do believe also that you should not settle for some simplistic belief or idea just because it explains the world in a cozy manner that makes you feel better. You must always question beliefs, especially ones that would curtail your natural desire to discover on your own the possibilities of the world around you. Any time that you are taking a belief for granted, without questioning it or your reasons for believing it, you are essentially hurting yourself. You are stopping the expansion of your own consciousness which is one of the greatest things that you can do for yourself and for the rest of the people on this planet.

Mr. Feynman expressed some of his conceptualizations when he looked at a flower. He spoke of his understanding of the cells that make up the flower, and of biological growth in general. He could make these perceptions because of his training as a scientist. As such I would like to let you know of my conceptualizations when I look at a flower as a neophyte mystic of sorts. When I look at a flower I can see the exterior of it just like Mr. Feynman and his artist friend. I also like to use a method which I referred to as ‘empathy’, I have spoken about this method in other articles (Empathy). What I do is I take a part of myself that I project it into that flower and through imaginative conceptualization I begin to feel myself as a part of that flower. This imaginative construction eventually turns into real feelings about the flower in general, which are as real and as pertinent to me as are any of the feelings and beliefs that Mr. Feynman has about the flower that he sees.

Through my methods I do not see these fine cellular constructions like you might see in the video but I do see something that is just as magnificent and in my opinion is far more descriptive of the living thing that I am experiencing through my senses. I see for example fine geometrical shapes that flow and combine into different visual data. This data combines with internal feelings that make me feel certain of the fact that these are the inner constructive forms that create this flower. Modern science calls them cells and since I am a modern person I can identify them as such. I can see these fine inner geometric forms though in a way that is far more vivid and powerful than even the beautiful video that I just witnessed. If I did not know about cells, I would call them living geometry or shapes that work and act together in an incredibly complex union to from the flower. They speak to each other and are individual, yet they are also united in a way that allows them to be one and many at the same time.

Through my internal perceptions I am able to see many incredibly refined colors and interrelation that show me how each part of the flower acts in conjunction with order parts to create a life form that has its own drive and its own inner meaning. If I expand these feelings I am able to see its connection to the ground beneath it and understand in a more direct fashion how it receives life and energy from the earth and from the Sun above it. I can understand these energies as different shades of feeling having to do with love and pleasure. If I expand these feelings even further I can see this flower and its relation to the greater universe around us, this comparison is very similar to seeing the flower as an atom and the world as the flower itself. In this way and through the exploration of my feelings I am able to conceptualize the flowers place in the universe, following its own laws and shaping the universe from its central point. My perceptions becoming an infinite swirl of greater understanding. Beyond this I usually cannot perceive very long because the amount of awe that I feel can be overpowering.

If scientists were to follow true scientific principles, they would allow themselves to also investigate these personal feelings that all humans can experience if they know how. Scientists would try to develop methods in order to try and understand these internal human perceptions, developing new types of objective techniques to be able to further develop this sensual data and also to be able to experiment and create their own proofs with this data. Science does not do this because the scientists that practice it do not believe that this kind of sensual experience is real. Their belief is that humanity cannot perceive in this way, they would trust the ruler far more than they could ever trust themselves. This belief is the underlying belief that allows Mr. Feynman to believe that he conceptualizes the world in a far better way than his artistic friend.

As I said I am but a neophyte, and there are those that can perceive things in a far richer way than I ever could. I am also not as experienced in years as Mr. Feynman is in his years of dedication to science and to his ‘art’. I too believe that unsophisticated belief systems that see the world as a simple black and white reality are an injustice and that we should all strive to continually question our beliefs and expand our awareness. This questioning though should also question scientists that believe that they have all the answers. You should always question any person or groups of people that tell you that they know more than you because they somehow have the right approach. You should definitely question anyone that would tell you that your own internal perceptions are less important than perceptions created through the use of external implements.

My belief is that man needs to combine scientific principle with internal understanding. That he truly is in a place where he must let go of those old beliefs that would tell him that the world is a simple place. That we should all question, noble or not so noble, stories where there is no room for shades of gray. I also believe though that man needs to take the next step and question mechanistic beliefs that can in many ways be just a shallow as old mystical ones. Man needs to expand his awareness and realize that for the most part there is no truth, and that no particular group holds the complete truth, or the right way. There is no real truth, there is only belief. With this guiding principle and using scientific technique in the proper manner, I believe that we can truly begin to discover the infinitude of the universe and our amazing place in it.



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There are times when you just need to take a break. There are times in our lives we to seem to be flooded with things to do and there doesn’t seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Looking at the machines around us, it is sometimes easy to identify with them and to believe that we to should keep going without stop. It is very important that you realize that you are not a machine and that unlike them you need to take a break.

We need a break at the time we think we have the least have time for one. When the clock is ticking and you have only a certain amount of time to get things done, it seems like an impossibility that you will have any time for yourself. It is quite possible though that you are not seeing answers that could solve your problems easily because of the fact that you are not taking a break and relaxing your mind. Sometimes we get hardheaded and believe that we have to plow on ahead or else nothing will be accomplished. This is a dangerous way of thinking because it does not give you any room to think of new possibilities. Taking a break usually allows you to relax and this relaxation is often just the thing that you need to figure out a new way to do things that will be far quicker and give you more time.

If you keep doing what you have been doing you will only get what you have gotten. When we are under stress we sometimes settle for what we have and what we have accomplished because we think that there’s nothing better that we can do. As I said though, while you are under stress your ability to think becomes highly hampered. A personal break then becomes highly important because it can also allow you to discover a better way to get a better product.

We are all biological creatures and not machines. Machines can go on forever and they don’t need to sleep. If a machine breaks something, you can just replace that part in the machine will keep going. Human beings on the other hand need to follow a more natural cycle. While this might seem like we are weaker than the machine somehow, the reality is that we are the creative entity and as such we cannot be replaced. As a human being you need to take care of yourself and rest when your body says that you need rest. If you do not take these breaks you will hamper your creative force and your ability to act. If you continue you might also end up damaging yourself physically and unlike the machine, that has parts that can easily be replaced, your damage can be more permanent.

There is no better break than to distance yourself from the problem or the task at hand. When you get the impulse to just stand up and walk away, it is a good idea to just stand up and walk away. You’ll find that if you follow these impulses you will refresh your mind and very soon you will get another impulse to return and continue your work once again. Distancing yourself, even if it is for a few minutes, gives you a better perspective and a fresh outlook. It is sometimes amazing how quickly we can recuperate our energy if we just follow our natural feelings and impulses to just walk away and forget about it for a while.

Learn to take a break. Remember that you are human and that you are working on it different sphere than the machine. Taking a break when you need to take a break will make you far more productive in the long run and will reduce physical injuries.